The Last Goodbye (Final Chapter)
Rating: K+
Genre: Friendship/Angst

"Well, dat's it people. We destroyed all of dere bases, raided Hellfire Citadel and killed da demons," Zenji spoke clearly. "Draenor be saved." His dejected demeanor didn't quite suit his mighty words. "Gul'dan got away, Ah know. Dat's why Ah been called away, ta fight. Again," he grimaced.

"Ah'm leaving soon as da portal's ready. Some have decided ta stay behind, and Ah respect dat." He thought of Aeda, who - along with Rokash - had declared they would live in Wor'var and help the natives rebuild their lives. The shaman smiled as he remembered the unlikely friendship that had blossomed between the two. He stilled hoped they eventually would be more than that, though.

Lantresor had chosen to stay behind as well. He wanted to restore the Burning Blade to its former glory, sans demonblood and war-mongering leaders. Ulna, Olin and many others were returning to Azeroth, though. New conquests to be found and glory to be had, and all that.

Footsteps crunched on the path behind him, and Zenji knew it was time.

"Commander, the portal is stable. Everyone is ready, sir," Sergeant Grimjaw said.

"Ah'll be dere. T'ank you Sarge." The quartermaster nodded and left as quickly as he had arrived.

"Ah want'ya ta know, dat Ah'm proud of yah. All of yah. And dat Ah could never have done dis alone. So t'ank you." His vision became blurry and he quickly blinked to make sure the tears wouldn't fall.

"Goodbye, my friends," he finished and stood quickly, walking down the frozen path that led to the main part of the garrison, leaving the silent grey tombstones behind him. Not looking back.

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