The Rise of Nazarick

In the year 2126 AD, the world of Online Games was revolutionized by a game called YGGDRASIL.

YGGDRASIL needed an exclusive console to play, one that was able to record logs for weeks. While not full virtual reality, in accordance to physical laws, it was still able to create an artificial world that was more detailed and magnificent than any other. Even without a sense of taste or smell and barely any ability to feel, players felt spiritually connected to YGGDRASIL. Unfortunately due to the lack of advanced technology when the game was developed, facial expressions and artificial intelligence were not supported, yet these limitations did nothing to hinder this growing icon.

The most distinctive feature of YGGDRASIL was its incredible its incredible flexible system where players could select a multitude of numerous races, jobs, and various tools for their own personal use and customization. With more than 2,000 classes and such extensive programming, ranging from basic all the way up to expert level, it was no wonder that the game had become an overnight sensation.

The game's maximum level was capped at 100. Anytime a player's character would die, it would lose 5 levels and a piece of its equipment would be dropped. If by chance a character with a level lower than 5 died, the player would be reverted back to level 1. This penalty could be relaxed by using certain revival skills or a cash items. When a player is revived through skill, he or she can select the location that is desires for respawn. NPCs belonging to players or guilds can be revived instantly by paying gold, the higher the Level of the NPC is, the higher the price of gold.


In YGGDRASIL there was also the possibility to build guilds, of which many were created. Among these guilds were some of the most famous or notorious, depending on a players personal interaction, guilds that stood out form their competition. The strongest and most grotesque guild was simply known as Ainz Ooal Gown, a name that spread fear amongst the players of YGGDRASIL.

To join a player must've met three specific conditions]

The guild had three conditions if you want to join them.

The first one was, you must be a member of society, which meant to have a job, a social life etc.

The second one was in game. Your YGGDRASIL character must be of the heteromorphic races.

There was also a hidden criteria to become a member of Ainz Ooal Gown. You needed the approval from a majority vote. This was a rule passed down from the very beginning to every member.

The guild rose to incredibly power, partially due to the excessive purchase of cash items and possession of rare relics and artifacts. The guild itself was famous for its possession of eleven world class items, the most out of any guild within YGGDRASIL. They also owned the Great Tomb of Nazarick, a lair so difficult and elaborate no one rival guild could and were never able to conquer it

The guild master of Ainz Ooal Gown was a young man named Satoru Suzuki alias Momonga, a True Vampire and a Magic Caster.


Momonga was also one of the three strongest of the world much like Touch-Me, who was Momonga greatest friend and mentor.

As one of the heteromorphic races, he had the possibility to become stronger by leveling up his racial level, plus because of the extreme powerful skill of him, he was nicknamed the Ultimate Vampire Lord or The son of Kainabel.

Instead of others, who concentrated their time to learn a various amount of classes, he simply concentrated on two classes. The Eclipse Class and the World Disaster class.

Momonga could handle big groups of players alone, even if they invaded the Great Tomb of Nazarick. His undead armies would weaken them and his extremely destructive magic gave them the finishing blow.


The time in his guild was, for Momonga, the best in his life since his family died in a terrible accident.

He was all alone. In sadness and sorrow he drowned himself into the virtual reality. But even there he couldn't find peace. He had a hard time mainly because of the unjust discrimination of non-human races. He was often pk-ed and needed a large amount of time to progress.

Before he was on the urge to give, he was saved by another heteromorphic player, one had who named himself Touch-Me. Touch-me was a paladin who had the legendary tournament armor, given only to the best champion of the YGGDRASIL-Tournament.

Touch-me was the first person after a long who could Momonga trust. After some time of playing together, he explained is friend of his situation. When Touch-Me heard his history, he laughed and gripped Momonga's shoulder and said "Don't worry you can believe in me!"

Thus he and Touch-Me founded the guild Ainz Ooal Gown.

After some time even more players joined the guild. Momonga had finally a family again.


In the year the beginning of the 2136 AD, the creators of YGGDRASIL announced that the servers will shut down.

For Momonga it was a catastrophe.


1 hour before the server shut down, assembly room of Ainz Ooal Gown.

Momonga was sitting assembly room, before a big round desk. 40 empty seats decorated around it. The strongest guild which once had 41 members was now empty and derelict.

The guild master sighed.

Momonga had created his character, as a handsome young man with short black hair and designer stubble. Given his racial feature his character had also pale white skin, long nails, canines and pointed ears.

He wore divine-class equipment. A crimson middle-weighed full body armor. It had several skulls with long canines and bat wings and draconic symbols engraved. It was the Divine item called "Dracul Amor". He wore also the divine item "Necromancer's Wing Cape" around his shoulder. On all of his fingers were rings, each of them Divine Class. Normally in YGGDRASIL you couldn't wear so many rings, but one of Momonga's items made it possible. He wore also a divine-level, crimson-colored helmet that was in the form of a dragon head, hence the name 'Dragon Skull".

"No one came, even today…." His voice was full of anger and sadness. Why? Because many gave the game up for their families, friends or lovers to, whom all took priority. Some gave up because their enthusiasm was gone. And some gave up, because of …Momonga.

Momonga wasn't a bad guild master instead he was a really good one. But some were jealous of his status as one of the best players in the game. They gave up because they believed they couldn't reach his level and considered themselves inferior.

"Damn you all!" He hammered his left fist at the big table. By the impact an info screen came up. 0 Hp lost.

"Even today, they didn't show up." He held his head with his hands, his voice hoarse.

He breathed in and then out, trying to calm himself down. He stood up, rising over the table that sat derelict. "Well I couldn't expect them to show up. They probably have their own problems and causes.

Then he walked over to a wall. On it was a special staff. It was golden and entwined by seven serpents. Each of the squirming serpents' mouths held a jewel of a different color. It was "The Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown", the most powerful and valuable weapon of his guild. Only he, the guild master, could wield it.

"The Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown, aah many sacrificed their vacation or free time to create it. Some of them had even a quarrel with their wives." He said, remembering the hardships encountered in the weapon's creation. A smile appeared over his face.

But the clock icon on the top of his left side tore him from his pleasant thoughts.

"Only 15 minutes before the shut down."

Momonga was walking through Nazarick's halls all the way to the throne room of his guild when a NPC in a butler uniform stood before him, staring continuously much like the undead.

The NPC had the appearance of an elderly man and was dressed gracefully in a traditional black uniform, which suited him. His hair was entirely white, just like his full beard. He had wrinkles on his hollow face, which made him look like a gentle old man in appearance. But his eyes were sharp as a raptor.

"If I remember correctly, he was created by Touch-Me-san."

Momonga opened the icon to look at the character settings. "Sebas….Tian…. well whatever."

The NPC named Sebas Tian was a Dragonoid currently in his human form. He was the head butler of Nazarick and the leader of the Battle Maids, the Pleaides sisters. They stood behind him in attendance, each one beautiful with a different set of maid uniform that was suitable for their appearance. Their numbers were capped at six and had unique settings to reflect their respected race.

"Hmm, what was the command again…oh yes. Follow!" Momonga declared. After hearing the command the butler and maids bowed before their respected leader before following him.


After some minutes of walking, Momonga arrived at the throne room of Nazarick. It was a big hall with grey stone ornaments, pillars, and statues. The flags lining the walls were embezzled with the seals of every main founder of the guild, each hanging high on the ceiling.

"Ah isn't this…." Momonga stopped, amazed by the figure before him.

Before him was an NPC, this one a female with incredibly beauty. Her name was Albedo, leader of all of Nazarick's floor guardians. She was a succubus with lustrous jet black hair and had the face of a gentle goddess. Her dreamful eyes added to her exotic appearance, her irises being golden with split pupils. On her left and right temples were two thick horns protruding crookedly. It was highly ironic that the goddess was in fact a demon as shown by the pair of black angelic wings on her waist.

Albedo wore a pure white dress that outlined her glorious curves, making any simple man lust after her. She also wore silky gloves that matched her dress to cover her tender hands. A necklace in the form of a spiderweb covered her shoulders and chest.

"Nice work Tabula Smaragdina-san!" Monogma praised, easily becoming aroused by Albedo's appearance. With curiosity he looked over settings only to find out that they were ridiculously long.

"Man Tabula Smaragdina-san was always strict and accurate about his settings." He stated.


"….She is also a…..bitch…."




Just now Satoru Suzuki wanted to facepalm….

"Well let's just change the settings….mmm."

Momonga inserted several new commands within the settings. After he was finished he looked at the demon "She is in love with Momonga….waah….how embarrassing. Well it doesn't matter anymore…"

With determination, Momonga looked at the throne and walked towards it.

"The command oh ….kneel…" Then the NPC's kneeled.

"Hah, after so much time, so many good memories…." Momonga said, remembering the crazy adventures he and his friends underwent. He sat on the throne and turned his eyes to look at Albedo, Sebas, and the Pleiades. He raised his right hand, which had a crimson claw like gauntlet on, and pointed at the flags of his comrades and held The Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown.

"Touch-me-san, Ulbert Alain Odle-san, Bukubukuchagama-san, Peroroncino-san, Tabula Smaragdina-san, Herohero, Ankoro Mocchi Mochi….it was an unforgettable time…."

Then under his VR-Helm Satoru Suzuki began to shed a single tear.

The time…..00:00.

No reaction.



Still nothing.

"Nothing happened, no log out?" Satoru questioned. He opened his eyes, only to see that he is still in Nazarick.

"What…in the hell is happening here!?" Momonga was confused. "Did they delay the shut-down?" Cold sweat dripping from his forehead, wait no, his skin was cold... He wanted to panic, but something in him calmed him down. And why the hell is he so damn thirsty!?


Suddenly he heard an angelic voice. He looked at around and saw…Albedo, the overseer of the Great Tomb of Nazarick talking to him!

"Momonga-sama, are you alright!?" She held her hands together at her chest, her beautiful chest, so tender looking that he could bite through….wait, wait, wait. Bad thoughts!

"Momonga-sama!?" When Momonga came out of his thoughts, Albedo's face was close…too close.

"Too close, but that smell…wait! A scent!?"


"Ah, I'm sorry…Albedo…" He said, changing his voice into a deeper one.

"Are you alright? You look in pain?" She gripped his arm. He felt her affectionate warmth.

"I-I'm okay…" He looked around and saw that Sebas and the Pleiades were also in worry.

"Are you alright, do you need perhaps something!?"

"No," He raised his arm. How is he so goddamn calm!? "Right now Nazarick is in a possible danger."

Everyone looked agitated.

"Sebas." He looked at the butler.

"Yes, Momonga-sama?"

"Take one of the Pleiades and scout the surroundings around Nazarick. Inform me immediately if danger appears.

"As you wish, Momonga-sama." With the voice of a calm old man, Sebas held his right hand at his chest and bowed before exiting.

'The hell…as you wish, what is happening!'

"And you Pleiades, inform all floor guardians that Nazarick is in high alert. Especially the first."

"As you wish, Momonga-sama." A Pleiades with glasses responded. Then every maid bowed and left the room.

"Now I should try to contact the admins." Momonga raised his forefinger.


But nothing happened.


"Momonga-sama are you really alright!?" Albedo's worry didn't leave.

"So beautiful….no, no not right now." Satoru Suzuki tried to calm himself. But the thirst he felt had become worse, especially when he saw and smelled Albedo.

"I cannot contact…the GM…"

"I don't know what that GM is, but let me help you, please!"

"NO….Wait, maybe…"

Momonga looked over Albedo, his intense eyes scrutinizing her form "Albedo come here…"

"YES!" Her voice was thrilled.

"I will touch you, is that alright?"


Like a mechanism, Momonga's helmet reacted. The part that covered his face drew back, revealing his pale vampiric face. "Now, I will touch you." He gripped her hand.


'She has..a pulse! What is going on here? Has YGGDRASIL become real!?'

He touched more of her soft hand, but something in him had become rougher…



"Can….No, no this will not do it!" The rough feeling had become more violent.

Then he gripped Albedo's waist, his red eyes were glowing.

"Albedo!" I will touch your chest!"

'What the hell am I saying!'

"Y-y-yes, do much as you like!"



'This..It is all real! YGGDRASIL would never allow anything what is R-18!'



'So let me think this through. Because of this, it is not a new YGGDRASIL game and the chance that is a different DMMO-RPG is low to the point of zero. So that means, there is a possibility that this world is real…But that's not possible, but speaking with NPC, seeing their natural expressions and also smelling them is not possible by the momentary standards of game creations!...Wait, how long do I plan to fondle Albedo's chest!?'

"Albedo…I'm sorry." He said it with and calm voice "What is happening to me seriously, wait….." He looked down…at his crotch and….'You gotta' be kidding me!?'

Albedo's face was completely red, her eyes were slightly teary and her breath was ragged then "Will you take me for the first time here and now?"


"What shall I do about my clothes?"


"Should I remove them myself?"

"Or would you like to remove them, Momonga-sama?"

What the hell!

"Wait, wait, wait, time out Albedo?" A part of him wanted to pin Albedo down immediately and ravish her…but bad thoughts! "Not, now. It is not the time!" He cleared his throat "We…we don't time to be doing such things."

"Hah!" Albedo gasped "I-I am very sorry!"

Momonga raised his hand "It's okay, you are forgiven."

"Thank you!" She bowed.

"More importantly I have an order for you."

"Anything you want."

"Good, now gather every floor guardian to the fighting area in the sixth floor, except from floor four and eight. I expect them within an hour."

"Understood." She bowed.


"What terrible thing have I done!?" Momonga palmed his face "I defiled and almost did… something despicable to Tabula-san's NPC!" Then he looked at the staff of Ainz Ooal Gown and took it. "Well…one problem after another, I need to take care of is this situation right now."


Momonga teleported himself in the Sixth Floor of Nazarick. "Well that was easy, but I'm glad that it worked." He looked at one of his rings. It was a ring of Ainz Ooal Gown, only given to guild members. The ring allowed everyone who wore it, to teleport through the entire tomb.

He walked towards the entrance of the coliseum. He tapped his chin in deep thought. "Albedo and the other NPC are still loyal, just like their original settings, but I should be wary of the others."

When the arena entrance opened, Momonga was astonished.

"Well Chagama-san was always a maker, haha." Momonga laughed a bit.

Well who wouldn't be impressed by this work? He was standing in a big coliseum called Amphitheater. The sky was colored purple and a mist appeared to envelope entirely. Shining through this beautiful color were so many stars.

He walked towards the middle of the fighting ground and looked around "The twin dark-elves that Chagama-san created should be the guardians here."

"Hoh!" Suddenly a short figure shouted while jumping ten meters down and landing before Momonga.

"Aura." He stated.

This was Aura Bella Fiora, one of the dark elf twins. Despite her tomboyish appearance, Aura was female. Momnga could smell it. She had dark, tanned skin and pointed ears, the signature traits of the dark elves. Her blonde hair contrasted to her caramel skin and her hetero-chromic eyes made her appearance stand out even more. She wore reddish-black scale leather covered by a white and gold vest, which had the insignia of Ainz Ooal Gown. Aura also wore matching white trousers and gold plated shoes. Like Albedo, she also wore a necklace around her neck, but this one in the shape of an acorn.

She put her right hand over her chest and bowed slightly "Welcome Lord Momonga-sama to our floor!" Her voice was full of energy.

"Mmh," He nodded "I'm sorry to intrude."

"What are you talking, Lord Momonga-sama? You are the leader of the Great Tomb of Nazarick! Everything here is yours; no one would consider you to intrude! In fact, we always appreciate your visits!"

Hearing this caused Momonga to smile. Then he looked at Aura 'She smells like nature, like flowers…wait, wait, wait, not Aura as well. I'm not a lolicon! I won't do anything to Chagama-san's creation either!'

"Momonga-sama?" Aura tilted her head cutely. Her eyes were suddenly in worry "Are you alright?" She asked, not realizing the moral struggle occurring within her leader's head.

"" He looked around "By the way…"

"Oh." She looked the point which she jumped down "Mare!" She yelled, raising her fist in the air. Her tone was a bit full of anger and it was clear she was annoyed. "Come immediately down, you are being disrespectful to Momonga-sama.

"I-can't onee-chan. It's too high!"


"O-okay." Then another dark-elf jumped down, but in a more clumsy way. When he landed he immediately ran towards Momonga, but in a more feminine and hasty way.

"Hurry!" Aura yelled.

"Yes!" Mare replied.

When the elf arrived, he was scolded by Aura. The dark elf, who looked almost exactly like Aura, bowed "I-I'm sorry Lord Momonga-sama for making you wait!" The voice was timid, unlike Aura's more assertive tone.

This was Mare. Like his sister, he also had blonde hair and heterochromia. He wore a blue scale leather full body suit, covered by a white and gold vest with the sigil of Ainz Ooal Gown and a green-leaf cloak, matching him to his sister. He wore a matching short white skirt, yes a skirt, exposing his thighs. Like his sister he had also wore on his neck is an acorn necklace that was silver. His slender hands were donned with white silk gloves and he wielded a druid black wooden staff.

"Why did she clothed them to the opposite of their sexes, well I could never comprehend Chagama-san and her shenanigans." Momonga wanted to face-palm, but now he didn't want to show such a manner to both elves before him.

"Aura, Mare!"

"Yes!" Both elves answered in synch and stood straight."

"Today I came to you, because I need your help." Then he looked at the Staff.

Both elves were astonished.

"M-Momonga-sama isn't this legendary item which only you can wield!?"

"Yes, Mare that is the strongest weapon that our guild created, The Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown!" He raised the weapon high, full with pride. His vampiric eyes were glowing. "Each stone in the mouth of the seven snakes that are crowning this weapon is a divine-class. Not only that, the staff itself transcends the divine-class. It can even rival a World-Class Item!" Momonga suddenly wanted to stop, but something in him wanted to brag more about his own personal and powerful weapon. "Its automatic attack system is especially unique, making it attack any enemy near it even if I don't equip it, making it truly worthy for me!" He shouted out with a smile. Then he looked at the face of the dark-elf twins.


"So cool!"

Their eyes were sparkling, seeing this suddenly boost Momonga's ego even more.

Still he asked himself 'Why didn't I stop, or better why couldn't I stop!' He always bragged with his guild comrades. He was also always embarrassed, when he noticed himself to brag or explain such things to his friends. They also laughed at him or teased him, being such maniac.

But now, is it maybe because he is now a vampire? That would explain the permanent and dry throat.

He hammered the Staff at the ground "I would like to test my weapon."

Aura already understood "Yes, we will immediately prepare some dummies!

He looked at the female dark-elf. "Aura, I also called the other Floor Guardians to meet me here. They will gather within an hour."

Suddenly Aura's face had become worried "Huh, will Shalltear also coming as well, Momonga-sama?"

"Yes." Momonga nodded.



Aura commanded some Dragon kin to prepare straw dummies for Momonga. "The dummies are ready, Momonga-sama!"

"Mn, good work Aura, Mare and Dragon kin." Momonga fidgeted with the Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown. In YGGDRASIL you could cast a spell and/or ability with and click on the console icon, but now that icon is gone. "But still I can feel it, the magic, my spells, focus, the rang of my attacks, cool down, MP… and my power!" He suddenly let out a growl, but not loud enough that Aura and Mare could hear it. It was like a beast growling. Maybe because of his Thirst for Blood was now at level 2, making him more aggressive.

He pointed the staff at one of the dummies and then "FIREBALL!" A red ball of flame shot out right to the dummy and burned it to ashes.

"Good, spells are working flawless, but still..." Momonga pointed to the other dummy and "Fireball!" It was burned down as well.

"Wow as expected from Momonga-sama!"


"Hn, that was nothing." Momonga smiled and raised the Staff "Summon! Primal Fire Elemental!" The red gem of the staff glowed and in a tornado of fire, the Primal Fire Elemental appeared.

The Fire Elemental had a humanoid appearance with red skin, claws a pair of horn and razor-like tusk. It was level 85-95 monster that was capable of manipulating heat and fire. Possessing destructive strength and durability, it was considered to be one among the highest tier of Elementals in YGGDRASIL.

"Wow!" Aura clearly was excited.

"Uh…!" Mare on the other hand was clearly intimidated.

Momonga turned to the twins "You want to fight it?"

"Really can I!?" Aura's face was full of happiness.

On the contrary Mare didn't want to fight "Um, I just remembered something I needed to do." Before he could escape, his clothes were gripped by his sister.


"But Onee-chan!"

Both elves took position.

Momonga gave the Elemental the order "Attack the twins!"

"Raaaargh." It growled at spit fire that was on the way of the twins.

While Momonga observed the fight he thought about certain things "As expected, this Elemental is piece of cake for the twins. It seems that the other skills are also not a problem. But…."Message" He held his left hand on his head "Mmm, I knew it, I cannot contact the GM or the other guild members, mmh, better wonder what is Sebas doing."


"Yes, Momonga-sama?"

"Huh, my message skill is working!?" He thought, clearly surprised. "Sebas how is the outside?"

"Well, there is slight problem, Momonga-sama…"

"I see…I already called the guard to gather at the 6th floor, come to the Amphitheater and report anything you saw, did you understand?"

"As you wish." When he finished, the twins already beat the Elemental and immediately ran towards their master.

"You did well, both of you."

Both elves smiled in joy.

"Thank you very much, Momonga-sama! I haven't exercised this much in a while. There haven't been many invaders." Aura thanked.

"O-Onee-chan, I think this is better!" Mare timidly said.

Aura turned around with a sour face and pinched the cheek of her twin brother "Because of this you will never man up!"

"Okhnee-chkan thwart hwurts!"

Momonga smiled "You two must be thirsty."

Both nodded.

He raised his arm and black hole appeared before him. He took a jug out, that looked really expensive, together with two chalices. Then he poured in both of the water and gave it the twins, who looked dumbfounded at him.

"M-Momonga-sama you shouldn't use your private ration for us, we can use water magic!"

"Y-yes, Onee-chan is right!

"Hahaha, don't worry, I'm a vampire, so I don't need any water. I simply stored it for others. Also you earned it, I'm proud of you, both of you.

"T-thank you!"

"Y-yeah, thank you!"

Both twins drank the water up.

"How is it, you want more?"

"No, thank you!"

"Y-yes, thanks!"

"I'm glad." Aura then smiled. "But to think, Momonga-sama would even pour me water. I always thought that Momonga-sama is scary."


"Hahahahah!" Momonga began to laugh heartfully "Then if you want me scary should I be now..?"

"No, no, I didn't mean…" Aura was in panic and shook both her hands before her, when she felt something on her head.

It was Momonga's hand. He petted Aura and smiled at her, causing her to blush.

"M-M-Momonga-sama…" She fidgeted with her hands, while Mare was looking envious at his sister.

Then a gate opened.

"Oya am I the first to arrive?" A hypnotizing female voice said. Momonga noticed the source and saw Shalltear Bloodfallen walking out of the portal. Like him, she was also a True Vampire.

Shalltear had the appearance of a buxom fourteen or fifteen year old girl. She was beautiful and had pale shiny skin, seductive red eyes and wonderful facial features. Her silver hair was tied in a ponytail.

Her attire consisted of a soft black dress with a big heavy skirt. Her upper body was dressed in a lace embellished ribbon with a short tailored jacket. She also wore long lace gloves, not showing any skin. To finish off her eccentric appearance she held a black and violet umbrella over her head.

She was the guardian of the first, second and third floor and was created by Peroroncino.

When Shalltear looked around she spotted Momonga, her face had become slightly red. "Ah, my lord!" She threw the umbrella away, which dissolved into many black, purple-glowing butterflies.

The young girl ran towards Momonga and … hugged him; or rather she jumped at him because he was 188 cm tall and she only 140 cm. "My fellow kinsman and beloved man I cannot rule above!

"Wait, hey… Oh god she smells wonderful!" Momonga couldn't almost control himself, especially with such a blood. It was possible that he was attracted to her because, in characterization of the True Vampires, it's stated that they always seek another pure blooded to produce offspring.

"Shalltear, why don't you give it a rest." Aura held both hands on her waist and looked annoyed at the female vampire.

Hearing this, Shalltear released her hug from Momonga and turned around with a stiff smile "Oya, you're also here, shorty." A triumphal smug face decorated her snow white face.

"Hng!" Aura growled, while clenching her fist. She threw a dirty glare at the vampire.

Meanwhile Shalltear looked to Aura's brother "Mare it must be hard, having such a whimsical sister….."

Mare frowned.

Then out of nowhere. "Fake Boobs…." Aura let a bomb out.

"Na!" Immediately Shalltear hid her chest with both hands.

Aura smiled "I knew it! That's the reason you went through trouble by using a gate to arrive. You were hurry and overstuffed your breast so much that it would hinder you to walk straight!" She pointed at the female vampire's chest and laughed.

"Sh-shut up! What about you!

"Well I'm only 76 years old, but you're an undead." She raised both arms in left and right "Must be hard to never have a chance to grow. Why don't you accept what you already don't have?"

"You little!" Shalltear's face had become red from anger. She held her skirt up and walk towards Aura. "Bitch how dare you!

"Ah, how dare I, you mosquito!?"

Seeing this made Momonga smile and feel nostalgic. Peroroncino-san, the creator of Shalltear and his older sister Bukubukuchagama-san, the creator of Aura and Mare, always quarreled like that.

Mare tried to make some peace "Onee-chan saying such things to undead and vampires, even though Momonga-sama is also a Vampire."

Now Aura looked at her little brother "Momonga-sama is not like a normal vampire. He is the Vampire King no he even surpassed the realms and killed his father Kainabel-sama. He is a divine Vampire, a Vampire God!"

"Divine Vampire and Vampre God, there is not such a thing. And seriously HeroHero-san and his titles…."


"Fine, I'm sorry… But not to her!" She pointed at Shalltear.

"You little."

An imposing voice could be heard "Be quiet you are before our lord and master!"

Everyone looked at a bipedal humanoid insect with four arms. It was a Vermin Lord. His name was Cocytus, the guardian of the fifth floor. He had the appearance of an insect walking on two feet. In fact he looked like a fusion between a mantis, an ant, and a wasp. He had a tail twice as long as his height.

Cocytus is covered with sharp spikes like icicles and has a strong jaw that can easily crush anything. With one of his four hands he held his beloved Halberd that he received from his creator Warrior Takemikazuchi. With cold air, the pale blue, hardened bone armor oozes out diamond dust. His shoulders and back look like ice towers. He literally screamed I'm a mighty warrior. He was even created with the personality and spirit of one.

"That shorty there insulted me!"

"I only told the truth!"

"ENOUGH!" An angry voice made them shiver. The two brawlers froze and looked, trembling back at Momonga. Around him was a dark mist like aura. His eyes were glowing blood-red and bats swirled around him.

"Aura, Shalltear…stop it."

"Y-yes!" "Hai!" Both bowed while thinking about their mistake to make the master angry

Momonga looked now to the new arrived "Cocytus, you came."

"Of course, I always respond to the most Supreme Being and my lord!" He hammered the weapon into the ground, cold air blasted out from his mouth.

Momonga nodded "Good work."

Then the next ones arrived.

Albedo appeared and behind her was the demon Demiurge.

Demiurge was the commander of Nazarick's defenses and the guardian of the seventh floor. He had long ears, much longer that elves, dark skin and combed black hair. Behind his round glasses his eyes were not visible. He wore a British suit with a tie and is dressed like a gentleman. Behind his back was a silver tail, covered with metal plates and six long spikes at the end. Not even this, his was full of elegancy and charisma.

But in the inside, Demiurge was purely evil and sadistic, but still loyal it seemed. 'Well Ulbert Alain Odle had always this obsession of pure evil.'

"Everyone excuse me for the long wait." Demiurge eloquently said. Pure charisma indeed.

When everyone arrived, Albedo stepped forward. "Now everyone let us offer the pledge of fidelity and loyalty to our lord.

"Yes!" Everyone answered and like in sync the kneeled in the same timing.

'Wow, how are they doing that? Wait what should I say now…' Momonga thought of something how he should respond 'Ah...'

"Raise your heads."

Then again everyone did it at the same timing, seriously….

"You did well to gather here, thank you for your hard work." He smiled at them.

Seeing this and hearing that, the guardians were astonished by his appearance and wonderful smile.

Albedo's face was red with excitement. "Your thanks and smile is wasted on us, Momonga-sama. All of us pledged ourselves to you."


Albedo continued "Momonga-sama if you find us lacking, we vow to work hard for you and only live up to the expectations of the Supreme Beings who created us."

Then all NPC's said the same "We vow ourselves to you!"

"haahaAHAHAHAHAHA!" Momonga laughed heart fully after they were finished.

He opened his arms. Several bats flew from him away "Wonderful, simply wonderful, my dear floor guardians! I am confident that all of you will be able to fulfill your duties and my expectations!"

Hearing this made the NPC's smiling and gasping in joy.

"Well then, right now we have a problem." He said, switching the tone in the atmosphere. Now the guardians had a face of worry of hearing such words from their leader.

Momonga continued "The Great Tomb of Nazarick is caught up in an unknown and maybe dangerous situation. I already had Sebas observe our surroundings."

He looked then at the new arrived butler.


"Grassland? But Nazarick's surroundings were a big swamp."

"Yes. It is completely different from the swamp that surrounded it."

"Mmh." Momonga held his chin with his hand "And living beings, towns and other things?"

"I could also not confirm a single building, humans, or creatures in one kilometer radius."

Well this changes many things.

"Good work, Sebas." He took two steps to the guardians and faced them "It seems that Nazarick has been transported to an unknown land for some reason." He looked to Albedo "Floor Gurdian Leader, Albedo," Then to Demiurge "Defensive Leader, Demiurge."

"Yes!" 2x

"Enhance our information sharing system and our defenses, as well!"

"Of course."

Then he looked to Mare, who twitched "Mare is there a way to conceal The Great Tomb of Nazarick with Illusion Magic?"

"I-it could be difficult with just using magic, but if we covered the walls with earth conceal it also with vegetation, it would be much effective…."

Albedo interfered "You want to defile the glorious walls of Nazarick with dirt?"

Now, this annoying. "Albedo..." Momonga talked with and angry yet quiet voice that even he surprised himself "You are annoying, shut up…I talked with Mare"

All the guardians twitched, from Momonga came an impulse of dark energy.

"Y-yes, I am very sorry."

What just happened here? Well it was simple. Momonga activated one of his Overlord (Eclipse) skill, Desperation Aura V that can cause instant death. While being in friendly ground, it still can cause some effects on the NPCs. Maybe do the blessing of Ainz Ooal Gown.

Then he looked again to Mare. "Is possible to conceal us ourselves by covering our walls with dirt?"

"Ehm, y-yes. As long as you allow it, Momonga-sama, but however…"

"Hm, a random mountain would look suspicious." Momonga finished, already thinking ahead. "Sebas?"


"Were there any hills around or within the area?"

"I am sorry to say this, Momonga-sama, but unfortunately we are surrounded by flat land."

"Hn, I see." Momonga thought again. He tipped with this forefinger at his hand and had an idea "Then, what if we are preparing dummies around Nazarick and within the area?"

Sebas answered "I believe we would blend well in such a surrounding."

"All right, then this is what we shall do. The areas we cannot conceal with that method will be camouflaged with Illusion Magic."

"Y-yes, as you wish!"

"Hn, lastly…" The floor guardians looked at the Vampire Lord "I wanted to ask each floor guardian something."

Each of the guardians looked at another and then at their master.

"First, Shalltear. What kind of person am I to you?"

Shalltear's face was full of joy and flushed "The crystallization of pure beauty, elegance and strength! The pinnacle of our race! And the only one who is worth as my partner!"


"Stronger than all of the guardians and even the other Supreme Beings, the pride of us all and entire Nazarick! Our worthy leader!


"A merciful leader who excels at foresight!"


"A-a very kind and gentle person."


"A man who makes wise decisions and acts upon them efficiently. A man who truly fits the word "inscrutable."!"


"The head and leader of the 41 Supreme Beings and a merciful leader who stayed behind with us all until the end."

"And lastly, Albedo.."

"The highest being of the Supreme Ones and our ultimate master. As well the man I love!"

"Ah, I see…" that was really hard to see and hear 'Oh Tabula Smaragdina-san I'm sorry for what I have done to your Albedo…'

He regained his composure "I have heard all your thoughts. Continue to work faithfully in my name!"


Then Momonga vanished.

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