Chapter 5


Weeks passed since Ainz had destroyed the Sunlight Scripture and defended Carne Village from them.

Nigun, who had been turned into a high-tier vampire, could pretty much fit in Nazarick.

He never thought that this man could be so passionate with his religion and belief. Of course he had also passed out several times when Ainz had shown him Nazarick and its wonders.

Nigun was even able to witness Ainz's magic, utterly shocked at seeing someone perform 9-tier and 10-tier magic. He kneeled before the great master and started to pray.

Ainz watched as the once racist-bigot now bowed before him. 'Maybe I shouldn't have showed him, the treasury room. Poor guy has passed out and foamed from his mouth.'

He sighed and suddenly felt a tender hand on his shoulder, it was Albedo.

"Is everything alright Ainz-sama?"

"Yes, Albedo. Don't worry."

You could have called it woman's intuition, but the succubus clearly felt the opposite based off her master's demeanor. "Is it because of the things your servant has said."

"Unfortunately yes." Ainz sighed again.

There were several reasons for the Lord of Nazarick to worry. First, were the potions. Since he and the majority of citizens in Nazarick were undead, potions weren't needed. But there were also the living Hetermophoric Races, Demihumans, Beastmen and Demons, etc.

Nigun explained that Nazrick's red potions were pretty much legends called 'God's Blood' and that they were only mention and seen when the Gods of the Theocracy had descended to this world.

This was also his second and biggest worry…..

The former leader of the Sunlight Scripture told him that from all Scriptures, the Black Scripture was the strongest, especially since some of them are 'God-Kins', descendants from their Deities. Nigun also mentioned that he saw in an old scroll, that those gods called themselves 'Players'.

Ainz was shocked, he wasn't the first player sent here, but what made the situation worse was that there were more.

The Six Great Gods, the Eight Greed Kings, and the Thirteen Heroes.

The first ones were the Six Great Gods. Six hundred years ago, the Six Great Gods were transported into the New World. The inhabitants of the New World worship them as their gods in awe of their great power. They appeared before the rule of the Eight Greed Kings and could be amongst the first players from YGGDRASIL. While they may no longer exist in the present day, their legacy still exists through the Slane Theocracy and their descendants, who are regarded as demi-gods.

Ranked Magic was introduced to the New World by them, which resulted in the corrosion of Wild Magic.

Ainz was even more shocked when he heard that they also brought World Class Items. One of them Downfall of Castle and Country that can mind control even those with absolute mental resistances, even undead, which were immune to Mind Control can be taken over.

Yet Ainz's fears were reduced when he took the pieces of information together and put them together. The gods must have been only in the upper level 90 sections or a little bit higher, meaning that the Theocracy and their God-Kin were slightly weaker than he thought. Yet there was a possibility that this information is also incomplete.

The next players were the Eight Greed Kings.

Five hundred years ago, the Eight Greed Kings appeared and sought to conquer the whole world. However, their rule was almost immediately short-lived due to an internal conflict which led them to self-destruction. Nowadays, most of the things they've constructed were literally destroyed, leaving only ancient ruins for what was once made up their civilization. The only city left standing is under their floating castle is known as Eryuentiu. The Eight Greed Kings are said to be one of the few besides the Six Great Gods who increasingly spread the existence of Rank Magic further into the New World.

After their downfall, a dragon called Platinum Dragon Lord took on the task of guarding their magic items to ensure no one would ever be able to misuse them.

Nigun explained that Platinum Dragon Lord was the most powerful dragon in the New World.

Then after them, came Thirteen Heroes.

They were legendary figures who appeared two hundred years ago in the New World and fought against the Evil Deities when the world was in total chaos.

However, most of them if not all did not exceed level 60, some may have been weaker as stated by Nigun as one such Evil Deity was slain by the Dominion of Authority and its 7th tier attack spell 'Holy Smite', which was according to Ainz, weak, yet he doubt, that all of them were players.

There was the possibility that the Evil Deities were in fact NPCs of YGGDRASIL.


"Yes, Ainz-sama?"

"Is Nigun still with Shalltear?"

"Yes, she was rather eager, teaching your servant the ways of the vampire.

"I expect nothing from her." Ainz furrowed his brows and pinched his nose.

"Ainz-sama is everything alright?"

"Yes….it is just…" He sighed "The things, Nigun told us…. are hard to take."

Albedo tilted her head. "What do you mean my lord?"

"I mean…." Before he could answer, someone knocked on his door and Albedo immediately walked towards it.

She opened it slightly and turned around. "My lord, Shalltear wants to speak with you."

'Mmmh, she must have finished training Nigun.'

He raised his hand. "She may come in."

Albedo bowed and opened the door completely.

Shalltear, with a charming smile on her face, waltz towards Ainz with Nigun at her side.

Ainz took note of Nigun's new attire. He wore a different robe, made of black silk, armored gloves, and a cape on his back.


The female vampire's cheeks became red and she bowed. "Ainz-sama it is good to see you."

Before anyone could say something, Nigun kneeled suddenly and began to pray.

"My lord, it so good to see you, I hope you noticed my prayers."

Ainz sighed. "Nigun, you may rise and you don't need to pray to me, every time you see me."

Nigun raised his head. "My lord!" Passion filled his voice and face. "You were the one that showed me the truth. You showed me, that I worshipped false beings and idols. You my lord even shared your blood with me and gifted me with strength, beyond my recognition, showing how weak I was…as a HUMAN!"

Albedo and Shalltear twitched and yet somehow … Ainz almost gagged at the passion Nigun showed.

'Chill out, you are only an lvl 50 vampire.' Again a sigh followed and Ainz rose his hand "Nigun enough, stand up."

"As you wish!"

Ainz looked at his fellow vampire. "And how did Nigun do, Shalltear?"

"Well," She put a finger on her cheek, trying to be adorable "He isn't really that strong…"

"Ah!" Nigun froze. "I failed my lord!" He drew a dagger out and pointed it at his heart.

Ainz groaned "Nigun stop."

"Yes!" And he put the dagger away.

This was not the first time that Nigun reacted had that way and tried to kill himself for being weak.

"Yet, he is passionate and can use his vampire skills very well." Shalltear finished.

Ainz nodded and put his hands together. "Thank you Shalltear and forgive me for taking your time to train my servant."

The petite vampire smiled bashfully. "My lord, please my time is your time … my body is yours, too.

"Shalltear~" Albedo suddenly had a strained smile on her face and her eye twitched.

"As a matter of information gathering he is useable."

Nigun bowed. "Thank you Lady Bloodfallen."

"Excellent…so is there something, Shalltear?"

"Ah, yes two things…."

"And these are?"

"I would like to finally have a child from you, since we should…."

"Rejected." Ainz rebuked, in a business like tone.

"Ainz-sama!" Shalltear threw her arms down. "As the only purebloods, we need to take care of our race…."

"Shalltear, we had this discussion before."


"Heh," Albedo chuckled, while Shalltear glared daggers at her.

"What do you want?" The female vampire walked towards the demoness and put her fist on her hips.

"Well," Albedo crossed her arms under her chest, using it as a gesture to ire her rival. "Maybe Ainz-sama likes more endowed women…like me?"

"Okay that's it!" A red aura engulfed Shalltear. "I will fry your wings you cow woman!"

Both females began to hammer their heads together and snarled at each other.

Ainz rubbed tiredly his eyes and wished only one day of peace. He noticed that Nigun was standing right to him.

"My lord," He smiled, amused by the display of female wrath. "I must say, you are really lucky."

Ainz raised a brow. "How so?"

"In my entire life, I never saw such a display of adoration and devotion by women and subjects." Nigun turned around and bowed. "Let me thank you for showing me truth, I hope I can live up your expectations."

"Of course."

Nigun raised his upper body. "There is also something I want to talk about you," He paused "It is about the matter of our potion problem."

Ainz eyes widened and he looked back at Albedo and Shalltear, who continued 'fight' each other.

"Albedo, Shalltear stop fighting." As if on cue, both females stopped glaring and snaring each other, they smiled magnificently at him.

'Women are scary.' He sighed. "Shalltear, is there another matter for visiting me?"

"Ah, yes." She bowed. "I will leave Nazarick for mission, and it will probably take some time, because of this I wanted to have your blessing."

The male vampire nodded. "Good hunting, and be careful."

"Thank you!" She bowed and left the room.

Ainz turned to Nigun and nodded.

The former leader of the Sunlight-Scripture continued to talk. "On the matter of our potion problem, I probably found someone, who could 'help' us with that matter."

"I hope it is no one from the Theocracy?" Albedo asked with concern.

"Of course not, Lady Albedo. It is someone from E-Rantel."

Both Ainz and Albedo changed looks as each other.

"A lad named Nfirea Bareare. He is a famous pharmacist from E-Rantel."

The Vampire Lord was curios "So famous, that the Theocracy knows him?"

Nigun nodded "He surpassed the knowledge of our best alchemists, not only this; it is also his born ability which makes him…..special."

"That is?"

"My lord, his innate talent allows him to equip and use any magical items."

Albedo and Ainz, looked shocked.

"Is this information reliable?"

"Yes, Lady Albedo. There were also plans, to abduct him in the near future, since there was a possibility that it could be harvested for the good of the Theocracy."

Ainz tapped his chin; such ability is incredible yet also dangerous. Someone who can use any items, regardless of race and belief, is valuable.

"Hmm, that changes many things…we must have his talent and skill….."

Nigun bowed again "Ainz-sama, if I may speak up. Demiurge and I have already forged a plan that would wonderfully harmonize with yours."

Ainz had plans, to infiltrate E-Rantel, and pose as an adventurer. Nigun is already teaching him the letters and language of the Re-Estize Kingdom.


"Thank you. Well I already asked my contacts with the Eight-Fingers, to observe Enfrea's house and they told me, that a female adventurer named Brita, is working for them.

"I understand….Let me hear this plan, you and Demiurge made."


"I am impressed, Nigun."

"Thank you my lord, I hope I did well."

"Yes, you may leave. Tell Demiurge, that he did well, too.

Nigun bowed and exited the room.


"Yes, Ainz-sama?"

"Tell Naberal, that she should come to me."