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… "Edward," Dr. Denali greeted me with a wide smile, "I'm happy to see you today. I hope you don't mind diving right in. How important is sexuality to you?"

What a way to start a conversation. "Uhm, I'm a guy. I'd say it's pretty damn important." Running my hand through my hair nervously, I waited for the uncomfortable questions to continue.

"At least you're being honest," she said with a smirk. "Can you tell me a bit about your sexual history?"

Fuck! My mother could watch the show!

A little panicked, I glanced over at the camera a few feet away from us. Dr. Denali's eyes followed mine, apparently knowing what I was thinking.

"It's okay, Edward," she tried to reassure me. "This won't be aired on TV. We'll only take very general parts of my interviews into the final cut of the show. Most of what we talk about is just for the sake of finding you the right match. I'm sure you wouldn't want a wife who has completely different likes and dislikes in the bedroom. Now, relax and just tell me a bit about your experiences."

Deciding I had to give her something if I wanted to win my bet, I plunged right in and stuck to the truth — mostly. "Okay. Here goes. I was kind of a geek in high school, so it took me until my first college party to lose my virginity. I've had a few girlfriends, a few one-night stands and a friend with benefits, but all things considered, I think I've had less partners than the average single guy my age." And of that I was sure.

"Sounds like it, yes," she agreed, then she straightened up in her seat. "When you're being intimate with a woman, are you rather the active or passive part?" …


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