Brothers Of A Different Kind

Welcome to the re-written version of this story. Everything is the same story-wise, just added new characters, dialogue, and fixed the grammar along with some of the dates, etc.

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New York Methodist Hospital – October 10th, 1920

How could this have happened to them, again?! She and her husband had promised one another, sworn even, that this would never happen again, and yet here they were once more.

"Push, Mrs. Rogers! Push!"

Sarah Rogers, born 1885, glared bloody daggers at the nurse who had deigned to open her mouth and remind her to do something she already knew she had to do. This wasn't her first rodeo dammit!

"What do you think I've been doing!" she snapped, her knuckles turning white as her grip on the bed railings tightened every few seconds.

She once believed she knew what pain was after giving birth to her first child, nope. That birth and this one were spectrum's apart on the pain scale. Even her term as a field medic in World War I didn't bring her this much pain, and she had been shot, and stabbed. The loss of precious friends was the only thing she could equate to the pain she was feeling right now.

"I can see the crown of the head!" announced the doctor. "We're almost there, Mrs. Rogers. Just keep breathing." he reminded. "Now push!"

Doing as the doctor ordered, she soon wished she hadn't. The pain was unbearable. It felt like she was being torn apart from the inside by her soon to be newborn son.

"You're doing great, honey."

Sarah may not have been able to see her husband as he gave her those words of encouragement, as the pain forced her to scrunch her eyes, but she heard them loud and clear. She and her husband of six years, Joseph, had met during the early stages of the first war. It started off as a simple friendship but quickly evolved into something more. It hadn't been long before they each professed their love for one another and consummated it. From their love their first son was born.

Steven Grant Rogers, born the 4th of July, 1918.

"You're almost there! Just one final push!"

Trusting the nursing staff, she pushed, she screamed, and with one final hurrah, the pain that had been tormenting her so suddenly went away, like it had never been there in the first place. She let out a large breath of relief as her head slammed back down onto the bed, and the many pillows she had acquired over her stay. She was dead tired and wasn't sure if she had the strength to lift her head back up. Her eyes slowly began to close...


Sarah's blue eyes snapped open, and a renewed vigor entered her body the second she heard the crying of her newborn. Slowly using her renewed strength to lift herself back up, she looked up and made first contact with him. Tears began to well up in her eyes as a heartwarming smile made it's way to her face.

Her son was absolutely beautiful.

What blonde hair he did have on his head was already far more vibrant than hers, or her husband's. It was as if the sun itself had kissed the top of his head. His skin was flawless, and she couldn't wait to run her hands over him. What stunned her the most however were his eyes. She had nearly forgotten just how magical it was to see a newborn's eyes when they first opened. It was like she was staring at a pool of the crystal clear water.

"Man, the kid sure has a set of lungs on him, don't he? Could probably wake the dead." joked Joseph.

Sarah didn't even register her husband's attempt at humor. She was simply too focused on her son.

"Date of birth: October 10th, 1920. Weight: 9lbs. Height: 20 inches..." said a nurse, jotting down the baby's measurements to keep on file. "Name?" she asked suddenly.

"Nathaniel David Rogers." answered Sarah, after months of deliberation between she and Joseph. "Is it okay to let my other son in now?" she asked, cooing at Nathan.

The nurse nodded. "Sure thing, though we can't have him stay in the room for to long."

Sarah nodded, as she knew of the precautions that needed to be taken with a newborn. "Thank you."

The two parents watched the nurse walk out and soon returned their attention back towards Nathan.

"He sure is something, ain't he." Joseph said, smiling softly as he watched his newborn son nuzzle closer to his wife's bosom. Sarah agreed, smiling at Nathan.

"He's beautiful." she said. She knew she was being repetitive here, but it was true. Her son was beautiful.

The two parents soon saw another mop of blonde hair enter the room and run over to them. Joseph picked up his first born so he could get a better view.

"He's beautiful, isn't he, Steve?"

The little boy nodded. "He sure is mama. What's his name?"


"Hi, Nathan!" Steve greeted the newborn enthusiastically. "My name is Steve, I'm gonna be your big brother."

Both parents smiled lovingly at their two boys.


The slightly older boy heard his name and looked at his mother.

"I want you and Nathan to always watch out for one another." she said. "I know there will be times when things get rough between you two, but don't let something break the bond you two now share."

"The bond between siblings, especially brothers, is unbreakable." added Joseph.

Steve looked at his parents, not really understanding what they meant, but nodded nonetheless. The two adults just smiled at him, clearly seeing their oldest didn't understand.

"You'll understand what we mean when you're older kiddo."

Unbeknownst to the Rogers family, and the medical staff, an apparition began to form on the opposite side of the hospital bed, and it's stare was intently focused on the newborn. The apparition began to lean in closer until it was but a few inches away from Nathan's face.

"Soon you will be mine...Uzumaki Naruto."

The entire family of blonde's felt a cold shiver run up their spines as they looked around for the source of the chill. Their investigation was over before it began as Nathan began to cry.

"There, there..." hushed Sarah softly. "It's alright, Nathan. As long as your family's here, nothing will ever hurt you."

"Sing for him mama."

"That's a great idea, Steve." she said, and cleared her throat. "Hush, little baby, don't say a word. Mama's gonna buy you a mockingbird, and if that mockingbird don't sing, mama's gonna buy you a diamond ring..."

Her soothing voice faded out as Nathan slowly stopped crying and drifted off to sleep.

Twenty-Two Years Later –

April 9th, 1942

'Steve is gonna kill me!'

Nathan was pushing his body as hard as he could, panting hard as he ran towards his final destination.

'Ugh, I think I'm gonna puke!'

Somehow managing to hold down the contents from rushing back out from his stomach, the blonde was inching closer to his location. The movie theater. Both he and his older brother had agreed to watch a film in order to pass the rest of the day after a hard days work. Though neither could agree on which feature to watch. He wanted to watch the Saboteur while Steve wanted to watch Arabian Nights. They finally came to an agreement. They were going to watch a cartoon film, by some man named Walt Disney, called Bambi.

"Extra! Extra!" shouted a newspaper-stand salesmen. "The Allied Powers agree not to sign a separate peace treaty with the Axis Powers!" he announced. "I repeat, they are not signing!"

The youngest Rogers child slowly started to decelerate before stopping in front of the stand and picking up one of the papers. He steeled his nerves and read not only the headline article about the treaty, but the various others that gave updates on the happenings of the war. His hands slowly began to clench as he read of the gruesome acts committed by the Axis Powers, specifically by the Nazis and their sub-division called Hydra. Oh how he wished he could join up and help. Alas, he, along with Steve, had both been rejected on numerous occasions, for a variety of reasons.

While his brother wanted to join the Army, and follow in their father's footsteps, he wanted to follow in his mothers and become a combat medic. He was smart enough to join their ranks, but not nearly fit enough. As he was, he would only slow down the unit he was put in. He let out a sigh.

Just thinking about his mother, God bless her soul, brought him down a peg. After his father had re-enlisted to fight once more, only to die via mustard gas, money grew tight.

By this point, both he and Steve were taking care of the family, but their meager salaries alone would not be enough to sustain the three of them, so Sarah re-enlisted as well. Though instead of being a field medic once more, she was assigned to nursing duty. Not because she couldn't handle the rigors of being out in the field once more, but because it was found out during a physical that she was pregnant.

Unfortunately, as much as he and Steve would have loved to have had a third sibling, it seemed that fate had other plans. The baby was lost during childbirth due to a complication. The bad news didn't end there however. With the death of the baby, compounded by the death of their father, Sarah had soon fallen into a deep depression. Both Steve and Nathan had vowed to take care of her, just as she took care of them, but with them now fully supporting the family, they couldn't always watch her, and she just vanished one day.

They had turned the city of New York upside down, searching for her, calling out her name, asking friends if they'd seen or come across her. None had. Eventually, hours turned to days, days to weeks, and weeks to months before they received heartbreaking news. Their mother had been admitted into a clinic, was diagnosed to have contracted the Tuberculosis disease from her time as a nurse, and passed away.

After it was indeed determined that she died of TB, her body was eventually returned to them, and they buried her in Cypress Hills Cemetery, next to the empty grave of their father.

'I hope this war ends soon. To many families have been broken up because of it.'

Just as he returned his attention back to the paper in hand, it was suddenly snatched out of his hands.

"Hey!" he cried. "I was reading that!"

"This ain't a library, pipsqueak. Either buy the paper, or get lost."

Nathan scowled in the older man's direction. "I'm not a pipsqueak." he growled. "I'm twenty-one for chrissakes!" He hated when people mistook him for a kid.

The older man squinted his eyes before nodding. "Huh, coulda fooled me. Yer pretty short for your age then..." he pointed out, and then shut up, seeing the glare being directed at him. "A-Anyways, either buy something or scram."

"Tch, with service like that see if I ever come back and buy something, ya bastard..."

"What was that?!"

"First your hospitality and now your hearing are gone, what next, old man? Just stick to selling your pieces of paper from your shack."

Nathan was silently snickering to himself for putting the rude old timer in his place when a very large shadow suddenly blotted out the sun behind him.

'Was it supposed to rain today?'

Turning around, his eyes widened when that old timer he had mocked just seconds ago was hovering right behind him, a rolled up newspaper in hand. He did the only thing he could, he ran. The older man gave chase, but after a few seconds gave up and returned to his stand. Seeing as he was no longer being chased, he stopped as well, panting like crazy.

'Damn asthma.'

Finally catching his breath after a few seconds, he walked a few more blocks before finally arriving at his destination. He got in line, adjusted the glasses on his face, and grimaced.

'It felt like it was only yesterday when it cost you fifteen cents to watch a film.'

Digging into his hand-me-down pair of pants, he pulled out the required thirty cents. As he got closer and closer to giving his hard earned money to the teller, he heard a loud noise coming from the alley of the theater. Curiosity getting the better of him, and since no one else appeared to be going to check out the noise as someone could be hurt, he stepped out of line and decided to investigate.

'Let's see here...'

From his vantage point, he could make out two people, both male, and both duking it out. Though he couldn't really call this a fight. The one near the wooden fence in the back was getting his ass handed to him.

'I need to get a closer look.'

He kinda felt like Union Jack as he slowly crept closer to the action. Confident he was close enough to them, he leaned in for a closer look, and his eyes widened behind his glasses. He knew one of the two fighters. The poor schmuck near the fence, the one getting his ass handed to him, just happened to be his older brother!

"You just don't know when to give up, do ya?"

Nathan watched as Steve got up from the ground shakily, wiping some blood away, and put up his fists once more. "I can do this all day." replied Steve.

Before his brother could take another swing, and no doubt get blocked, he decided to intervene and help him out.

"Surprise mothafucka!"

The large man turned around in time when he heard the voice and used Nathan's momentum to toss him right into Steve.


As the man began to stalk forward, ready to unleash more pain, he was stopped by a man in uniform whom both brothers were familiar with.

"Hey! Pick on somebody your own size!"

The two blondes got up off one another just in time to see the uniformed man kick the other man in the ass. Now that the danger had passed, Steve turned to his brother.

"...Nathan." Steve panted. "...What have I said about using that coarse language?"

The younger blonde was simply dumbfounded. That was the first thing his brother asked him?! Nathan let out an exasperated sigh.

"That you didn't like it when I spoke like that."

"That's right. As the older sibling, it's my job to make sure you grow up into a respectable man, and language like that isn't helping." he said. "Also, what have I said about picking up Isaiah's bad speech habits?"

Isaiah Bradley, a young black man from Harlem, who occasionally hung out with Nathan, would often curse like a sailor, and that was because his own father was in the Navy.

"Um, not to."

"That's right." nodded Steve, giving his brother a stern stare.

"Cut the kid a break, Steve. His heart was in the right place, despite him being dumb and announcing his presence to the guy he was sneaking up on."

Nathan was just about to thank his friend for sticking up for him in front of his brother, not anymore he wasn't. "Hey!" he cried indignantly. "Fuck you, Bucky!"

The now named friend merely smirked. "Flattered, but I only prefer the company of women."

The younger blonde blushed in embarrassment. He liked girls as well! Before he could state this, he was interrupted.

"You get your orders?" inquired Steve.

"The 107th, Sergeant James Barnes." He stood at attention. "Shipping off to England first thing in the morning."

Steve's jaw tightened. "I-"


The older blonde looked at his younger brother, nodding. "Right. We should be going as well."

Bucky stood there silently, not really knowing what to say to his two best friends. He knew how much the two Rogers brothers wanted to join and help. Seeing as nothing out of his mouth would change how the two were feeling, he decided to change the subject.

"C'mon boys..." He wrapped his arms around their shoulders. "It's my last night in New York, and we gotta get the two of you cleaned up."

"...You trying to tell me something?"

Steve and Bucky rolled their eyes and ignored the younger blonde. "Why, where we going?" asked the older blonde.

"Towards the future." replied the Sergeant, handing Steve a newspaper. Nathan leaned over to read the headline.

"The World Exposition of Tomorrow." He read. "Hm-mm, sounds like fun."

A Few Hours Later –


Fireworks of different shapes and colors exploded in the cool night sky of New York City as the trio of best friends weaved around the large crowds of people. Nathan felt like a child again, watching all the bright lights in the sky. It was very stimulating, and he was only half aware of the conversation between his brother and friend.

"I don't see what the problem is..." started Bucky. "You and your brother are about to be some of the last eligible men in the state of New York." he said, envious. "You do know there a three and a half million women here, right?"

"Yeah, well, I'd settle for just one." muttered Steve, indicating his poor track record with the opposite sex.

At the mention of the fairer sex, Nathan was snapped out of his childlike wonder. "You guys talking about women?"

"Yeah, we are." nodded Bucky. "Were you able to invite any of your female friends?"

"Nope." replied Nathan, a shake of his head. "All four of 'em were busy."

The Sergeant still couldn't wrap his head around the fact that Nathan, the 'nerdy' brother, has already had four girlfriends while Steve has yet to still have one. From what he knew, the kid hadn't gone as far as first base, but the fact he had even gotten that far was what mattered here.

'It's gotta be that big brain of his. After all, all four girlfriends were librarians, I think.'

"Does it matter if they aren't here?" questioned Nathan, looking around again.

"Um, kinda." replied Bucky, rubbing the back of his head. "See, I was only able to invite two girls..."

Nathan stopped cold in his tracks, and as if on cue...

"Hey! Bucky!" shouted a female, standing next to another female, both under a statue.


Before the younger blonde could make a large stink about being left out, much like when they were all kids, the soldier pulled him aside.

"Look, I'm sorry I couldn't find a third for you, Nate." apologized Bucky. "But your brother needs this man, and you know that by right, older brother always gets first dibs."

Nathan's mouth shut closed with a click after hearing what his friend had to say. As much as he hated to admit it, Bucky was right. His brother needed this more than he did. He sighed.

"Fine." he replied. "Though what am I supposed to do while the two of you are out having fun?"

The Sergeant shrugged. "Dunno. Why don't you put the charm on some lady? We both know you're a smooth talker when it comes to the opposite sex."

"Yeah, that's true I guess..." he said, hands in his pockets, walking away. "Hope you strike out and my brother receives some luck tonight." he muttered.

"I heard that, ya brat."

Nathan scurried off, not wanting to receive a noogie from his friend as Bucky could actually catch up to him when he ran. The blonde quickly vanished within the sea of people, and he could only hope he found something interesting that would occupy his time.

'Only time will tell I suppose.'

A Few Minutes Later –

Nathan had eventually stopped wandering around the expo, having settled on an exhibit.

'Hm-mm, Dr. Phineas T. Horton, and his vision of tomorrow.' The blonde eyed the exhibit in front of him with curious eyes. 'A...synthezoid? No, that's not it. It's a suit.'

The blonde always harbored a deep thirst for knowledge in science, though his tendencies tended to gravitate more towards the technological aspect of the area. Technology truly fascinated him like nothing else. It was the reason why he was always at the library, and the reason he inadvertently had four girlfriends. He let out a sigh when thinking about his past relationships.

They would always start out great at first, but seeing as he was the more adventurous when it came to learning things others deemed forbidden or taboo, well, they didn't tend to last long. He only hoped he found someone who was compatible with him and his tendencies, before it was to late.

He returned his attention back towards the exhibit and began to walk around it, reading all of the little information cards scattered about, until he stopped. Standing just a few feet away from him, from the suit, was a woman, and what a woman she was. Just standing there she took his breath away.

She was a head shorter than he was, which wasn't very tall considering he was 5'6, had straight honey blonde hair, chocolate brown orbs, and a light tan. The clothes she wore did little to hide her buxom figure, as her pants gave shape to her round derriere, and her tight sweater accentuated her very large breasts. The woman was a bombshell clear and simple. She was without a doubt the most beautiful woman he'd ever laid eyes on. Granted, he hasn't been alive long enough to have seen such beauty elsewhere, but nonetheless, he would stand by his statement.

As he continued to subtly monitor her, he soon came to notice he wasn't the only one. He spotted other men, even some women, appreciating her voluptuous figure, yet none made an attempt to approach her. Two reasons came to mind. One, either she was here with someone and was waiting, or two, the others checking her out were simply intimidated by her beauty.

Taking a deep breath, he decided to try his luck. What's the worst that would happen, she says no. He walked over to her and stopped right beside her as she continued to look at the suit.

"...They say Dr. Horton created the Horton Cell which was what provided him the building block to create the suit." he said, reciting information from one of the cards. He then mentally started to kick himself. Why oh why did he start with that?!

The female next to him had seen him approaching from the corner of her eye. "Hm-mm." She let out a hum. "Really now. If this is true, then how is he able to keep the user safe from the flames when they activate?"

Nathan's jaw nearly hit the floor. It seemed there was more to this beauty than meets the eye.

"Rumor has it that the cells are actually synthetic, man-made creations, that can be manipulated by the user to protect the user." he said. "Though until the good doctor actually reveals this himself, we'll never truly know. All we can do is speculate."

"I see." she responded, and then looked at him. His face heated up a bit. "Do you like these sorts of things? The science I mean?" she asked.

He nodded. "I do, but if I'm being honest here, I love the technological aspect much more." he said, a smile on his face. "Don't get me wrong though, I like the scientific aspect as well, but being able to create something from my own imagination with my own two hands, that's what excites me, and come on, don't tell me this isn't cool." he said, looking at the suit in front of them.

She giggled at his boyish enthusiasm. "You say some very interesting things." she commented. "Every scientist I know is grounded in reality, and would outright discredit you and your work for simply using the word imagination."

Nathan scoffed. "Like I care what close-minded individuals think. The only opinions that matter to me are those of my family and friends." he stated. "Besides, I like using my imagination. After all, it's those of us who imagine that innovate, and it's innovation that changes the world."

The blonde female smiled to herself when hearing that. "I couldn't agree with you more."

"Really!" His voice spiked a bit. "I mean, really?"

She couldn't stop herself from laughing at his high-pitched voice, and tried covering it up by placing her hand over her mouth. Meanwhile, Nathan covered his embarrassed face with his.

"Yep." she answered, after calming down. "I'm a scientist myself, and if I didn't think outside of the box, and often, I wouldn't be where I am today."

Nathan couldn't believe his luck. To find such an interesting person at the expo, what were the odds?

"Ah, I apologize. I should have asked for your name first." he said, apologizing. "My name is Nathan Rogers, a pleasure." he introduced.

She waved off the apology. "It's fine. You being such an interesting and funny guy more than makes up for that." she said. "My name is Tsunade Senju."

Now that made the blonde male pause for a moment. She took notice of this.

"My name, this bothers you?"

He quickly shook his head. "No." he replied. "It just caught me off-guard is all. You don't look know..."



"Blame genetics for that one." she shrugged. "My father was American, and my mother Japanese."

"I see." he paused for a moment. "...I know I don't have to say this since I said I had no problem with it, but I just want you to know that your name and lineage don't matter to me. You're still beautiful in my eyes."

The smile on Tsunade's face grew positively larger when she heard him say this. "I'm glad to hear that from you. I really would have hated to kick you in the balls had you tried anything." she said, thinking about the other times when her name became an issue. "Like the fools who tried something when I first defected to this country."

After hearing that, Nathan couldn't stop his own smile from forming. Not only was she smart, she was tough as nails as well. She was definitely a keeper.

"Wanna keep looking around with me?" he asked, holding out his arm.

Tsunade placed a hand over her large chest. "Why yes, I would love to."

Nathan and Tsunade had seen much of what the expo had to offer, but it paled in comparison to the animated conversations the two blondes had as they walked around, enjoying each others company. The two blondes eventually made their way over to one of the highlights of the expo, run by the man who was keeping this very expo alive and kicking.

Howard Stark.


If his blue eyes weren't deceiving him at the moment, then he was pretty sure he had just spotted two familiar figures in front of him, as they were there to watch Stark's flying car. Looking closer, he nodded. Yep, he had just spotted Bucky and Steve, along with their dates, and Steve's date looked just miserable as he offered her some of his snack.

The busty blonde on his arm followed his line of sight.

"Do you know that soldier?" she asked, thinking he was looking at Bucky.

"I do." he replied. "He's one of my best friends, and it's because of him that I was at first alone during the expo, but it's also because of him that I was able to meet you."

She mulled over this new information for a few seconds. "We should thank him then, right?" Nathan raised a brow, wondering what she had in mind. A devilish grin made it's way onto her face. "Wanna make him jealous?"

Her grin was infectious as one made it's way onto his face in no time. "What have you got in mind?"

Unlocking her arm from his, she placed that arm of his on her shoulder as she slowly began to arch her back, making her already impressive chest seem even larger. She then proceeded to lower his hand into her cleavage.

"Listen, I may be the one initiating this, but if you so much as cop a feel, then I will tear off what makes you a man." She threatened, though it came out as a soft whisper against his ear with her face being so close to his neck. "Understand?"

The threat went right over his head as only a few select words reached his brain. "Wait, so if you tear it off, then that means you'd be willing to touch my pen-"

She jerked him hard, stopping him from finishing that sentence. "Understand?"

He nodded.

"Good, now get his attention."

The blonde began to whistle a jaunty tune that only he, Steve, and Bucky knew. It worked like a charm. His brother didn't seem all that surprised he found such a beauty, though it was Bucky who took the cake. Never had he seen one of his best friends so...out of it.

The soldier just shook his head after recovering from his shock. 'How does he do it?'

Ignoring the smug looking smirk the younger Rogers brother was sending him, he tipped his hat to the man. He had gone out and done spectacularly.

Unfortunately for Nathan, his hand was soon removed from the valley of the gods just as the flying car on stage came crashing down, much to the embarrassment of Stark.

"I did say this would be ready in a few years, didn't I." he said, forcing a smile.

Returning his attention back to his best friends, he suddenly found himself frowning. Neither was in the same spot anymore, having vanished. Looking around, he finally spotted them heading towards the lone recruitment center in the area. This was no doubt Steve's doing.

Tsunade once more followed his line of sight. "Do you know the blonde one?"

He nodded. "Yeah, he's my older brother." he replied, fists clenched.

"You okay?"

He shook his head. "...Was there ever a point in your life when you felt useless, but you still wanted to try and make a difference?"


Nathan waited for her to elaborate, but when she didn't, he moved on.

"So, you want to join the army? Make a difference in the war?" she asked.

"I do, but as a combat medic."

"Ah, you want to save lives rather than take them, but will do so if threatened." she surmised.

The blonde male nodded. "My brother and I wish to follow in our parents footsteps and help, just as they did."

"Your parents are fighting in the war right now?"

He shook his head. "They fought in the first, and the beginnings of the second.

"I see." She easily read between the lines about his parents status in the war and decided to change the subject. "Let's say that they do take the both of you, how can the two of you make a difference?"

He grew silent. "...I can't speak for my brother, but it doesn't matter if I make a difference in a battle. If my life can be used to save another's, then that was a difference." he said. "And who knows, maybe the person I saved will make a difference in the war, so in the end, I did make a difference via proxy."

"Hm-mm, well, that's certainly one way of going about making a difference." she muttered. "Let's just say hypothetically you were presented with a chance, and only one to join, would you take it?"

"In a heartbeat."

She grew silent after hearing his response, and then began to dig in her small purse. Eventually, she pulled out a stamp press, like those in the recruitment centers.

"You have your recruitment card on you?"

He nodded and gave her his information card. She stamped it and handed it back to him.

"What's this?"

"The opportunity you've been waiting for." she answered. "Remember when I said that I defected to this country?"

Nathan nodded.

"Well, the reason why is because the American government promised me a better life here, but only if I helped them with a project of theirs." she said. "Today has only been one of a handful of days that I've actually been out of the lab."

"...Considering everything you just told me, and the fact that you have a rubber stamp on hand, is it safe to assume you have a high rank within the military?"

She nodded. "Yep. Specifically within the Strategic Scientific Reserve."

'I guess we have a lot more in common that I first thought.'

"So, will you take this opportunity, or let it pass you by."

"When opportunity comes knocking, I'm usually home." he said, giving her a nod. "So yeah, I'm in."

"Good. I should be getting back soon-"

Before she could start to take a step forward, she felt a firm grip holding her in place. She looked back at Nathan.

"Will I ever see you again?" he asked, looking her square in the eyes.

She smiled. "I guarantee it." she said, leaning up and giving him a peck on the cheek. "Thanks again for tonight, Nathan. I'm glad I came out and met you. See you soon, soldier." she whispered.

The younger Rogers brother held his cheek and watched the most interesting woman he's ever met walk away, disappearing within the sea of people. He was looking forward to their next meeting. Looking down at the card in his hand, he let out a breath. He was a soldier now.

'I better get home. I've got to report to basic training tomorrow at Camp Lehigh.'

Wheaton, New Jersey – Camp Lehigh

In the span of a day, the lives of both Nathan and Steve had changed drastically, and all it took was a simple meeting between people. And now here they were, ready for basic training, standing shoulder to shoulder with other recruits, all of them waiting for their commanding officer.

"Recruits, attention!"

All of them stood at attention as a beautiful, raven haired woman, walked over to their group.

"Gentlemen, I'm agent Carter. I supervise all operations for this division..."

"What's with the accent, Queen Victoria." interrupted one soldier. "I thought I was signing up for the US Army."

Nathan watched as the idiot decided to open his mouth, and even make a pass at the agent. He was promptly knocked on his ass for it.


"Agent Carter!"

The woman turned around, pressed her uniform, and saluted. "Colonel Phillips."

"I can see you're breaking in the new candidates, that's good." The older man looked down at the recruit on the dirt floor. "Get your ass up outta that dirt and stand in line at attention until somebody comes and tells you what to do."

"Yes sir!"

Nathan's attention shifted from the Colonel and agent to the man standing behind them. From the description given to him by Steve, the man standing in the back watching them was the same man who had given Steve the chance to join. Dr. Abraham Erskine.

"...And they will personally escort Adolf Hitler to the gates of hell." said the Colonel, eyeing each of them, though lingering on him and Steve. "They're all yours, agent Carter."

"Right. Alright ladies, let's get started." She began to round them up, starting them off with some warm up exercises.

Fourteen Months Later –

Brooklyn, New York – June 22nd, 1943

'I can't believe it's been over a year already.' thought Nathan. 'It only felt like it was yesterday that we were in basic training.'

Both brothers were being transported back into familiar territory after the two had been selected for some government project. They had each been informed of said project towards the end of last year and were given the chance of backing out if they so wished. Neither had. Especially not after being told by those who had chosen them why exactly they had been chosen for.

"I know this neighborhood." muttered Steve from the back seat of the car.

Nathan nodded, having recognized it as well.

"I got beaten up in that alley, and that parking lot, and behind that diner..."

The younger Rogers brother, who was sitting up front, withheld a groan as he really wished his brother didn't bring up past beatings, with agent Carter in the car with them no less, and next to Steve. It was clear to him that his older brother had a crush on the British woman, and it was also clear to see that she was somewhat fond of him as well. The only thing stopping his brother from making a move was a severe lack of confidence.

"Did you have something against running away?" she asked, speaking for the first time.

Steve shook his head. "No, but you start running and they'll never let you stop."

Nathan nodded, agreeing with his brother on that one.

"You stand up, you push back." said the older blonde. "Can't say no forever, right?"

"I know a little of what that's like actually." she admitted. "To have every door shut in your face."

Steve gained a contemplative look. "...I guess, I mean I just don't know why you'd ever want to join up since you're a beautiful dame..."

This time, Nathan did not withhold his groan.

"I mean woman, agent!" Realizing his error, Steve quickly tried to fix it. "Not a dame, I mean, you are beautiful..."

"You have no idea how to talk to a woman, do you?"

Nathan snorted, 'Understatement much.'

Steve sent his younger brother a glare to remain quiet. "...I think this is the longest conversation I've had with one." he answered honestly. "Women aren't exactly lining up to dance with a guy they might step on."

Agent Carter raised a delicate eyebrow. "Surely you must have danced?"

"Well, asking a woman to dance always seemed so terrifying, and with the past few years, it just didn't seem to matter all that much anymore." he said. "Figured I'd wait."

"For what?"

"The right partner."

The youngest passenger in the car smiled. That was a good line his brother had just used, and judging by the smile on agent Carter's face, she felt the same as well. Before he could offer his own input on the subject the car began to decelerate and began moving towards the curb. They eventually came to a stop, and the British woman was the first out, beckoning them to follow her.

"This way please."

The two brothers got out of the vehicle and followed after her as they all entered an antique store. They were greeted by a sweet looking little old lady behind the counter.

"Wonderful weather this morning, isn't it?" asked the old lady.

Peggy, agent Carter's first name, nodded. "Yes, but I always carry an umbrella."

The duo watched as the old lady leaned down beneath the country and just as she did, a buzzing noise was heard. Not having time to wonder what was going on, they were beckoned to follow once more. This time they were led to the back of the shop. Once they were in back, all of them stood in front of a large book case.

A few awkward seconds passed between the trio when all of a sudden a rumbling was heard and before their very eyes the large book case was splitting in half, revealing a secret entrance. Once it was fully opened, both young-men immediately took notice of all the military personnel stationed down the long hallway. They followed their guide in and it hadn't been long before she stopped once more, and this time she was looking at the youngest blonde.



"Your operating room is down that hallway." she said, pointing to the eastern hallway.

"Wait, you mean we're being split up?"

"Yes." she nodded. "You see, the machines being used for this project drain an enormous amount of power, and holding both experiments in the same would could prove disastrous to everyone in the room." she explained. "This is why you're being separated. Your own room will not siphon off power from this same place as Steve's room but from nine generators that we specifically acquired for this very moment."

Nathan couldn't really do anything but sigh. He already agreed to it after all. "Fine." He then looked at his brother. "Guess I'll see you later then."

The two shared an embrace.

"Don't worry, Nathan. We'll see each other once the experiment is over." Reassured Steve.

The younger blonde could only nod. He separated from his brother and bid the two farewell.

Nathan was simply in awe the moment he had stepped into his own operating room. Never had he been surrounded by this much hardware. All of the gadgets and gizmos were flickering on and off. As he kept looking around he finally spotted something he liked even more than technology.

Walking past the two armed MP's up stairs with him, he walked downstairs and simply drank in the form of the beauty in front of him. Even in a lab coat she was still stunning.

"My eyes are up here, soldier." said Tsunade, lifting up his chin.

"Heh, sorry."

She rolled her eyes. "So, you ready?"

"As I'll ever be."

The blonde beauty nodded. "Right. Okay, take off your shirt and tie." she ordered.

Doing as told, he revealed his extremely thin frame for those in the operating room to see. He then proceeded to climb into the machine before him.

"Hey..." he called Tsunade, grabbing her attention. "Since you got to see me without my shirt I think it's only fair you reciprocate." he said, grinning cheekily.

The busty blonde rolled her eyes but had a small smile on her face. She leaned in. "Tell you what. If you survive, then maybe, just maybe, I'll take off more than my shirt for you, and only you~!" she whispered seductively.

The blonde male's heart-rate suddenly increased.

"Doctor, the patient's heart-rate suddenly spiked!"

"Ignore it." said Tsunade. "Just preliminary jitters is all."

"Can't wait." he said, to excited to care about the ominous tone she used. "So, what kinda drugs are you pumping into me?"

"I won't go into specifics, but two." she answered. "The first is the creation of Dr. Erskine. The second is an original that I created using my medical prowess, and it's what got me out of Japan. I call it the Infinity Formula."

"Hm-mm, Infinity Formula." Nathan sounded it out. "What's it do?" he asked, more interested in her work than the other man's.

"In layman's terms, it slows down the aging process by creating new cells in the body every time others die." she explained. "Though I do want you to be careful. This formula doesn't make you immortal or anything. A stray bullet to the head can still kill you."

"Thanks for caring." he smiled at her. "By the way, is Steve receiving this formula as well?"

Tsunade shook her head. "Negative. Unlike Dr. Erskine, I could only create enough for one, and mine isn't as sure of a thing as his is anyways." she said, thinking of the leader of Hydra that Erskine told her about. "If my formula doesn't work, then we'd have only lost one subject instead of two, and then I'll probably be shipped back to Japan for failing, maybe."

"They shouldn't do that. It's not right."

"Agreed, but we're at war, and all that matters right now is results." she said. "So, are you feeling lucky?" she asked, twirling a vial between her fingers.

"Yep. After all, I do have lady luck standing right next to me." he replied, earning him a small kiss for his sweet words. "...Um, if this works, I mean on me, then are you going to take the formula as well?"

The blonde female looked at him confusingly.

Nathan let out a small sigh. "...I don't want to walk this earth alone ya know." he mumbled, a bit of red dusting his cheeks as he looked away from her.

The Japanese beauty opened her mouth to say something and abruptly closed it. What could she say to something like that? She looked down at him with caring eyes as she ran her hand through his hair.

"You really are a smooth talker, aren't you." Nathan smiled, thinking he was about to get another kiss on the cheek, but instead felt his chest tighten. Looking down, he saw the straps across his chest. "Are we ready to proceed?!" Tsunade asked of her assistants.

"Yes ma'am! We've injected the penicillin and all machines are one-hundred percent ready to go on your mark."

Tsunade nodded. "Good, then let's get this underway. I'm sure Erskine and his staff are already getting started."

Jumping down from the platform supporting the machine, Tsunade moved over to a small console that had several levers on it. Moving the first, the machine Nathan was strapped into began to move before closing up from the front. The second lever was pulled and tiny needles suddenly pierced Nathan's skin. Each one injecting various amounts of the two formulas.

"First serum applied successfully..." announced the lead assistant. "...Second formula also applied successfully."

The busty blonde nodded. "Apply the Vita-Rays." she ordered.

The lead assistant nodded and began to turn a wheel next to her, slowly applying the rays.

"Twenty percent..." she announced. "...Forty percent."

Everyone had to turn away from the small window on the machine as the light coming from the inside was simply to bright for their eyes to handle. They put on goggles.

"...Sixty percent...Eighty percent..."

The half-American half-Japanese woman heard the screams coming from inside the machine, as she was sure the others did as well, and she pointedly ignored them. She hated hearing Nathan in pain, but this needed to be done. She needed to succeed. Her eyes narrowed when she noticed all of the lights flicker in the room and suspected it was the other operating room.

"One-Hundred percent!"

As if on cue, their own room did a repeat of just a few seconds ago, but it was much worse than a simple flicker of the lights. Multiple generators blew out, causing a small fire within the lab.

"Get that fire out!" she barked. "And open up that hatch!"

At her order, the assistants got in gear and began to put out the fire while the hatch on the machine was beginning to open up. A frail looking man of 5'6 and just over 90lbs had entered the machine, and a man of 6'1, and over 189lbs, exited from it. The blonde hair atop his head that was combed neatly was now untamed and spiky, with the most prominent being the two bangs framing his strong facial structure. His physique was beyond that of what the best Olympic athletes could ever hope to attain.

Nathan was let out of his straps and he stumbled forward, obviously not used to all the extra weight and height now apart of his body, and landed right into the open arms of Tsunade.

"You know, you're lucky that I like you." she suddenly said. "Anyone else who would've used my breasts as landing pads would have gotten their ass kicked."

"Sorfhy." His voice came out muffled between her bosoms. "Sorry." he said again, before looking himself up and down. "Guess everything worked out huh."

"Yeah, I think it worked." she replied, a smile on her own face.

Before any of them could celebrate their accomplishment the building shook violently and gunshots could be heard. Everyone looked up at the MP's, and before anyone could ask what was going on, the two men stationed to protect the room turned their weapons on the group below them, and opened fire.

The first body hit the ground with a sickening squelch and none could tear their eyes away from the dead body. That was when Nathan suddenly felt himself being pushed backwards with a surprising amount of force by Tsunade, right back into the machine. Realizing what she was doing, he tried to get out of the machine, so he could help everyone, but his new body wasn't listening to him. He was trapped in the machine as the hail of bullets continued.


Nathan began to bang on the door hatch, trying to get out. That was when he noticed the small dent he had just made. Underestimating his own strength, he began to punch at the door more frequently but that was when he heard the shooting stop. His heart sunk, when the shooting stopped that only meant one thing. His blows came faster and harder, and it wasn't long before the hatch decided it had had enough and he spiraled out face first, and into a pool of blood on the floor.

The entire floor was covered in red, along with the bodies of all those who were present just seconds ago. Looking around, he finally spotted the one he was searching for, and her chest was still rising! He could still save her!

Rushing to her side, he gently picked up her head, looking at her blood stained face.

"It's going to be okay, Tsunade." He reassured. "I'll get one of the doctors from the other room to help you-"

She placed a finger on his mouth, silencing him. "...Not enough time." she said, though it came out as nothing more than a weak whisper. "Losing to much blood."

Nathan grit his teeth as hot tears streamed down his face. For all the power he now had at his very finger tips, he'd never felt so useless in his entire life.

"I'm sorry." he whispered. "I'm sorry that I couldn't protect you."

The woman on the ground pulled him closer. "It was m-my choice." she stuttered. "P-Protecting you is going to be the biggest d-difference in this war. So p-prove me right..." she said, smiling as her hands slowly began to fall from his face.

The blonde super-soldier gently closed her eyes and offered up a small prayer for her. "...I promise I'll prove you right. Goodbye, Tsunade Senju." He placed a small kiss atop her forehead.

Slowly leaving her side, he began to walk up the stairs that would lead him outside. He was going to catch the bastards who had done this and make them pay. Unfortunately, he was stopped by four men with sidearms.


None of the men moved, despite sweating a bit under the blonde man's intense stare.

"If all of you don't move within the next five seconds then I guarantee that none of you will ever be able to hold a gun again, or walk straight for months." he threatened, and just to further extenuate his point, he crushed the metal railing next to him.

"I'm afraid they can't do that son."

Nathan frowned. He recognized that voice.

"Why is that, Colonel Phillips?"

"We've already lost your brother to the public eye, and we can't afford to let you do the same." said the older man. "Not when the two of you were supposed to be our secret weapons to ending this war. To put it more simply, the moment your brother stepped out into the light your fate was decided."


The Colonel let the man's tone slide considering what just happened. "You my boy are going to be the darkness to your brothers light. You're going to be the soldier who remains nameless, he who will go un-thanked, and he who does the jobs no one else can, or believes we do." explained Phillips. "You ship out for advanced training first thing tomorrow morning."

"...Yes sir." he gritted out, angry that he couldn't do anything to those responsible. Looking over the railing, and at Tsunade's face, he vowed then and there to make sure that everyone who was apart of today paid for what they did.

One Day Later –

Nathan was completely drained, both physically and mentally. A full day had already passed since the incident, and true to the Colonels words, he was already on his way to the advanced training facility. In those few hours of the aftermath, he had briefly spoken with Steve, and it didn't take a genius to see that his brother was also distraught over the death of the man who literally made him what he is today. After they had spoken, they each gave the other a hug, and promised to meet with the other after the war was over.

He didn't know where Steve was going, or what the Colonel had in store for him. He just hoped that both he and Steve lived up to the expectations both deceased scientists had of them.

"Are we there yet?"

He'd been riding in the back of a black car for what felt like hours now, and he wanted off so he could begin his training. Sitting in the back of a car with his thoughts wasn't doing him any good right now. He needed something to occupy his mind from thinking of the past.

The driver didn't answer, though he did feel the car starting to slow down before it stopped in front of a random, nondescript building. 'This has to be the place.' There was nothing around it, which made it the perfect place to hold secret training facilities.

"I'll radio in to see if they're ready to receive you. Wait one moment please."

Shrugging, he stepped out of the car and began to stretch his stiff body.

"They're ready, go on in."

Nathan nodded and walked towards the building, quickly making it to the entrance. He stepped in and was immediately greeted by a very beautiful woman.

"Hello." he greeted.

She gave him a nod. "Hello. My name is Adriana Soria, Ex-Marine, and your new instructor."


"I know who you are." she interrupted. "I've been briefed by my superior on your special status."

Not really knowing how to respond to that, he moved on. "Right, well, what am I going to be learning here?"

"A little bit of everything, but mostly unconventional warfare." she answered. "Welcome to the United States Special Forces program, Mr. Rogers."

End of Chapter One

This chapter was heavily influenced by "Captain America: The First Avenger" though it did have a slew of slight modifications; dialogue mostly. For those of you who are worried I might be bringing in more characters from the Narutoverse, don't be. Tsunade and only one other(As of me writing this) are going to be the only characters you'll see. You may see a few other things bleeding in from the Narutoverse, like you'll see in the next chapter, but no specific names will be mentioned.