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As the young women known to belong to Fairy Tail slowly walked closer to her old prison, she recalled all irreplaceable memories that swallowed her mind when she looked back to her past. The women remembered her time here with her mother, oh how it felt like an eternity to her. She always came here to greet her once living mother's grave, but only when it was her mothers death anniversary. She would walk carefully to the grave, so she wouldn't accidentally step on the many flowers left by others close to her family and crouch down onto her knees. Holding the most lovely flowers she could buy, the women would gently place them in front of the gravestone that inscribed the name that was all too familiar to her.

As the women stared at the grave she would begin to discuss the latest adventure she had with her new family. The family that loved her just as much or maybe even more than her own mother. The family that welcomed her even after the horrible things the women's father caused towards them just for something as worthless as money. How they still loved her was a mystery to her but it didn't matter cause she loved them as well. After the women finished her tales that seemed to only exist in fairy tales, she would say how much she missed her and loved her and that she'll write to her as soon as she can. Then, wiping the tears away from her cheek, the women would stand, turn around and walk away a little faster than before arriving knowing that even though she missed her mother with all her heart, she still had a home filled with the most wonderful people you could imagine to go to where she was accepted for being herself. Unlike how her father treated her.

Although the young women would love to visit her mother again, she wasn't there for that. She came back to this hellish hole to deal with the man responsible for hurting her friends, destroying her home, kidnapping her and almost killing her best friend. And for what, a few useless jewels. The women hated him more than anything, even after everything he'd done to her in the past, she would forget, not forgive but leave it be not caring. But this, this will never be forgotten or forgiven and she will care about it the rest of her life, she would have to deal with the fact that because she lived in a world her father could and would never accept. And for this he tormented all of her family just because of it, the women just couldn't stand the thought that it was all her fault she seen her beloved family hurt.

So, she would end her fathers terrible reign once and for all. As the women approached the large manner she once called 'home' she hesitated only for a moment, still carrying the fear she contained as a child. Bitting her lower lip, disappointed in why she stopped her movement towards the mansion. 'How could I still be scared of him?' The women asked herself. But put it aside as soon as she thought it, she wouldn't back down to him not nor never again. She will stand, stand against him with all she had, if it would protect her friends, no her family!

The sun was high in the sky as the girl finally reached her destination. As the sky spread a beautiful colour of blue over top of her, she stared at the overly sized house in front of her. She seen the whole thing in her chocolate brown eyes. She stood firm as a gentle breeze pasted by her, pushing her blond hair into her face and tilting her skirt to the side a bit. Just when she lifted her foot up, to begin to walk to the door again, she was forced to stop in her tracks. For, around ten to fifteen people came rushing out towards her, ages from her age to older than her father, screaming her name while crying. Saying how they missed her and asking how she was doing. The young girl smiled slightly as she recollected every memory she could about all of them. The only people besides her parents that lived in this hilly land. The maids she could only play with every so often when she was younger as they were too busy most of the time. Even though she still doesn't regret leaving, she missed them dearly, they were her friends.

After reuniting with her old friends and the eldest women that worked there finished hugging her for ten minutes. The girl asked where she might find her father, they said she could find him in his study as always. Once again the women was on her way to the only reason for coming back, only to be stopped again. She turned to see the elder women that hugged her for so long gripping her arm, though it didn't hurt it felt a little uncomfortable. The women asked why she was stopped only to be replied with a warm smile.

"I'm afraid you can't go there just yet, my dear." Confusing the young women. As she slightly opened her mouth to protest, and say that is was very important she see him at once, she was cut off. "Please do not try to complain, I am not stopping you from seeing your father, I am just delaying you a bit that's all. Now come, we have much to do about that outfit and hair of yours." Once again the girl tried to say something about not needing a change of clothes or hair but again was interrupted but by another maid. "Madame, although you left us, we will forever be loyal to you. We missed you too much. So as soon as we seen you stepping up the hill, we couldn't hold in our tears and excitement. I'm sure whatever you need to speak about with M'lord is far more important to you than dealing with us, but please just let us do this one last time before you leave again. I now I'm being selfish but it would cheer up so many of us to help you again."

After hearing this, the girl also known as 'Madame' to the maids, couldn't say a word. She felt so happy to be with them again and have them happy to have her back. But she also felt a pain in her heart as she remembered that leaving them didn't just hurt her but them as well and because she knew she would leave again, tore her heart up. She almost couldn't leave again knowing that it would hurt this much to her and them, but quickly throw that thought away. She had to leave, she couldn't stay in a 'home' that took away her freedom. But so it wouldn't hurt as much, she decided she would spend some time with them before leaving. She also decided that next time she came to visit her mother's grave, she wouldn't do it in secret but openly do it so she could spend more time with her friends.

After the young women was rushed inside the manner, she was immediately shushed into her old room. It was the same as before, nothing changed except the hot pink gown and high heels laying perfectly across her bed. She stayed near the door silently, staring deeply at the dress remembering the times of when she was little again. Every year before her mother pasted away when she was seven, on her birthday she would wake up to the smell of breakfast cooked by some of the best cooks in the country. She would instantly rush to the grand dinning hall that looked like it came out of a castle. The walls were covered with designs made of what looked like polished wood and in the centre of the large room was a long wooden table, it shined like the sun when she was younger. Over the table would be a huge crystal like chandelier. Once the girl would see the food on the table she would leapt onto one of the chairs closet to her mother and father before digging in until her tommy hurt. "Happy seventh birthday sweetie." The girl's mother said before her father said the same thing. Back then no matter what she did, good or bad her father would smile at her just like her mother, but that was before her mothers death. 'I miss his smiling face.' The girl thought to herself sadly.

Once breakfast was over that girl would be told to get ready for the day by her mother. So she would run as fast as she could towards room after her bath and get changed, knowing that after changing she would be able to open her presents. Standing in her room alone, the young girl stared wide eyed at her bed, for there laying across her much smaller than now bed was a light blue gown fit for her. Although it's wasn't as fancy as the one she seen in front of her now the girl loved it anyway because she knew it was what her parents, but mostly her mother picked for her as one of her gifts. But after her mothers passing, the father stopped her big birthdays and only had the maids pick the dresses, though they were cute it wasn't the same. The young women staring at the dress wandered around the old and familiar room, even though she had been gone for so long there wasn't a speck of dust anywhere. She then, walked over to her closet door that was on the opposite side from her bed, grabbing both handles to each door and opening it slowly before swinging it open. There in the closet was all the gowns from past birthdays after her mother was gone. Even though she hated them she was forced to keep them.

She bent down to the floor, pushing the dresses to each end of the pole holding them to reveal a small box. She pulled it out and blew the dust off it knowing no one knew of it because of how clean the rest of the room was. Carefully opening it, she signed and a tiny smile rested on her face. She looked at the contents of the box for so long, as memories filled her head. Resting the box on the ground, she pulled a child sized dress from box, the same one dress she got on her seventh birthday just before her mother pasted away. The dress then looked so big to the girl, but now it looked tiny and looking closer she could still see the stain from that day, when she spilled her grape juice onto herself at dinner. "Where did the happy times goes?" The girl asked herself. It was too bad that this was one of the only things she had left of her mother, since her father threw away everything that reminded him of her. But it wasn't bad either, she didn't need many things to remind her, she just needed a few things to be happy again.

As the blond stared at the kid dress in deep thought, she heard a slightly louder than normal knock at the door.* Knock Knock*. She quickly put the dress back into the small box, and pushed it back into the corner of the large closet. Rearranging the adult sized gowns to hide it and finally closing the closet doors. The girl walked over to the door just after hearing more knocking. She opened the door slowly, wondering who it could be. Peering through the door, the girl could see it was the same young maid from before. She opened the door more so she could properly speak with her. Once the door was opened half way, the maid smiled at her and asked, "Are you ready yet, Madame?" The girl stiffened, she had completely forgot what she was doing after finding the dress. "It seems you didn't." The maid said giggling. "If you need any help please ask, Madame."

Standing there like a idiot, the girl smiled back. "No need, I just got lost in thought. I guess… But thanks anyway…" The girl trailed off realizing she didn't know the maids name. Even though she seemed so familiar to her, she just couldn't think of what if was. It was odd, because even when they hired new maids right before she left, the girl still remembered their names. 'Odd.' She thought. "Please, don't feel bad that you can't remember my name Madame. It happens all the time, it is a very difficult name to remember." The maid said. The girl felt bad, not only her but apparently many forget her name. It must be ruff. As the blond opened her mouth to say something again, she was cut off. "If you truly wish to know my name, madame it is Winnie Rose."As the blond heard the maids name, she couldn't help but smile. It was a very pretty name after all, but even though she couldn't remember her name she couldn't help but think she heard it somewhere before. Somewhere in her past, but she put it aside thinking it was nothing.

Footsteps could be heard coming closer to the blond's room, getting louder as each step was taken. Quick pasted footsteps, as if the person they heard was running. The young girl peered her head outside the doorframe, to get a better look at who it could be. Far in the distance of the long hallway, another maid came running, holding her uniform up slightly so she wouldn't trip over it. As she approached closer, the girl could see she was about thirty years old. The older maid came to a quick halt as soon as she was in front of Winnie and the girl, breathing heavily from all that running. Once the maid got her breathe, she looked at Winnie, "Winnie, M'lord has ordered you. He wishes for your assistance immediately." The maid then, looked to see the blond standing in the doorway, "Madame! I'm sorry if I disturbed you." Smiling, the girl waved to the maid while she said it was alright. She had forgotten how they had to act proper whenever in her or her fathers presents. She wished they didn't have to keep this act up, but with her father only living here, she had no say in the matter. "Forgive me Madame, but I most take me leave. I'm sorry I couldn't help you with your gown. Good bye." With that, Winnie left to the same direction the older maid had come from, without giving her a chance to say anything.

The young women stood there looking at the direction Winnie left. Still thinking of how she could of forgotten her name, such a easy name to remember too. "Madame, if you please. May I help with your clothing?" Shocking the girl out of the trance, she noticed the older maid had stars in her eyes, from the excitement of once again helping the blond with one of her daily routines, or old daily routine. Nodding, the girl walked into her old room again, but this time she had a maid following her. The girl began to take her clothes off, slightly blushing from the maid watching her change. Finally, after what felt like an eternity the girl had gotten her clothes on with the help of the kindly older maid. The girl was actually relieved to have the maid help her because, she had forgotten how difficult it was to change into gowns, especially ones this small. While trying to stretch the top of her gown because of how tight it was from the last time she wore it. The blond was called over to the human sized mirror hanging onto her wall by the maid. The girl walked over to the mirror wearing everything that was set out for her, to see more maids by the doorway smiling and crying happily as they missed seeing the girl in a dress. The blond smiled back as she called them over to help her with her makeup and hair.

After an hour of getting pampered by her old friends, the girl was finally ready to face her father. Though she could of done it without getting all dressed up, but she didn't mind pleasing her friends. The girl stood in front of the large mirror, looking at her self. But even with it being her in the mirror, she couldn't help but think that it was her mother instead standing in front of her. 'Why do I have to look so much like you sometimes mama?' The girl asked. Although the girl loved looking like her mother, she sometimes didn't as it reminded her of how much she missed her. As she stared deeply into the mirror, she noticed a small white object in the reflection. It was popping out from under her bed. She turned to get a better look at it and realized that it was one of the very first letters she wrote to her mother after her death. She walked over to it, bending down to pick it up. "I must of forgotten it when I moved." She said to herself. The girl looked at the envelop briefly before opening it to uncover what she wrote so many years ago.


Today I summoned Aquarius again, even though she got mad at me I didn't mind. I love playing with her, she's like a big sister mama. I think I'm getting better at my magic too. Mama, I wish I could play with other people but the maids and cooks are always too busy and papa only yells at me for interrupting his work. He says he's too busy to play. I miss you mama, you always played with me before you left and papa always had a smile on his face. Why, mama? Why did you have to leave? I feel so lonely here without you. I don't know if I will be able to smile anymore if you are gone for too long. I don't want to become like papa, he's never happy. So please come back mama. To make papa happy again.

As the girl held the letter in her hand, she could feel tears forming in her eyes and noticed she was shaking. She remembered writing this letter, it was on her birthday. The day she made a rice ball with her fathers face on it for him. But, he threw it away yelling at her that he was busy. She remembered how much she cried that night before she fell asleep, she could even still see the wet stains that were on the letter. Little circles of salty water that she cried out on the page as she wrote to her mother. She tightened her hold on the letter before placing it back into the envelop and putting it onto her dresser, so she could come back for it later. Getting ready to leave her room she heard a maid in her doorway say, "Madame, M'lord has summoned you." 'Even after I run away, he still summons me. He never changes.' The blond thought.

The girl stood firmly in front of the closed double doors. Slowly, she opened both of them at the same time, making a grand entrance. The room was just as big as the dinning hall, but maybe the ceiling was even higher. It had a window the stretched from the floor to the ceiling and tall bookshelves on each side of the room. And in the centre was her fathers desk, while her faced the window. "It's Lucy. I have returned, father." The girl spoke from across the room, loud enough so he could hear her properly. Lucy, walked over to her father as he turned away from the window to face her saying, "Come in." He stood proud and stern as he looked at his daughter. "So you have finally returned, Lucy." Lucy bowed her head slightly, never taking her eyes off her father.

"Father… I apologize for running away from home without saying anything. I truly regret those actions." Lucy said to her father.

"You have made a wise decision. A long as you are in that guild, I must use my wealth and influence to crush it." Her father said, making Lucy cringe at the harsh words he spoke. How could he say something for horrid so easily. How could he say something like that towards her family, Fairy Tail. Although it hurt her for him to speak of her treasured family, Lucy remained quiet until her father finished what he was saying. "You have finally matured, Lucy." He said with no emotions in his voice. He had no feelings towards his own daughter, nor the things she loved. "It seems I've made you realize how much trouble your selfish actions cause for those around you." Lucy, looked down at the words he said. "You are the daughter of the Heartfilias. You are not like other people. You live in different worlds. It is fortunate that you finally understand this, Lucy." The room was silent as her father spoke to her about the things she already knew but didn't want. She did not wish to live in a world different from her family, nor did she think she was different from other people, and she most certainly did not think she was fortunate to understand these harsh statements. "There's only one reason I've had you return. A very fortunate event." Lucy's father continued, "A marriage with the son of the Jurener family has been proposed."

"Yes… I figured it was something like that." Lucy said so quietly that her father could barley hear her. As her father, there was no emotions in her voice, except a tint of sadness. Before Lucy could continue, her father spoke, "A marriage with the Jurener family will allow the Heartfilia Railways to make solid strides to the south." As she thought, the only reason she was needed was so her father could use her for money. He only wanted more money to fill his greed. So he would sell his daughter off to an unknown man to marry. "This marriage will ensure our future fortune." 'What future? Where I am forced to live a life with some man I don't even know.' Lucy thought to herself while her father again faced the large window. "Our fortune?" Lucy said even quieter then before. "And you must give birth to a boy. So he can become heir to the Heartfilia estate. That is all. Return to your room." Her father finished, leaving the room as silent as Lucy entered. Lucy stood there for a moment, listening to the silence. Her father really only saw her as a source of money. He never did and never will see her as a living being.

"Father. You seem to be mistaken." Lucy began. Causing her father to jolt up, opening his eyes in shock from his daughters statement. He turned around to properly face Lucy, thinking it must have been his imagination. But no, he heard right, "I have returned in order to show you my resolve. It's true I was wrong to leave without saying anything. It was no different than simply running away. So this time, I'm going to tell you exactly how I feel before I leave." Her fathers eyes widened. "Lucy." But before he could speak, Lucy stood firm where she was to say loud and clear so her father might understand, "There is nothing fortunate about having your fate decided for you! You must grab your own happiness yourself! I'm going to walk my own path. Don't go deciding on who I'll marry. And…" Lucy said pointing sternly at her father only inches away. "Do not lay a finger on Fairy Tail again!" Lucy grabbed the top of her dress with both of her hands, tiring at it in opposite directions. Ripping the top late of her dress in half as her father stood shocked. "The next time you do… I, and everyone else in the guild, will consider you the enemy!" Again her fathers eyes widened even more than before. "If you hadn't done that, maybe we could be a bit more civil. But it's too late now." Lucy said turning away. "You have hurt my friends far too much. What I want isn't money, or pretty dresses, or fortune forced upon me… I'm not Lucy of the Heartfilias anymore…" Lucy lifted her right hand to her father, revealing her Fairy Tail mark. "Fair Tail is my other family now, and they recognize me just as Lucy. It's a far more loving family than this! I only lived here a little while, but leaving the home I lived with mother was incredibly difficult. Mr. Spetto, Old Man Belo, Mr. Ribbon, Mrs. Aed… It'll be really hard to leave them all… But… But, you see… If mama was still alive… I think she'd tell me "you go do what you want to do." Lucy said smiling. Reminding her father of his beloved wife. He loved her so much and missed her too much. "Layla…" He said staring as his daughter walked towards the doors. "Farewell, papa."

Lucy's father slowly walked back to his chair, holding his head down. Seeing Lucy act this way reminded him too much of Layla, Lucy's mother. Remembering her, tears began to swell up his eyes as he turned his chair to face the window so his daughter wouldn't see his face. And so he didn't have to see her face as he knew what was waiting outside his office doors if Lucy refused the proposal. Unknowing of what was behind the door, Lucy opened it without hesitation but regretted it right after. For, their stood four large man wearing formal black suits. They were bigger than Natsu and even Elfman. They grabbed her arm, making Lucy cry in pain, she went for her keys but noticed they were gone. "Shit." The maids must of removed them and put them in her room when she changed. As she tried to get free, another man grabbed her other arm, but more tightly. "Ow." Lucy cried. 'How could he? This is low.' Lucy thought about her father. "Let me go! Now!" But no matter what she said, they only had emotionless faces and tightening their grip. Tiring to pull away, Lucy kicked one man in his special place, loosening the grip. Giving her a chance to get her arm out. Before the other three men could respond, Lucy had already kicked the other man holding her arm and was running down the hallway. "Should we go after her, sir?" One of the man asked. Lucy's father only waved his hand to tell them yes. He couldn't speak, because he knew he would chock up. He hated having to do this to Lucy, but he had no choice. Sitting in his big chair, he looked out the window to the garden Lucy and Layla use to play in all the time. Remembering more of the time he still could hold his wife finally hit him, tears streamed down his face. He cried for the first time since his wife died.

Lucy walked towards her room, with four men walking behind so she wouldn't run away again. Who would have thought one of them had teleportation magic. She opened her doors and walked inside, having the men close them after her. She heard four feet walk away, knowing that two men left and two stayed. Did they really need to guard her door too, they could have just guarded the outside doors. Now Lucy felt even more imprisoned from the time she left home. Lucy walked over to her bed crossing her arms over chest, only to wince in pain. Looking down she could see large red marks around both arms, where the men had held her. She sat on her bed and regretted coming back, she knew her father was horrible but to do this was low. Lucy wondered how long until she could be free again, so she could see the guild again. Then she remembered that she left a note of her desk back at her apartment saying where she was going. Knowing her friends, she knew they world begin to worry and go to look for her at her home, they would see the note and know where to look if she was gone to long. Lucy relaxed a little thinking of how she couldn't be there, trapped for too long. After a few hours Lucy began to get bored and leaped off her bed in her old clothes she changed into right after entering the room. She walked towards the door leading to the hallway and knocked on it gently. "What do you need?" A man asked. She didn't try opening the door because about thirty minutes earlier she did and got a wooden door slammed into her face, hitting her nose. "Why am I locked in my room? Can't I at least wonder the house?" She asked.

"No. I'm under orders from Jude Heartfilia. So until he gives the okay, you stay in there. Got that lil lady." He said rudely. Lucy just slammed her foot on the ground and walked away to the window. Wishing she could get out, not so she could escape but so she could try and find her keys. They weren't in the room when she entered and she didn't know where they were, she really wanted to find them before Aquarius killed her for losing her key again. Lucy sighed as she looked out the window wondering where her keys could be. She stared at the sky as it went from blue to orangey reddish-yellow and the sun lower as time went on. She stared out to the landscape, all the rolling green hills and little house scattered across it, it looked like a painted picture. Lucy stared at the path she took to get to this so-called house, like she was waiting for something or someone. She knew he wouldn't come right away but she truly didn't want to stay here any longer, but she was bound to this house as she had no magic and all exits were blocked off. She once again was a prisoner to money.

"Where do you think Luce went Happy?" A pink-haired Mage around Lucy's age asked his blue, furry friend that flew beside him. The day stared out happy for the two friends as they help rebuild their guild that was just recently destroyed due to Lucy's father hiring Phantom Lord to kidnap Lucy and wreck their guild. Though no one felt Lucy was to blame, she still cried the day they defeated them. It made the pink-haired man sad to see his best friend Lucy cry, he never wanted her to blame herself, nor does he ever want her to blame herself again. It tortured him to see her upset and not able to do anything about it. So he promised himself that day, that if anyone tries to hurt her again her will burn them to ashes. Well, after the pink-haired man was done helping rebuild some of the guild, and fighting with the stripping ice Mage and getting beating by a scarlet haired women, he noticed Lucy was still at home. So, he decided to go visit her. He entered her home like always, through her window with Happy, while the ice Mage entered through the chimney and the scarlet haired women used top the door.


The mages wondered around the apartment, rummaging through Lucy's things, looking for Lucy. They checked her bed, her bathroom and even her dresser drawers. But only found an empty bed, a bath with the pink-haired man sitting in and a dresser drawer full with underwear that made all of them blush. Then, Happy accidentally opened a drawer filled with all of Lucy's letters to her mother. The scarlet haired women questioned them, while the pink-hair man and ice Mage just opened them to read the contents. Receiving bumps on their heads from a certain women. As the two idiot men continued to search for Lucy, the scarlet haired women noticed a half ripped note under a container of black ink. She lifted the ink and held the note reading what was left of the torn page. 'Home. –Lucy'. The women didn't know what happened to the wrest of the note but could fill in the gaps of what was missing. Lucy was going home. The women started shaking from reading the letter, before telling the others about what she found. In shock they all screamed.


"I'm pretty sure the note said it all, Natsu. She went home." The little cat said to the depressed man. After finding out Lucy left, Natsu went on a rampage saying that hey should just go get her back. But was stopped when the scarlet haired women said they should just give Lucy some space and that she would return to Fairy Tail. She was family after all. But this didn't satisfy the dragonslayer, he didn't want to wait for Lucy. He wanted to see her now, it was to boring without her. "And after all, none of us know where Lucy use to live." Added Happy. Natsu and Happy wondered the streets, even after the moon rose up high. He couldn't help it, he couldn't sleep unless he knew Lucy was alright. If her father was restless enough to do all those terrible things to Lucy, than who knows what he'll do to her once she got there. Natsu stopped, to think about what he just thought. He was right, Lucy's father could do anything to Lucy, even hurt her again. Furious, Natsu began to run as fast as he could leaving Happy to trail behind and ask, "Where are you going Natsu?" Natsu turned his head to face Happy, giving him a determined face. "To find Luce." Although, they thought they were alone they didn't know that in the shadows was another person listening to them and following them.

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