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Ok so this is my first time fanfiction and my first time writing a work in english so please be understanding because even though im very good in english it's still not my native language so some times I may not be able to convey my thoughts to you as I wanted I appreciate all the help you could offer me criticism or anything im open minded .
anyways so I had this thought in my mind and I just wanted to write it

The White Lion of Death


all what ciri can remember before she woke up is that she was running from sometime or someone called the hunt before she fell from a cliff .that's all she can remembe

r from her old life except her name and her abilities

Prologue _

heavy breathing sounds , feet splashing on the wet ground .
lightning illuminated the darkening night , the sky was covered with dark clouds only little of the moonlight appeared, it was raining heavily .

ciri was running as fast as she could eyes keen on the thick trees infront of her , the sound of horse hooves hitting the wet ground behind her was getting closer with each past second .

'damn it, can't I ever have a good day of resting?' she thought as she ran through the trees , she was startled as an arrow buzzed near her right shoulder hitting the tree branch infront of her 'shit they're getting closer ' she can't teleport using her magic because she is almost out of magic , for fighting and running for the past two hours from the hunt's men .

she heard the sound of a horse and it seemed to be getting very close to her ,
she looked back and saw the horseman was about five feet away from her just as he was about to hit her , he was hit by a small tree branch in the chest.

she took the chance and grabbed her throwing knife and flung it at him in a blinding speed it hit the spot , right in the throt .

just as she looked back infront of her , she stopped as she quickly realised that she cleared out of the forest and was about to fall from the edge of a cliff! it was a dead end.

as she barely stopped at the edge she heard the sound of a horse howling, quickly looking behind she saw the horse and it's dying rider trying to stop but it slid in the mudy ground going in her way , she quickly tried to get out of the way before the horse bulls her with it down of the cliff , but she was too slow as she was in middle of the jump the horse sliding body hit her feet making fall on the ground , the back of her head hitting a rock with a crack , before she fell into darkness she saw the horse reigns bull her feet , and then darkness .

as she fell from the cliff toward the rocky shore of the raging sea , her magic reacted unconsciously using almost all the power left in her making her body glow white ,
before she hit the rocks on the shore she disappeared.

so guys what's your opinions on the prologue was it good bad? and yes this is ciri from the witcher I didn't know if I should make this a crossover or not , but I choose this cuz im only taking ciri and her abilities in naruto world

please R&R tell me your thoughts and if I should get a beta or not . peace