AN: A not so fluffy fic.

SUMMARY: Pre-Heroes Tag. Sam/Janet conversation. K rated. Friendship/Angst.


A shadow appeared over her lunch where she sat in the commissary, by its size and shape Samantha Carter knew exactly who it was. "Hey Janet." she sang before she even glanced up, a grin gracing her features. "Joining me?"

The Doctor raised a sarcastic eyebrow where she stood loaded tray in her hands. "No. I just came over here so I could go sit over there!"

"Ha. Funny." Sam smirked even as Janet sat down.

After several seconds of intense staring Sam folded. "Okay, what? I know that look, what did I do this time?" she asked, sliding the fork between her teeth.

Janet gazed at her friend for another long moment. "P3X...6...6...6?"

Sam shrugged. "Yeah, so?"

"Really Sam? Did you have to call it that?"

Sam laughed. "It's just a number Janet."

"Yeah, a really bad number."

"So says television and superstition."

Janet shucked herself back slightly in her seat. "Still. It creeps me out Sam."

Sam rolled her eyes. "Oh please! P3X-666 is the alpha-numeric designation for the planet given to it by the computer. It doesn't mean anything."

"If that's the case then change it." Janet shrugged.

Sam shook her head. "No. No can do. The designation marks not only its name but its relative position in space. To change it would mean that it would not be where or what it is on the designation system."

"Even if you simply skipped the last 6 and made it a 7?"

Carter was chuckling again. "Even then. Besides, what would you have me change it to? 0...13?"

"Okay, stop mocking me, you know I'm not that superstitious."

"So what's your bug-bear then?"

Janet set down her sandwich in favour of picking at the crust, her shoulders sagged. "I dunno Sam. I just...I've got a bad feeling that's all."

Sam cocked her head at her friend before she set down her knife and fork together on her empty plate. For Janet to express unfounded reservation was unusual for sure but Sam figured she knew what the real root of the Doctor's problem. She kept things light. "You? Having a bad feeling? Not like you Jan. Besides, I bet I know what's really going on. You got your new orders from General Hammond today and you are just nervous about appearing on camera when this Berghouse guy comes to film us."

"Bergman, and that's not it. It's 666, I don't like Sam."

Sam shook her head and rose from the table. "Whatever Janet. Besides it's not us that's going there. Dixon and his team pulled that rotation."

Janet picked up her sandwich again. "Well that at least does make me feel a little better...just a little mind."

Sam patted the Doctor on the shoulder before teasing the woman a little further. "It's fate Janet. Whatever is going to happen is going to happen and there isn't anything you or I can do about it. Changing the name won't change a thing. If we're doomed, we're doomed." With that she winked and laughed loudly at the Doctor's horrified expression.

As Sam walked away Janet dropped her food completely, pushing the plate away. "Great. Thanks Sam." she muttered. "I feel a whole lot better now!"

Leaving her plate she stood up and walked away, a nervous shiver running through her, but in some ways Sam was right. Whatever was going to happen was going to happen. The best thing she could do right now was make sure Dixon's team was entirely fit and well before they left.


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