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Chapter 1 Unknown Person

"And the winner of the Friendship Cup is Yuya Sakaki!" said Melissa Claire. Both the tops and commons were shocked by this then all of sudden the whole crowd started to cheer over a wonderful and entertaining duel.

"That was the best and fun duel I ever seen!" as random people from the stadium started shouting. "You did it Yuya I knew that you could it!" said Zuzu as she came running up to Yuya and hugging his nearly making Yuya fall.

"Thanks Zuzu if it wasn't for you reminding my true way of dueling I would have never won." said Yuya. "You got that right mate." said Jack Atlas. (To let you know this is an alternate Jack Atlas not from the Yu-Gi-Oh 5d's series.)

"Jack Atlas." as Yuya said. "Yes Yuya you have proofed to me that you are a entertainer and great duelist and I here by grant you the title of Duel King." said Jack with a small smile on his face.

"Thank you Jack oh and I wanted to give you back this card." as Yuya said but then was irrupted by Jack. "Keep it I have a feeling that you are going to need that card." said Jack.

"Thank you Jack." said Yuya. Then Gong came in the back of him and crying out Yuya's name. "Yuya!" Then right behind Gong was Silvio, Serena, Shun, Tsukikage, Declan, and Reira.

"Gong how did you get out of the underground?"said a very confused Yuya."The council members decided to let us go since you won the duel and against Jack Atlas." said Gong.

"That is true Gong since Yuya did win he has shown his power to the council members they agreed to help us to stop the fusion dimension and after Dennis little stunt at betraying us we need there help more than ever." said Declan.

"Yes you are going to need there help." said a person behind Declan and it was revived to be Dennis. "DENNIS!" said all the Lancers. "How did you get out of security?" said Yuya.

"Oh that is easy they simply let me go." said Dennis. "What?!" said Yuya. "So I see half of the security force here is with duel academy." said Declan.

"I see you haven't lost your touch Declan and yes that is true and I came here with you to get information but it turns out we have a change in plans I need to collect Zuzu and Serena fro my master." said Dennis.

"No you are not I'm not going to let lay a hand on Zuzu like you did last time." said Yuya setting up his duel disk still in his turbo duel cloth next to his duel runner.

"I'm not going to let you get away with this either for what you fusion scum did to my dimension and taking Ruri away from me your going to pay." said Shun.

"I'm also not going down without a fight if the Professor wants me so bad then he'll have to take ZuZu and me by force." said Serena.

"I'll not let you take ZuZu away." said Gong. "I'll not let you take Serena away neither." said Declan usually he would do this but he would do whatever it take to save Serena.

"I can't let Yuya have all the fun." said Silvio. "I'll whatever it takes to complete my mission." said Tsukikage. "I'll fight to." said Reira as he is not very cowardly now.

"Don't count me out either." said Zuzu. Then all the Lancers duel disks activated. "So you all want to fight fine by me I knew you were going to give up quietly, men prepare to attack." said Dennis.

"Yes sir." said the duel academy soldiers. Then just as the Lancers and Dennis and his men were going to attack a big portal opened up in the sky. "What the heck is that thing?!" said Silvio panicking.

Then the portal was sucking up a lot of building and other stuff. "It seems to be a big portal and it seem to be sucking up everything it touches." said Declan. "It seem so I guess we'll be taking are leave men fall back." said Dennis.

"But sir the girls Zuzu and Serena are right there we can still get them." said one of the men soldiers of duel academy. "Are you refusing to obey me!?" said Dennis. "No sir." said one of the duel academy soldiers. "Then what are you waiting for I said fall back." said Dennis. Then all the men said "Yes sir!"

"I sorry to cut are meeting short lancers but this place is to dangerous to be around right now to I have to say good bye." said Dennis. Then the Lancers saw Dennis leave.

"We can't worry about Dennis right now for now we need to concreate on the portal and that none of us or the people get sucked up into that thing." said Declan.

"Right." said all the Lancers. But then the pull of the portal was getting stronger and then it started to lift up Zuzu. "What is happening I'll floating no the portal is trying to pull me in oh no! Help!" said Zuzu.

Then Yuya heard her scream then he said "Zuzu! Hold on I'm coming!" As Yuya was running trying to get her hand which he jumped up and managed to get her by pulling her down back to the ground.

"Wow thanks Yuya I thought I was a goner." said Zuzu. "Your alright now Zuzu I'm just glad your alright." said Yuya. But just as he saved Zuzu the portal started to get stronger then it begun to lift Yuya up and the duel runner.

"YUYA! Hold on I'll save you hold on grab my hand!" said Zuzu. But she could reach and the portal begun to pull Yuya into it. "YUYA!" said Zuzu in scared voice.

"ZUZU!" said Yuya as the portal disappeared with Yuya in it. "No Yuya he is gone and I could save him." said Zuzu as she was crying very badly. Then the other Lancers came running over to see what was wrong.

"Zuzu what is the matter." said Gong. But she didn't answer as she was crying and saying "Yuya. Yuya. Yuya I'm sorry I couldn't save you." As she kept on crying.

"Zuzu what happened to Yuya!?" said Gong. "He..is..gone he got sucked up in the portal trying to protecting me..." said Zuzu as she kept on crying. "WHAT NO YUYA CAN"T BE GONE! YUYA!" said Gong very loudly.

In the One Piece dimension with the Strawhats...

"HEY, SANJI I'M HUNGRY!" said the captain of the ship Monkey D. Luffy. "You just had lunch awhile ago Luffy." said Sanji. "But Sanji I'm hungry I need meat!" said Luffy.

Then Sanji started to get mad and said "I SAID NO LUFFY WHAT DON"T YOU GET!" "I would listen to him Luffy before you get him even more upset." said Yusei. "But Yusei Sanji is suppose to make me lunch when I order it." said Luffy.

"Tell you what Luffy I let you have my meat and lunch so you don't bother Sanji no more." said Yusei with a deadpanned look on his face. "Poke face!" said Usopp. "Ok deal, but will you let me fight your dragon!" said Luffy. "YOU ARE NOT GOING TO FIGHT ON THE SUNNY!" said Franky.

"Oh alright I'll just take the food." said Luffy as he took Yusei food out of his hands. Then Luffy ate all of Yusei's food in one gulp. "Ah that hit the spot thanks Yusei." said Luffy. "No problem." said Yusei.

"That Yusei such a reliable man." said Robin. "That's my Yusei." said Akiza. "Here we go again." said Fire Fist Ace. "What was that you said about Yusei!?" said a very mad Akiza. "Nothing." said Ace as he gulped not wanting to make the Black Rose Witch mad again.

"Nami may I see your panties." said Brook. "Yeah right pervert." said Nami. As Nami hit the skull Brook on the head. Then when Nami was doing that Momonosuke was talking to Chopper and Usopp. Then Kin'emon was trying to Zoro but he was asleep.

Also Caesar Clown was still on the ship chained up and he sat there which he didn't have anything else to do. Then Law said "Listen up Strawhat we are half way there to Dressrosa we have to get there in a few days other wise the deal is off with Doflamingo."

"Yeah I know Law we'll get there and do you want to go fishing?" said Luffy. "No." said Law as he walked away and sat down next to the sleeping Zoro. "Come Chopper and Usopp do you want to go fishing?" said Luffy. "Sure, I'm in the mood to catch fish." said Chopper. "Me to." said Usopp.

Then Luffy, Chopper, and Usopp threw there lines into the water and then they waited for thirty minutes to see if they would get a bite. "Any luck Usopp." said Chopper. "Nope, how about you?" said Usopp. "Nope. Hey, Luffy what about you?" said Chopper.

Luffy was about to say no when his line go something. "Oh hey I got one and I think it is a big one." said Luffy. "Really!" said both Chopper and Usopp with there eyes shining. But it was hard to pull so then all three of them had to pull the pole and then with one last tug they got it aboard the ship, but it turns out it wasn't a fish it was a boy.

"Um, Luffy I don't think this is a fish." said Usopp. Then Timegazer Magician and Stargazer Magician saw the pirates in there spirit forms where no can see them. "What should we do Timegazer should we try to stop them from hurting Master Yuya?" said Stargazer.

"No because first off we are in are spirit forms and we can't help him when we are in these forms and second I don't think they are evil why don't we just watch for now." said Timegazer. "Oh alright we'll wait for now." said Stargazer.

"Why do you say that?" said Luffy. "Well look he looks human and plus he was very heavy and there is some sort of bike to." said Usopp. "Hey now that you mention it Yusei has a duel runner could this be the same as Yusei's duel runner?" said Chopper. "Maybe, what do you think Luffy? Luffy?" said Usopp.

Then both found Luffy sleeping "ARE YOU SERILOUS WHY ARE YOU SLEEPING AT A TIME LIKE THIS?" said both Chopper and Usopp. Then all of sudden Luffy woken up and then he said "I'm up!"

"Yourself hopeless Luffy!" said Usopp. Then they started to see the boy moved onto his side and it was bleeding. "Oh no the boy is bleeding quick someone call a doctor!" said Chopper. "Chopper you are a doctor." said Usopp.

"Oh right." said Chopper. Then Chopper told Luffy to carry Yuya to his office to treat him. Then realized he had a deep cut on his side and then Chopper said it is nothing to serious to be life threatening.

Then Akiza came into Chopper's office "Hey Chopper what are you and Luffy and Usopp doing here I thought you two were going fishing?" said Akiza. "We were until we found this boy who was injured and had a motorbike or something like that." said Chopper.

Then Luffy was digging around in the stuff he caught but then something caught his eye it was a duel disk with cards in it. Then Luffy said "Hey cool cards just like you and Yusei have Akiza." Then she was surprised what Luffy said. Then she said "Duel monsters cards?!' said Akiza.

Then Yusei came into Chopper's office as well "Hey what's going on?" said Yusei. "Yo Yusei we found a kid with cards and a motorbike like you and Akiza." said Luffy and Yusei was shocked. But then Yuya started to wake up and then he said "Where am I?

To be continued...

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