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Note: This story was inspired by beni kuro's "Black Radiance"

Also this is just a side work but after completing one story that I am currently doing, this will start being more important. Not that this story isn't important of course. But I hope that you will read this and favourite and follow this story!

Chapter 1: The Dragon Skills, Basketball and Family Bonds

It was a beautiful and peaceful day in Tokyo, Japan. Many people were walking in the busy streets. But there was a large temple in the middle of the town.

It was known to many as the biggest temple in Tokyo.

But to some others, it was known as the "Dragon Temple"

This temple was built way back before Tokyo even became the bustling city it was today.

This temple was said to have been built by the humans who was also helped by Dragons in the past.

This temple was said to be the thing that brought both species together as a sign of peace and harmony.

Although it was one of the biggest temples in Japan, no one had actually visited said temple, claiming that Dragons are sins while others merely say that Dragons do not exist.

But there was one family that was headed towards the Dragon Temple.

A man who looked no older than 32 years old with black spiky hair, he has blue coloured eyes, which suits the man's face that shows no emotion. He had slightly tanned skin. He was wearing a black shirt with a white jacket, blue jeans and black shoes.

The woman beside him looked around 30 years old and was the complete opposite of the man beside her, she had light blue hair and black coloured eyes which suited the look of happiness that was shown on her face. She had pale skin. She was currently wearing a sky light blue dress that covers her up very well.

Both of them were holding a hand of a boy that looked no older than 5 years old. He had short spiky blue hair like the woman beside him, blue eyes like the man beside him and pale skin. He was wearing a white shirt with stripes on them, greenish shorts, and white shoes.

This was the Kuroko Family.

The man's name was Kuroko Masaharu. The woman's name was Kuroko Natsume, and the little boy's name was Kuroko Tetsuya.

The three were currently headed to the Dragon Temple.

"Ne, kaa-san [1] where are we going?" Kuroko asked curiously as Natsume was trying her best to not hug her adorable son and plant kisses all over his face.

"You see Tetsu-kun, we're going to the Dragon temple." Natsume said with a cheery tone.

"Dragon Temple?" Kuroko asked as he tilted his head.

"You see, my parents and your grandparents used to come to this temple and asked for the Dragon's Blessing's." Natsume explained to her son.

"Dragon's Blessing?" Kuroko asked again.

This time his father responded.

"The Dragon's Blessing is given to those that has a pure heart it will give you strength and eternal happiness and luck. Your grandparents had brought your mother here and she had received the Dragon's Blessing before." Masaharu explained in place of his wife as Kuroko nodded his head in understanding at that before he saw a large looking building.

"Kaa-san, otou-san is that the temple over there?" Kuroko asked as he pointed to the temple in front. [2]

Natsume looked in front as well before smiling at her son.

"That, Tetsu-kun is the Dragon Temple." Natsume said.

Kuroko then got a better look of the temple.

The Temple was wide as the structure of the building looked old but it was still sturdy to hold the building from collapsing. The Temple had an eerie feel to it and yet Kuroko feels calm when he looked at the temple. And the one thing that Kuroko was intrigued about the most was the large golden dragon statue that was on top of the Temple.

"Come on, Tetsu-kun." Natsume called out softly as Kuroko looked back to his mother with sparkling eyes.

"Kaa-san what was that golden statue on top of the temple?" Kuroko asked.

"That Tetsu-kun, is a Guardian Dragon." Natsume said as Kuroko tilted his head.

"Guardian Dragon?" Kuroko asked curiously.

"Yes, my parents told me when I was a child that the Guardian Dragon protects this temple, which is why this temple is still on this very spot" Natsume explained to her son.

"Sugoi[3]! Are the other Dragons as cool as the Guardian Dragon?" Kuroko asked cutely as Natsume could not handle it anymore, she lifted the five year old into the air before nuzzling his cheek.

"Of course Tetsu-kun! All Dragons are as cool as the Guardian Dragon!" Natsume said as Kuroko giggled as Masaharu smiled at his wife and son interacting.

"So what is the purpose of you all coming here?" a rough voice said from behind them.

They all turned and saw a bald man that looked around his eighties, he was wearing an orange robe and his eyes looked from Masaharu to Natsume before looking at Kuroko.

"Well?" the old man asked.

Natsume then held Kuroko's hand as they walked in front of the old man before Natsume bowed at him.

"My name is Kuroko Natsume and I have come to this temple because I want my son to receive the Dragon's Blessing." Natsume said.

The old man then looked at the five year old boy as if he was looking into Kuroko's soul.

The old man then sighed as he looked at Natsume.

"Alright then, follow me." the old man said before walking away.

"Tetsu-kun go and follow him." Natsume said to her son who was gripping onto her dress in fear.

"But, kaa-san I'm scared, that man looks scary." Kuroko said as he gripped his mother's dress tighter.

Natsume then smiled as she then placed a kiss on her son's forehead.

"I promise you, it'll be alright." Natsume said to her son in a comforting tone as she smiled at him.

Although Kuroko had his doubts, seeing the smile from his mother made all of it disappear.

Kuroko then started following the old man before he saw the old man enter a room.

Kuroko then followed the old man in suit.

Kuroko then entered the room and saw that there were ancient carvings on the wall. There was also a bed in the middle of the room.

"Sit down." the old man said roughly, and from the way he said it, it sounded more of a command.

Kuroko, not wanting to anger the scary old man, followed his orders and sat on the bed.

"Lift your shirt up." the old man said again.

Kuroko then lifted up his shirt so that the old man could see his stomach.

The old man then closed his eyes as he placed two fingers on Kuroko's stomach before moving them circularly.

The old man then mumbled some words that the light blue haired boy could not understand.

The old man then opened his eyes as he started making more confusing symbols.

Kuroko then felt a burning sensation around his body.

Kuroko then yelled out in pain as the old man started breathing heavily.

Kuroko then fell to the bed, unconscious.

The old man was still panting heavily as he gripped the sheets of the bed.

'It was a success.' the old man thought as he then carried Kuroko and headed outside.

Outside, Natsume heard the scream of Kuroko and was very worried.

'Oh no, what happened to Tetsu? If he had screamed then it must mean that it failed, but why is it that Tetsu would fail? He has the purest of hearts? Oh no, oh no.' Natsume thought as she walked around in a circle.

"Natsume, please calm down, I'm sure Tetsuya will be fine." Masaharu said with a smile on his face.

Natsume then looked at her husband and somehow all the doubts disappeared when she saw the beautiful smile of her husband, the same smile that Kuroko had inherited from.

"Alright." Natsume mumbled as she still had her doubts.

Just then the old man walked out with an unconscious Kuroko on his arms.

"Tetsu-kun!" Natsume ran towards her son in worry as she checked him for any injuries.

The old man then handed the light blue headed boy to Natsume.

"So how was it?" Natsume asked as she played with Kuroko's hair in order to hide the worry in her tone.

The old man then looked at Natsume and noticed the look on her face that clearly showed worry.

The old man then sighed.

"Don't worry it was a success, your son is fine." The old man said as Natsume sighed in relieve.

"But…." The old man started as Masaharu and Natsume looked at him.

"I don't know, what kind of dragon gave its blessing to this child. But all I know is, that it was very strong." The old man said as he showed his burnt hands to both of Kuroko's parents, shocking the both of them.

"It was very powerful, I have never felt this kind of strength before, it could be the Dragon of Flames who could have given the boy its blessing and judging by the strength that I had to bless the child with, it has the strength of the ruler of Fire Dragons." The old man explained as both Natsume and Masaharu were shocked by this.

"This boy has a bright future ahead, make sure he doesn't waste the blessings of a Dragon." the old man said before he disappeared.

Both Natsume and Masaharu then bowed their heads to the old man who had already disappeared into the Temple.


Natsume and Masaharu were walking back to their house, while the female was carrying her son, even after Masaharu offered to carry him.

"So, what do we tell him?" Masaharu asked.

Natsume kept quiet as she looked at her son who was sleeping peacefully.

Natsume smiled as she looked at her son.

"We'll just tell him that it was a success, we shouldn't tell him anything more than that." Natsume said as Masaharu nodded his head.

Kuroko then started stirring in his sleep as he opened an eye.

He was then greeted by the smiling face of his mother.

"Kaa-san?" Kuroko asked sleepily as Natsume immediately squealed as she hugged her son while mumbling words such as "Adorable" and "Looks from your father"

Masaharu looked at the happy and emotional face of his wife and sighed before a smile crawled up his face.

The three then arrived at home, and had enjoyed the rest of the day.

Five years later

An older looking Kuroko then woke up to the sound of his alarm clock.

The clock had read "10.30 A.M."

Kuroko then got out of bed and ran towards the shower and quickly took a bath.

After Kuroko had come out of the showers, he was wearing a plain white shirt and brownish shorts because there was no school today since it was a Saturday.

He then greeted his parents who greeted him back or for Natsume's case, jumped onto her son and planted a wet kiss on his cheek.

The three then had a normal breakfast before Masaharu heard his phone ring.

He then picks it up and apologizes to his wife and son saying that they need him at work.

Natsume then says it was alright as Masaharu smiled at his wife and changed to his office clothes.

Instantly Masaharu was rushed to work while Natsume was having a conversation with her boss on the phone.

Kuroko however, was watching television at the living room.

Currently Kuroko was watching tall men playing a sport called Basketball.

He saw a man jumped from where he was and managed to stop the opposition team from scoring the ball to the basket.

He then saw another man shooting the ball from a long circular line.

The ball then entered the hoop and the crowd started cheering as the man celebrated with his teammates.

Kuroko, interested at how the males on TV were playing remembered he saw a basketball in the storage room.

Kuroko quickly went to his house's storage room and saw a basketball on top of a box.

Kuroko then picked up the basketball and started bouncing it.

Kuroko then recalled seeing some kids play basketball before on a court that was very close to his house.

Kuroko then exited his house, not wanting to disturb his mother and her work.

Kuroko quickly reached the Basketball court and noticed that no kids were playing at the moment.

Kuroko then looked at the hoop of the basketball court before he started running towards the hoop without bouncing the ball before shooting it.

But he missed.

The ball then bounced off to the other side of the court.

Kuroko then chased after the ball before he heard laughter.

Kuroko then turned around and saw a chestnut spiky haired boy with brown eyes. He was wearing a plain blue shirt and grey coloured shorts. On his hand was a basketball.

Kuroko then saw him smiling at him.

"You do realize that you need to bounce the ball as you run or walk?" the boy asked

Kuroko then looked at the basketball.

'Oh right, that was what the people on TV did' Kuroko thought.

"Hey want to play a match with me?" the brunette asked curiously as Kuroko nodded his head and accepted the boy's offer.

The two boys then played a match and the boy had dominated the match easily.

"Is this your first time playing basketball?" the boy asked and Kuroko nodded his head as he panted, holding onto his legs for support so that he would not fall over.

The boy then smiled widely.

"Really? Wow for a first timer you're really good in basketball!" the boy praised as Kuroko smiled at the praise.

"Do you want me to teach you how to play properly?" The boy asked.

Kuroko smiled and nodded his head.

The two then continued playing with the boy teaching Kuroko the rules to play the game.

The boy had beaten Kuroko easily in every match but as they continued playing, Kuroko started becoming much better than every match that he has played.

The two were so engrossed in playing that the day quickly died down as it was now evening.

The two then played another match for the last time of the day.

The boy then attempted to shot, but Kuroko quickly jumped in front of him and managed to block the shot.

Kuroko then got the ball and quickly ran towards the goal, but the boy was in front of him, trying to block Kuroko's sight of the goal.

Kuroko then jumped backwards and shot the ball towards the hoop.

The ball then enters the goal, meaning Kuroko had won the match.

Both males then panted heavily as the boy then walked up to Kuroko with a large smile on his face.

"That was amazing! You did a Fadeaway Shot!" the boy said.

Kuroko continued panting but a smile still crawled up his face.

" My name is Shigehiro Ogiwara, nice to meet you" the boy now identified as Ogiwara introduced himself.

"Ku-Kuroko T-Tetsuya." Kuroko introduced, panting heavily which signaled his exhaustion.

Ogiwara then smiled.

"Wow you sure do have low stamina don't you?" Ogiwara asked.

Kuroko didn't or couldn't say anything because he was very tired.

Ogiwara then smiled as he took his basketball and walked away.

"Hey, Kuroko." Ogiwara called out.

Kuroko then turned to Ogiwara.

"Same time tomorrow?" Ogiwara asked as Kuroko's eyes widened before he smiled.

"Yeah!" Kuroko said happily.

Ogiwara smiled as he picked up his ball and walked back home.

Kuroko smiled as he too picked up his ball and started walking home as well.

Kuroko then entered his house and was greeted by a crushing hug.

"Oh Tetsu-kun, where were you? I was so worried when I couldn't find you! Please don't do that again!" Natsume said as she cried as tears fell on her son's cheek.

Kuroko frowned as he realized that he made his mother worried about him.

"Gomen'nasai[4] kaa-san." Kuroko apologized as he wiped the tears of his mother's face with his hands.

"Please don't cry kaa-san, I'm sorry for not telling you, so please don't cry." Kuroko said as Natsume stopped crying a bit but she hugged her son tighter.

"It's just that when I think that something happening to you, I can't bear myself to know what will happen." Natsume said as she hugged even tighter.

The way she hugged someone that tight, it would hurt someone, but right now, Kuroko was hurt in his heart as he saw how sad his mother was.

Kuroko then snuggled up to his mother and rubbed his cheek on hers.

He was trying to cheer his mother up and this was something that always worked.

And it seemed to have worked again as Natsume smiled as she kissed Kuroko's cheek.

"I love you, my beautiful Tetsu." Natsume said, hugging the small boy even tighter.

"I love you too, kaa-san." Kuroko said as he hugged his mother.

End Chapter

[1] Kaa-san = mum

[2] Otou-san =dad

[3] Sugoi = amazing

[4]Gomen'nasai = sorry

Kuroko no Basuke Dialogue

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