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Chapter 11: Acceptance

It'd been a whole week since the match against Nijimura and the rest of the Second Year students, and it was safe to say that Kuroko had never felt any happier than how he felt then.

Not only had his skills been recognized by the other members of the First string, but the coach also complimented his skills.

It was only a matter of time before he would get the chance to play in his first ever basketball match in Teiko.

But for now, the blue haired teen has some other things to deal with.

"Aomine-san, please stop doing that." Kuroko said in a monotone tone, but there was a hint of annoyance in his voice. Most likely because the tanned skin girl was ruffling his head, messing his hair so bad that Kuroko's normal bed hair couldn't even compete.

It was an inside joke between the members of the first string and Momoi that the only way they could get Kuroko to show his other emotions, they could do so by messing his hair up as it annoys him a lot.

The two were currently standing by the gates of the school since practice had finished a few minutes ago and they were about to head out to their daily stop, Maji Burger, where Aomine may be able to eat her usual consumption of teriyaki burgers, the most delicious food in the world, as claimed by the girl.

Normally Kuroko would choose not to follow but wanted to accompany his friend to the place, not only that, but it also served the most delicious thing in the world to him, vanilla milkshakes.

He wondered how something so easy to make could make him feel so warm and cozy on the inside.

Ahem, anyways, back to the story.

Unlike all the times where Kuroko and Aomine would go to Maji Burger by their selves for the past week, this time would be different as Momoi will be joining them there as the pinkette already made plans to sleepover at her childhood friend's house seeing as tomorrow would be the start of the weekend.

"So, Tetsu are you excited that we'll finally start playing friendly matches with other schools?" Aomine asked with a grin and Kuroko nodded his head and even had a small smile on his face.

"Yes I am, Aomine-san, it'll be great to finally play against others." Kuroko responded as Aomine shook her head at him as she slapped his back, causing him to jolt in shock.

"Come on, where's your enthusiasm?! You need to be pumped up for the match! You have to be just like me!" Aomine said with a grin as Kuroko gave her a deadpanned look.

"If I were to be like you then I would be getting into more trouble with Nijimura-senpai." Kuroko said as Aomine rubbed the back of her head sheepishly.

"Come on, I'm not that bad, right?"

"No Aomine-san, you ARE that bad." Aomine then gave the blue haired teen a glare, one that he promptly ignored by looking away as the tanned skin girl muttered under her breath and Kuroko knew he had won.

Just when Aomine was about to say something, they heard someone shouting from nearby.

"Tetsu-kun!" someone shouted out happily and before Kuroko knew it, he was engulfed in a bear hug that forced him to the ground by one Momoi Satsuki who pressed her chest against his arm, rather tightly I might add.

"Hello Momoi-san, could you let me go please?" Kuroko said rather calmly, despite being in a situation where many men would dream off, as Momoi decided to comply with his request and let go as Aomine helped him up.

"You sure like to cling onto Tetsu a lot nowadays." Aomine commented as Momoi gave her childhood friend a smile.

"Yeah, but I can't hold back whenever I see him." Momoi responded with a smile.

"Yo Tetsu, are you alright?" Aomine asked and Kuroko nodded his head at the navy haired girl before giving the pinkette in front of him a small smile.

"Good evening Momoi-san." Kuroko said as Momoi beamed at her crush.

"Good evening Tetsu-kun! Did I make the two of you wait long?" Momoi asked and Kuroko shook his head.

"Don't worry, we only waited for a few minutes." Kuroko said as Momoi nodded her head and Aomine suddenly felt left out as the two initiated a conversation in which both of them, more specifically Momoi, began talking about certain things WITHOUT her.

She also felt a pang of jealousy hit her when she saw the two converse, something which had never happened before, but she just shook her head of the feeling as she walked over to the two.

"Hey, let's go and get those burgers already!" Aomine said with a grin as she wrapped her arms around Kuroko who just nodded his head as Momoi pouted at her friend at ruining her time with her 'knight'.

The three then arrived in Maji Burger after a few minutes and decided to eat there. The trio then went and order their food with Aomine ordering at least a dozen of teriyaki burgers, Momoi ordered a single teriyaki burger while Kuroko ordered his vanilla milkshake, just his vanilla milkshake.

"That's all you're going to take? Isn't that a bit unhealthy for you?" Aomine asked as she pointed at the drink in the boy's hands. Kuroko seemed offended by this statement, though as always doesn't shows it, but continued to sip on the drink as he chose to ignore her words.

"Oi, I know you heard me!" Aomine said as she munched on her burger while Kuroko merely shrugged in response before Aomine tossed him one burger, forcing him to catch it as he looked down at the wrapped food as if it was a mysterious object from another universe.

"You better eat that otherwise I'll stuff it down your mouth." Aomine threatened as Kuroko sighed as he placed the drink down on the table before unwrapping the wrap all the while Momoi giggled as she watched the interaction of her two favourite people in the world, excluding her parents of course.

The trio spent a few hours there before deciding to leave with both Aomine and Momoi parting ways with the blue haired boy who walked home.

Kuroko then passed by the court he had frequently visited when he was younger. The very place where he learned how to play basketball, the place where he met his best friend, Ogiwara. It was actually quite nostalgic.

Kuroko felt a smile crawl up to his face as he noticed a lone basketball on the centre of the court, so the teen decided to walk up to the court and pick up the basketball, feeling the rubber of the ball on his hands.

Kuroko then suddenly felt the urge to play as he then bounced the ball on the ground, before he ran towards the hoop and performed a Layup and the ball entered the net with ease.

Kuroko then felt something nearby as he quickly turned back but he couldn't see anything as all he could see was darkness. Also, it was suddenly much hotter despite the coolness of the night.

The dimness of the street lights from where he was, was making it hard for the teen to see, but Kuroko managed to make out a figure in the darkness. A large one at that.

"Hello, is anyone there?" Kuroko called out to the darkness, but all he got in return was silence. Kuroko could feel his heart beating uncontrollably as fear entered his heart at the current predicament he was in.

He was never physically strong, more so on being emotionally strong thanks to his father, so if there was someone there, he had no chance of escaping, if they could see him.

Kuroko, more than ever, began to pray that whoever it was, wouldn't notice him due to his lack of presence. He then took a shaky step forward before he began walking normally before he arrived at the centre of the court where the light enabled him to see the figure who was in front of him.

Kuroko's eyes widened in shock and in slight fear at who, no what was in front of him.

It was the very same dragon he had seen in his dream a month ago.

Kuroko could feel its cold gaze on him as the teen swallowed the saliva in his mouth in fear.

The dragon then took one step towards the boy while Kuroko didn't, more like, couldn't move due to his fear but just as he regained control of his fear, Kuroko was about to run away but stopped when he recalled what his mother had told him when he had informed her about his meeting with the dragon.


"Kaa-sama." Kuroko called out to his mother who was currently in the kitchen making some breakfast for the two, a day after his suspension.

"Yes Tetsu-kun?" Natsume responded with a cheery smile.

"There's something I need to tell you that I forgot to mention yesterday." Kuroko said rubbing his neck awkwardly as Natsume gasped as she turned to Kuroko with her eyes being replaced by stars.

"Don't tell me…..you've managed to get a girlfriend?! I knew this day would come, but I didn't expect it to come so soon! Oh, I just have to meet her soon! What's her name? How does she look like? Is she nice?" Natsume bombarded the poor boy with so much questions that he didn't even remember half of them.

"Kaa-san, I didn't get a girlfriend." Kuroko finally said as Natsume pouted at that while Kuroko merely sighed in relief before initiating the topic he had originally wanted to talk to her about.

"Yesterday, I wished to take a break before the second test started and I managed to fall asleep but it was in my dream that something weird happened." Kuroko said, getting his mother's attention.

"I…..saw a dragon appearing in front of me." Natsume's eyes widened in shock at the information but Kuroko continued.

"I had no idea what to do but it just kept coming towards me as if it wanted something." Kuroko said recalling the fear he had when he saw the mythical beast in his mind.

"Also, when I was helping that girl yesterday, my body felt strange all of a sudden, it was as if I was on fire but I didn't feel hurt by it at all. It was weird." Kuroko said, trying to recall the feeling he had the day, but it was all fuzzy in his head.

"I never knew you would meet it so soon." Natsume said and this time Kuroko's eyes widened at what he heard as he faced his mother.

"What do you mean?" Kuroko asked as Natsume smiled at him.

"Do you remember when you were young and I brought you to the Dragon Temple?" Natsume asked and Kuroko nodded his head.

"I don't know if you remember but I told you it was so that you would get the Dragon's Blessing for strength and eternal luck right?" Kuroko nodded his head at this.

"Well, I didn't explain fully about that. While it is true that one would get strength, but I never really explained how to you. Now, you may not believe me, but let me tell you first that it is true. The monk that works there actually calls upon the spirit of a dragon and sealed it into your body." Natsume explained and Kuroko's eyes widened at that.

"H-how is that possible?" Kuroko asked, his mind blown with what he was told.

"Have you ever noticed that both you and I don't contract as much diseases as most people would?" Natsume asked and Kuroko thought about it and realized that his mother was right.

Even when young, he had not been infected by any diseases and the same could be seen about his mother as well.

"Well, that is mainly because the dragon spirit in our body fights off the diseases as if it were any other cell in the body so that we may live our lives healthily." Natsume explained as Kuroko nodded his head, understanding what he was being told but was still confused about something.

"But how did I manage to meet the dragon in my dreams then?" Kuroko asked.

"It probably wanted to meet its host and appeared in your dream." Natsume said, giving a theory.

"Oh and if by chance you meet it again, don't run away from it, alright?" Natsume asked and Kuroko gave her a confused look.

"It only gives its strength to those it considers worthy, so if you show fear to it, it probably won't help you." Natsume said and Kuroko could only nod his head.

Flashback Ends

Kuroko then nodded his head, steeling his emotions of the fear he had and decided to listen to his mother.

The blue haired boy could only watch as the mighty beast began walking closer and closer towards him, while his instincts told him to run away from the beast as far away as he could, he stood his ground and merely looked at the dragon right in the eye without any hint of fear in them.

And just when the dragon was about a foot away from the blue haired boy, it stared at the boy's face looking to see for any hints of fear, instead, it saw a look of emotionless hiding away any expression from his face.

The dragon then leaned its head towards Kuroko and the blue haired boy quickly realized that it motioned for him to go closer towards it.

Kuroko did so, reluctantly, and that was when the dragon placed its hand on top of Kuroko's head and immediately both began to glow brightly as Kuroko felt a weird surge of power flowing in his body as he closed his eyes.

All of a sudden, Kuroko then opened his eyes and realized that he was still in the very same basketball court, but unlike before, he was alone. There was no huge dragon around anywhere on the court, it was just him and his ball.

Kuroko then blinked as he noticed the time was much later than it was before and panic started to settle into his mind as he took off towards his home.

Meeting the dragon wouldn't be the scariest thing of the day anymore compared to his mother when she realizes that he's not at home. Kuroko paled slightly at the thought of her angry face demanding to know as to why he was late as he hastened his pace.


Kuroko sighed in relief as he entered his room. Fortunately for the phantom, by the time he had arrived to his house, his parents had yet to return from their duties at work, in fact, they were in the midst of returning home so he was early by a mere few minutes and when they did arrive, the two didn't suspect a single thing.

Kuroko then headed to the bathroom as he washed his face and that was when he noticed something around his neck as he looked at the reflection on the mirror.

Though most won't be able to notice it but Kuroko was unlike most people, he was able to notice the small mark on the side of his neck. It looked as if something had bitten him.

'Was it because of that dragon?' Kuroko thought before shrugging it off as he headed to bed.

Tomorrow was finally the day where Teiko Junior High would start practice matches against other schools, all in preparation for the bigger tournament at the end of the year.

Kuroko then drifted off to sleep, the thought of playing in the match alongside Aomine and Akashi lingered in his mind.

The next day

Location: School rooftop

"Oh yeah, I'm so excited for today!" Aomine cheered enthusiastically as she ignored the lunchbox to the side, the same lunchbox that Momoi gave to her.

It became a habit for the three students from the Basketball Club to meet at the school roof for lunch instead of eating at a regular cafeteria like most students or eat at their respective classes. But to them, it was better that way as they enjoyed the peace at their current location.

Of course there wasn't any peace when Momoi were to join them as the rivalry between the pinkette and the redhead would go on strong.

"Aomine-san, you should eat the food otherwise you won't have enough energy for later on." Kuroko pointed out from the side as he took a bite out of the sandwich that his mother made for him.

"I agree with him Aomine, there's a very high chance that you'll be starting as well." Akashi added as Aomine quickly shook her head as a dreaded look appeared on her face.

"Believe me when I say that I do want to eat, but there's absolutely NOTHING to eat." Aomine said as Kuroko pointed at the lunchbox near her.

"What about that lunchbox that Momoi-san made for you?" Kuroko asked and Aomine took the box before slowly removing the lid and suddenly a dark purple aura surrounded both the food inside and the cover as both Kuroko and Akashi stared at it incredulously.

"…..what is that?" Kuroko asked after trying to determine exactly what….food it was.

"I've been asking myself that question for a long time as well." Aomine said before she closed the lid and all of a sudden the purple aura disappeared as if it were never there.

"Man, I really want to go and eat some teriyaki burgers at Maji! I'm so hungry right now!" Aomine complained loudly as Kuroko sighed before taking one of the sandwiches his mother made and tossed it at Aomine.

"Here, you should take one otherwise I'll stuff it down your mouth." Kuroko said and to most it may sound monotone but to Aomine's, as well as Akashi and Momoi, ears, it was his joking tone.

Realising that those were the words she had said to him yesterday, she glared at the blue haired boy but munched on the sandwich without another word.

Akashi watched with a small smile as she looked up into the sky.

'I wouldn't trade this for anything in the world.' Akashi thought to herself.


It was finally time for the first match of the year as the first string members were currently getting themselves prepared, all of them had gotten their jerseys beforehand.

"Alright, now we will be playing two matches today, one against Nambara Junior High and another against Haranishi Junior High. So make sure that you'll all be prepared for the match as this will determine if you are worthy to be in the first string or not." Naoto said seriously as he turned to the players who were all sitting down in front of him.

"Now, the starting players will be, Akashi Seira, Aomine Daina, Midorima Shinju, Murasakibara Anko and Kuroko Tetsuya." All five players who were called out had different reactions to their names being called by the coach.

Akashi had a regular smile on her face, Aomine was buzzing with excitement, Midorima shrugged, Murasakibara groaned and Kuroko had a look of indifference, though on the inside he was jumping up in joy.

He was going to make sure that he does well in his first ever, proper, match in Teiko! That's a promise for sure!

End chapter

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