Hey I'm back sorry it's been to long. but I seen someone has commented on some of my stories so and requested a Winston and Tony lemon so here you go.-HxW

Winston POV

I was walking to Tony's den because he said he wanted to tell me something important. I wanted to tell Tony something important too. I love Tony and I have a crush on him, but it doesn't help I already have a mate. Eve.

I was getting closer to Tony's den when Garth and Humphrey came out holding tails.

"Hey Winston." Garth greeted.

"Hey Garth, Humphrey how's it going?" I asked.

"Good we're going to Humphrey's den to sleep." Garth said.

"Yeah sleep." Humphrey said sarcastically.

"Okay you two did make a lot of noise." I said laughing.

"I won't don't know about Humphrey though." Garth said looking slyly at Humphrey.

"Let's go okay hun." Humphrey pulling Garth.

As they left I walked closer to Tony's den when Tony came out.

"Winston there you are." Tony said coming up and hugging me.

"Yeah I here. You wanted to tell to me something." I said looking Tony in the eyes.

"Yeah about come inside the den." Tony said.


I walked in Tony's den to see white roses everywhere. A caribou sat in the middle of the den.

"Tony what's this for?" I asked turning to Tony when he kiss me.

"It's for you I love you Winston and I want to be with you. It kills me that Eve is your mate." Tony said.

"This is for me?" I asked looking at all the roses.

"Yeah." Tony said before kissing me again.

As we kissed I felt Tony get erected in his lower body then I felt myself get erected too.

"Ahhh Tony." I moaned.

"Yes Winston?" Tony asked.

"Mate with me." I said as I slid from under Tony and showed him my ass.

"Okay but are you sure?" Tony questioned.

So I lifted my tail up as permission.

Tony Mounted on top of me and thrusted.

"Ohhhh Tony ahhh you're so big." I moaned out

"Mmmmm and you're ass is tight." Tony grunted.

As Tony thrusted I rubbed my own knot. Tony was thrusting fast.

"Ohhh Tony fuck me...faster dammit." I yelled.

With that Tony thrusted faster and faster. I could feel myself about to cum when Tony laid on his back and thrusted faster then before.

"Ahhhh Tony I'm gonna cum." I moan.

"I'm going to cum too." Tony yelled.

Tony thrusted one more time then cummed deeply in my ass while I cummed all over myself.

"ohhh...Tony that was a lot." I said pulling off Tony and laid on top of him.

"I know." Tony said and kissed me.

"Tony I love you" I said.

"I love you too Winston." Tony said. but I could barely him cause I was sleeply.

Then I fell asleep.

Tony POV

After me and Winston mated I looked at Winston as he feel asleep on me. I love Winston and I never ever want to let go.

So here you go with this lemon and the Anniversary of Alpha and Omega the first movie came out and moment of silence please... Dannies Hopper (voices actor for Tony) RIP. Thanks for reading.-HxW