Sorry if Jarvis sounds like Alfred alot. Haven't done dialogue for Jarvis before. Unless it says a new POV at the top, its the same as the last chapter. Ages: 9 Dick , 9 Wally, 10 Artemis, 11 Conner, 11 M'gann, 12 Kaldur

Tony needed a night out, Something to do that might put an actual smile on his face. So, he went to the circus. It may be weird to think that a billionaire would love the circus but some do. The tent was huge and colorful. There were drapes of orange, blue, and purple for the new Cir-tus-O-le act. There were props everywhere from a chair to a sword. The view was very large and the seats were surprisingly soft. He sat in the back just in case Ironman was needed but as soon as the show started he was entranced.

All of the acts were amazing. "Now, for our final act. The Flying Graysons!"Haly, the owner of the circus says. The Graysons were split between two trapeze platforms. "Richard, his wife Carla and son John are on The left platform."They smile even brighter and wave." And on the right is John, his wife mary, and their son Dick." They do the same. Then, the act starts. A dash, catch, throw, land, fall, catch, flip. Over and over but still magical. They did so many amazing tricks that Tony couldn't pick a favorite. After a quadruple flip from the entire family Haly was in the spotlight again. "Did you love their show?" The crowd including Tony cheered. Haly chuckled "I think that's a yes. The Graysons will now be doing their special act for you...without a net!"

Tony was a little worried about them not having a net. The flips they did before were amazing what about the kids. "Unfortunately, Dick has to leave because he's not old enough. Give him a round of applause!" The little boy's smile was almost as big as how loud the audience was. He waved and sat down on his platform. "Now, their special act." The lights focused on the Grayson who were all sitting on individual swings. They started off swinging slow and gradually got faster until they all jumped to one swing in the middle. Everyone was holding their breath waiting to see if they would make it there. They all landed perfectly linked. Richard and Carla sitting, John and mary hanging off the sides and little John in the middle. John and Mary's hands were tightly holding little John's shoulders with Richard and Carla holding his feet.

That moment was beautiful, before it ended. Everyone screamed and yelled when a loud snap sounded. The swing they were on broke and they were falling