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The loudest scream was of the little boy on the trapeze platform. He slid down the ladder and ran to the now dead bodies of his family. He sobbed while police showed up, the crowd left, and when they told him he couldn't live with the circus. "I'm really sorry. I want him to be able to stay but the city wont allow it. They dont see this as a stable environment for a child to grow up in as an orphan." The (actually nice)child service woman said. She had brown eyes, wavy chestnut hair in a ponytail, and was wearing a typical office uniform. Tony went over to them not completely in control of his thoughts.

"I'll adopt him. Of course if he doesn't mind..." Tony rubbed his neck nervously. The woman looked at him surprised, "What! Are you sure your qualified for that? I mean you have your own company and your Ironman. Aren't you busy? " He thought about it for a minute and nodded, "I can change my schedule. I'll make pepper CEO(yes im doing this earlier) and Jarvis can set me a time for everything I need to do. By the way, what's your name?" She held her hand out "Im Charlie Wilkes. Thank you for offering but it's up to Dick. Also, I will need you to fill out papers if he says yes." Haly looked sadly at the boy "Would you like to go with , Dick?" He was still crying a little but it had slowed considerably since Tony showed up. In his outfit

Dick looked so small. Tony was really hoping he would say yes. "Okay. Do I get to take Peanut?" Haly nodded quickly, "Of coarse! Come on, we'll go get anything you'd like to take with you." He set Dick on the ground and they walked to his old trailer.