The car suddenly jerked and swerved off the road. I grabbed onto the dashboard as I watched Clyde furiously turn the wheel in the opposite direction.

"Clyde, what in hell?!"

"I just had a bad feelin' sugar," he explained. "Can't take any chances is all. Cops could be waitin' for us anywhere."

I sighed. He may have been right; we're wanted fugitives, dead or alive. If anyone was out for us being dead, it was the police.

Clyde drove off into a deeper part of the countryside, coming up to a small forest. We pulled up to an open space where he stopped the truck and went out to the

trunk. "We'll stay here for the night," he said spreading a blanket in the back of the pickup. I got out of the front and joined him, laying down in his arms.

"Can't we just go back, baby?" I said softly. "We aren't worth the money if we…"

Silence. He must have been ignoring me.

Why is it so hard to try and change him? Clyde may have that rough streak I fell in love with, but isn't he tired of running? We just seen his own brother die and

Blanche go to prison for us.

Maybe if he, not now. In the morning.


I am the first awake. Clyde is snoring away, so I might as well try and find some food for us. I walk a ways from our spot.

I inspect plants and bushels and trees for edibility. A familiar looking shrub is at the edge, near the road.


How am I supposed to get them? The road is right there; police may be right behind us. Gonna have to take my chances. I run over and pick as many berries I can, making a basket from my skirt.

I run carefully back to the truck. Clyde is starting to wake up. "Mornin', sugar," he yawns. I show him my discovery and we share them for breakfast.

"There's a little town not far from here," he tells me. "Bet we could pick up a couple a' bucks at a market."

I sigh. I gotta tell him while I have the chance.

"Clyde," I begin. "We can't keep doing this, we'd be risking too much. It's not worth it anymore…"

"Aw hell, Bonnie," he growls. "You can't keep doing this to me!" "Well you can't keep breakin' your promises!" I snap back at him.
Ooh, sometimes I just wanna grab his neck and wring some sense into him.

"Please, baby, just listen. I…"

"Shut your trap, sugar!" Clyde gets up from the ground and heads to the driver's seat of the truck. "I'm going into town to do what I gotta. If you don't wanna come along, fine by me." The engine starts up.

"Clyde, wait! You don't understand!" I try to stop him, but the truck rumbles away.

Damn that boy. I don't have any choice; I run after him, a trail of dust leading me out of these woods.


This town seemed kinda bigger from a ways. Now that I'm here, it's like a schoolyard to me. Forget about it, it's not the size of the place I'm in for…

There's a little general store up ahead, not too many people it looks like, and that's good. I pull up next to it, keeping the truck a nice getaway distance.

I grab the carpetbag and rifle, but then notice Bonnie's little revolver sitting on the car floor. I'm sighing. Damn, she can drive me crazy, but I love her.
I shut the door and make my way towards the market.

"Clyde!" I hear Bonnie's voice from far off. I turn and see her running up the road.

I can't mess with her anymore, I gotta get to it. I make it to the doors…just as she catches up to me. "Clyde, you have to stop this!" she yells at me. "It's gone too far!"
"Babe, I ain't listenin' to your shit no more," I bark at her. "I'm doing this for us!"

"Well, you can't do this for us anymore!" She's starting to cry. Oh, that's fine. "Why, sugar? Give me a helluva good reason!" I tell her. She stops, and her face gets all pale. "Because…" she stammers. Bonnie' s fooling me; she ain't got nothing on her.

"That's what I thought," I said getting up to her. She stares me down with hurt look in her eye.

All a sudden she grips on my hands tight around the rifle. "Because…I'm gonna have a baby."

There's a lump in my throat, and my tight glare goes soft.

A baby…