The farm may have some pretty wide open space, but Caroline shows us and there is actually not very much she has to take care of. At least, not anymore.

She tells us how she and her husband had started with dozens of livestock, but overtime had to sell some of them when they weren't doing well with their crops and produce.

Now the land is very scarce, with just a handful of feeble animals and a withering harvest.

"It's clearly not much now," Caroline says. "But when it's where you call home for over forty years, you just can't let go."

She motions to the old barn. Both Clyde and I see how worn and broken down it really is.

We go inside and she shows us some more. There may not be a lot, but it is still more of what she calls her own and part of her farm.

"Now, then," she turns to Clyde. "I've been hoping to find a young man capable to handle some heavy lifting. There's some quite awful big bags of feed stored away in the barn."

Caroline sends Clyde to work bringing out the sacks and pouring the food into the animals' troughs. I watch as he slowly approaches each of the stables and gently offers them their meals.

It's been so long since I've seen him so tender and kind towards anyone else…even if it is just to some farm critters.

We leave him alone to his new work, and I go with Caroline to the gardens along the side of the farmhouse to do some weeding and replanting.


All morning and afternoon I've been helping out Ms. Caroline with her farm work. It's not all that hard for me, but I can see why she needs the help; it's a lot for one little old lady to do by herself.

For the first time in a long while, it feels good not having to worry about money.

Now all I worry about is Bonnie and the baby. Sure, right now the cops lost our trail for now, but what's gonna happen once they do?

They could just straight up kill us.

I dragged Bonnie into this; I should have just let her walk away back when I killed that cop. Then she wouldn't be stuck with me, and not be having a child whose life is on the line with its mom and pop.

This kid deserves better than goin' through life with me as a father. All I've done is lie and cheat and kill to get what I want…

Doesn't that just yell 'perfect parent'.

Maybe it ain't too late for me to do right thing…probably should've been done a long time ago.



The cops'll probably me slapping handcuffs on me by the time you read this. I've done nothing but make your life hell; I made you give up your dream, abandon your mama and go on the run with a no good power crazed idiot like me.

Don't try to come after me. I'm doing this for you, and our baby.

I'll always love you, Sugar.