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Author's Note: This story takes place after Blade: Trinity but shortly before Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Warning! Character death ahead!

"The thirst always wins."

Blade had brushed off Drake's final words to him as a taunt, a final shot before finally expiring. The war against the vampires was won, the entire race wiped out by the bio-engineered Daystar plague. His battle was over.

Except it was not.

Blade had expected that without the need to hunt and kill vampires it would be easier to control his own thirst for blood, but if anything the inaction only made it grow stronger as the months passed. He had continued taking his serum of course but it didn't seem to be enough anymore.

And then one day Hannibal King had made one of his usual annoying jokes (he couldn't remember what had been said) and something had finally snapped. Blade had slammed him into a wall and ripped his throat out with his fangs. As Hannibal struggled futilely Blade drank his blood, not stopping until he had drained every last drop. Only then, with Hannibal's ghostly white corpse lying at his feet, did he realise what he had done. He felt none of the horror and disgust he had expected. Instead he felt only elation.

With what little self-control he had remaining he had fled the area and left the city to stop himself from killing Abigail Whistler. His aimless wanderings had eventually brought him to New York. Since he was officially believed to be dead he had been able to lay low enough to avoid detection and find himself a hiding place in a derelict storehouse. At night he would emerge to stalk his prey just like the vampires he had hunted.

A young man panted in terror as he fled down the alleyway, his heart thumping against his ribs. He fought the urge to look over his shoulder, knowing that if he slowed down even a bit his pursuer would catch him. Any second he expected to feel fangs biting into his neck…

Blinded by terror he didn't notice a discarded beer can until he tripped over it and fell to the floor. He rolled over and froze in fear as he looked up at the figure looming over him, long black coat swirling around like a raptor's wings.

Tears trickled down the youth's face as the dark figure opened his jaws to reveal gleaming fangs. He knew that this man, no, this creature, was going to kill him…


A whirling circular object flew through the air and slammed into Blade's chest, knocking him off his feet and ricocheting back the way it had come. The guy watched in amazement as a blue-clad figure leaped into the air, performing a forward flip and catching the object, a circular shield, before landing on his feet.

Captain America surveyed the scene before him, silently thanking God that he had arrived in time.

When he had learned of a series of strange murders in his old neighbourhood, with bodies found drained of blood, he had immediately begun investigating. It looked like he had found the culprit. Witnesses had reported spotting a man in a black coat and sunglasses leaving the scene at several of the murders and the man in front of him fitted their descriptions perfectly.

"Are you all right?" he asked as he helped the youth to his feet.

"Y, yeah, thanks" he managed to reply.

Blade sprang to his feet, his lips drawn back in a snarl. The guy screamed and Cap stepped in front of him. He frowned darkly. Even with body armour the man in sunglasses shouldn't have recovered so quickly and completely from a direct hit from his shield like that. Clearly his foe was far stronger than an ordinary human.

"Run" he said.

The guy dashed off, not needing to be told twice. Now it was just the two of them, defender and predator.

Blade glared at his opponent. "You shouldn't have done that, hero."

"I'll give you one chance to surrender and come quietly" said Cap firmly.

"Like Hell."

Both warriors charged each other simultaneously, each throwing a rapid volley of punches and kicks. Blade was blindingly fast but Cap blocked each attack and responded with precise strikes of his own. However they too were blocked.

Abruptly Blade threw himself into a single hand-stand, gloved palm pressed to the floor while throwing a kick at his head. A move from Brazilian Capoeira. The unusual move would have caught a lesser foe by surprise but Cap ducked under it. As Blade regained his footing Cap landed two solid punches to his jaw followed by a spinning jump kick to the chest that staggered him.

But before he could press his advantage Blade uttered a primal roar and flew forwards to deliver a front jump kick that launched him back through the air and into a wall. He managed to let his body go limp so that he didn't slam into it at full force but it was still a hard hit.

Blade drew his sword and leaped forwards. Cap was able to bring up his shield just in time to block a slash that would have split him in two had it connected. Blade dropped into a crouch and slashed at his legs but Steve leaped over it and somersaulted over his head. Blade whirled around and came at him with a volley of cuts and stabs. The shield blocked each blow but the speed and ferocity of the onslaught drove him back. Sparks flew as sword and shield collided again and again.

Even as he gave ground Cap remained calm and focused. He could tell that his foe was becoming sloppier. The thirst was becoming uncontrollable now, eroding his focus and precision until he was just hacking away without any form of technique.

Finally the inevitable happened. The Daywalker's sword, while highly durable, was not unbreakable. Captain America's shield was.

With a loud CRACK the blade snapped off and went spinning away. His mind clouded by bloodlust, Blade flung away the hilt and sprang at Cap, jaws open wide to rip out his throat.

This time Cap was ready. He sidestepped the wild charge and brought his shield down on the back of Blade's neck. The Daywalker went down hard and lay still.

Cap checked to make sure he was still breathing and then contacted S.H.I.E.L.D. He instructed them to send a team with restraints strong enough to hold a superhuman.

The team arrived quickly and he watched as Blade was loaded aboard a S.H.I.E.L.D. truck. Cap's thoughts were troubled. While he was glad that no more innocent lives would be lost to the killer, he had also noticed the animalistic hunger that had overcome his opponent. Combine that with his inhuman strength and speed, and the fact that his victims had been drained of blood…

Is it possible that this man is a real-life vampire? Cap wondered. Was he killing merely to survive?

If so then he vowed to ensure that this man was treated fairly. If anything could be done to rehabilitate him then Captain America would ensure that it would be.