Popo and Nana panted as they were climbing up the giant pink mountain that was the centerpiece of the Cloud Cuckooland, with Popo wiping the sweat from his forehead as he was having a hard time breathing, as was Nana, with their sweating causing their parkas to warm up to a disgusting degree and stink as a result.

"Phew! I think this was a mistake, sis!" Popo admitted after waving himself in an attempt to cool off from the sun shining down on him and his twin. "I don't think I'll be able to get out of these clothes!"

"No kidding!" Nana nodded in agreement as she pushed back her pink parka hood, feeling sweat going down her entire body. "Ugh, goodness me...! I can barely breathe up here!"

The view of the entire bizarre level of madness was great, but at what cost...?

"...Why did we think climbing this huge stupid mountain would be good in the first place?" Popo asked Nana as he unzipped his parka, revealing nothing but blue underwear.

Nana shrugged as she opened up her parka a bit as well, having a bra on for obvious reasons. "Oh, for a nice change of pace. It gets boring climbing up snowy mountains with icy proportions, after all."

"True. Hey, the whole world below us looks so small!" Popo exclaimed as he pointed at the various platforms surrounding the enormous floating mountain.

Nana scoffed as she placed her hands together on the end of her giant wooden mallet. "Well what did you expect? We're in the sky!"

Suddenly Popo tripped, causing him and Nana to tumble down as they screamed, with all their progress being for nothing.

"Will you look at that. Visitors." Mr. Fit stated as he was stretching his big arms out, just for you.

"How many Baneposting jokes can we make in one chapter?" Canary Mary squawked to herself as she was flying around the Cloud Cuckooland while flapping her feathered arms in the air somehow.