Popo and Nana were still at the Cloud Cuckooland, with both of the ice Climbers proceeding to climb up as they were determined to reach the top of the peak, which was actually the peak of the beehive that was resting on the top of the mountain.

"Hey Nana..." Popo stated as he froze the projectiles that were being fired at them by the projectile firing eye plants that were planted across the platforms. "You think we could ever maybe have a small little house here? One where we can indefinitely get a good view of the sky without climbing?"

"That depends, but I would like to have one." Nana remarked as she twirled around and clapped her hands, causing the sunny atmosphere to change as it began snowing. "At any rate, it would make a nice change from just climbing up icy platforms in snowy regions."

Popo nodded his head in agreement with his potential girlfriend that could actually be his twin sister or cousin as the two kept climbing, paying no regards to the cuckoo crazy creatures that populated this bizarre place in the sky. A bunch of creepy plants with eyes were watching them as they attempt at spinning towards them, only for the plant life to be knocked out by the Ice Climber pair smashing them mallets into them while freezing the terrain with their snowy power as they showed no regard for what creatures didn't want them present high up in this wacky bizarre world.