Chapter 6-The mission

Lisanna's P.O.V.

A few hours later, and Team Natsu were still hovering over me.

"Are you all right?" It was about the fiftieth billionth time they've asked me, and I didn't bother to reply.

"Lisanna, are you sick?" Natsu asked angrily. Oh, this was a new one.

"Sick?" Why would I be-

"Oh, you know. 'Cause you were acting really weird, you looked really shy around Heartfilia, and you changed your face for a couple of seconds."

I grew even angrier, but just ignored the idiot. How DARE he think my Lucy could make me sick? Was he really that stupid?

"Yeah, now that you've mentioned it, you were acting really weird around Heartfilia. And what's up with the shape shifting? Is it a new spell, or did that lazy brat give you some poison or something?" Gray questioned. Looks like Natsu wasn't the only stupid one around here. But just before I gave them a piece of my mind, Erza piped in,

"They are right Lisanna. I don't think you are well enough to come on the mission today. We'll quickly finish it up, and we can go back to the guild to get Wendy to take a look at you." Sensing that I wasn't going to get anywhere by arguing, I just sighed and plonked myself on the comfy bed of the hotel. I didn't notice as Team Natsu left the room, and smiled to myself as I re-lived the events of earlier.

I will be back for you, ma bella. I shivered in delight as her final words haunted me into a deep slumber.

Natsu's P.O.V.

Ice Princess, Erza and I walked towards the Mayor's office in the centre of town, to get the location of the dark guild. It was a fancy and impressive-looking building, sandwiched in between two unimportant apartment lots. Erza walked in and asked the receptionist where the guild was. She gave them directions, saying it was actually a couple of minutes' walk away from the town. Man, was I glad to hear that we didn't have to take a train!

Once outside the guild hall, we waited for Erza's instructions. She said,

"We'll walk in together, and I'll deal with the guild master. This is one of their smallest branches, and therefore only have a handful of A-class guild members, and one S-class member. Natsu, you will deal with the weaker mages, and Gray will handle the S-class wizard. Remember, these are dark guild mages, and are all dirty-minded criminals, and must be treated as such. Leave nobody with minor injuries. Is that understood?" we nodded, and I felt fired up. I didn't have to hold back! Erza kicked down the wooden doors, the set-up not unlike our old guild hall. There was a fairly clean, albeit bare, bar in the centre of the 50x50 metre room. There were a set of stairs leading up to an office of sorts. There were 8 mages in the room, including a bartender. Four men and women alike were conversing by the bar, one mage behind the counter and the last three males were seated at a table at one corner of the hall. The bartender yelled indignantly at the broken door, and this in turn drew the attention of whoever was in the office. Two heavy-set males walked out, one with soft blonde hair and pale skin, the other with spiky black hair, and a tan skin tone. The former was the guild master, a mage known as 'Shinigami', for his preference of death magic. He was dressed moderately, with brown pants, and a dark shirt. The other was dressed in a simple cloak, a steel sword strapped to his back. None of us knew who it was. He wasn't a known guild member, but he was conspiring with them, so obviously he must be evil, right? We didn't wait for introductions, and immediately began a one-sided fight, with us, obviously, winning. The bartender was the S-Class mage, and Gray had quickly dispatched him with an Ice Make: Cannon Spell. I blasted the three mages sitting together at the table with a Fire Dragon: Roar. The wood all around burst into flames, and it began to destroy the guild hall. Erza charged towards the guild master, and re-quipped into her Giant Armour, immediately using her anti-darkness spear to fight the Shinigami.

Third Person's P.O.V.

It was a slaughter. Blood belonging to the King's Court guild members was spewed all over the hall. What was left of it, at least. By now, the flames had spread to the roof, and it began raining fiery planks of wood, severely injuring the dark mages. Natsu and Gray had finished off their assigned mages fairly quickly, and headed over the help Erza, who was facing the guild master, and the un-known mage. His name was Zaraki Kenpachi, as the Team will find out soon enough.

The dark mages were clumsy as a team, suggesting that they were recently acquainted, but were successfully holding Erza Scarlet off. The guild master fired Death spell after Death spell towards the Knight, while his partner blocked and parried the darkness repelling staff with his broadsword. The taller of the men was not using any magic, hinting that he either wasn't confident using it, or he was a non-mage. But, that didn't make his defence any weaker, nor his attacks any less powerful. The man was a beast with a weapon, and Erza was feeling the brunt of his strength more acutely with every slash, and every block.

The remaining two Fairy Tail mages fired offensive spells towards the mages, and the guild master and unknown member backed off, the former hurriedly casted a shield, barely blocking the attacks. The previously even match quickly turned into a hopeless battle for the pair. Zaraki called out to the guild master,

"Ikkaku, go on ahead. I'll hold them off." The guild master-Ikkaku- was about to protest before another onslaught of powerful spells rained on them. He hesitated before nodding sadly, and turned around, heading towards his office. Ikkaku called out,

"Zaraki! Thank you. I'll promise to take care of them!" And he was gone in a bright flash, utilizing a hidden Transportation Lacrima by the door. The three light mages roared in frustration at their escaped opponent, and proceeded to attack Zaraki with a multitude of magical attacks. Zaraki casted a weak magical barrier, but was quickly broken by a Fire Dragon: Wing Attack. Gray impaled Zaraki in the abdomen with an ice arrow, but he carried on like nothing ever happened. Erza wildly slashed a sword in her Black Wing armour, having re-quipped wordlessly as Ikkaku made his escape.

The next 10 minutes found Zaraki completely spent, breathing ragged. He was resting on one knee attempting to block Erza's sword, when Natsu sent a Fire Dragon: Brilliant Flame speeding towards them. Erza flew away at the last minute, but Zaraki was not as lucky. The ball of pure fire connected with him, and he flew a couple of metres away. When the smoke had died down, Zaraki could be seen with red, raw burns all down his left side, which had faced the attack. Erza yelled a battle cry as she descended from her position in the sky like a Valkyrie, beautiful face in an expression of pure determination. Her sword, aimed at Zaraki's head, instead connected with his shoulder from a last minute roll. The usually quiet-suffering man screamed as the blade tore through skin and bone alike. Gray, eager to get some action, charged in with an ice sword, and started slicing through his skin. Zaraki, having no strength left, feebly tried to protect himself. But, alas, it was not enough.

Finally having enough, Team Natsu silently left the ruins of the guild hall and the on-death's-doorstep mage, and made their way back to the Mayor's Office to collect their reward. Zaraki's slowly fading soul barely noticed the agony of the burns, the cold bite of the ice nor the blood pouring out of the sword wounds. Instead he fretted about his family.

That Ikkaku betta take damn good care of Orihime and the kids.

He sighed as the first stars shone through the light spray of clouds. They twinkled as he took his last breath, and sparkled as he thought his last thought.

Stay safe, Orihime, Renji, Rukia, Lucy…

And life goes on, which seems kind of strange and cruel when you're watching someone die.

-Melina Marchetta.

Lucy's P.O.V.

"Faster, hime-sama. Faster!" Capricorn yelled as Taurus chased me with his battle axe, coated with paralysing poison. The peverted bull giggled in delight as he imagined all the things he could do to me while I was immobile, and sped up. I jumped up onto a tree, back-flipped off it, and ex-quipped Scutum the Shield, a Bronze key. Taurus stopped and turned to face me, and tried to run into the shield. I closed Scutum's gate, and ex-quipped one of my Mythical Keys: Aegis, the shield of Zeus. I re-quipped on The Armour of Achilles, and the Sword of Peleus. All three were extremely taxing Keys, but I was almost assured victory with the sword. Taurus swung his axe onto me, but I blocked with the shield. The face of Medusa caught hold of the blade, and Taurus frantically tried to rip it away, but I neatly sliced through it with my sword. The weapon disappeared in a burst of Celestial Dust, and Taurus began fighting me hand-to-hand. I stored the shield and sword away, and fought in the armour. He attempted a left hook when he thought I wasn't paying attention, but I deftly caught his left hoof, kneed him in the udder, and while he was winded, took advantage of the super-strength granted by the armour and flung him into the not-still-anymore lake.

Taurus mooed in defeat, and closed his gate. I turned to face Capricorn, and he broke out of his usually stoic expression to gift me with a smile. I beamed back at him, internally shouting with joy at finally defeating while looking like the old Lucy.

"Good job hime-sama. You did well. Usually you'd have revert back to your un-disguised form, but you managed to defeat him with your spirits, and a bit of re-quipping.

I puffed in response, still trying to catch my breath. My magic container was nearly empty at using some of my more powerful spirits and keys. Nonetheless, I changed back into my training gear, and sat down in the Lotus position, palms facing upwards on my knees, eyes closed in deep concentration. I let the disguise of Lucy Heartfilia fall away, and levitated myself upwards. A sphere of energy formed around me, as I sat and cleared my mind of all worries, thoughts and opinions.

A blank scape.

I opened my eyes suddenly, and sent my magic outwards through different dimensions, searching as usual, for more items to convert to keys. It was rare that I found any, but today was one of those lucky days. I sensed a three-in-one presence, and called it towards this reality. It materialized in from of me as three old ladies, one eye blinking hesitantly at me.

"Who are you, and how did you summon us?" The spirit demanded, its voice thrice-overlapping.

My name is Lucy Heartfilia, and I want to form a contract with you. I will be able to care and provide for you, I will allow you to do as you please as long as it doesn't interfere with my wishes: and in return, you let me channel your power as The Three Fates. They quietly contemplated the idea.

"Give us the senses of a Dragon, the real eye of a Knight, and the hands of an Ice Murderer. We will work with you until you present us with these three, at which we will officially form a contract with you."

I nodded. I knew exactly where to get these.

"We look forward to working with you, Lady Lucy. Break this" the middle one handed me a hollow bone, "and we shall arrive at your location."

"What powers do you possess?" I asked.

"We are able to determine the time of a mortals death, the manner in which it was done, and may grant a short audience with said deceased. This only works if you are present at the site which the mortal was killed, and that he or she is really dead." They answered. This would be a great key to have, especially in finding out information with any dead witnesses.

"Thank you. I look forward to working with you." They disappeared in a puff of smoke, and one of my white keys shone brightly before transforming into a black key with the kanji for 3 on the handle. I let loose a breath, and slide down to unconsciousness: the toll of using so much magic in a day, too much.

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