Our same paths but different choices

Chapter 2

Life Unexpected_ Gilmore girls' crossover

April 25, 2020

12:00 am

Rory- Lux and I were sitting at Luke's eating a burger when Lux's spoke up " so Bug left after I told him that I wanted to be treated better," Lux looked sad so I spoke up "maybe he knew he couldn't change to be the guy that you wanted him to be so he let you go so that you can find someone to treat you the way you wanted to be treated."

Lux- Rory hadn't said anything and looked at her and she was looking at Jess (Luke's nephew) and she had that you so I spoke up " you like him don't you?" she started blushing " why do you say that?" I gave her a smirk you have that lovesick look on your face and it's obvious that "both like each other." again she looked down "well nothing can happen since I'm with Dean.

I knew what she meant "it's also not fair to Dean to string him along while you have feelings for another guy," Rory looked ashamed, we finished our burgers and I had to catch the bus back to Hartford.

When I got home Jones was sitting on my steps "what are you doing here?" he stood up as I started walking up the stairs " well I wanted to see how you were doing since you left school early?" I let him in the house "well finding out that Bug left hurts a lot but there is a reason that he left," we started talking and doing our homework together until he had to leave for dinner.


After the talk with Lux I went to Lane's house to asked her for her advice she had agreed with Lux about the way I was treating Dean so after that I went home and made a pro and con list about what I should do about Dean and the only con was that I would hurt him but I knew it would be for the best so I called him over.

I was waiting outside for Dean and the moment he walked up the driveway I sat down on the steps and he knew something was wrong, so he sat down "what is wrong Rory?" I felt the tears starting to fall down my face "I love you, but I think I'm starting to like someone else!" he moved away from me "it's Jess isn't it?" I nodded my head and dean just sighed "so you called me over so that you could break up with me?"

I was trying to find the right words but then Dean spoke up " I will make it easier for you we are done for good this time Rory!" with that he got up and walked away and I stayed on the porch crying until I got up and went to my room to start getting ready for bed but before I went to sleep I called Lux and told her I broke up with Dean.

Lux- the next morning I was waiting for Baze when I saw Jones pull up and he had asked me if I wanted a ride to school so I said sure, when we got to school Jones looked at me " Lux I know that you and Bug just broke up but I was wondering if you would like to go on a date with me this Friday?" I looked at him " and I remember what I told Rory about stringing Dean along and I felt like I was doing the same to Jones " I would like to go out with you just not on Fridays I have weekly dinners and at my grandparents house on Friday nights," he looked at me and smiled " how about Saturday?" I nodded my head yes and we went to class.

At lunch I was siting with Rory and I was telling her about the date with Jones and she had asked me how long should she wait before going out with Jess and I told her to give it a couple of weeks, after school we rode the bus back to stars hallow and we were walking down the street and people kept looking at Rory " well the town knows now."

We had just ordered our burgers when just walked in and sat down next to Rory "so is it true that you and Dean broke up last night?" Rory smiled "yes we did," he looked at her and said "cool I'll be right back, since I was spending time with Baze I had to leave before jess got back but Rory told me that she would call me that night to tell me what happened.

Baze and I had went to the movies and then we went to get dinner and I was telling him about the date with Jones on Saturday and he had told me to be safe and then he took me back to Cate's house, I had done my homework and then Rory had called me and told me that her and Jess were dating now.

The worst possible thing that could ever happened to me actually happened Brie's friend Courtney had gotten my foster files that Cate had brought to school and they made copy's and posted them all over school so I was hiding in the bathroom when Rory walked in, we decided to leave school early and go and hang out at my house.

On Friday I hadn't talked to Cate since everyone saw my files and I had been staying at Baze's house but on Friday Cate had picked me and we had to go to Friday night dinner but the good thing is that Rory would be there, we had pulled up to the house the same time Lorelai and Rory did so we all just stood there until someone got the courage to ring the doorbell.

When Emily opened the door she gave me and Rory a smile and a glare to Cate we were having drinks before dinner when Emily had mentioned the whole school seeing my files and she had asked her why she did it, no one said anything at dinner and I had Cate drop me off at Baze's house after dinner.

Later that night Jones had called and told me the plans for dinner tomorrow after we hung up Rory had called me and told me where Jess was taking her for their first date and it turns out that we are going to the same place.

Author's Note

I changed several things from both shows to help the story let me know what you think about it.