I really want to write this story, so I have started now. Hopefully you'll enjoy it if you're reading this Author's note, but above that I'm writing this because I want to.

So, it's under the heading of a Harry Potter-Justice League crossover and I'll mainly be using the cartoon as a point of reference because I'm not a massive fan of reading comics. Also because I grew up with the cartoon, and find it very nostalgic. That being said, I find the universe of DC fascinating because of all the intertwined stories and characters. That means I'll likely use other characters and plots in the course of the story, hopefully that's a good thing from your perspective. I'll do my best to explain these without rattling off information that will put off anyone who has read the comics while explaining that what's needed. (That being said, I contradict myself a little in this first chapter. That's on purpose, because it'll be expanded upon later.)

One more thing, this'll almost certainly be a HarryMulti fic. I personally find that slightly more challenging, and that it gives me more options to explore and, on top of that, I think that Fanfiction is the place for fics that are rather unreasonable and that includes multi pairings. If that's a problem for you, I'm afraid this might not be the story for you. In regards to the pairings, I'm happy to receive suggestions that you might have but I'll likely stay true to the show's pairings. Or those I consider important, at least.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the fic I a writing, and ask that you let me know if you have an interest. I won't usually be posting three chapters in a day, but I've got them all done and see no reason not to. Since I'm posting all three one after the other, I'll only have this one Author's note to start with.

I own nothing of either DC or Harry Potter.


"Bloody hell…" Harry Potter nursed a broken nose even as the blood flow ceased. "Why do you always do it like that?"

"Like what?"

"Grabbing me by the ankle. Every effing time, my face slams into the floor." He grumbled. Even so, Harry did not want to swear in front of her. "Surely you could just teleport me here, or something? Maybe just pull all of me, instead of dragging my ankle here and bringin' the rest of me along for the ride."

"I could."

"Why don't you?" Harry asked.

"Why would I?"

"Because you're asking me for my help? Because it's the nice thing to do?!"

"Oh, man up. You can handle it."

"Don't smirk!" Harry exclaimed in indignation. "And so what if I can handle it?! I don't want to handle it, because it fu-bloody hurts!"


"Tss." Harry hissed in annoyance.

"Besides, we both know you'll help me no matter what."

"Do we?"

"We do. You've gotten the chance to help innocents each time, haven't you?"

"So?" Harry frowned. "Anyone would agree I've done enough by now."

"Almost anyone. You wouldn't say that, would you? Now unless you were arguing with me. Besides, you have selfish reasons to help me as well."

"Smirking little…" Harry refused to let himself swear as the pale girl leant forwards and gave a cocky half-smile.

"Don't you like my gifts? I could send you on without them, if that's the case."

"I do appreciate them," Harry shook his head with determination. "Thanks again and all…

"And you get to spend time with me."

"A real privilege." Harry said.

"Was that sarcasm?"

"Um…" Harry balked at the danger in her tone. "K-Kind of, but it is a privilege. I'm only a mortal, after all…"

"'Only a mortal?' Are you criticizing my choice of a champion?"

"No… I'm not saying that, I just meant that- I mean, you're above me. Most mortals only get to see you twice, and I'm very happy that I've gotten to spend more time with you than I have any right to."

"Well aren't you quite the charmer? When did that happen?"

"Shut up," Harry grumbled even as he tightened his hold on his occlumency to prevent heat from climbing up his neck. It was difficult, as she flicked her wrist and a comfortable settee was suddenly under him and, more significantly, sat next to him. Then, she nudged him in the side.

"Don't be like that. I was only kidding."

Harry shivered slightly as she leant on his shoulder. "I know."

"You've always been a charmer. Even when I first met you, you were charismatic. Shy as anything, but Charismatic nonetheless."


"Don't be upset, I didn't mean it."

"I know."

"Then why are you being so curt with me? We were having such a nice conversation…"

"You're… sitting very close to me." Harry said, through slightly gritted teeth.

"Oh…" Harry could feel her smiling at him even as she continued. "Since when have you been so nervous around girls? I know you don't have much experience, to say the least, but your shyness faded a good while ago… didn't it?"

"I'm not nervous around normal girls," Harry took a controlled breath in and out through his mouth. "Just… just…"

"Just what?"

"Just extraordinarily powerful and beautiful beings that make me feel as insignificant as an ant in comparison?"

"Why thank you," Death's lips quirked higher. "But you really are underestimating your own significance."

"How do you figure?" Harry asked, confused. "What could I possibly do to begin to approach your level?"

"I can't tell you that," Death's smile changed slightly here. Harry did not understand what the change meant.

"Oh…" Harry blinked. "Well, does it have to do with where I'm going next?"

"It does."

"Okay." Now, he frowned. "Where am I going next?"

"Earth." Death replied. "Or a different version of what you think of as the Earth."

"A different version of Earth… I think I remember something about that," Harry nodded slowly as he cast his mind back. "Some science thing about parallel universes."

"Close enough," Death nodded, still without a true smile; that was an odd sight for Harry to see on the usually happy girl's face. He would have expressed his concern, had she not continued. "And… and this might be the last time I see- have a mission for you."

"What?" Harry's surprise was clear, and enough that his normally sharp mind completely missed the correction. This had been his life for as long as he could remember, and he had not considered that it could end. "Why?"

"Something has changed," Death said.

"What's changed?"

"I… can't say." Her smile was gone entirely at this point, replaced with an expression of melancholy. "Not yet."

"So you will tell me eventually?" Harry inferred. "If it's something… bad, please let me help. If it's something I did, then I'm sorry." His tone was sincere.

"You don't need to be," Death rested her hand on his knee. Harry didn't react because his mind was on other matters. "And you've helped me more, already, than I can express."

"How have I-" Harry was cut off by the Endless.

"It's not important." Death shook her head, and silky black hair swayed. Harry frowned, as he did not believe the immortal, but chose to stay quiet. "I need to give you this." She produced a scroll of paper, her ankh seal unbroken, and handed it to the male next to her.

"Clues, I assume?" Harry guessed.

"Vague, as always, yes." Death nodded with a small smile again. "But it's all I can give you. You'll be able to figure out who they're pointing you towards quickly enough, I'm confident."

"Okay." Harry nodded, and looked around himself. "Ah. Where's my bag?" He asked, slightly confused.

"Here." And it was suddenly in Death's hand. Harry wasn't freaked out by that, as it was her domain. The pale woman ran a finger over the circle inside a triangle intersected by a vertical line before handing it to Harry once again.

"Thanks," Harry smiled slightly at her as he took the rucksack and tucked the scroll inside. He would look at it when he had access to this world's records. Death returned it halfheartedly. "Is there anything else I need this time?" He asked.

"You need to be tougher," Death nodded. "Some of the enemies you will have to face will be tougher than you have fought before. Oh, and you may need to travel in environments you don't have much experience in. Space, for example."

"Space?" Harry asked. "Why would I need to be able to travel in space?"

"Aliens are relatively commonplace for this version of Earth. At least by this time."

"Huh. Okay, that should be interesting at least." Harry shrugged. "Will that happen between here and there?" Death nodded. "What else do I need to know?"

"Several things." Death said, as her brow furrowed in thought. "Firstly, Earth has been invaded by an alien race called Thanagarians. They are invading soldiers."

"Huh." Harry nodded, understanding the significance of the last word. Soldiers would have invaded Earth because the higher ups ordered it, and so he would not hold it against them as a whole.

"Secondly, there are individuals with unique abilities, or powers if you will, that fight to protect those who are put in danger by their counterparts, called Superheroes. They, and the Supervillains who are their opposites, will be vitally important to you. I am asking you to help them in their pursuits, and you will want to anyway for the fact that they fight for the innocents. As well as that, some of them will become important to you on a more personal level.

"Thirdly… and I'm not sure how to phrase this exactly, I need you to find connections with those on this planet. You have not done so in the past, and I'm sorry if I've deprived you of that aspect of life. It wasn't fair to ask you to give it up."

"You didn't ask me to. You told me about what I could do if I accepted your offer and, even at 17, I knew that it was the right thing to do." Harry frowned slightly. "You don't need to apologise for that. Of course I miss it, but…" He paused in thought. "I don't know if I can have those type of feelings any more. Let alone for a normal girl. Since then, there's only been one who's been anything more than a passing thought for me; I'm mortal, but at the same time I'm not.

"Hell," Harry gave a strained smile. "You chose me because I can't die like one of them. Say that I did live my life with one of the girls from my home Earth, my family would die and I wouldn't. I could make myself age if I wanted to, but it would never be more than an aesthetic change. How could I let myself be subjected to the pain of watching my loved ones age and die?" He asked the immortal next to him.

Death gave a weary sigh. Harry did not know what it meant, but a tear shone as though a diamond in the corner of her eyes and his arm wrapped around her shoulder on instinct. She may not want to talk to him about it, but he had to try to comfort her.

Ther corners of her lips were tugged upwards again, and Death spoke. "I have a solution to that, Harry." The raven haired wizard's gaze held surprise. It was rare that Death used his name. "I will escort them here, upon their deaths." She said simply.

Harry was confused. Again. "I don't understand. I thought you were obligated to take them to the afterlife… And how would it solve the problem anyway?"

"I do as I choose," Death said. Summarising her freedom concisely. "And… if you are willing, I would grant you access to my domain. That way, if you ever choose to be done with the mortal world, you could live here. With… them. The women you woo." Harry was unable to label the expression on his immortal friend's face, or the strange hesitation in which she caught herself. He was rather certain, however, that it meant something different to what a human would be portraying.

"Wait," Harry lost that train of thought as he noticed something. "You said them, but I assumed you meant any family I might have, or friends or something… are you expecting me to have a harem or something?" His tone made it clear that he wasn't happy with the idea.

"Not a harem, no… but you will fall for more than one of those on this Earth. And I know that you won't treat them as things, My Champion. You are not the type, and they will see that too." Harry wasn't so sure, and decided to settle on a healthy dose of skepticism on the subject. He really doubted that any of these superheroes, or heroines if the females were called that, could compare to the woman with whom he was infatuated. He was always hopeful that those feelings would fade, though; maybe one of these women would succeed where his occlumency failed. Very unlikely, but possible.

"You don't trust that I'm telling the truth," Death observed. "You will, though. I am certain that on this world you will finally find happiness." She did not sound certain.

"What are you talking about?" Harry asked. "I'm already happy."

"No you aren't," Death said. "You can't lie to me, Harry. Not after so long. I know you as well as you know yourself, and you cannot say that you truly believe that you are at peace."

He couldn't. Currently, Harry would say that he was at peace. That he was content. Normally, though, he cursed his lot in life. Up until now he had been alone, never being able to form bonds because he would rarely be on one planet, or in one reality as he now suspected might be the case but had never cared to check, for more than a month. These meetings with Death were wonderful, but they were interspersed with agony and violence and hate and misery. Only in here did he feel safe, and only when he was safe could he feel happy.

Death stiffened. "It is time for you to go, My Champion. Our time is aligned with theirs, and events are moving to fruition. To be trusted by the Justice League, you must interfere."

"Wait, you haven't told me-" Harry's voice cut off abruptly as Death ran soft fingers over the Ankhs etched on the back of each of his hands. His world went black, and he went slack in his seat. The last thing he heard, though he would not remember it, was a voice finishing off his sentence.

"You did not tell him how to return, sister."


"You did not tell him how to return, sister." Death made it clear that she had known her brother to be there the whole time by leaning down and pressing her lips to Harry Potter's cheek. Only then did she slowly turn.

"Hm." Death made a face. "Darn. I forgot." She would have to let him know later. "How are you today, Destiny?" She asked, as the blind man's head remained tilted towards the book chained to him.

"I am fine." He did not ask in return, for why would he? "He must know how to return."

Death took that seriously and with a thought a piece of paper appeared in her hand and writing spread across it. Then, she tucked it into the pocket of Harry's trousers.

"Okay?" Death asked her elder brother.

"Yes." He said. "Your loophole stands strong."

"It does," Death looked down at Harry. "He said it himself; you can't define Harry as mortal or immortal. Not anymore."

"Correct." Destiny agreed. "But I would recommend acting on your desires soon, sister. He does not believe himself to be your equal."

"What does that mean?" Death was confused by that statement.

"That you must act soon, and tell him what you have done. I do not want you to be hurt." Destiny said, in a somber tone. Death's mind began to race as questions filled it, the primary among them being how long Destiny would class as soon. Harry would need to become used to this world before he'd be able to see her in it. Hopefully fifteen days would be soon enough. "Nor would I want you to miss this chance. You will not always have us."

"Don't you know how it's going to end, brother?" Death asked, confused. Her brother knew virtually everything. About the past, present and future.

"He is unique," Destiny gave a minute shake of the head. "I can see the paths, but I do not know which your Champion will take."

Death looked down at Harry, smiled with some sorrow, and he vanished from her home. The effects had taken place, and he would be a force to be reckoned with even in this universe of godly beings.

"How are the others?" She asked.

"Interested." Destiny replied. Death was fairly certain that meant they were all watching her Champion closely. Then, she realised she would have to talk to them about her decision. Harry would have more than just her. She had deprived him of enough and forced him to take enough burdens on his shoulders that she would be happier the more joy was given to her Champion, and would not allow herself to be selfish. That being said, they might not understand that without an explanation on her part.