The image of a large, red haired woman sprang to mind as emerald eyes cracked open. It took Harry a moment to remember where he was, but that did nothing to explain where he was. Or why there was a planet above him. A stationary planet that wasn't moving.

It was embarrassing that ten seconds passed before the magic-wielder registered that the planet was a model, and Harry put it down to the grogginess that came with being sent from one world to the next. Not that it was especially important, especially in comparison to the situation at hand.

"Get away from him!" Harry moved his gaze, and found a dark-haired woman facing his way and yelling furiously. "You have no right!"

What was she on about? Who did she want Harry to get away from? For that matter, where the hell was he?

"Be quiet!" A different voice, though still female, barked back. Harry detected a slight accent, though he did not recognise the origin. "This male has been decreed an enemy of Thanagar. His very presence on this planet is a violation of our martial law and we are to take him into custody."

"You can't take away someone's freedom without just cause!" The first said, even as Harry looked to the second. Clearly she was one of the invaders. The armour she was wearing was certainly not human, considering there were wings protruding from the back and an avian-helmet covered any specific features of her face. "I won't stand for it!" Harry looked at the black haired woman, and saw that she had a look of genuine fury as a red haired man stood uncertainly behind her clutching a camera as though it was a life line.

"Then you, too, will be brought to our prison ship," Harry saw hints of a sneer below the helmet as the Thanagarian continued. "We have captured the strongest citizens of your planet without issue, I fail to see what resistance you can offer."

The black haired woman faltered as the hawk-woman hefted a sword. Harry would have brought a hand to his forehead at her stupidity, had his arm responded, though as her hesitation lasted but a moment.

"Superman won't let you get away with this!"

"Your 'man-of-steel' is even now being recaptured. He and his fellow Justice Leaguers willingly entered our trap, and our full forces are converging on them at the build-site. He cannot help you, Lois Lane."

"You won't beat him!" The now name Lois announced. The Thanagarian smirked.

"Perhaps he will surrender upon seeing that we have you captive. He cares deeply for you, does he not?" Then, she looked at the man behind Lois. "He cares about Mr Olsen as well, based on the wristwatch he is nervously fingering." Harry noted that the orange haired man, with many freckles, had a red and blue watch between his fingers. He didn't understand the significance, or why the man was clutching it as though he expected it to save him from the aliens, and dismissed it as unimportant.

"Seize them." She continued. Two of her men moved forwards to grab the humans, and only then did the officer look down at Harry. Her eyes widened as she found his open, and she opened her mouth again to give another order. The words did not escape before a blue jet of light slammed into her chestplate, and the woman was thrown into the air. Harry shoved himself to his feet even as the magic in his blood thrummed, his center supplying the energy.

The symbol on the underside of his right forearm glowed as magic was channelled through him and out in the form of an attack.

The Thanagarian flipped end over end even as Harry threw himself forwards and his weight crashed into one of the soldiers. Both of them fell to the ground, and Harry pressed his hand against the man's skull. The palm shone scarlet, and the avian-man went slack.

By this time, the next of them had comprehended what was going on, and lightning crackled over the axe he was wielding.

"Stupefy!" Harry barked, and a jet of red light shot from his palm at the Thanagarian. The raven haired man stayed on the floor, because his balance was still out of whack. The spell splashed against bronze armour, and had no effect. Harry blinked, and the alien closed the distance by half. "Manu!" Harry's hand glowed, and the roof of the Daily planet rippled. A stone hand erupted from it, and took the Thanagarian off guard as fingers closed around him. Then, Harry closed his own fist, and made a throwing motion. The first followed his movement, and the soldier was flung into the model planet. He fell to the floor, unconscious, and the next Thanagarian made his move.

A mace slammed into the cement hand, and the Thanagarian's face twisted into surprise as it shattered easily. Harry wasn't shocked; the limb had been temporary and unfortified, serving as a distraction for his left hand to flick. A few metres away, his rucksack opened. A black matte object jumped out and into the man's waiting hand and Harry lined up iron sights on the next soldier.

The Sig Sauer P226 bucked in Harry's hand, his strength far from full. "Shit!" Harry yelled, even as the bullet hit the alien's chestplate, and Harry shoved forwards with his right hand; later he wouldn't know what he had been trying to achieve. His reasons were made clear, as the bullet exploded, and the Thanagarian was flung against a wall like a ragdoll.

Harry was on his feet a moment later, and ran to the man with an awkward gait. He fell to his knees next to the Thanagarian, and pressed his fingers against his neck. The pulse was steady and strong. It would not be the first time Harry killed, but he tried to avoid it when unnecessary. And this would not have been necessary.

The two sent after Lois and Jimmy attacked in union, targeting the much greater threat. They were intelligent in their assumption that Harry would not be suited to close-quarters combat. They were wrong, but it was sensible given what they had seen of his fighting style thus far.

"Yah!" The taller of the two aliens by three inches yelled, as he swung his axe at the target. Harry dropped into a crouch, and the swing passed overhead. Then, he pushed himself upright and drove his fist into his unprotected abdomen. It certainly was a design flaw that the armour simply crossed across their chest. Harry's stunner only hit it by chance, and the bullet imbued with an exploding curse would have hit bare flesh had he been able to aim properly. That would have killed the man without a doubt.

The attacker doubled over with a gasp. Harry drove his knee upwards, and the helmet bounced off with a clang. The unnamed Thanagarian jerked to full height again and stumbled backwards. Harry spun the SIG Sauer in his hand and whipped his fist forwards. The butt of the pistol walloped the man on the head, denting the helmet, and he fell to the floor.

Harry punched out, and a bolt of red light struck the man on bare flesh. The alien passed out.

"Look out!" Lois cried. Harry's eyes snapped to her, and found her staring at the spot behind him.

The remaining Thanagarian thrust his sword into the wizard's back.

Harry gasped.

The alien swore.

Harry spun, and slammed his elbow into the soldier's helmet. The Thanagarian stumbled away, and Harry took a hold of his helmet and twisted. Not hard enough to snap the man's neckThe man fell to the floor, unconscious as his fellows, and Harry moved his hands to his lower back.

"Well that's new." He muttered, finding unbroken skin. This must have been the sturdiness Death was giving him to survive the coming fights. Useful. The flash of a camera pulled him to the present, and Harry looked to the pair of captives. "I have a bad feeling about this…" He said, upon seeing the predatorial expression on Lois' face.

"Tell me," She stepped forwards. "What is your name?"

"Harry…" He replied uncertainly.

"No, no," Lois shook her head. "What's your superhero name?"

"My what name?"

"Superhero," Why was the woman looking at him like he was slow? "You know, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman…"

"You have a bat-man? And… what, a man who likes soup?" The closest Harry could figure was the series of titled he'd had bestowed onto him over his lives.

"... How have you not heard of Superman? Even in Britain, he's the most famous individual in the world…" Lois Lane's expression was one suggesting that she thought him a moron.

"I… I…" Harry thought hard. Clearly the differences between his Earth and this one were too great to bluff his way through. They had alien invaders and… superheroes, whatever that meant. Heroes of some kind, presumably. Telling her he was from an alternate Earth might go down strangely. He could suggest something along those lines, though, before ducking out of the conversation. "I'm not from 'round here. Apologies, but I have to go. I have… uh, Superhero things to do." Harry's backpack flew to his hand, and the raven haired man rose into the air. Lois backed away, as Harry quickly moved away from the building, hovering, and cast a banisher on the Daily Planet to propel himself away from the reporter.

"You didn't tell me your name!" He heard her call, and wondered briefly what would come of this method of arrival.

Probably not anything good.


A New Hero?

In the aftermath of the Thanagarian invasion, it seems that

a new hero has appeared. One that is already gaining notoriety,

in some circles, and praise in others. We are sorry to admit,

here at the Daily Planet, that our best investigative journalists

have failed to find anything on this mysterious sorcerer but

in our contact with experts in the fields of the supernatural and

superheroes, we have not found anyone who is aware of this

hero. It is strange that this is the case, as the occultists are

a typically close-knit community for the simple fact that their numbers

are limited.

At this stage, we are forced to draw the conclusion that he is not of this

world. This reporter is not surprised for what human could stop a blade with

their bare skin? Could he be of a similar origin to the hero of Metropolis?

Superman, unfortunately, could not be reached for comment but I would not rule

out the possibility. Superman's home planet has supplied us with

many heroes already. It is logical that they may have given another.

We here at the Daily Planet are offering a reward for any information that

may allow us, and the others 'Harry' has saved, to thank this newest hero.

Please contact us at DailyPlanet

For more information, please visit /HeroHarry

The page will be updated as information becomes available

Article written by Lois Lane

The article was tucked away in the corner of Page 3 of the newspaper. Harry wasn't surprised, given the far bigger news that had come at the same time as his arrival.

When the Thanagarians had left, riots had broken out in the streets of many major cities. Both in America and through the rest of the world. They were quelled quickly enough. He didn't know exactly how other countries went about it, and didn't particularly care, but what was interesting was that the Justice League, a team of unique individuals including Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman who Lois had referenced, had been such an incredible help in the US. In retrospect, it was rather unbelievable that he hadn't heard of them.

The team was certainly revered. After they saved the planet yet again people had been unwilling to fight them, either because they didn't like the idea of hurting their saviors or because they didn't want to get in a fight with the incredibly powerful people. Harry couldn't say for sure.

During the riots, people had died. Not many, thanks to the help of Superheroes, cops and good samaritans, but they deserved a higher place than a loudmouthed reporter needing to be saved by a mystery-man. It wasn't, however, given as much media attention as the deaths caused by the Thanagarians, or the destruction. Some workers had been killed in the process of building their project. Some officials who had demanded that they leave had now been found dead. Some civilians had fought against them, after the heroes had been taken off guard and imprisoned, and the Thanagarians had not had any reason to keep them alive unlike the heroes, who they presumably would have found uses for.

Evidently, Harry's interference in the riots had not gone unnoticed. He had subdued the rioters he came across easily, stunners knocked them unconscious easily enough or disarmers removed the weapons they held.

He let the Justice League members deal with the more concentrated relief efforts. He would not have been able to work well with them. An individual interfering in the assistance of a team wouldn't be much help at all. Instead, Harry had stuck around Metropolis. The city seemed almost lost without Superman, and the police's best efforts had not been able to fill that void.

Particularly because an unreasonable number of Supervillains had decided to take advantage of the opportunity even as Superman and his fellows worked abroad. Several countries in Europe had appealed to the US for relief; the Thanagarians had felt that destroying monuments would be a suitable show of power towards the end. Superman and his superfriends were helping sift through the rubble looking for the missing.

Currently, Harry was just facing off against some mobsters. They had broken into the Metropolis Museum of Art, loaded up several paintings, presumably expensive, into a van and were currently trying and failing to escape.

No matter how much you revved the engine of a car, it wouldn't drive away when the wheels had been transfigured into cement blocks.

"What the fuck?!" One of them exclaimed angrily. "What's going on?!"

"Get out of the car!" Harry yelled back.

"What the-" One stuck his head out of the window. "Who the fuck are you?!" He demanded.

Harry's hand lit up in a scarlet glow. It leapt off and flew at the presented target, struck the man in the forehead, and he slumped over.

"Shit! What did you do?!"

"What did he do?!"

"He killed Kenny!"

"Bastard!" The rear door of the van slammed open, and one of the men leapt out with an AK-47. He swung it to aim at Harry, and found himself too late. A blue light caught him in the chest and lifted him off his feet. Next, the man slammed against the closed door and his head thumped into it.

"Wingardium Leviosa!" Harry hollered with his hand extended, and the van shot into the air.

"Ahh!" A gangster yelled.

"What the fuck?!" Another echoed the sentiment.

Yet another made an unintelligible noise, as he fell out of the van. He had also been in the back, and failed to catch hold of one of the doors as the van went vertical.

A civilian screamed as Harry watched him plummet. A curator screamed as the paintings followed.

"Aresto Momentum." The wizard muttered, and the man's descent slowed. Then stopped. The mobster whimpered as he hovered in mid air and Harry caught the paintings with his magic and let them drift to the ground.

"Incarcerous." Harry spoke, and ropes sprung from his fingertips to bind the man still in flight. They wrapped around him and he slowly fell to the floor to rest next to his unconscious friend. Harry's forearm tingled, at the anticlimactic fight. They didn't give much of a challenge and so he walked away as the van changed into chains and restrained the remaining gangsters.

He ignored the people taking pictures of him on their phones, heading for the bay between the marvellous city and its gloomy neighbour. They needed him more there than here, even if they still had their resident superhero.

Harry crossed the bridge without incident, and began to head to the epicentre of crazy.


"Clark," A voice broke through the darkness of the Batcave. "Is Lois right about this?"

"About what?" Superman asked. Had Batman not been watching on a live-feed, he would not have heard any hint of exertion in the man's tone as he lifted a massive slab of concrete off some trapped road-workers.

"Have you found another Kryptonian and brought him here?" Bruce clarified. His own voice was serious. He would not be happy if this was the case. It was bad enough that he had to look after Supergirl, Bruce wasn't going to become Clark's babysitting service. And, of course, a new superpowered individual could prove dangerous. But mostly the babysitting.

"What?" Clark frowned on the video. "No, why would she think that?"

"Apparently someone saved her from Thanagarians after she started a fight with them." Bruce had a copy of Lois' original article open on another screen. She had written a detailed description of the event.

"They attacked Lois?!" Clark's grip tightened, and the concrete crumbled. "What?! Why didn't you tell me?!"

"Because you were needed in Europe, and she made it out unscathed; it wouldn't do to have you rush back and leave the job unfinished. So you don't know this mystery hero?"

"No. I don't think so, anyway. What does he look like?"

"Six foot, give or take a few inches and somewhat broad," Batman also had a picture of Harry up, taken from one of Metropolis' many surveillance cameras. "Caucasian. Black hair. Thin and muscular."

"Hm. Doesn't ring any bells." Clark got back to work. "Any discerning features?"

"Yes. A lightning-bolt shaped scar on his forehead. Two tattooed Ankhs on his hands, and an image on the underside of each of his forearms. One looks to be a burning tree, the other a grim-reaper's scythe."

"Nope. I don't think I've met him." The Kryptonian answered. "How's Kara?" He changed the subject.

"Fine." Bruce responded curtly.

"Oh? Is she giving you any trouble?"

"Some. She has less patience than you, and is rubbing off on Barbara." Batgirl was staying in the mansion for a time, to prevent Kara from destroying it for the lack of distraction. She frequently commented that it was stupid for them to be so rich yet so boring. That combined with the fact that Bruce could pay for repairs to encourage her immature behaviour.

"Well, she shouldn't be with you for much longer." Clark wanted her under supervision, as she had been up in Metropolis already but he had assured Bruce that he'd return soon. "Ma's looking after Pa. She didn't have anywhere to go and I didn't want to leave her alone in the city."

"So you've said."

Superman sighed. "How is the situation, then?" He changed topic again.

"As to be expected. There are still instances of looting, but they're few and far between. Very few villains are at large that weren't before."

"The Joker?"

"He appears to be… laying low."

"Laying low?" Superman's voice was skeptical. Batman understood why; the Joker had never shown before that he knew the meaning of laying low.

"Seemingly so."

"Don't you think it's more likely that he's planning something?"

"Almost certainly."

The two fell silent for a time, before Superman continued.

"Have you received any more replies to our inquiries."

"Yes. Elongated Man, Vigilante and Orion have all accepted. Elongated Man was extremely enthusiastic in doing so."

"That's good to hear. They'll make good additions to the League."


"Ever the optimist, aren't you Batman?"