The Green Lantern John Stewart was having a bad day. Or was it night in the United States? His ring could have told him, had the man been able to spare enough concentration to ask, but fending multiple opponents all of whom were strong enough to kill millions required it all. And it was not important.

What was important was leading them into the trap Batman had told him of, before they strayed off course and began razing the cities of Earth to the ground.

He rolled in mid air, swiftly darting right at the same time, and avoided the fire that passed through the space previously containing his body. John fired blind over his shoulder, and heard a snarl of pain as his green jet of light found its mark.

John sent a construct-fist at the alien directly above him, and the male dodged it and lost some speed. The Green Lantern turned to face upwards, and took aim at the next man.

"Raah!" It screamed.

"Bah!" John yelled back, and a emerald fly-swatter batted the creature into one of its fellows. Both his the water with screams of displeasure before rising once again and charging after him and the others pursuing.

At hearing eager shrieks, John looked over his head, and swore. A passenger jet.

A baseball bat-construct formed, radiating green light, and John swung. He would need to hit hard to get their attention back onto him instead of the plane, but at least this should get all five near to Gotham-Metropolis bay. The League was waiting for him there, because interception in space was his forte; had one of them not veered off course he would have led them straight there. Unfortunately, plans rarely worked out for he and his ilk.

The crimson-glowing enemies shrieked as they were sent rocketing towards Gotham city.


Harry was on his feet in a moment, as something shattered his window, and his hands were raised to attack before he saw what had entered without his permission.

"Green Lantern?!"


With blood and rage of crimson red,
Ripped from a corpse so freshly dead,
Together with our Hellish hate,
We'll burn you all!
That is your fate!

"What the fuck?" Harry asked, looking at the empty window pane as a red light shone. He blinked, and raised his hands as the Green Lantern yelled.

"Get down!" He leapt in front of Harry, and poured his willpower into the ring.

"Why would I do that?" Harry wondered. "Protego Flecto." He intoned, and the burning tree on his right forearm glinted as the air outside rippled. A blue, shimmering construct came into being outside Harry's window. Then, a similar shape appeared over his palm and Harry held it to face the attackers as the Red Lanterns' attack was unleashed.

Harry's hand tingled as the red energy slammed into his shield, and seemingly vanished. He pushed John out of the way absentmindedly with his left hand and waited. Five seconds later, it happened.

A massive beam of red light tore from Harry's director, and shot back at the attacking lanterns. Though he did not see his targets, Harry heard shocked yells and a scream of pain before he turned his head to speak to the shocked Lantern.

"So… friends of yours?" He asked. "If they are, I have a feeling you might be annoyed with me."

"What did you just do?" John asked, mystified.

"I can't say until I know who's attacking us. And with what."

"They're Red Lanterns. They use power batteries and rings in a twisted replication of the Green Lantern Corps and fuel them with rage to use energy attacks." John explained. Harry saw him put his curiosity aside, as this was not the time to be inquiring. "Their bloodthirst is immense, and their powers are deadly."

"Right. I sent their energy attack back at them, then, I guess." Harry summoned a kevlar vest and donned it with a few muttered spells to reinforce the fabric, leaving his arms bare but providing some more protection for his torso. He doubted that it would be necessary, but the extra protection could prove vital. Harry flicked his wrist, and his bag opened to launch his SIG Sauer into the air. It shot into his left hand, and Harry cocked it. "What about their weaknesses?" Harry had not found any information about them in his research, and it would be useful to him in the fight to come.

"They're driven by instinct. The resultant lack of intelligence is the main weakness, and none of those present seem to have regained their intelligence in the Lake of Blood."

"Okay…" Harry gave the Green Lantern a look that said how weird that statement sounded. "How dangerous are they?" His question was punctuated by a scream of fear coming into the room.

"Extremely. Especially to the defenseless." The superhero, bathed in green light, flew out of the room and Harry followed in a more awkward fashion. If only he was willing to disembowel someone prostrating themselves to him, it wouldn't be an issue. But, alas, magic was a cruel thing and Riddle had been willing to do anything to show how above everyone else he was. Harry had not been willing to copy him at any point. Flight had not ever been necessary enough for that.

Harry let himself plummet towards the ground, and his eyes found one of the red men. He lined up the sights, and a trio of gunshots rang through the air. Each found its mark, even if they missed his right shoulder by a sizeable margin.

The Red Lantern, a purple skinned alien, howled as his left thigh hung by a thread and boiling blood poured from the destroyed limb. Harry winced, and his right hand darted out. "Innoglaciem." The light blue spell sank into its gut, and the hate-filled lantern was covered in an inch of ice. The others had turned upon hearing the shrieks of pain, and on some level must have realised how much of a threat a gun that could pierce their shields was. Harry levelled the gun on another, and fired twice.

A glowing red shield sprang into existence between the two, and the bullets ricocheted off. Harry winced, but was happy to see that they had expended their magical energy on opening tiny holes in the crimson shield. That meant that when they found a wall, the projectiles did not burrow through.

Harry raised his right hand, and magic leapt from his fingertips. A white stag charged the Red Lantern, and did not seem to notice the barrier between as it leapt at its target. The Red Lantern shrieked, and let the shield fall while blasting the Patronus. It fell away into mist, and a jet of red light struck the man in the face, followed by three ropes.

Harry turned, as he heard an infuriated yell, and saw a ring pointed at him before a massive green mallet thunked the enemy into the ground. John hovered above the ground, with another of the attackers wrapped in emerald chains behind him, and nodded to Harry.

"Where's the one you injured with the first attack?" He asked, with a slight frown.

"Waaah!" Both turned as they heard a scream of terror and found a chilling sight, as the last Alien, a furry canine creature, poised over a child with its teeth bared. It was missing a foot.

Harry yelled wordlessly, and the ground to the right of the Red Lantern shifted. A metal spike shot out, and pierced its torso. Harry was there in a moment, with a crack, and pulled the child away from the screaming, bleeding attacker. The raven haired wizard tapped the child twice, the first resulting in a happy giggle coming from the boy, and his shirt glowed blue before teleporting him away to the lobby of Harry's hotel.

Harry turned back to the impaled Red Lantern with a frown, and flicked his wrist. The spike tore out of it, and the Alien fell to the floor with a pathetic sound. Harry blinked, and it screamed as the wound was cauterised.

Then, John was next to him. "Will he live?"

"It's a he?" Harry wondered. "Should do."

"You don't sound very concerned."

"I'm not very concerned. If it dies, I won't lose any sleep over the incident. Between a child and the bastard trying to kill that child, I think it's pretty obvious who's life is more valuable."

"True." John nodded. "What about the other ones?" He nodded to the two enemies Harry had dealt with, one of whom was tied up and unmoving and the other who was frozen with a large chunk of his leg missing.

"They'll live, yeah. The roped one is just unconscious. I can combine the ice with a healing spell so that the other doesn't bleed out." Harry did just that, and a healthy leaf green glow came from the pale blue ice. "Do I just leave them here?"

"I can take them to the League, and we'll work out a solution. I should be able to get in touch with a Blue Lantern without too much difficulty." John thought aloud.

"And the Blue Lanterns will be some help with this lot?"

John nodded. "Yes. The Blue Lanterns are the only ones who can safely remove Red rings."

"Why's that?" Harry raised an eyebrow, and the Alien with a burn-wound across his body who had fallen unconscious from the pain and lack of blood floated into the air to hover before Harry's eyes. The raven haired wizard took a hold of the wrist and held his hand up for examination. "It doesn't look that difficult to remove. Probably has some security features, but wouldn't they be neutralised if I cut his finger off to get at the ring?"

"No, they wouldn't be. But that's not the reason; the red rings does something to their blood," John eyed the floating Red Lantern with contempt after the earlier scene. "They die painfully unless a Blue Lantern does it. And even this one arguably doesn't deserve that; his mind's warped by the ring."

"Huh." Harry let the canine fall to the floor with a thud, and shrugged. "Okay, then. I guess you can handle this with your ring? I need to fix the damage to my room, or the Hotel'll be unhappy."

"Without a problem." John nodded, and hesitated. Then, he offered Harry a handshake. The wizard accepted the respectful gesture. "Thank you. If I had been fighting them alone, it could have been messy. Collateral damage is something we try to avoid."

"Good to hear." Harry nodded, having figured that this was the case with the superheroes. "See you 'round, then." He looked up to the destroyed window frame, took a hold of it with his magic, and pulled himself to the room with a sharp yank that set him sailing into the air in a somewhat controlled ascent.

It was a simple matter to repair the shattered glass, and the damage done to the rest of the room was minimal; Harry didn't see anything major except for the scorch marks on the ceiling and floor from his redirection of the Red Lanterns' attack. Those, too, required no more than a Reparo, if one with more power than normal, and Harry flopped back onto his bed a moment later.

At least this meant the League wouldn't have any trouble finding him when the time came.

Harry let his mind wander for a time, and eventually settled on a plan of action for the next few hours.

However much he had learned of the world so far, there was more that he could learn. And what the internet could teach him may, some day, prove the difference between defeat and victory. Besides, it wasn't as if he had much else to do.


"So, what's the special occasion?" Kara 'Kent' asked her cousin.

"No special occasion," Clark lied. "I just wanted to catch up with my favourite cousin."

"A: I'm your only cousin. B: If you expect me to believe you've taken me to a five star restaurant for the sake of catching up, I'm insulted that you think I'm a typical dumb blonde." Kara narrowed her eyes, as Clark grinned in what he almost certainly hoped was a nonchalant fashion. "You're on a reporter's salary, idiot. And this meal will be pretty darn pricey." She nodded to the menu, and Clark winced at the price tag on the specials.

"Well… okay, then, Bruce told me to come here and I decided to bring you."


"Because what?"

"We both know that you'd rather have brought Lois here. What better first date could there be than in Metropolis' top restaurant?" Kara raised an eyebrow and crossed her arms. "So why did you bring me?"

"It's not…" Clark looked at the approaching waitress and phrased his sentence mundanely. "Lois wouldn't be interested in this business."

Klara waited until the woman had passed, and spoke again. "Lois Lane? Not interested? I doubt that, so you must mean that you don't want her poking around in it… but she will anyway, this will just let you get a headstart on writing up an article?" She guessed. "Or stop her from having all the detail. So it has to be League business… what's going on?" She asked, with a thoughtful frown.

"We're… I'm observing a new member. Bruce is paying for it because he's busy brooding over something and can't come himself."

"What do you mean observing a new member? Observing a new member doing wh-" Kara's head snapped around as a shriek pierced the air, and her eyes widened. The source of the sound was a woman in her mid forties, whose arm was in the vicegrip of an armed gunman. The man, roughly six foot and broad in the shoulder, pointed his rifle into the air and squeezed the trigger, resulting in a burst of gunfire.

"EVERYBODY ON THE GROUND! NOW!" The shooter roared. Everyone dropped to the ground, following the order as one does if one doesn't want to be shot. Kara hesitated, and found herself pulled to the floor by Kal. Clark shot her a look, and the blonde girl, wearing a brown wig to go with her glasses, relented and settled down to observe with her cousin. He must have known this was going to happen, and she trusted Clark.

"You're going to put all your valuables in these bags," The unnamed man held up a burlap sack as his fellows, six men of similar stature, held up their own containers with the hand unoccupied by guns. "Do it quickly and quietly and there won't be any need for people to get hurt! If you don't do as you're told, we will kill you!" He waved the others forward, with one going behind the counter to round up employees, and each of the people headed to a predetermined section of the restaurant.

One of the men passed close by Kara, and she felt nausea rise in her stomach as she began to pale. She shot a look at Clark, and found his appearance mirroring her feeling.

He had kryptonite. Not a large chunk, but enough to hurt either of them badly if he stayed around them for too long. The kryptonian girl felt her anxiety rise, but Clark shook his head. Don't was what he was telling her. Kara reluctantly agreed silently, and stayed on the floor.

She did, however, follow her cousin's eye line as he looked to the corner of a restaurant. And found nothing of interest. She looked back at the gun-wielding thief and noticed that Clark was still looking over in the same direction. With a frown, Kara followed his gaze again.

Hang on. Hadn't there been a gunman over there too only seconds before? How had he vanished?

Kara frowned, and slowly and subtly looked around the room. She found no sight of the man. Only the other four.

Wait. Four? There were six to start with. Where could two of them have gone? She decided to keep an eye on the remaining men; if they were sneaking off somewhere it would pay to keep track of them.

Kara caught sight of something in the corner of her eye, and twisted her head to get a better look.

She found nothing, and began to move her head back to its original position before realising what that meant. Another of the gunmen had vanished.

"Hey! Where are the others?!" The furthest man from the Kents, who was also the original speaker, called to the one only four tables away.

"They're… what the?! This wasn't part of the plan! Where'd they go?!"

"I don't know, do I?! That's why I asked you!" The far man yelled back. Then, he turned to call to the others. "Did you see 'em leave?!"

Kara didn't hear the response as a foot suddenly occupied her vision. Cringing, she waited for the sickness from Kryptonite to take effect. It did not, and Kara felt confused as the nearest standing man, in her mind, spoke from four tables from her still.

"Then what the fuck is going on?! They can't have just vanished!"

"We know that! What're we supposed to do abou- uh… Jerry?" Kara saw serious befuddlement spread across his face. "What the- what just happened?"

"I don't know… he was there one second and then…"

"What the fuck is going on…" Fear was in the gunman's tone, and Kara's eyes widened as the gun in his grip shook. "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?!" He roared, demanding the answer from the nearest person. This person happened to be a young asian woman in a pantsuit who promptly started to whimper and sob as the gun was levelled on her. "ANSWER ME!"

"No!" Kara exclaimed, as his finger squeezed the trigger.

The man let out the scream of a terrified little girl, as the rifle in his grip turned into a ferret. His grip tightened on the animal, and he shrieked yet again as its teeth found purchase in his hand. The angry man dropped his new pet, and it fell to the floor. The ferret stayed still for a second, as though being given instruction, and then ran at the man. The criminal hesitated for a moment, and that was all the time the rodent needed to find the bottom of his pants' leg. It scrambled up, and Kara saw the bulge it formed ascend up his leg and to his crotch where it began to wriggle and writhe. By the high-pitched yells, she guessed it was biting his privates.

The remaining gunman's mouth fell open as the ferret-victim began to fumble with his belt buckle, attempting to wrestle the clothes off so that he could remove the ferret. What he would have done next, Kara did not know as his eyes rolled into the back of his head and he feinted.

The same thing happened a moment later with the shrieking man. The ferrent removed itself from the predicament and scurried out of the door. Though her attention as on the gunman and his attacker, Kara would later swear that, out of the corner of her eye, she saw a black haired man walk away from the sleeping figure. Of course, that might be because of what she soon learned.

Metropolis PD quickly arrived. Nobody could answer how each of the robbers had wound up unconscious; even the people they had been lying next to had no idea how they got their, and the police found it frustrating. They gave a phone number to contact if anybody remembered something of the incident, and took the arrested out to their squad car.

Clark promptly took Kara's arm, and led her towards the door. The not-brunette followed, waiting to get outside before voicing her curiosity.

"What's going on?" She whispered. "Who was that? I didn't know there was a superhero who could turn invisible."

"Alleyway… alleyway… aha." Clark walked towards the mouth of an alley, and Kara followed in confusion.

"What're we… Harry?" In the alley, Harry Potter leant against a wall with a led box in his hand. The sight of him brought Kara up short, and the disguised heroine was embarrassed that the first thing that she noticed was the handsome man's lack of jacket this time. The black shirt he was wearing was suitably tight that it highlighted his musculature and Kara redenned.

"You both okay?" He asked, in his slightly English accent. She could hear it more this time.

"Fine." Clark answered. "Only one of them had Kryptonite, and I assume that's it in the box." He nodded to Harry's hand and the messy haired man nodded, tossing the box into the air and catching it in a nonchalant gesture.

"Yep. God knows how he got it; while it's a small fragment, the stuff's meant to be insanely rare…" Harry shrugged after a moment, and pocketed the box. Clark pretended to be unbothered, but Kara found herself wondering why he would need the meteorite. "So, I'm guessing you were spying on me?"

"That's… not what I would call it." Clark said, honestly.

"Okay, how about observing me?" Harry raised an eyebrow. "I don't especially care that you were; I spotted the both of you as soon as you walked in." Harry smiled slightly. "The both of you are rather rural; you stand out like a sore thumb in there."

"How did you not?" Kara didn't mean to speak. "I mean I should've noticed you- we should have noticed you. You're- you stand out, and I- nobody seemed to notice what you did?"

Harry blinked, and moved his emerald eyes onto her. Kara refused to blush. "Magic." Kara failed in her mission as Harry smiled. "A notice-me-not charm to be exact. Not invisible, per se or it would have made waiting for them much more difficult; people avoid me when they don't want to notice me, but bump into me when invisible."

"Oh…" Kara said, oh so eloquently.

"How did you find out about the robbery?" Clark then asked.

"Batman told me." Harry answered, and then amended the statement. "Well, I think it was Batman. I got a letter at my hotel room telling me about it."

"It probably was." Kara's cousin sighed. "He suggested that I should have dinner there, too, to observe how you handled the situation. I wasn't surprised that he knew you would intervene, but I'd assumed you had a reservation he discovered. Not that he gave you the information himself."

"Hm? Did you approve of how I stopped them?" Harry asked, with a tone of genuine curiosity. "I have a feeling Batman wouldn't, since I toyed with them a little, but you seem less… stern."

"The results speak for themselves. Nobody was injured… or, nobody was injured seriously and no bystanders were hurt at all, so I can't complain." Clark affirmed. "And I expect you would adopt a more serious attitude in other situations."

Harry nodded at that, and Kara cleared her throat. She didn't like being ignored.

"What else can you do with magic?" She asked, in lieu of something better.

"Lots of things," Harry responded with a smirk. Perhaps at an inside joke? "Too many to list here and now, for sure."

"How strong are you?" Kara then asked.


"How very?"

"Quite very."

"Who in the League do you think you're stronger than, then?" Kara asked, after a huff of annoyance.

"I don't know all of the people in the league now, so there's no way to answer that question." Harry responded, still seeming amused at the conversation.

"Of the founders, then!"

"That depends," Harry shrugged. "Do you mean literal physical strength? Or do you mean power-wise?"

"Either. Both."

"I'm not sure."

"Stop doing that!"

"Both of you stop!" Superman exclaimed, though he had an expression and tone of slight amusement. "Harry, if you're still interested in joining the league the gathering of all our members is happening tomorrow at Seven PM East Coast time." At Harry's nod, Superman continued. "I'll meet you outside your hotel tomorrow and J'onn will teleport us up, if that's alright."

"That sounds good." Harry nodded his confirmation. "Anything else I need to know?"

"Well, until you're certain you don't want a superhero-persona I'd suggest coming up with one. Even if it's temporary most of us are uncomfortable being known for who we are in everyday life."

"I'll give it some thought," Harry shrugged noncommittally, and the conversation came to its natural end.