Author's Note: WARNING: Hodgins angst.

"Angela." Hodgins sighed. His shoulders were relaxed, but his eyes were glued to the floor, hopelessly trying to glance up at her but too frightened to succeed. There was panic starting to ignite in him, but he was only at the stage of doubt. As usual, his body didn't show many signs of distress, but his face gave it all away.

"Hodgins. You know I can't do this anymore. Sweetie, look," she said, gently placing a hand on his shoulder. He finally looked up, a puppy face showing utter pain and neglect, the hope in his eyes disappearing off into the distance. He was truly a puppy in the kennel, and Angela was was about to become the regretful past owner. "I know it's not your fault, but that's what everybody else thinks. And..." She sighed deeply, not knowing what to say next.

Hodgins stepped in, trying to make a last stand. Don't leave me his face pleaded. Don't. Please. "Angela. Don't you understand? This is betrayal."

"Hodgins, sweetie, you know I love you. But you've got to do the right thing. Staying silent and hidden away isn't making you seem any less suspicious. You've got to go out and tell the truth."

"Angela, that's impossible. The truth is exactly what they don't want to hear. They're going to come up with some crap evidence to say it's not true and lock me up. They know what I have on them, but I can't use it against them in public. Unless of course, you want me to die." He was entering his panic faze, sweat slowly beading up where his curly hair met his face, a face now vaguely resembling the face he had when he confessed his love of Angela to Brennan in the Grave Digger's trap.

"Sweetie!" Angela said, her tone apologetic and genuine but stern. Her voice went from low to high as she said the word, the opposite of how someone would gasp in disbelief. "Hodgins, you know we can figure it out. But you've got to promise me you'll do it."

"Okay, okay, I promise," his hands rose up pleading innocent and he shrugged as he uttered the last few words, eyes popping. "Promise" turned into a nervous laugh by the end of the sentence. "Let's just figure it out then." If you are imagining Hodgins at all calm, he is not so. His hands flung out as he said these words, annoyed the two of them couldn't have come to this agreement before his panic had taken over.

"Okay then. Let's talk," Angela said calmly, her voice automatically causing Hodgins to sigh in relief and plop down next to her. She kissed him lightly, pulling an arm around his shoulders. She looked him straight in the eyes and smiled sadly. "It's going to be alright. I know it is."

Shall I continue?