This is set in Season 5 after Donna reads Louis dictaphone. Be kind, this is my first time writing! It will be a multi-chapter story.

Harvey walked out the elevator on to 50th floor with a cup of coffee in each hand, it was 8:35am, 35 minutes after Pearson Specter Litt opened for business and 45 minutes after Donna Paulsen would have arrived at her desk. He made his way to Donna's cubicle, which was outside Louis Litt's office. Harvey stood opposite her, with his usual grin, waiting for her to look up at him.

"Either that's an apology coffee or you want something" she smirked, her eyes still fixated on the computer screen as she carried on typing. "So what have you done or what do you want?" she continued.

"Can't it be a 'cheer you up' coffee?" he laughed while placing his elbows on the top of her desk and placing the coffee's next to him, "Look Donna, Mike told me about you and Mitchell and I thought id try and cheer you up with your favourite coffee".

Donna had broken up with Mitchell 2 days before, she felt it was wrong to stay in the relationship when she had obvious feelings for someone else, her old boss. She knew she wouldn't be able to push him out of her mind not matter how hard she tried, in the end she realised she was using Mitchell as a 'rebound guy' and decided it was best to end it before it was too late. She though working for Louis could help her forget about her feelings for Harvey, but how could it? She would see him at least twice a day walking around the firm, and each time she saw him the feelings all came flooding back.

She had started to regret working for Louis after she went through his Dictaphone 3 days previous and heard the conversation between himself and Harvey about Harvey's panic attacks, she confronted Louis and told him that if he used this information to blackmail her ex boss then she would be done working for him, Louis gave in. However, Donna still hadn't spoken to Harvey about what she had heard.

"Oh please, I worked for you for over 12 years and not once did you bring me or guess my favourite coffee!" she chuckled, now looking up at him.

"Fine, ill take this caramel and hazelnut latte, with skimmed milk and whipped cream somewhere else" he teased, before Donna's 2 hands launched herself at the coffee. How could he have known her favourite coffee? And how did he remember she ordered skimmed milk so she could add extra whipped cream and sugar?

"Thanks Harvey" she paused "is there anything else you need me for or can I continue with updating Louis' calendar?" she tried not to think too much into it, so she gave him a half smile and not the usual ear to ear smile she would give him when he surprised her.

Harvey now knew he had her full attention, he knew she couldn't resist him when he surprised her because she thought he was too predictable. "Why don't you come down to my office when you're finished later? We can talk about what happened with a douchebag called Mitchell" he whispered, hoping and praying she would accept his invitation. They both knew that Harvey never expressed his emotions, for him to bring her a coffee and offer to listen to her rant on about her now ex boyfriend was his way of showing he still cared. Donna could feel the butterflies inside of her; she promised herself she would remain calm whenever he spoke to her but with Harvey expressing the littlest bit of affection towards her made her light-headed. She knew he could read her by the way he was scanning her face waiting for an answer, she needed a witty comeback and quick.

"How about I speak to you about what happened with Mitchell AFTER you talk to me about the panic attacks you've been having?" He looked at her, speechless. "Donna 1- 0 Harvey" she laughed inside her head.

"6:30, my office!" Harvey replied, he looked like he'd seen a ghost. How did she know? Mike wouldn't have dared tell her, would he? With that he walked away in direction of his office.

Mike walked into Harvey's office, threw a file on his desk and raised his hand in the air "my plan worked, we got them to cave! Up top motherrrrrfllllllllickerrrr". Harvey looked at Mike with his usual serious face and shuck his head smugly. Harvey got up from his desk, fastening his suit jacket while looking directly at Mike.

"You know the way you told Jessica that your loyalty lies with me…" Harvey asked, still holding eye contact with the associate. Unsure were he was going with this Mike responded by nodding his head slowly with a confused expression plastered on his face. "Did you tell Donna about my panic attacks?" he said, breaking eye contact and now looking at his shoes, as if he was ashamed of what had came out of his mouth. "No Harvey, I wouldn't dare! You 2 havent been on good terms since she went to work for Louis, I never told Rachael never mind Donna" Mike muttered, a sound of hurt in his voice. Why would Harvey think he'd betray him like that? "Why do you ask?"

"I've been thinking… it's time to bury the hatchet with Donna, then after you told me about her break up last night I thought I'd bring her coffee, you know… as a nice gesture. I asked her to come down here later on tonight when she's finished and we could talk about what went on.."

"and what's this got to do with your panic attacks, Harvey?" Mike interrupted. "BECAUSE" Harvey replied in an angry tone "she told me she would talk about what happened after I opened up about my panic attacks".

"She's Donna, maybe she just...knows." said Mike trying to lighter the mood. "She knew about that time you had a fight with Scottie, and that other time you and Zoe didn't spend the weekend together. She can read you the minute she looks at you; maybe you've just had it all over your face."

" Thanks Mike" Harvey tried to give him a half hearted smile "and good work on getting Taylor to cave" he announced, before ushering Mike towards the door.

Donna had been clock watching after her and Harvey's conversation earlier that day, she wondered what she was going to do. Her being alone in a room with that man was a bad idea and she knew it, it would end in a screaming match because Harvey will not want to open up to her or end with her in tears as she would tell him exactly how she felt. Of course she'd already told him that she loved him, right after he told her the same line but they never really got to speak about it after that. She couldn't keep her feelings bottled up anymore. It was now 6:28pm, Donna was clearing her things away as she thought about what was going to happen, why didn't she just not show up? Just go home and get into her favourite pyjamas then jump on the sofa with a bottle of her favourite Merlot? That would suit her much more, but she knew how much Harvey meant to her and if there was even the smallest hope he would explain himself to her then she knew she was going to take it.

At 6:32pm she decided to get going to his office, she stood up and fixed her dress and applied another layer of lipgloss before giving herself some words of encouragement in the small makeup mirror "You can do this, you're Donna Roberta Paulsen!" she mouthed to herself. She put on her brave face and walked in the direction of his office.