The alarm went of at 6:00am, Donna continuously smacked her phone against the bedside cabinet in hope it would stop. This wasn't her bedroom and those were certainly not her bed sheets, she glanced to the left of her and there was Harvey Specter fast asleep, she rubbed her eyes to make sure she wasn't dreaming. She started to reminisce back to last night and how he had willingly opened up to her without putting up a fight. She had 2 hours before she had to be at Pearson Specter Litt, she really didn't want to leave his side but she needed to go home and get ready for work. As she slid out of bed Harvey awoke, looking at her through squinted eyes and trying to pull her back into his grasp.

"Harvey, its 6:05am, I have to go and get ready for work" Donna laughed trying to escape his grip, "exactly, its still the middle of the night, come back to bed" he begged, Harvey was never awake this early. "It might be a surprise to you but there are actually two 6 oclock's in the day, Harvey" she replied mocking him, "and don't bother Ray at this hour, ill just take a cab".

After a friendly confrontation Donna had it her way and was dressed and ready to go. She had asked Harvey not to mention anything in the office about the two of them until they had spoken properly tonight on their date, they both agreed they did not want to jinx anything. She made her way out the door and onto the busy streets of New York to flag a cab.


At 8:30 Harvey arrived at the offices, he was anxious but eager to see Donna. Nothing could put him in a bad mood today; he was overwhelmed with happiness and excitement. He wasn't too sure how he should approach her, should he stride over to her and give her a kiss? No, no that would be going too far and after all they both wanted to keep it a secret for today, he was getting close to her desk. She looked up at the exact moment he turned the corner, there eyes met and they both smirked at each other.

"Good Morning, Donna! Lovely day we're having isn't it?" he fired at her and giving her a wink.

"It certainly is, Harvey" she blushed looking back down to her keyboard.


"This is excellent, Mike! You can take lead in the deposition" he smiled at a shocked Mike as he opened up his laptop.

"What's gotten into you this morning, Harvey? You never compliment my work!" he proclaimed "and why do you look so happy? Have you been having them 'morning meetings' again" Mike winked.

Harvey could not hold in his laugh, "I have definitely not been having any morning meetings lately". He thought back to last night how he longed to sleep with Donna but he knew he couldn't, "but if it makes you feel better I've finally met someone". Mike stood in front of Harvey with his mouth wide open, he couldn't believe it. Harvey Specter, New York's biggest bachelor, who could have any women he wanted, had chosen to settle down. Mike new this was the real deal, he never looked this happy when him and Scottie were dating, in fact he was more miserable than even.

"What's her name then? And if you don't bring her along tomorrow to the anniversary night out then I know what you said is a load of shit" sniggered Mike. Harvey froze, he hadn't thought of a made up name as he didn't think he would be telling anyone at the office he had found 'the one'. "Harriett" he blurted out, hoping Mike didn't know about the time Donna and Rachel had gone for drinks together and used the names 'Harriett Specter' and 'Michelle Ross'. "Her name is Harriett and yes she will be accompanying me tomorrow night" he responded with a huge grin. "Well then, I look forward to meeting the woman who tamed the great Harvey Specter. Now I'm going to draw up some questions for the deposition" Mike replied before walking out the office.


Donna had made an extra effort for work today, knee length red dress and glamourized with her cream Louboutin's, as she would be FINALLY going on a date with Harvey straight from work. He said he was going to surprise her with the restaurant but Donna knew it was going to be Del Posto, she was slowly getting her 'Donna-ability' back. Donna made her way to the file room to copy some files for Louis.

"Somebody has made exxxtra effort for work today" Rachel exclaimed as she seen Donna using the copy machine.

Donna smiled to herself before turning to face the Paralegal, "are you saying I never look this good for work?" she laughed.

"Seriously Donna, you're looking hot! What's the occasion? Or… Who's it for? Because that glow is not going unnoticed?" Rachel grinned at the red head, holding eye contact. She knew Donna and she knew that she has spent at least an extra 30 minutes on her makeup this morning.

Donna held her cool, she realised no one would guess her and Harvey were soon to become an item, "can't a girl just want to look good for work?" she replied smugly before walking out of the file room with the needed files tucked under her arm.


It had reached 5:15pm and Gretchen had already left. Harvey decided to cut his day short and start packing away his stuff and make his way over to Donna's desk. Donna always worked more hours than what was required, she would be in the office before 8am and most of the time would not leave till gone 6:30pm.

Her admired her as he strolled towards her, she was too focused on her work that she didn't notice him standing in front of her.

"Hey" he said softly, "are you ready to go? Ray will be outside in 10 minutes and the table is booked for 6pm" he continued.

"Harvey, its 5:15! I haven't finished pencilling in Louis' meetings for next week" she commented in a surprised tone, "and when do you leave the office before 7 unless it's a special occasion?" she quizzed.

"Are you saying that our first date isn't a special occasion?" he questioned as he leaned towards her, ensuring no one else would hear him. Donna's heart skipped a beat hearing him say those words, she finally gave into his charming ways and started to shut down her computer before standing up.

"Where do you think you're going?" Louis called from his desk as he stood up and made his way towards the door, "its not even 6 yet, you never leave this early? And what are you doing here, Harvey? Trying to steal Donna from me again?".

Harvey's hand clenched into a fist, as he was about to roar back at Louis Donna intervened. "Louis, I've all I can for today! And you know I don't agree with you treating me as some sort of prize to be won, if you mention anybody 'stealing' me again I will walk out of her all on my own!" she shouted before making her way towards the elevator. She had gotten one over on Louis, everyone knew he was afraid of Donna, he gritted his teeth and pressed his lips together before Harvey interrupted his thoughts.

"and I'm actually taking Donna out for dinner, so if you'll excuse us, we have a reservation in 40 minutes time" if looks could kill them Harvey would be dead, Louis walked back into his office, the anger brewing inside of him.


Ray dropped them off outside Del Posto, Donna struggled to look startled. They made their way inside the restaurant as Harvey reached for her hand.

"Mr Specter, your table is ready. Would you like to sit down now or grab a drink at the bar?" a young, brunette gleamed at him, she could hardly keep her eyes in her head and Donna was she seen her slobbering at the sight of him.

"WE would like to sit now" Donna scoffed at the girl, making sure to make herself known. She was never a jealous woman, this was all new to her! Why was she feeling this way? One of the many feelings that comes with Harvey Specter she thought.

Once seated Harvey ordered them an expensive bottle of Merlot along with his usual Macallen 18 and her Manhatten cocktail. After they had glanced at the menu and informed the waiter of what they would like they started to get talking about the relationship.

"What we're doing will not change anything at work, Harvey. I will continue to work for Louis." She told him, of course she preferred to work for Harvey, who wouldn't? but she was scared that spending all that time together would affect their relationship.

Harvey sat back against his chair and breathed out, he would be lying if he said didn't want her to come back and work for him. "That's fine" he said running his fingers through his hair, "I want this to work, I really do! If you think that could jeopardise us then we'll stay working how we are, anyway I couldn't just sack Gretchen and I don't think she'd agree to swap desks with you" he laughed.

Now their stomachs were both full they agreed to finish their drinks and head back to Donna's place. Donna was being overly flirty with him tonight and he knew what was going to happen when they got back to her place, he didn't want to waste any longer.

"Lets go, Ray's outside" he said as he stood up pushing in his chair.

"Harvey, I haven't finished my drink. It's still half full" she looked at him confused, she could tell he was rushing to get out the restaurant and she wondered why. Maybe one of his one night stands had turned up. He grabbed the drink from the table and downed it in one before smiling at her, "now its finished" he smirked.

Ray was waiting outside, Harvey opened the car door for Donna and made his way round the other side of the car.


After thanking Ray they made their way up the stairs to Donna's apartment. Room 206 brought back many memories from 'the other time' and Harvey wouldn't wait to get inside. Donna, slightly tipsy, fumbled around with her keys and it took a few goes to get the key in the lock. Once inside Donna threw off her shoes while Harvey took off his coat and suit jacket.

"Donna" Harvey said in his usual, serious tone. Donna was praying that he wasn't regretting what they had spoken about, hoping he wasn't about to walk through the door as he had done so many times before.

"Yes, Harvey?" she replied trying to hide the hurt in her tone.

Harvey made his way over to her in the kitchen before giving her the famous Specter grin. "It just occurred to me… that we don't work together" he said whilst unzipping her dress and kissing her neck. Donna untucked his shirt from his pants and began unbuttoning his shirt before pushing him in direction of her bedroom.

"Yeah. That. Didn't. Just. Occur. To you" she replied between kisses.

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