Phantom Rebellion

Chapter 97 Cold Strike

By: Major144

Disclaimer: I don't own anything this is just a story for fun.

Wraith had her troops gathered up and she asked for the best snipers among their ranks. A couple dozen troopers skilled in the art of sniping stepped forward. Wraith began to form a plan with the snipers saying they would be the first ones to attack the base followed by the rest of the army. One sniper asked how all the troops, were going to get into position without alerting the enemy.

"Just leave that to me. I have a very good distraction in mind." Said Wraith with a smirk.

On top of the base's walls a Rebel solider was on lookout duty looking at the snowy landscape through some binoculars, when he saw a speeder bike with a black cloaked figure riding it approaching the base's main gate. The figure on the speeder bike didn't appear to be armed, but the Rebel decided to call it in to the others stationed at the base.

"Unknown person approaching the main gate. They don't appear to be armed, but be on alert." Said the Rebel into his communicator.

The speeder bike stopped a few yards from the gate and the cloaked rider jumped off and looked at the gates. The gates opened up and half a dozen Yetizs and a couple of Rebel soldiers swarmed out and surrounded the stranger pointing blasters at them. One Rebel motioned with his blaster for the cloaked figure to march into the base. The stranger did as they were instructed and they went into the base followed by the Yetizs and the soldiers and the gates closed. The Yetizs and the soldiers turned their attention back to the stranger.

"Remove your hood." Ordered one soldier as more Yetizs and soldiers arrived on the scene curious about the newcomer.

The stranger removed their hood to reveal themselves as Wraith. Frostbite and the other Yetizs were a bit surprised by Wraith's appearance and how she looked a bit like Danny. Wraith could sense the Yetizs's confusion and smiled a little.

"Alright girl, who are you and what are you doing here?" Demanded one of the Rebel soldiers.

"I am Wraith and I am here to destroy you and take back this base in the name of the Empire!" Declared Wraith as she thrusted her hands at the Yetizs and soldiers surrounding her and unleashed a great Force blast that sent them all flying back.

Wraith quickly pulled out her lightsaber and ignited it as a few soldiers and Yetizs recovered and began to fire on the Force user. She deflected several blaster shots back at the enemies and their comrades striking them and causing confusion and chaos among their ranks. One Yetiz picked up a large crate and threw it Wraith, who spun to face the incoming object and sliced it in half and the two halves flew by her and struck two Yetizs behind her. Another crate was thrown at Wraith, who caught in midair with the Force and hurled it back at the Yetiz, who threw it and knocked him to the ground. One soldier hurled a grenade at Wraith, who swatted it out of the air with a Force push and into a group of Yetizs and soldiers. The grenade exploded killing several Yetizs and soldier and sent others flying. Up on the walls the guards had turned their attention away from the landscape and were focusing their weapons on Wraith hoping their position from above would give them the edge they needed to take the destructive invader out. Unfortunately this gave Wraith's snipers the opportunity to get into position and they fired their weapons killing all the guards on the walls. The rest of Wraith's forces then arrived and rushed the base using bombs to blow holes into the walls and gates, so they could enter the base and invade it.

What Yetizs and soldiers remained in the base were getting overwhelmed by the invading Stormtroopers. Frostbite realized with dread that the battle was lost and immediately started to give the order to his troops and allies to retreat to a back exit of the base. The Yetizs and soldiers began to retreat as Frostbite and a few others covered the rear. Frostbite roared as he fired his blaster and took down Stormtrooper after Stormtrooper, but for every enemy that was taken down two more appeared to take their place. Wraith suddenly appeared and sliced Frostbite's blaster to bits. Frostbite let out a mighty yell and swung his metal arm at Wraith in a desperate attempt to hit her. Wraith sidestepped the swing and sliced the metal limb off with her lightsaber. The dismembered limb crashed to the ground as Frostbite stumbled away eyes wide in shock, before he was tackled by Stormtroopers and taken captive.

The base was recaptured and most of the Yetizs and Rebel soldiers were either dead or captured. A few dozen Yetizs and Rebel soldiers did manage to escape and Wraith set out with a few squads of Stormtroopers to search and locate the escapees and their search lead them to the Yetizs's old village. As the Stormtroopers searched the village, Wraith felt herself drawn to a nearby cave. Wraith entered the cave and used her lightsaber to light her way. She soon came across a wall that had a painting of Phantom on it and Wraith felt her blood boil at the sight of her hated enemy. Wraith let her anger out as she let out an angry roar as she struck the image of Phantom with all her hatred and might.

Lightyears away, Danny woke up from his bed screaming and in a cold sweat from a horrible dream he just had. In the dream, he had been in a cave, when Wraith had suddenly appeared roaring and swinging her lightsaber at him. It had felt so real! And then Danny realized he recognized the cave he had been in and he had a sinking feeling he was going to have another encounter with Wraith very soon.

To be continued.