Chapter 2: Introduction

"Today class...we have something special in-stock for you. So please, relax and chat with your fellow mates before we begin. Shall we?"
Alan said.

"Really Ethan?" Sharilyn commented on Alan's presence.

"I forgot to mention my dad was giving us class. Oops." Ethan smirked.

"That's a new one Ethan." Snoop commented.

"So how's class so far guys?" Ribsor asked Anthony and Alex who we're sitting together.

"We'll it's only been 5 minutes of talking bullshit...don't know really." Anthony said.

"As long as I don't get to sit near Green..." Alex said.

"What's wrong with Green?" Anthony asked.

"He's just annoying." Alex replied back.

"Absol, my god, you're here?" Rowen said.

"Yeah duh, I got transfered here." He said.

"Incredible how we've been studying together since 5th grade." Rowen said.

"I've been studying with Sharilyn ever since 3rd grade, Incredible right?" He said.

"Not really, I've been studying with Yoshi ever since kindergarden." Green butted in.

"Don't know how you could stand him all these years." Ninjohn commented.

"Shhh, don't yell he could hear you." Grace heard their conversation.

"Grace! Come on let's talk about our life. It's been two months since we haven't seen each other." Lukey commented.

"Oh yeah...sure." Grace said.

"So Sammy, life's good huh?" Samnala tried to speak to him.

"What? What do you mean?" Sammy was confused.

"I know about this school man." Samnala creeped Sammy out.

"Uhm Sure." Sammy said.

"Sammy are you okay?" Jaydia looked at him.

"Yeah I'm...Just tired okay?" Sammy said.

"Alright Sammy." Jaydia shrugged.

"Thomas baby, I'm glad you're sitting next to me." Devin looked at him and smiled.

"Anything for my dear." Thomas blushed.

"Hey Brad, What's up?" Erich asked him.

"As you can see we are in class and I'm bored." He said.

"Bored? I want to die." Kevin replied.

"Oh Kevin! Been a while heh." Erich said.

"I don't know how I'm going to keep up in this school honestly." James told Rick.

"Atleast you don't have Brad's IQ." Rick said.

"Hey! I heard that!" Brad said trying to throw a piece of paper at him, but it hit Mighty instead.

"HEY!" Mighty yelled.

"BITCH I said don't YELL!" Brandon screamed.

"Whoa, calm down there." Anthony told Brandon.

"Who's a bitch now?" Mighty looked at Brandon with a serious face.

"Hey leave him alone. You do scream a lot, control it." Anthony defended Brandon.

"Yeah Mighty stop being a loud cunt." Gotan said.

"Hey leave Mighty fucking alone!" Rowen yelled.

"Stop yelling you asses!" Green complained.

"Class shut up! I thought giving you free time would work but I was wrong." Alan said.

"But-" Mighty tried to speak.

"Shut it. I said no talking. Now. Here we go." Alan grabbed a remote and pushed a button. Metal panels came down and closed down the windows, the door and soldiers came to the entrance. The whole ambient turned dark and spooky.

"W-What?" Mastro looked at the soldiers and felt confused. The chairs we're being taken away from them and mechanical arms came from the ground and planted a collar on everyones leg.

"What's this sorcery?!" Grace asked Alan.

"Sorcery? This is what you signed up for." Alan said.

"Signed up?" Ethan felt honestly confused.

"What's happening?!" Sharilyn was scared.

"The Annual 5th Battle Royale." Alan said.

"Battle Royale? 5th?" Rowen said.

"Yes Battle Royale, don't defy." Alan said.

"The hell is Battle Royale?" Kevin asked.

"You're gonna see now." Alan said pointing at the smartboard where he presents a video.

"Hey guys, you can see me right haha!" Alan was in the video explaining Battle Royale.

"W-What the hell..." Ethan was traumatized.

"I knew this was coming..." Samnala had flashbacks about the posters.

"You knew this was coming...? I knew it from the beginning." Lord knew about the law.

"Seems like it is." Samnala said.

"We have a new law in here in Japan, we're low on economy and resources right? You're parents keep having sex and having to reproduce more each time? No more! We have trials now! A new law! This law is great. You're all going to kill each other until one of you is the last one alive. I mean it. One alive. I don't care who it is. Whoever lives to the end, gets to live. That's it. Welcome to the 5th Battle Royale ever!"

"Is this a joke?" Bailey said.

Alan looked at Bailey and threw a marker to his head bumping it.

"O-Ow!" Bailey grunted.

Mojo tried to laughed but got a hold on it.

"Mojo don't laugh!" Naegis whispered.

"W-We have to kill each other...WHAT?" Kevin was about to break down.

"Calm's probably a joke." Imma said.

"A joke?" Alan looked at Imma.

"You can't just kill us!" Marie chanted.

"I ain't killing anyone. You guys sort that out soon. Now shut up. And look at the video." Alan said.

"You thought you we're being taken to school? Yeah no! We took you guys to this island. You saw houses and people? Holographic. You're all going to be handed a bag with supplies in them. When I do. I'll call out your name and you run from this place. Remember, the only way to leave this place is to be the last one alive. Also. You can't loose your bag. It'll help you survive and by survive, we mean you have 3 days to live. Your collar has a pressure trigger. You try to take it off. You explode. You try to escape. You explode. And this whole island is evacuated, no human life will be found here except for ours. So don't ever think there's someone because there wont. You also talk about suspicious shit. You explode. Got it? We have a microphone chip on you. Easy. I don't have any time to waste so now. Get your bags and live." The video ended.

"I'm so confused...Why do we have to kill each other?" Mighty asked Alan.

"It's a law Mighty. How many times I have to explain it. You we're never here for a good time. Prove yourself that you're worthy." Alan pointed at her.

"K-Kill?" Brandon said.

"Calm down." Anthony said.

"Now I'm going to call your names. And when I do. You better leave this building or else you're gonna blow up." Alan pointed to the door which the exit was semi-near from it.

Everyone was scared and afraid, they we're never expecting any of this. None of them dared to talk after that. The fear in their faces, the lack of faith gone. It occured so fast.

"And OH! Last but not least, we have a new student." Alan pushed a button and a student appeared from the ground.

"New student? 39 wasn't enough?" Jaydia said.

"More than 95% of the people here are BOYS!" Sandy chanted.

"There's more than 30 boys and that better be a girl..." Green said.

"Say Hello to Janey. They are completely new so don't worry alright? They're pretty feisty tho. Be careful haha!" Alan cackled.

Janey looked around and cracked her knuckles.

"Now I'm going to call your names, and on the screen you'll see your information. Hehe." Alan laughed.

"Alex." A biography screen is going to appear on the smartboard for each student with their past or present friends with pictures of them.
Alex, Boy #1 - Friends: Imboo, Marie, Anthony, Mighty, AJ.

"M-Me?" Alex looked at Alan all confused.

"GO!" Alan threw a bag at Alex causing him to run from the classroom trying to head back when he got pushed away from the guards.

"ALEX!" Marie yelled.

"Calm down Marie. You'll get to him." Aj patted her back.

"Shut up AJ." Marie was angry.

"Mastro." Mastro, Boy # 2 - Friends: Yoshi, Brad, Bailey."

Jaydia, Girl #1 - Friends: Mighty, Imboo, Sharilyn, Sammy.

Samnala, Boy #3 - Friends: Sammy, Rowen, Kevin, Rick.

"Hmmp." Samnala said before looking at Alan's face in suspicion.

"Good luck buddy!." Sammy shacked his hand before leaving.

"I'll see you later." Samnala gave Sammy his words.

Brad, Boy #4 - Friends: Rick, Yoshi, Melli.

"Brad. Don't go too far okay?" Rick told him.

"I wont man." Brad nodded and left the building.

"Mojo" Mojo, Boy #5 - Friends: Ribsor, Mighty, Sharilyn.

"D-Do I have to?" Mojo said.

"Yup. Take this bag with you." Mojo took the bag and left the building.

Bailey, Boy #6 - Friends: Mastro, Benquisha.

Yoshi, Boy #7 - Friends: Rick, Brad, AJ.

Ninjohn, Boy #8 - Friends: Marie, AJ, Sharilyn.

Grace, Girl #2 - Friends: Imboo, Lukey, Marie.

"Grace! Don't die please!" Lukey begged her.

"I won't. I'll be fine." Grace said and left the building.

Melli, Boy #9 - Friends: Kevin, Jaydia, Rick, Brad.

Rick, Boy #10 - Friends: Brad, Yoshi, Melli.

Brave, Boy #11 - Friends: Lukey, Grace, Alex, Lord.

Imboo, Boy #12 - Friends: Sharilyn, Mighty, Alex, Grace.

Lord, Boy #13 - Friends: Samnala, Brave.

"Samnala...I need to find you." He whispered and left.

Marie, Girl #3 - Friends: Alex, AJ.

AJ, Boy # 14 - Friends: Marie, Alex.

"I-I need to stay strong." AJ said before leaving.

Janey, Girl #4 - Friends: N/A.

"Hhmpt." Janey grunted and grabbed the bag aggresively from the soldier.

"Calm the fuck down." The soldier said.

Janey pulled the middle finger on him and left the building.

Mighty, Girl #5 - Friends: Sharilyn, Rowen, Imboo, Alex.

"I-I can't..." Mighty was feeling weak.

"Come on Mighty. Go. I'll find you." Sharilyn said.

"Alrighty..." Mighty grabbed her bag and left.

Sharilyn, Girl #6 - Friends: Imboo, Mighty, Alex, Mojo, AJ, Green, Brave.

"Here I GO MIGHTY." Sharilyn yelled before leaving the building.

Green, Boy #15 - Friends: Rick, Brad, AJ, Marie, Sharilyn, Brave.

"I-I won't like this." Green said.

Erich, Boy #16 - Friends: Bailey, AJ.

"This game wont be pretty." He said before leaving.

Benquisha, Boy #17 - Friends: Brad, Bailey.

Thomas, Boy #18 - Friends: Devin, Rowen.

Absol, Boy #19 - Friends: Ribsor, Mighty.

Naegis, Boy #20 - Friends: Imboo.

Imma, Boy #21 - Friends: Sharilyn, Alex.

"No plans. No big deal. I'll go." Imma said.

Rowen, Boy #22 - Friends: Mighty, Sharilyn, Imboo, Alex.

"MIGHTY, HERE I COME." Rowen rushed out of the building.

Sammy, Boy #23 - Friends: Samnala.

Brandon, Boy #24 - Friends: Anthony, Imboo, Marie.

"A-Anthony?" Brandon was scared.

"I'll be there soon Brandon, Just please hide and be safe. I-I can't." Anthony said trying to get to him.

"W-Why?" Brandon said.

"I'll get killed just go!" Anthony pointed him out to the door

James, Boy #25 - Friends: Brad, Rick, Benquisha.

Gotan, Boy #26 - Friends: Marie, Alex.

Kevin, Boy #27 - Friends: Devin, Alex, Sammy, Samnala.

Lukey, Boy #28 - Friends: Grace, AJ, Green.

"I must get to you Grace..." Lukey said.

Ribsor, Boy #29 - Friends: Absol, Sharilyn, Imboo, Mighty.

"Absol. Please, be alive." Ribsor rushed out.

Snoop, Boy #30 - Friends: Sharilyn.

Sandy, Boy #31 - Friends: AJ, Green, Brave.

Ethan, Boy #32 - Friends: Sharilyn, Ribsor, Mighty.

"D-Dad?" He looked at Alan.

"Get out. Now." Alan screamed at him. Ethan quickly rushed out of the building.

Devin, Boy #33 - Friends: Thomas, Kevin, Absol.

"Last one. Anthony."
Anthony, Boy #34 - Friends: Sharilyn, Brandon, Imboo, Marie, AJ.

"Be wise fool." Alan told Anthony.

"Wise? I need to get to Brandon." Anthony rushed out of the building, ending the chapter zooming out of the school, looking outside of the extremely huge green island, deserted and surrounded by water, each and every single student looking for mercy and hope.


Students Alive: 40


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