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Chapter 27: Finale

Time: 11:00 A.M

Location: Cemetery, Near the Collapsed Warehouse.

"Guys guys!" Anthony was getting near the five of them.

"Anthony...?" Imboo saw him sprinting to them.

"Anthony?! Where's Naegis?" Lord asked about him.

"He's resting inside a warehouse shack near the school. He's sleeping and alright." Anthony said.

"I see..." Lord said.

"So, where's the others?" Anthony asked for them.

"You mean, AJ, Brave and Janey?" Alex said.

"Yeah." Anthony said.

Everyone was silent. No response or reaction.

"Oh, don't tell me they..." Anthony said.

"They're all dead." Alex said.

"Oh my god...at least Janey is dead. Thank god." Anthony gasped.

"We needed her..." Absol said.

"Wait what?! Why?" Anthony asked.

"She had a code for the documents for the game behind all this. Apparently all transfer students get one, but I never got one because Janey also took mines." Lord said.

"Why is she dead thought?" Anthony asked once again.

"AJ killed her before he died." Imboo said.

"Damn. AJ out of everyone?" Anthony asked.

"Sadly, yes." Alex said.

"And now. We just have to confront Alan and threathen him for the code, we won't kill him. Because killing him would mean, basically we're gonna be tracked by the military, fbi, swat, and all types of forces." Lord said.

"Let's get going then. Huff." Anthony was gasping for breath, exhausted from running.

"You need something to drink, here." Mighty handed him her bottled water.

"Thank you." Anthony smiled.

The group started walking once again on their way to the school.

Location: Near the school.

A few minutes passed by.

"There's dead soldiers on the ground...?!" Lord said looking with his binoculars at the school.

"Shit! Naegis is inside the shack over there!" Anthony began sprinting to it.

"That was the shack we stayed in." Imboo looked over to Mighty.

"Oh man..." Mighty said.

The group headed to the shack.

Anthony opened the door and nobody was inside, blood stains we're everything and he headed outside.

"He's not here..." Anthony was with a shocked expression.

"Where you do think he went to?" Mighty said.

"Hmm..." Alex looked at the bloody trail heading to the school.

"I think I know." Lord said.

"Look at the bloody trail, I think he- he actually went inside the school." Alex pointed over there.

"I was about to say that, yes." Lord said.

"Ugh...I told him to stay put! Shit!" Anthony was gonna run to the school until Lord stopped him.

"We need to be silent and careful! Who knows if there's someone there about to kill us?" Lord said.

"We wont know until we go there!" Anthony said.

"Calm down Anthony. I'm sure he's fine." Absol sighed.

"Follow my lead." Lord crouched and began heading to the school with the rest, the five of them following behind with their weapons.

"In the count of three, I will kick down the door. After I do, be ready to shoot." Lord whispered to them.

"Do you remember we have, NO AMMO?!" Alex angrily whispered.

"My gun is fully loaded." Anthony said.

"But not ours." Imboo said.

"Shit. Ugh, right...whatever." Lord kicked the door anyways.

Location: Inside the School.

Everyone gasped as they saw all the soldiers we're dead on the ground and Naegis was dead on the ground.

"Oh. My. God. Oh my goooood." Mighty was about to throw up.

"Damn." Alex said.

"Naegis..." Anthony headed over to him, Naegis was completely dead.

"He seriously did it." Lord said.

"Did what?" Anthony asked him.

"Judging by his gun and the bullets on the soldiers...He used all his bullets to kill every living troop in the building. He really. He really pulled the move here." Lord said.

"Damn it Naegis." Anthony punched the ground.

"He sacrificed his life for us. We are just. One step closer to leaving now. One. Step. Closer." Lord said.

"Finally...!" Absol said.

"Let's grab the soldiers gun's, they have ammo." Imboo said as he picked up a desert eagle.

"Good idea." Alex picked up an AK-47 from the ground.

"In memory of Naegis and to avenge him, we need to go. So come on Anthony, he's of course in a better place now." Imboo patted his back.

Anthony sighed and realized it was true, he got up and looked at everyone.

"Let's do this." Anthony grabbed the pistol he had and headed to everyone who was waiting for him. Lord was sneaking around, crouching with the rest and looking at every room, trying to find his office.

"The second floor." Absol said as he looked at it.

"I hear people upstairs..." Lord whispered.

"Shit. I'll go first." Imboo said.

"Be careful..." Alex said.

"Give me your baseball bat." Imboo asked Mighty for it. Mighty threw it to him and he grabbed it.

Imboo sneaked up the stairs. He saw a soldier in front of him who was facing backwards in Imboo's point of view. Imboo got up slowly and smacked him in the head, fatally killing him.

"It's clear..." Imboo whispered.

Everyone got up the stairs and went behind a wall. A few soldiers passing by.

"I picked up this smoke grenade from one of those guys. Want me to throw it?" Mighty asked Lord.

"YES. Do it. It'll be helpful. After that, let's split up and try to find the office." Lord said.

Mighty did as Lord said and threw the grenade to their directions, the soldiers jumped as they saw it and the smoke grenade opened, making the whole area full of dark grey clouds.

Imboo smacked one of them with the baseball bat and threw it to Alex, who smacked the other one with it, instantly killing both.

Lord and Anthony headed to one of the rooms and there was no one in it.

Absol headed to one of the rooms and the whole room was a storage pile, having information about every participating student.

Mighty was inside a room and looked around.

"Man, this felt good." Imboo said.

"Yeah, it does." Alex said.

"Hm, we should head to that room over there...it probably has something important." Imboo said as the smoke cleared up completely.

The two of them headed over there and we're behind the wall.

"Should we open it?" Imboo asked.

"Let's get our guns ready, who knows if someone is inside..." Alex loaded his AK-47.

"Alright alright, in the count of three..." Imboo was counting down.

Absol saw them and ran to them, he clinged to the wall and went along with the plans Alex was pointing him to.

"Two..." Imboo said.

Mighty got out of her room and clinged next to the wall as well, Alex explained it once again.

"One...!" Imboo said as he kicked the door open.

One of the soldiers inside saw the door get kicked open...After a few seconds nothing happened. But suddenly out of the door a soldier got out of the door and Alex knocked him unconciously smacking his AK-47 on his head.

"Well, well, well, come in." Alan spoke in a moderate tone.

"It's him..." Alex whispered.

"I'm not going in..." Imboo said.

"Neither am I." Absol said.

"Nuh-uh." Mighty said.

"We're all going together." Lord walked out of his room and began walking towards their direction.

"He'll blow your brains out!" Anthony said.

"Just follow my lead." Lord got in-front of the door, showing himself completely in Alan's view.

The inside of the office was clean and tidy, there was two guards aiming their guns at Lord.

"Why hello there Lord. I see you're still alive." Alan said.

The other five inside the office along with Lord.

"Alan. You need to stop the killing games now." Lord said as he dropped his gun.

"What are you DOING?!" Imboo whispered to him.

Alex and Absol aimed their guns at one of the soldiers and Imboo and Anthony aimed theirs at the other one, Mighty being the only one to aim at Alan.

"Put the guns DOWN." The soldier said as he aimed to Alex and Absol's head.

"YOU put them down." Alex threathened him.

"We all can discuss this without weapons. Soldiers drop it." Alan commanded them.

"But sir-" The soldier tried to say but Alan gave them a look. The soldiers dropped the guns but the group kept aiming at them until Lord told them to drop it. Everyone dropped their weapons, Lord getting closer each time to Alan.

"So. We survived your stupid killing game, can we go yet?" Lord asked him kindly.

"You cheated." Alan chuckled.

"We cheated? How?" Lord asked him.

"Where are your collars? Six of you are still alive? I stated that only ONE person will get to graduate and leave. Not six." Alan said.

"How do you know It's six of us?!" Lord asked him.

"Hidden cameras. Hey buddy, I'm not that stupid." Alan said.

Absol was tempted to grab his gun back and shoot Alan in the face.

"I'm getting sick and tired of all of this. The rules stated that anyone WITHOUT the collars get to graduate? Am I right or wrong?" Lord pulled out a paper with stated a clear rule that said-" Lord pulled out a piece of paper he had saved.

"The person without the collar will be crowned the true winner of Battle Royale. TRUE WINNER. And we are supposedly free to go. I'm not stupid Alan, and neither are you. But this is just not fair..." Lord said.

"You guys can't escape. If you kill your five friends, I'll be sure to let you go Lord~" Alan giggled.

"I will not be doing that." Lord glared at him.

"You also cheated Lord, you got rid of my perfect collars which was MEANT to blow all of you up. You destroyed them, the microphone. And you got my son killed." Alan chuckled.

"You killed him. You awful fiend." Lord said.

"You shoudn't had sent him to break the rules. I'm suprised he managed to plant a bomb without me noticing." Alan said.

"Exactly. He was a smart guy unlike you!" Lord still glared at him.

"You got 34 people killed, how do you feel about that? Killer." Alan was having the same conversation with Lord in the background from Absol's point of view.

"I...have to...I have to...I have to...!" Absol kept saying in his mind. He coudn't handle it anymore. Flashbacks of the room he was in began arriving. The files of every student participating, he saw Ribsor's file and saw everything about Ribsor. His pictures, his biography. He began getting angry in his mind again, only wanting to get revenge for his death.

The cameras went into slow-motion again, Absol picked up his gun and aimed it at Alan's head. The two soldier's grabbed their guns and shot towards Absol's direction. Absol succesfully shot Alan in his chest twice, but in result. The two soldiers fatally killed and shot Absol to death, falling to the ground slowly. Everyone grabbed their gun and Alex who grabbed his AK back, shot one of the soldiers along with Anthony who shot the other one, fatally killing them both. Alan grabbed his gun as quick as possible and shot Imboo in the heart, he looked at his area seeing his life was ending this quickly. His memories with everyone fading away, Absol's eyes closing on the ground. Lord, Mighty, Alex and Anthony ran to Alan who was about to shoot them all but Lord was struggling to get the gun off his hand, Alan pulled another gun from his other hand and shot Lord in the chest, near his heart. Lord fell to the ground and Mighty used her baseball bat to knock off both of Alan's guns. Alex shot him in the hands.

The whole area was bloody. Alex aimed his AK-47 exactly at Alan's eye this time.


"DO IT PUNK. DO IT!" Alan was confident.

"ALEX, KILL HIM. He f-fucking killed Imboo, oh my god..." Mighty ran to him, who was already dead on the ground.

"I can't...Lord said. He needed him..." Alex said.

"Alan...this could of gone well...I did not look for a fight in the first place...we just want to get out of here as much as you want to quit your stupid fucking job. I know you hate this job. Ethan told me EVERYTHING you did. You only chose this for the money. I know your true intentions." Lord was getting up slowly from his spot, holding his chest.

"Your friend started all of this! He shot me and in result he gets fucking killed!" Alan yelled at him.

"You we're threathing all of us TO kill each other we won't DO IT." Lord said.

"JUST FUCKING. *coughs* END MY MISERY." Alan was coughing blood out.

"Before you die. Give us the code. We'll end this game once and for all." Lord said.

"The code? You mean...for the files...?" Alan asked him, making sure.

"If you're going to die...what's the point keeping it a secret...?" Lord asked him.

"These games will live on forever...I will not let it end. I've been hosting this since day one...It's what I love.


"Well... *coughs* my time is up anyways...It is my pride. If Ethan told you anything otherwise, he's wrong." Alan chuckled.

"If you don't give me the code..." Lord kept glaring at him.

"The code is...in one of the student's files. In the room Absol was in. *Coughs* You'll find it t-there..." Alan was near to dying.

But Lord had no mercy, he quickly grabbed the gun he dropped and shot Alan in the head.

"You just killed-" Anthony said.

"I don't care anymore. I tried being nice to him. I didn't want to kill him. It's not my...It's not what I do. Absol...this could of went alright...If Absol... *coughs* didn't...god damn it. Everything get's ruined. By someone. But, I'm still curious why Alan...gave us this so easily." Lord said.

"Hey guys...look outside of this window thought." Alex was looking out of the windows.

"Those are...boats!" Lord said.

"That's our escape..." Anthony said.

"Indeed...it is..." Lord said.

"Lord! I need to treat your wound..." Mighty said as she left to go find some first aid kit.

"No...No...I'm a-alright. *coughs*." Lord tried to speak.

"Come on Lord, don't leave us now..." Alex catched Lord who was about to fall to the ground.

"Ah...my time is almost up. I've been too wounded to continue...not even first aid can help me now..." Lord smiled.

"Don't say that..." Alex said.

"You guys. Please get the papers, the files before... *coughs*. Get the files now." Lord told Anthony and Alex.

Alex put Lord on the ground and they both headed to the room where the files we're at. They all looked around and found a file which said "Code."

Anthony grabbed it and headed back to the office with Alex, they found Mighty who was trying to heal Lord's wounds.

"It's here..." Anthony said as he arrived with the file.

"Alright...now you guys can go now..." Lord coughed out more blood.

"We can't!" Anthony said.

"The boats are outside. The killing game is over. It's all over. You guys need to listen to me. Look at that timer up there. This island is going to blow up in 40 minutes. It's almost 1:00 P.M. 1:00 P.M is scheduled for when the island gets blown up for having no survivors. That's why there's boats there, and I need you guys to take these files and go. Find a map and find your way home." Lord smiled.

"But I can heal y-" Mighty tried to speak.

"My chest hurts...I'm bleeding so badly I can...barely...move or s-s-speak...please if anything just...I can't hold you guys back anymore..." Lord said.

"You aren't holding us back...!" Anthony said.

"I can see the lights...you need to...put me out of my misery. Please..." Lord begged Alex who was still with his gun.

"But without you, what are we gonna do?" Alex asked him.

"You three. You three are the next future. You managed to survive this catastrophe, surpassed 37 students. You guys are your own leaders now. You three, don't stop being in communication. Don't tell anyone about this until you are truly ready to end this law." Lord said.

"But the mastermind is right in here-" Anthony said as he looked at the top of the files.

"You won't have enough time to read it all. Guys. Go now. I'm begging y-you. Please just. Pull it." Lord said.

"Lord..." Anthony and Mighty said in unision.

"God damn it. I'll do it. We can't be selfish and watch him suffer like this. He's right. We do need to move on. We need to continue our lives after this. Even if we tell people, who would believe us? We have no choice but to leave this island before it blows up. After it blows up all of this is over, Alan is gone. They'll need to find another host. The answer is also in that file." Alex sighed.

"Alex is definitely correct. Once you guys get on the boats. Read the files. And from there, It's your guide from now on. You'll be a strong leader, Alex. Mighty you'll do a great secretary and Anthony, you'll be very helpful. " Lord smiled.

"We'll miss you man. Thank you. Thank you for everything you've done to us. If it wasn't for you. We woudn't of made it this far." Anthony said.

"You've been a big help. You don't know how grateful I am for you picking me, and everyone else here to escape." Mighty said.

"I'm glad I could be help to you all. Now...you can do it Alex. I'll miss you all. And thank you, for being. My friends." Lord closed his eyes and smiled.

"I'm sorry I have to do this Lord. I'm really sorry. It's goodbye I guess..." Alex closed his eyes.

"Goodbye Alex, take c-care... you too Mighty and Anthony." Lord smiled one final time.

Mighty and Anthony looked away as Alex aimed his gun at Lord's head, pulling the trigger and fatally killing him.

"Gah..." Anthony started walking away from the area, throwing all of his weapons away.

"Let's go." Mighty said as she dropped all of the things she had.

"I won't have an use for this anymore it seems." Alex threw all of his weapons away. Except his handgun.

The three of them headed out of the school.

Location: Docks.

Time: 12:45

They all ran behind the school and saw boats right there. The boats we're all clean and new, nobody else was inhabiting the island anymore.

"Let's all get on." Anthony said as he jumped inside a boat.

"You got it." Alex jumped inside the boat.

"Need help?" Anthony chuckled as Mighty was struggling to jump on.

All Mighty did was sigh and roll her eyes, she jumped inside the boat, the three of them being inside of it.

"Who knows how to drive?" Anthony asked them.

"I know a little, I think." Alex said.

"Hm. There's a map in here. Thank god we won't be lost." Mighty grabbed it and began looking at it.

"We are currently in...an unhabited island near Japan. Great! We can head over to...Yokohama...the docks." Alex suggested.

"I'm finally going home...home...Mom and dad must be waiting for me..." Anthony said.

"I'm so hungry right now. I could probably eat myself by now." Alex said as his stomach growled.

"Yeah, we should head to a restaurant and eat or something. Let's get to know each other a bit more over there, It was hard getting to know each other with all these conflicts." Anthony said.

"Yeah, we should." Alex chuckled.

"Hey Anthony, How do you think they'll react to...you know being gone..." Mighty said.

"I'll just...tell them he's staying over for a while. Yet again. Lord did tell us nobody would believe us if we tell everyone about this law, It's pointless." Anthony said, knowing she was talking about Brandon.

"We just have to show everybody this is real in a way." Mighty said.

"We'll plan for that one day." Alex said.

"Yeah, that's right." Anthony said.

"It's weird how Alan said these games we're famous. They're famous in the military but not for the human population." Alex said.

"Yeah that is weird..." Anthony said.

"Man, I miss Rowen still. Him being gone still affects me but, going home is what I want the most right now, I miss my friends,
my video games." Mighty vented out.

"Same here. I miss cooking and I miss watching Netflix on my computer all day. I probably missed a new episode of my favorite show! Damn it. We need to go now..." Alex turned on the boat as quick as possible. The boat started to move as Alex began driving it.

"Well. Here goes nothing." Anthony opened the files. The files had pictures of all the students, It had their informations, their current status, biography, occupations, relationships, families and etc. Everyone had deceased marks in their status.

"Holy..." Mighty was reading the files with Anthony.

"Apparently we we're all supposed to die, Lord really did save us..." Anthony said.

"Why did he keep that a secret-" Mighty said.

"He didn't know..." Anthony rolled his eyes.

"Maybe he did...he knew so much about this that...Hm..." Mighty said.

"It's true, he did keep a lot of secrets from us which was ridiculous and stupid." Alex said.

"Hm...Lord was smart, really smart. But I'm sure his intentions we're to save us. But, let's be grateful we made it out." Mighty said.

"Oh, Ah. The mastermind, It's..." Anthony voice got cut off.

The camera zoomed out from them and from the boat. The cameras turned to many areas of the island. From the cemetery, to the canyon, to the castle, to the hospital, to the grassy fields, to the collapsed warehouse, to the school. And the camera zoomed into the timer which had hit 0. The office blew up, the cameras zoomed away from the island.

From the very top it can be seen the whole island has been blown up with everything in it.

Anthony, Mighty and Alex looked behind them.

"Jesus christ..." Mighty said feeling a bit down, getting memories from all her friends in the island.

Anthony sighed. Having no response or reaction what-so-ever.

"And there's that. It's 1:00 P.M" Alex said as he was feeling a bit down knowing his friends we're all killed in the island.

The three of them kept traveling through the ocean, stuff falling from the sky, being bits and parts of the island.

The camera slowed down and went into slow-motion, thus marking the ending of this penultimate chapter.

And here ends Chapter 27.


-EPILOGUE TBA: OCT 19, 2016-

Final Deaths(?):

Rank #6: Absol Boy #19 - Caused by Alan, Killed by Soldiers. (Shot)

Rank #5: Imboo Boy #12 - Killed by Alan. (Shot)

Rank #4: Lord Boy #13 - Caused By Alan, Killed by Alex. (Shot)

Characters who did not appear/debut:

Alex - Boy #1

Anthony - Boy #34

Mighty - Girl #5