Chapter 28 - It's time to say Goodbye.

Location: Docks, Yokohama.

"We made it..." Anthony said as he looked into some binoculars at the docks.

"Yeah, you're all lucky I know how to drive this thing." Alex said.

"Population..." Anthony was looking at each single bit of the streets.

"Of course, It's not like the world ended." Alex said.

"What if it did? What if there was no one left on earth?" Anthony said.

"We should of just, commited suicide together." Alex said.

"Yeah, no thank you." Anthony said.

The group arrived safely on the docks, nobody was near to see them.

"I'm gonna clean this off." Anthony grabbed some water and cleaned some of the blood stains he had on his shirt.

"Oh yeah, we look like we slaughtered some people." Alex said as he grabbed some water from the ocean and began cleaning his clothes off.

"Ah, damn it I'm gonna be soaking wet now." Mighty was cleaning her clothes as well.

The three of them cleaned off their clothes after a while.

"We should try. We should head somewhere and ask for help. Let's not stand here all day." Alex said as he noticed it was getting dark the sun setting, It was currently 7:00 P.M for them after their long boat ride.

"Let's find a phone. And call our parents." Anthony said.

"Yeah, but where are we gonna find one?" Mighty asked.

"We should ask some people for money, we're in a different area of Japan we are nowhere near home! We just have to." Anthony said.

"It's not a bad idea. We can't just take the boat and ride it through the streets anyways." Alex said.

"Alright. Let's head this way." Anthony said as he began walking through the docks exit.

They we're now walking on the sidewalk, cars passing by, people talking on phones. Japan was a busy city. There was a man sitting in a bench a few feet away from them, Anthony approached him.

"Hey uh, do you have a moment?" Anthony asked him.

"Hm?" The man said as he saw Anthony was breathing heavily.

"Do you mind if we could borrow a dollar or two?" Alex asked the man for Anthony.

"Hm..." The man still looked at them with suspicion. But he shrugged anyways.

"Here you go." The man handed them a 20$ bill.

"This is too much..." Anthony said.

"Don't worry. Keep it. I can tell you guys are lost and aren't from here." The man said.

"Yeah, we got- we got lost. We live lots of cities away and we want to call our parents to pick us up." Anthony said.

"Alright. You should head over there, there's a local restaurant that has a phone boot where you can call. Also eat something you guys look starved." The man said and pointed directions and then chuckled.

"Thank you so much." Anthony bowed at him.

"No problem. I have to go now anyways, take care!" The man got up and waved goodbye at the three of them, they waved back and headed to the place the man told them to go.

"Hm. 20$ is a lot. I wonder why he was so generous to give us this." Alex was wondering.

"Yeah...Is it because we look homeless? We probably do..." Anthony said.

"Eh, I woudn't say that." Mighty said.

"Come on half of our clothes are shredded and destroyed, we really need something new to wear." Anthony said.

"Just wait 'till we get home." Alex said.

They three of them walked for a few minutes and arrived to it.

Location: Restaurant.

The three of them got in. They all looked around the restaurant, It was very modern and had lots of selections from their menu. Mighty quickly rushed and sat down on a table.

"I am. Dying of hunger." Mighty groaned.

"Alex do you mind ordering something to eat? And I need your phone number, along with Mighty's." Anthony said.

"Yeah sure, no problem." Alex said and gave his number to Anthony. Mighty gave her number as well to Anthony.

"Alright. What do you two want?" Alex asked them.

"Where's the menu?" Mighty asked.

"Maybe get up from the seat and stop being a fatass and look up there!" Alex pointed to the menu over to the ordering section.

Mighty groaned and got up, she saw the menu and so did Anthony.

"I'll take a burger and some fries." Anthony said.

"I'll take...the same as Anthony actually." Mighty said.

"Alright." Alex said as he headed to the counter to order the food.

Anthony headed to one of the phone booths. He started dialing Alex's number first.

He talked to his parents explaining that they we're back from their school trip but they accidently left them at another location without knowing. His parents said they'll be on their way. Anthony chuckled and had a little conversation with his parents and hanged up after he said goodbye.

Anthony dialed Mighty's number. Her father answered sounding very worried. Anthony calmed him down and explained the situation. His father understood it all and hung up the phone.

Anthony finally dialed his number and his parent's answered. The first thing they did was ask about Brandon. But Anthony told them Brandon had to stay in the school for a few more weeks. Giving Anthony more time to think about the situation they went through. His parents seemed to take it well. Anthony told them to pick him up at their location and they hung up, heading their way over there.

"Food's here Anthony!" Alex called for him.

"Yeah, I'm coming." Anthony said as he headed over to the table, filled with food.

"Ah...after three days of hell this is our reward." Mighty started chugging down the burger she asked for.

"Dear god you asked for larges?!" Anthony said as he saw his order was two times the size he asked for.

"Yeah could not let 20$ go to waste." Alex said as he put 6 cents of change on the table.

"Well then." Anthony began eating his fries.

"This is delicious. Ugh." Alex said as he began chomping down the pizza he ordered.

"So...What are we all gonna do now? Now that our parents are gonna take us home...Are we just gonna. Gonna forget about each other and pretend this never happened and we never met, or..." Anthony said.

"I woudn't mind us three being best friends." Mighty giggled.

"Yeah, just 'cause we met on weird conditions and weird ambient. Doesn't mean we have to forget this all.

"Ah yeah...I guess so. We should plan something to do then!" Anthony said.

"Like what?" Alex asked.

"We should go to the movies, go to the mall, go to the park n' stuff." Mighty suggested.

"Good idea." Anthony said.

"Except the mall part." Alex said.

"We also have to worry about this a bit. Sure we can forget about it for a while, but not forever." Anthony was talking about the files they received.

"Yeah...but hey. Let's enjoy this now." Mighty said.

"So did you guys ever kill anyone on the island?" Anthony asked the two of them.

"I have. A few." Alex said.

"I don't think I have. I think! I'm not sure..." Mighty said.

"Haha don't worry. I killed Mojo out of anger. I regret doing it thought, because I thought...Mojo...actually killed him...
gah..." Anthony facepalmed.

"Don't worry. We all forgive you. It's all over now." Mighty patted his back.

The group began talking, laughing, giggling, chuckling and telling stories about their live's. Time passed by and by they had finished eating and the whole place was completely dark.

"Hey you three. There's people waiting for you outside and we're closing.

"Huh...?" Anthony looked behind him, Alex and Mighty still we're talking about K-pop in the background.

Anthony saw his parents we're waiting outside.

"Hey guys. It's time to go..." Anthony sighed.

"Ah damn." Alex said.

"Finally!" Mighty said.

The three of them rushed outside of the store.

Location: Outside the Restaurant.

"Dad!" Mighty ran to him and gave him a hug.

"Ey Mom, Dad." Alex said as he walked towards them.

And at last, Anthony headed to his parent's who both hugged him.

The families we're reunited back with their children.

"Well. This is goodbye. Cya another time Anthony, you have my number, call me! You too Alex!" Mighty waved him goodbye at the two of them, Mighty got into the car with her dad and drove off to the distance.

"Hey. I have to go now. Take care Anthony." Alex waved him goodbye. Anthony waved back. It was just him now.

"Anthony let's go." His parents said as Anthony was looking at the ocean. Thinking of everything that happened over there.

"I'm coming." Anthony said as he smiled, knowing he has to move on and solve this mystery for his brother Brandon.

Anthony got into the car with his parents and they started driving. The whole scene changed to different ambients of the town,
Mighty, Alex, and Anthony going through various places before they all arrive to their homes.

Everything turned into slow-motion, Anthony started talking in his mind, inside the car.

"I'm not sure how us three got picked to survive. But we just somehow did. We're not as smart as Lord could be. We're didn't do anything useful a lot. But I know for a fact, we all tried our best to survive and protect each other. Us three managed to live to this very end thanks to our teamwork. Ethan, Snoop, Mojo, Sharilyn, Ribsor, AJ, Brave, Naegis, Absol, Imboo and Lord.
We did this all for you. The three of us are going to avenge you all. Thank you all for, helping us make it this far. And Brandon.
I'm gonna miss you so much. You should of told me how you we're feeling, I didn't want you to go. But I know it was hard. Brandon,
I won't ever forget you. And I'll always be there for you." Anthony smiled and fell asleep on the car.

Everything was in slow-motion, Alex started talking in his mind, inside the car.

"Welp. It was surely dramatic being involved with fourty people who thirty seven of them ended up dying. It's a shame. But damn, I'm proud of myself for making it this far. I'm gonna sure as hell miss Marie. If only... but whatever. I did all I could to survive and I did. I picked the right sides and right people to work with. I'm going to forget all of this for a while, It's not healthy to think about." Alex closed his eyes and started humming.

Everything still was in slow-motion, Mighty started talking her mind, laying down at the backseats of the car.

"I'm gonna miss all of my friends. They're all dead now probably because of me? No, that's not right. I tried my best to protect them all, we we're all strong together, made it to the final fifteen students, until there it started going downhill it sucked.
None of them survived. Not even my...Rowen. I'm gonna miss that dork. Oh my god. I know he told me- I do...I have to move on.
I'm never forgetting all of the moments I spent with my friends, with Rowen, and with my new best friends. Anthony and Alex.
We're going to be a great team solving cases and stuff. We're not detectives haha, but who the hell will believe our Battle Royale story anyways? One day we will end it all." Mighty smiled looking at the stars on the sky.

The scene switches and everything becomes a blurr, a timeskip about to occur. Little scenes started to appear.

Few weeks have passed...

Location: The Park.

Mighty was all alone at the park playing with her pet dog. She was texting on her phone waiting for her dog to their business.

"Come on, he said he'd be here." Mighty was getting furious, waiting for a text back from a boy who was supposed to meet her up at the park.

Location: Bakery.

Alex was making Cakes and Cookies, and many different types of pastries. Alex got a part-time job as a baker in a store near his area in order to save up money.

"Voila!" Alex had just finished baking a giant chocolate cake fully decorated for a customer who was waiting patienly on the seats.

"Oh, thank you so much!" The customer said as he gave Alex a 20$ bill.

Alex smiled and waved them goodbye.

Location: Anthony's House.

Anthony was cleaning his room up, setting up the new games he had bought. He rushed over to his phone and started texting Mighty and Alex to come over on his group chat he made with the two of them. None of them live near each other but they all started to plan a day to visit each other.

"I'll be there sometime!" Mighty posted in the group few seconds after.

"Yeah I have time for that day. Meet you there." Alex posted in the group after a few seconds as well.

Anthony smiled and was relieved he could have communication with them. He layed down in bed and started listening to music.

The camera zooms out of his house and the credits begin rolling.

Thus ending, the final chapter of Battle Royale: To The Death.

And this marks the Season One's end.