Summary: On the last island in Grandline at Raftel, 6 months before Ace's birth, Gol D. Roger met a mysterious man in a cave who shown him the future where his son died and the World Government corrupted beyond imagination. What does he want with showing Roger this future?

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6 month before Ace's birth, in a supposedly empty cave on Raftel:

Gol D. Roger, the only man who reached the last island on the Grandline, Raftel, now named the Pirate King, was investigating the caves alone on Raftel while his crews preparing to leave the place. At the moment, he has just entered another cave where he imaged would be just as empty with nothing but ruins.

"Well," Roger looked around while waving his favorite straw hat to fan away the heat and bugs, suddenly supported a huge pout. "Another empty cave! I thought this would be more fun than this!"

For a few minutes, he just looked around. Just when he was about to leave, a booming voice resounded in the cave.

"Please wait, Pirate King."

Roger really wasn't expecting anyone's voice to be calling out. He didn't sensed anything with his Observation Haki either. Thus, when he heard the sudden voice, his body unconsciously released a huge blast of Conqueror's Haki throughout the cave.

Quickly Roger turn around in battle stance with one hand on his sword and the other on his gun.

"Who's there?!" Roger yelled. He didn't pull out his weapons, but his eyes was sharp and guarded.

A minute passed, no one answered.

"Who called me?" Roger called again while his eyes busily searching wherever he could see. "Come out here!"

Ghostly laughter was heard coming from deeper in the cave, the unknown voice finally answered. "Relax, Pirate King. I mean neither you nor your crew any harm."

Minimally, Roger relaxed a bit. He removed the hand from his gun but kept touching his sword. "Whoever you are, come out where I can see you if you wanna talk to me!"

"I must apology, King, as I cannot move from my place," the ghostly weak voice said. "If you would please come deeper into the cave, we would be able to talk to each other without all this yelling."

A small corner of his lip shifted into a smile. Roger walked deeper into the cave without another word.

Twenty minutes, Roger walked passed ruins and empty chests. The small smile has left with tension slipped back in. When he was looking around earlier, the cave wasn't this deep. Roger can't help himself with worry and suspicion.

Finally, Roger saw a small light a few feet ahead of him. A cloaked figure sat in front a small fire. The smoke got out from an opening above the figure's head where you can see the moonlight shone without obstructions.

Expertly hiding away his tension and relaxed his shoulders, Roger approached the fire and the figure without hesitation or fear.

"I was the only one that's yell, ya know, mate?" Roger said with a smile as he sat down on the ground opposite of the still cloaked man.

Chuckled in that ghostly voice, the figure who sounded like a man said. "Yes, of course. That's why this is really for your benefit than mine, Pirate King."

Waving a hand at him, Roger laughed. "I aren't the King of anyone. Just call me Roger would be fine."

"As you wish, Roger," the man said with a smile you can hear from his voice.

"Let's just get to the point, mate," Roger's expression quickly turn to a serious one. "Who are you? No, what are you? Why can't I sense you with my Haki?"

"Hehehe, of course you can't sense me," the man answered, still with a smile that sound like teasing. "After all, I'm not the same as you."

With sharp eyes, Roger tried to look and see passed the cloak. "You saying you aren't a human?"

"That's right, Pirate King," the cloak shifted as if the man nodded.

"Then what are—"

"What I am is not important," a bony hand came out and interrupted Roger. "All you need to know is that I am here to help you, the only man who conquered Grandline and reached this last island Raftel."

"What—" Roger was just about to asked him for what when he was interrupted again.

"You are going to surrender yourself soon, are you not, Pirate King?" The cloak man asked in that ghostly voice of his.

Roger tensed. His hands that was relaxing by his sides suddenly snapped back to his weapons, but he said nothing to that.

"Hehehe," the man laughed. "Relax, Roger. As I said before, I mean no harm to you or your crews."

"What do you want with me?" Roger asked warily. He slowly removed his hands from his weapons.

Chuckled softly, the man repeated. "I am only here to help you."

"What are you going help me with?" Roger asked, now curious about this whole situation. "I'm a dead man walking. I have no farther dreams except passing on my legend to my soon-to-be born son."

The cloak shifted. Now two bony hands in full view. One finger pointed at Roger. "That, is exactly what I will help you about."

"What do you mean?"

"What if I tell you that your son would not live passed age 20?"

Roger tensed again, but slowly relaxed. Then he laughed and then grinned. Looking straight at the man opposite the fire, Roger answered grinning still. "As long as he live a life without regret, I would be proud of him no matter what."

Chuckled as if he expected it, the man pointed a bony finger at Roger. "And if he grow up hating you and the world? Most of all, if he hates himself the most and thinking if only he wasn't born?"

Before Roger could answered, the man asked another question. "What if your wife died right after giving birth to him?"

This time, Roger closed his eyes. In his mind, Rouge's beautiful face smiled at him. With a deep breath, Roger finally said quietly. "If that is how life is, I would accept it without regrets. No matter how much my son or daughter may hated me, I'm still their father. As for Rouge…" Roger opened his eyes and grinned again. "She's a strong as hell of a woman, and I know she won't regret anything either if she did die giving birth to our child."

For a few minute, only the crackling fire could be heard. Then the man suddenly laughed loudly in a suddenly younger and stronger voice.

Roger merely continued to grin at the sight.

When the cloaked man stopped laughing, he said and crossed his hands together. "I like you, bearer of D."

"Why, thank you," Roger dramatically bowed while still sitting down. "But I must refuse your lovely confession as I already have my beloved Rouge to shower my love."

Snickering softly, the man said nothing to that but looked to the fire when it suddenly popped loudly. When the man's hidden sight shifted back to Roger, the man's whole outward appearance changed.

The cloak disappeared in dust and a young man appeared dressed in complete black clothes with a sword strapped to his waist. The young man has blue sharp eyes and blond waist-long hair. What used to be bony hands, now was tanned with battle scars and strong muscles.

Roger merely whistled softly as he gave the young man another look over. Other than that, he said nothing.

The young man, now sitting with his back straight and hands on his knees, met straight at Roger's intense eyes.

"What if I said I can give you a chance to see the future that would happened after you died?" The young man said solemnly without any sign that he's joking or lying.

Roger sat up straighter and hands on his crossed legs. All laughing, chuckling, grinning gone from his expression while a thoughtful and calculating one took its place. Inwardly, although he couldn't use Haki, Roger's instincts told him this person, or whatever he is, told no lies and could be trusted.

About five minutes passed, after another crackling sounded from the fire, Roger asked calmly. "What's the use of knowing the future if it's already decided? And what would you get out of showing me?"

Smiled, the young man asked. "What if knowing the future, you can change it? Would you like to see it then, Gol D. Roger?"

Head lean to the side with his arms crossed, Roger repeated. "Again, what would you get out of helping me change the future?"

"I cannot help you change the future," the young man shook his head. "All I can do is show you the future, but you can change it by making plans for important parts and people you want to save."

Roger's gaze moved to the fire. For a few minutes, he was silently thinking.

"Would it not cause troubles to everything else if I made any changes?"

Grinned, the young man's whole posture relaxed a bit. "Of course there would be certain problems appeared."

Roger opened his mouth and just about to say no when the young man raised a hand to stop him.

"But," the man now raised a finger, "it is time. Either way, the world would be changing. Your arriving here isn't the only reason I'm here. In exchange of you changing the future of your family and friends' death and time, your son's life would be joined with a bigger force and become what would save this world from destruction."

Roger's hands twitched but didn't reach for his weapons. "Save this world from destruction?"

The young man looked upward to the opening where you can see the half-moon tonight. "Yes," he answered in a sad voice. "The Marines and World Government's evil doings are destroying the balance of life. After your death, it would very possibly be the last generation of this world before everything returned to the point of Beginning."

The young man's gaze moved back to Roger. "In exchange to all the changes you would make, we," he waved a hand as if pointing out the whole universe, "would take your son's life, and also two more human boys' lives, to give this world another chance without starting from the very Beginning."

Roger's hands tensed and fisted. "I do not want to interfere my child's own journey and adventure." Roger said firmly. "I want him to make his own choice and be free and do whatever the hell he wants for himself."

Chuckled, the young man shook his head. "I expected nothing less." Looking straight at the soon-to-be father's eyes, the young man said calmly, "He will still be free. None of his freedom would be taken. This all is just a chance. Whether he and the other two boys would save the world or not, matters little. Though, they would be guided by their destiny."

"Still…" Roger hesitated.

"It is their destiny either way," the young man reassured Roger with a smile. "They would just be having a strong bond than the future you would see and your son would be living till the age of Time caught up to him."

Roger closed his eyes. Inwardly contemplative, Roger know deep down what he would chose in the end.

Squaring his shoulders and back, Roger looked at this mysterious stranger in front of him with resolution and deep instinctive trust.

"Fine," he finally agreed and accepted. "As long as he would be free still."

With a huge smile that matched a D's, the young man stood up and stepped in front of Roger with a hand forward for Roger to take. "Let's go then," the mysterious man said. "Take my hand and close your eyes. Then you would see everything that would happen if you don't change anything."

Following his instruction, Roger took the offered hand and closed his eyes. Suddenly, a deep darkness pulled him inward.

A small boy's crying voice and an exhausted Rouge who smiled and closed her eyes slowly…

A 5-year-old boy hugging an older Shanks with blood dripping on his left side standing in the water…

The boy hugging Shanks before now chasing a black haired older boy through the forest while being harshly treated…

One boy tying to a tree while two older boys arguing in front of the tree…

Garp's abusive so-called training and Fist of Love while chasing three boys…

In the middle surrounded by burning fire, two boys and a group pirate-like people arguing while the boys look like they want to run away…

In the sea, a small fishing boat with a boy got fired by a Celestial Dragon's ship…

The dark hair freckled teenager, now wore an orange hat, leaving the island…

The boy with scar below his left eye leaving the island…

Freckled teenager fights with Jimbei the fishman…

Freckled teen now support Whitebeard symbol on his back…

It was the nighttime on Whitebeard's ship. Thatch, Whitebeard's fourth Commander, face down on the floor while blood flooding out of his back wound, with Marshall D. Teach stood with a Devil Fruit and a knife…

Ace, the freckled boy, down on the ground while Teach laughing insanely above…

Ace chained to the scaffold…

The scarred straw hat boy holding Ace's bloody dying body…

In a forest, straw hat boy crying and destroying and hurting himself…

The mysterious stranger's voice whisper as Roger kept watching the straw hat boy who tried to bite Jimbei…..

"See? See? All those pain, all that suffering…Is that really Justice?" The young man's voice said sadly. "All that could be changed…Needs to be changed…The choice is in your hand now…What you need to change, what you must change, I will give you the last bit of help as a gift, Gol D. Roger, Pirate King."

At the young man's last word, before Roger could asked any questions, darkness pulled him in. All Roger could hear was a whispering good luck before he lost his consciousness.

With groan, Roger slowly opened his eyes and sat up. His head a bit dizzy and mind still cloudy from sleep. Shaking his head a bit, the pirate looked around when his eyes cleared from sleep.

At the moment, the pirate captain sat in front of a cave on the ground. Alarmed by his current posture, Roger's mind snapped to attention and checked his weapons and everything on him. After he's sure everything was still in place, very slowly, Roger remembered everything that happened before he woke up in his current situation.

Quickly, Roger's memories and the memories he saw came back. There was also information he had not known or seen before. But, what's most clearly in his mind was that mysterious stranger's unsaid urgency that only appeared when he wished Roger luck.

Thus, the sharp Pirate King jumped up and ran toward where his magnificent ship, the Oro Jackson, docked. On the way, Roger finally noticed that it was already close to middle night now. It seemed he had been in the cave at least 5-6 hours talking to that stranger.

As Roger got closer to his pride ship and well-loved crewmates, he could saw several people stood on land not far from the ship with a huge bonfire keeping them warm while they seem to be looking toward him.

A small grin slipped on when Roger saw Rayleigh, Shanks, and even that big red nose clown Buggy with several other crewmates jumped and yelled when they saw him.

Rayleigh, his best friend and partner, smirked at Roger's grin, but before he could reprimanded his captain for worrying everything, Rayleigh saw Roger's tensed shoulders. It was proved when Roger reached the group waiting for him although he still laughed and grinned at them.

When Roger's done soothing his ruffled and worried crewmates, Roger turned his attention to his first mate and partner. "Is the ship ready to set sail tomorrow?"

Rayleigh's eyes widen minimally because their plan was to leave in another two days, but then he answered calmly. "We have already resupplied everything we can here. Your orders are also done and complete. We are just waiting for your order, captain."

Roger clapped his first mate on the shoulder and turn sharply to the ship. "Good, we leave at the first light tomorrow."

Rayleigh followed behind his chosen captain matching his pace. "Where are we sailing next, Roger?"

Shanks, Buggy, and the others has drown the fire and now following the captain and first mate back to the ship.

With a foot on the ladder, Roger looked and grinned at his best partner, "We are gonna go see Whitebeard!"

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