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Throught the lands, there echos a legend. A legend that, despite it's obscurity, has found it's way to spread across the many nations of the world. A legend that originated in the Land of Hyrule. An isolated country, surrounded by desert to the West, and a never-ending forest to the right. It's a wonder that the land was even inhabited. But I am not here to tell you about the kingdom itself. No, I am here to tell you the story of a boy, no older than the age of 12. His name...


Link's destiny had been prewritten in stone, as many before him had also been. And he fufilled this destiny. By traveling through time itself, the boy had managed to seal and save his home. However, his adventure wasn't over after this. Once he was sent home to his original time, to live out the rest of his childhood, his dear friend that had accompanied him throught his entire journey, left him. Determined to return her to his side, Link set off to find his missing friend. During this journey, the young boy stumbled into the Land of Termina, a place that was about to be wiped from existance by a threat that, quite literaly, loomed over everyone.

He managed to save them from their terrible fate.

However, he never did find the friend he was looking for. So he turned his back to the kingdoms he had saved, and continued his search. Over time, he learned that he couldn't avoid conflict or adventure. So he welcomed it. He searched every corner of the land, not finding even a single clue on his friend's wherabouts. He almost gave up. That is until...

Present Day...

A young man, in a dusty leather cloak, rode atop a horse throught the small village he was in. The people ignored the traveller, something that they did quite often, in fact. The man stopped at a small Inn. Upon walking inside, the young lady working the counter took note of his arrival, and smiled brightly.

" Hello there, mister," she greeted warmly," How may I help you today?"

The man's voice was low, as if it hadn't been used very often, and given his appearance, the woman assumed it hadn't.

" A room. One night. And do you have any milk?"

The young lady couldn't see the man's face under his hood, but continued to smile anyways.

" No sir, I am afraid we don't have any milk here. It's too dusty to raise any animals around here. But I can get you a room. Just go upstairs and pick an empty one. We'll charge you in the morning."

The man seemed surprised by this.

" You have some pretty loose policies on this place, don't you?" His tone seemed sarcastic.

The lady's grin turned in to more of a smirk, and she scoffed." Tell it to my father. He owns the place."

The cloaked man lightly chuckled at her words." I see. Thank you."

The man began to go upstairs to the rooms, but he was stopped by the woman.

" What's your name, sir?"

The man turned, and smiled from under his cloak.

" Link."

The man turned and continued his acent before the woman replied. He looked around, and approached an empty room. The door pushed open, and he set his things on the floor around the bed. The room seemed nice enough, and he trusted that most of his belongings would be safe in the room once he locked it with the key that sat on the stand by the bed. It sucked carrying all of his things around. He'd keep the cloak and his weapons on him though. He had to be mysterious and edgy somehow. He knelt down by his things, and placed a hand on them, quietly whispering.

" I will be back soon. Until then...Nayru's Love."

A small blue crystal encased the items, making it to where no one but him could get to his things while he was gone. He stood back up, and headed out the Inn, and to a Bar on the other side of the village. He walked in, and immediatly gravitated to a bar seat. The Bartender came by, and looked at Link, scratching his cliche mustache.

" What you want, kid?"

Link thought for a moment." Just get me a glass of water. It's the second best thing I could get right now."

The Bartender shrugged." Whatever, kid. Tell me if you want something stronger though. I run this place of Alcohol money."

Link didn't reply to the Bartender, and simply placed a blue rupee on the counter. The Bartender set his glass down, and pushed the gem money back.

" Eh, don't sweat it kid. I just gave you some of the tap."

Link chuckled, and took a sip from the glass he was handed.

" So kid, what brings you to this little town. Most people just pass through us to get to the Big City about 10 miles from here."

Link finished his drink, his voice much clearer now.

" I came here on a journey to find a close friend." Link looked up to the man, and took his hood off, showing his blonde hair, blue eyes, and long, pointed ears. " Do you know of any Fairy Fountain's close by?"

The Bartender looked at Link momentarily." So you're from Hyrule, yeah? Nah, I haven't seen a Fairy Fountain in years, and there certainly ain't one around here. Sorry kid."

Link seemed dissapointed for a moment, but shrugged it off." Yeah, I figured. It seems like the further away from Hyrule I get, less and less Fairies are appearing."

The Bartender held up a hand." Lemme stop you there kid. I never said I haven't seen or heard about Fairies being in the area. In fact, just a couple miles west of here, there's a small temple that hasn't been used in centuries. People say they see fairies there pretty often. But they never can find the place twice. I know that one for a fact." The Bartender winked.

" 'Cause I've tried to head there several times myself."

Link looked hopeful, and a grin spread across his face.

" Thank you! I really appreciate your information."

The Bartender smiled in return." No problem, Kid. Come back anytime."

Link walked back out side, not even bothering to put his hood back on. Sadly, it was getting late, and while Link was no stranger to sleepless nights, he had a feeling that he was going to need plenty of energy when he went to search for the temple the next morning. His smile never left his face as he happily went back to the Inn, and immediatly passed out on his bed.

The next day...

Surprisingly, it wasn't very hard to find the temple. However, it seemed like the Bartender didn't mention that it was going to be extremely hard to get it. Several spirits roamed around the small temple, seemingly guarding it from possible intruders. Nothing the hero hadn't ever encountered before. But could you actually avoid a spirit that's influence was spread pretty far over the area, much less more than one. He knew that if he attempted to go in there he would be spotted, and he didn't want to risk whatever the spirits may do to him. Then, he remembered something that he had been carrying around with him.

" Why didn't I think of this sooner?"

He pulled out a small mask, shaped like a rock with eye holes, out of his bag, and put it on.

" If this thing still works its magic, these guys shouldn't be able to sense me, or see me at all."

He slowly made his way forward, spirits completely ignoring him as he gently entered the temple. He took the mask off, and looked around, knowing that he was alone. It was pretty dark in there, so he grabbed a torch off of the wall, and carefully lit it with Din's Fire. While he continued, he noticed the large construction, shaped like a large circle, with stairs leading up to it. At the top of the stairs, there was a stone pedistal, with engravings on it.

" Time. The concept of Time itself is rather complicated. It surrounds us, it ages us, it progresses us. Time moves at a constant forward. But what if someone were to slow, reverse, or even change Time? Simply put, what if someone had the ability to make one outcome, change into several different outcomes that co-exist in alternate realities with the original outcome. You know what I speak of, Hero of Time. The only Hylian that has been here in hundreds of years. You know what I speak of. Your friend is in one of these Alternate Universes. It called to her. Begged for her magic. She sensed it when you came back after killing the Demon King, and then telling Zelda of his evils. Go ahead, Hero. I know you can't resist a good adventure. Place your hand on the two pedestals next to this one. However, in doing so, you may not be able to come back. Do not worry. A Hero like you won't be needed for hundreds of years to come. Go ahead, Hero. Don't keep the Little Fairy waiting."

Link stood in disbelief at the the writings before him. Questions swarmed around his head, the one most prominent being how they knew the exact reason he was here. Finally, he knew where his friend had went. He looked at the hand shaped pillars carefully, comparing them to the size of his hand.

They were spot on.

He gently placed his hands on these pedistals, and a bright light burst from within the contraption, blinding the young Hero. He couldn't pull his hands away, the Triforce of Courage blazing strongly on his Left hand, and the Light in front of him also forming in a Triforce pattern. He felt a small tug from the light, then it got stronger, seemingly ripping his very being away from him. The light grew brighter and brighter, hurting the Hero's keen eyes.

Then everything went black.

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