Hey all.. It's been some time, huh?

Life, interests, and drama you've all heard millions of times before has gotten in the way of any sort of update or releases.

I'd honestly thought you'd all kinda forgotten about lil' ol me.

But, not Nutjob117. He curiously asked us what was going on, and let me know you hadn't.

After attempting sequels for a long time, I realised mr. emotional issues Jinn was kinda… annoying to have to write around… and, given past experiences… well…

We burned out quickly and wanted nothing to do with Cobalt for the longest time. We drabbled and wrote and tried other things, and found only a real fleeting interest with those.

After Nutjob117 contacted me, We- this is, my co-author and editor and former Beta Reader Saraphima- realised we had a rewrite of GfG we were both still mildly interested in, and have decided to have a go doing Cobalt Jinn justice after I- Yoshtar- basically took a wayward idea out back and put it down.

Writing up Lore for Metasoft helped as well.

True, True… You may have already noticed that Gaming for Glory 2.0 is already up, with a single chapter, 'Metasoft Lore'. We'll be putting some final, finishing touches on our reimagined GfG's Chapter 1 and spin it out to you ASAP.

The Lore will also allow you, the fans, to be able to write stories within the Metasoft Universe in a way that'll be at least somewhat consistent between them so it'll feel like they're all in the same universe. Kinda like the Star Wars books actually.

I would love to see whatever we've inspired in you as well. I encourage you to attempt writing your own fanfics, because you never really expect your own things to become super mega popular as a small indie, and it would make both of us feel honoured.

All we ask is that if you use our Metasoft Universe, try to keep established lore consistent. It'll be interesting to see and enjoyable to read, and we might even make some canon in the lore if we especially love it. I'll be setting up a Discord server eventually for you guys to be able to talk to us and for us all to throw ideas around on.

To all of you, the fans, I want to say thank you: Without you, GfG would have never happened in the first place. It was a wild ride from start to finish, and I hope loyal fans new and old like the new, reimagined GfG.

This has been Yoshtar

And Seraphima

See you in the next one.