I felt it in my heart first.

When my world was black oblivion, in that eternity of darkness when I knew neither my body nor my soul, for all I knew was ice – cold, implacable, lifeless… I felt it first in my heart. A lantern had always burned there anyway, in my heart, a guiding light of hope. In our girlhoods, father told us stories of how such lamps were lit each year for the princess of Corona, and in the same way, I always lit one within me for you, longing for your return. With that warmth already kindled for years, it is only natural the magic first worked upon my heart.

I felt it blossom in my chest, Elsa, spreading outward like the unfurling petals of a flower. In the moments before it started flowing all throughout my form, when so much of my body was still frozen, all I was conscious of was the love pulsing in my heart, the love that sent me, screaming, to your side. It was all of me that was. All of me. Then, steadily, I began to feel my limbs, feel them fresh and whole without the numbness that had been consuming them as I staggered across the fjord. The sheen of ice melted from my face. I blinked… and soon found myself looking into your beautiful eyes.

To hold you close was all I ever wanted.

Kissing you is like that, like that perfect moment of rebirth – something so sublime, so sacred, it can scarcely be described. To join hands with you again, yes, that is wonderful. So are the embraces we share. But to kiss you… To feel your tender lips pressed against mine, to savor the warmth of your tongue… That is bliss beyond imagining. That is the most intimate expression of our love. More lovely than chocolate. More splendid than the open gates.

Elsa, I adore you…