Women Trouble

Ricky winced as she used her arms to try to raise herself from the bed, but a sharp wave of pain shot through her abdomen, causing her to fall back on the bed. She had a bit of a headache too.

"Rick?" Brax gently pushed her hair back from her face. "Are you alright?"

Ricky nodded at him. "Brax, I'm fine"

"Are you sure?" He asked, with a sweet smile.

"Fine!" She almost yelled as a strong wave of pain hit her.

"Should I call Nate?" Brax asked, he hated seeing her in pain.

Ricky shook her head, her words buried by the pillow. "No" She didn't want to burden the doc, unless she absouately had to.

"Right" He felt helpless as he watched her lie there, her face screwed up with pain.

Searching in the cupboard, he found a box of paracetamol and filled a glass with water. He opened the fridge to search for the stash of chocolate he kept in there for emergencies. Well, it looked like this was an emergancy. He knew she had a hot water bottle somewhere, looking in the cupboard below the sink, he found it. He filled it up. He then returned upstairs.

"Here" He said as he handed them out to her. He put the bar of chocolate on the side.

"Cheers" She whispered, popping the pills in to her mouth and taking a gulp of water to wash them down with.

Brax stroked the back of her hand with his thumb as he continued to sit by her.

"I'm fine" She told him. "Why don't you go for a surf?"

Brax nodded, stood up, kissed her forehead and walked to the door, pausing and turning around. "Call me if you need anything" He smiled as he put the water bootle in her reach.

"I will" She replied, wishing she could go out on the waves with him. But, right now, all she wanted was for this pain to go away. She put the water bottle on her stomach.

Ricky was still in bed when Brax returned from his surf, all wet. But, she was now watching a DVD, anything to take her mind off the "monthly pain"

"Better?" Brax asked, now noticing that she had some colour back in her cheeks.

"Sure " She pecked him lightly on the lips. "Enjoy your surf?"

Brax nodded. "Yeah" he lay beside her, her head resting on his chest.

He knew he'd spend the rest of his life looking after her.

Just a quick one - shot. First story in which she isn't pregnant or has Casey.