Chapter 5: A Father-Son Moment

Humphrey's P.O.V.

I was there for only a few seconds before Stinky started to gloat that even though he is my son, that he was much faster and that was because he was an Alpha and Alphas…

I swear, this constant blabbering is going to be the end of me.

"Hey Stinky, stay out here and war- TELL me if you see Lilly coming."

"Why?" he asked so 'Alpha-ly'.

I took a deep breath and answered, "Just do it for me, okay?"


I walked into the den assuming that Runt was there, but to my surprise, Lilly was there as well.

"Oh, Lilly, w-what are you doing here? Sinky told me that he saw you go out."

She looked at me strangely, "I did go out, but I thought that you'd be much more concerned with Runt at the moment."

"Um um, yes, but I was hoping to have a private conversation with him, ya'know?"

"Oh! Well. Sorry, I thought you. I. I'll leave."

As I watched her leave, I felt a huge relief - almost a joy - flow through my body, one I haven't quite felt since Kate and I's howl on the train.

"Dad? Why are you looking at Lilly like that?"

I shook my head in order to get out of my joyous daze. "Hmm? Oh no! I promise you nothing like that, just - something else."


Damn it! Why won't he just listen!

I walked over to where Runt was lying and sat down next to him. "You know Runt, I really don't appreciate how you were accusing your mother."

"Yeah, well… you were too."

I sighed, "I know what you were thinking, and it's all because of me. I know that I've been being paranoid about your mother leaving for this trip, but I'm supposed to be the strong one in this. Kate left me in charge while she was gone. I have to play the role of Alpha more than I ever have, and it's much harder than I ever anticipated. I promised her that I would become an Alpha for her, and all at the same time keep my Omega personality." I took a moment to think about what I was saying, trying to decide if it was entirely true or not. "And while she is gone, I have to be completely an Alpha. And I know that I am not nearly as strong or agile as her, but I will do my best. And…"



"I understand."

"Really? Just like that? Wow, I thought it would be a longer explanation and…" I closed my eyes in realization, "You just want me to shut up don't you?"


"Fine, but I need you to promise me that you'll never run away from me like that again. Or at least until Kate," I shook my head, "...until your mother, gets back."

He gave me a strange look after that. "Are you serious Dad? Did you not hear what I said about making false promises shortly ago?"

"C'mon now. Just try to listen. You're the Omega child of the family. It's not just about me looking after you, it's also about you keeping the fun."

That seemed to lift his mood.

"Really Dad? Do you really mean that?"

"Yes, I do. Now let's put this thing behind us. Alright?"


Thank God that's over.

Runt and I walked outside the Den, where Stinky was seemingly questioning Lilly about different things. I caught him ask something about what female Omegas do for fun.

Why does the oldest have to be the biggest idiot?

I walked over to them, and greeted Stinky with a, "Where's my alert?"

"I thought that it would be okay if I told you as she came, but considering she came from inside the den."

"I'm just messing with you." You moron. "I need to talk with Aunt Lilly for a moment, so it would be nice if you would take your questions and bother Runt with them instead." He gave me a confused look that I could only answer with another confuzed answer. "What?"

"But Dad, Runt's not a… or is he, or she, a…"

"What? No!" I knew he was a moron. "I was just saying you should ask him questions. He is as much a 'guy' as you are."

He looked shocked. "Wait, does that mean that I'm…"


"Oh thank God. You know, you should be a little more clear with your words."

Shut up now!

Thankfully for me and my sanity's sake, Lilly stepped in. "Here Stinky, I was talking with Runt and he was saying that he knew how to beat you in a race. I want to see if it will work."

He replied with a cocky chuckle, "My Omega brother truly believes that he can beat his Alpha brother in a race. I think not!"

You hardly think at all.

And with that Stinky just took off towards Runt, shouting smack talk. At least he can do that.

Lilly spoke first, "So why did you need a lookout? I mean, no one has ever put me as a threat before. And I doubt you would either."

"About that." Truth? Lie? "I didn't want you to walk in on Runt and I's conversation, and Stinky said you were already out." Lie.

"Well, if that's all, it seems a bit extensive."

Truth? Lie? Truth? Lie?

"I wanted to talk to you about earlier. I didn't mean to startle you. I."

"What are you talking about?"

"What? You know, earlier, when I, growled at you."

"You're worrying about that? Humphrey, I live with an Alpha too. You don't think it can get a bit stressful sometimes. I mean, sometimes I want to burst out, and I don't even have any pups. I don't know how you've gone this far without an outbreak."

I stood there for a moment in shock. Is that a truth or a lie? "You're not BS-ing me right now, right?"

"I swear you sometimes treat me as if I was still a pup. I'm only slightly younger than Kate - not even a whole season. Us Omegas may have just won a right that was denied for countless generations, but we are still not seen nearly as important as Alphas. And…" she suddenly broke into tears.

"What's wrong, I've never seen you like this."

"Nothing of your concern. I've already gone on about too much."

"Lilly, you can trust me. If you have anything to say to me that you don't want Garth to hear, I promise you that you can tell me."

She looked back up at me with her violet eyes, with tears and all. "This isn't just Garth. It involves Kate too, and my Parents, and even your friends Salty and them."

I started to feel concerned. What could she possibly be worrying about that concerns all of them. "What about them?"

The tears started to clear from her eyes, but I could still see sorrow in her; that and something else. "I really don't think you understand the severity of the situation. If I tell you, you will have to make a life changing decision. If I don't, you can continue living how you have been. There is no going back. And I mean it, it… GET DOWN!"

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