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Chapter 1

The Will to Act

The Sun was shining through a crack in the window of a small house in one of the poorest districts of Honn ō City. The city, an artificial island that towered in Tokyo Bay, held a commanding view of the distant Tokyo Settlement, and even the Viceroy's palace could be glimpsed. Both the city's size and the island of Honnō City made for an impressive and awe-inspiring sight; one that impressed tourists, as well as those looking upon it from a distance. However, the city itself was different from other cities in the world; especially for those who lived within it.

At the top of the mountain-like city sat the crown jewel of the island: Honnōji Academy.

Unlike most schools, its unique structure was directly tied to the standard of living and social status of the city residents. The lowest levels of the city, the slums, were where the no-star students and their families lived. Their homes, as their status would indicate, were run-down and in a terrible state of disrepair. In some ways, it was worse than the ghettos that the Elevens, formerly Japanese, had been forced to live in after Japan was defeated by Britannia.

In many ways, Honnō City could be seen as a city-sized scale model of what the Britannian Empire was like. Whenever a country was conquered, much like Japan, its native population was subjugated, and they became known by the number of their "area." It was possible to apply for citizenship and become an "Honorary Britannian." This would grant numbers a better life, but it would directly expose them to the Britannians' venomous prejudice and racism. Although this was not shared by every single Britannian, it was something that was encouraged, given that the Britannian Empire was built around Social Darwinism.

At Honnōji Academy, those who proved themselves by becoming part of a club could obtain a one-star Goku uniform, which, aside from giving students superhuman powers, would instantly have the student and their family elevated to a higher standing. One-star families were allowed to move to the cleaner and more comfortable one-star district. Now, if one became a club president, or earned the right through other means, they would be granted a two-star uniform and permission to move up to the two-star district, a lavish area filled with luxury.

One could only guess what the three-star district was like, but very few earned such a distinction.

The door opened to the small room of the tiny, run-down apartment. Its sole inhabitant was a black-haired young man who was sleeping soundly in bed. The door was opened by a dark purple sailor uniform. The uniform was militaristic and regal, with its gold trim, high collar, and gold shoulder epaulets. It had a pair of what seemed to be eyes located on the neck lapel. On the upper part of the right sleeve was a gold metal band with three clasps. The matching pants were attached to the top by a pair of suspenders. Strangely, it waddled into the room and climbed onto a chair to look down at the sleeping young man.

With what could be described as signs of annoyance in its eyes, the uniform opened itself up and pulled out a small tape player and a pair of headphones. The living article of clothing carefully put the headphones on the young man's ears, made sure the volume was all the way up and hit the play button. The young man's eyes snapped open, and he nearly jumped out of bed as Bugle Call: Reveille blasted in his ears.


He scrambled to knock the headphones off of his ears. The uniform then calmly collected the tape recorder, turned it off, and waited for the young man to fully awaken.

Sitting up in bed, the young man rubbed his eyes with his hands as he realized it was morning. Once he was fully awake, he glared at the uniform sitting on the chair.

"You couldn't think of a better way to wake me up?"

"You didn't like the idea of me dumping ice water on you, so this was my alternative."

"Fine," The young man said before letting out a yawn and stretching his arms.

"Now get out of bed and eat what I made for you. No wearer of mine is going to leave without a decent breakfast," the uniform said as it leaped down from the chair and waddled out of the room. "Hurry, Lelouch, or you'll be late," it called after a moment.

With a sigh, the young man, Lelouch Lamperouge, clad in a black robe, climbed out of bed and made his way to the kitchen, where the talking uniform, whose voice only he could hear, was waiting for him. If anyone else had seen the scene, they would have laughed at the absurd impossibility of a talking uniform cooking breakfast, but here it was, happening. It stood on a chair having just finished making some strips of bacon. For a living article of clothing, it was a surprisingly good cook.

"You should consider taking a night or two off. Your late night activities aren't good for your health," the uniform noted before depositing the bacon onto a plate with scrambled eggs and two pancakes.

"I suppose it wouldn't hurt to lay low for a few days, Reiketsu," Lelouch said to his companion as he entered the small kitchen to enjoy breakfast.

"You've caused quite a stir in the last six months. Last night we taught the Cooking Club a lesson, and we're enjoying the spoils of war for breakfast," the living article of clothing said.

"The way they held their cooking drives for the sake of the more privileged students was enough to make me sick," Lelouch said with disgust. "To make it worse, they forced the no-stars to perform humiliating tasks and clean-up to get a mere plate."

"So, how long before we go after the Student Council?"

"Maybe in the next few months, but we should trim down the numbers of their supporters first. Unlike some of the club leaders, her minions aren't pushovers." Lelouch said before eating breakfast.

"Meh…you worry too much, but when the time comes, we'll show them my power. On my word as a Kamui, I'll prove to you that I am more than a match for those cheap knock-offs those four clowns are wearing." Reiketsu said proudly.

"You have proven your power and abilities to me on more than one occasion," Lelouch said with a confident smirk.

After Lelouch ate his breakfast, he went into the bathroom to shower. Lelouch quickly dried off after his shower and found that Reiketsu was waiting for him, eager to be put on. Once it was done, Reiketsu changed his appearance until he was a standard, dull gray school uniform. The disguise prevented other students from discovering that Reiketsu was a Kamui. From what Lelouch had learned, Kamui was far more potent than any Goku uniform, even the three-star uniforms worn by the student council elite four.

Lelouch locked the windows and door of his house and then stepped outside. He turned and began the trip to school, passing the home of his next-door neighbor. The house was small, which Lelouch knew was hard on the family that lived in it. It had a neon-lit sign on top of the little house that read: The Mankanshoku Back-Alley Clinic!

Unfortunately, the clinic's only claim to fame was that its doctor had killed more people than he saved.

"Good Morning Lelouch!"

Seemingly out of nowhere, a young girl about his age charged through the air at him. She had brown hair, styled into a bowl-cut, and amber eyes. She was wearing the standard Honnōji Academy uniform: a white, short-sleeved shirt, a blue neckerchief, and a blue mini-skirt. The girl gave her friend a very clingy hug; her usual greeting. Lelouch did nothing to stop it because he knew that she was a force of nature and there was no stopping her. Once she got going, nothing could stop her.

"Good morning Mako," Lelouch told Mako Mankanshoku in a friendly tone.

"Did you sleep well did you eat well? Because you are always welcome to come to my place for dinner or breakfast at any time," the girl happily offered to Lelouch, who lightly smiled at the eternally optimistic girl.

"Thank you kindly for the offer Mako, but I don't want to impose on you and your family," the young man replied politely.

It wasn't that he disliked Mako and her family, but he found the meals they cooked, especially the Mystery Croquettes made by Mako's mother, Sukuyo, questionable because of the unknown and non-poisonous ingredients used in their making. The first time Lelouch had seen one of the Croquettes, he could have sworn it had still-living earthworms trying to wriggle out.

"Nonsense! My mom and daddy would be happy to have you!"

"Uh, I'll think about it," Lelouch said before changing the subject. "By the way, did you hear that explosion from the academy last night?"

Mako gave it some serious thought before dropping a fist into an upturned hand.

"Nope I think I was asleep," Mako replied, which only made Lelouch shake his head in amusement.

Mako may not be all there, but she makes for much better company than the parasites pretending to be students, Lelouch thought.

Later that morning, Lelouch was sitting in class as the teacher, Mr. Mikisugi, wrote notes on the chalkboard. He was a middle-aged man with messy, blue hair, a bent back, and an unsteady gait. His outfit consisted of a loose, white shirt with a black tie, jeans, and a pair of large, reflective glasses.

Lelouch was apparently not interested in the lesson. He looked to his right and saw Mako sleeping, as she usually did. He was envious that he couldn't join her. Their teacher didn't seem very enthusiastic, either.

"In 1862 A.T.B. Queen Elizabeth III retreated to Edinburgh following the loss of London, but shortly after, a revolutionary militia arrived, arrested her and forced her to abdicate, ending the monarchy. This event became known as The Humiliation of Edinburgh. However, before Queen Elizabeth could be handed over to Napoleon, Sir Ricardo von Britannia, Duke of Britannia, and his friend and subordinate, Sir Richard Hector, Knight of One, brought Elizabeth III and her followers to the New World. There, on the east coast of North America, they established a capital. The British Isles fell under the control of the European Union and a new government was established."

The lesson, to both Lelouch's relief and worry, was interrupted by the sound of the classroom's metal door being kicked in. Despite his reservations, Lelouch kept his face stoic. After a few more kicks, the door flew in, knocked back several front-row students from the sheer force, destroyed the teacher's podium and hit the window in the opposite wall, cracking it. Then the door bounced off the broken window and crashed into the front row, destroying several desks and dislodging even more students.

"Uh…we're in the middle of a lesson?" Mr. Mikisugi said timidly as the dust from the forced entry began to settle.

A large, intimidating young man stepped into the room. This intimidating presence was only enhanced by the fact that his gray and white uniform bore spikes on its shoulders. He had smooth blonde hair, a brown skin tone, and fierce brown eyes.

"I AM ON OFFICIAL BUSINESS!" the imposing man snapped.

Mr. Mikisugi panicked and quickly got on his knees like some of the other students, all wearing dull, gray uniforms with a black star trimmed in white on the center, filed into the room. Their hair was completely uniform: dark brown with a bowl-cut. Even their skin complexion was the same pale color. The man who had inspired such fear in Lelouch's homeroom teacher turned his head towards the rest of the stunned classroom; at least, those who were still conscious after his dramatic entrance.

"I am the Disciplinary Committee Chairman…Ira Gamagōri!" Ira announced to the classroom at the top of his lungs, which, surprisingly, did nothing to wake Mako from her slumber. "Students of Class K! It has come to our attention that there is someone among you who intends to bring harm to Honnōji Academy! So STEP FORWARD AND ACCEPT YOUR PUNISHMENT!"

Lelouch was confident it wasn't him since he had been careful to cover his tracks, but his eyes began searching the room, wondering who the guilty party was.

This is the third one this week…either these people are getting desperate, or they are just looking for a way to commit suicide, Lelouch thought. I'll bet this is about a one-star uniform, like the last two.

In a typical school, the theft of a uniform might not have been taken seriously, but in Honnōji Academy it was a very different story. These thefts were taken very seriously. Thanks to the superhuman enhancements they could grant, Goku uniforms were the target of many resistance groups seeking to free Japan, rival schools, or a competitor of the company that was Honnōji Academy's benefactor and creator. None of these groups had successfully stolen a Goku uniform, possible thanks to the ludicrous level of security surrounding them. Lelouch even suspected that the uniforms had trackers placed in them if the Disciplinary Committee's reaction time was any indicator.

Looking around again, Lelouch saw the culprit; the shifting of his eyes, excessive sweat, and a tight grip on his school bag gave him away. The culprit had smooth, black hair, green eyes, a slim build, and looked a bit too old to be in high school.

That unfortunate idiot is a dead man,Lelouch reasoned internally. Unlike other academies, breaking specific rules in Honnōji academy could, and often did, result in a death sentence.

Realizing he had been caught, the man kicked over his desk and dropped both a tear gas bomb and a flashbang. Lelouch made sure to close his eyes and hold his breath before the explosives went off.

Lelouch didn't even need to see what would happen next, as he could picture it all in his mind's eye. It would play out much like the previous incidents. The student would run out of the classroom in the resulting confusion, trying to make a mad dash for the academy's exit, all while failing to realize who they were up against. Ira Gamagōri, one of the most loyal and determined of the student council Elite Four, was head of the Disciplinary Committee for a reason. So, he did not have a problem leaping out of the window from the third floor to intercept the student and crush whatever hope he had of escaping.

Gamagōri will either end it there or push the thief to wear the Goku Uniform he stole, justto humiliate the fool, even more, when he's crushed,Lelouch thought with a stoic expression on his face. Judging by the sound of fighting outside, Gamagōri had gone with the latter option.

Lelouch sighed before shaking his head at the thief's stupidity.

"You would think they would have realized using the same tactics to escape with stolen Goku Uniforms is hopelessly useless," Reiketsu commented.

Lelouch didn't say anything since only he could hear his Kamui, but he silently agreed.

"SO WHAT WERE YOU PLANNING ON DOING WITH THAT GOKU UNIFORM?" Ira shouted as he inevitability turned the tables on the student. A one-star uniform was no match for Ira's three-star uniform.

In sheer physical might alone, Ira Gamagōri is without question the strongest among the Elite Four. Unless that guy stole a three-star uniform, that unfortunate idiot is as good as dead,Lelouch thought with a bored expression. He then took out a crossword puzzle and began to solve it.

"So are you from the Japan Liberation Front or are you a spy for Naniwa High School?" Ira shouted from outside, shortly before delivering a vicious beat down on the spy. Lelouch personally believed that he was JLF, based on the military-grade equipment he had.

And the Japanese still cling to the hope the JLF will liberate Japan, even though seven years have passed and nothing has changed.

"You are unfit to wear that uniform…TAKE IT OFF!"

And it's over…he took a little longer with that one. I guess he wanted to make a better example, which is to be expected since this was the third attempt in a week.

Outside, in the academy's vast courtyard, events had gone as Lelouch expected, but anyone with a good head and some common sense would have easily deduced the outcome, given that the thefts were usually stopped within an hour.

Ira Gamagōri recovered the uniform, quickly, but neatly, folded it, dusted it off, and handed it to one of his subordinates.

"LISTEN UP! Students of Honnōji Academy…Satsuki Kiryuin, your student council president and Viceroy of Area 11, created the laws of this school," Ira Gamagōri shouted, his voice booming throughout the academy. "As long as I am alive, those rules will be upheld."

Suddenly, almost on cue, a blinding light could be seen from the top of the academy's tallest structure. Lelouch ignored it, but he somehow felt that she would have something to say as well.

"Lady Satsuki," Ira Gamagōri said with a respectful bow, before commanding, "TEN-HUT! All hail your student council president, Satsuki Kiryuin!"

The various one-star uniform students all saluted in respect as a loud heel click could be heard clearly from the top of the tower on which she stood. She was a year older than Lelouch, with long, waist-length black hair, a slim figure and piercing blue eyes that would make even the bravest of men think twice before crossing her. Her white uniform a mix of militaristic and regal apparel that fit her well. Her sheathed katana only added to her intimidating appearance. Even though she was an Eleven, there was no question that she was the most powerful woman in Japan. The Emperor himself had given her complete control of Area 11, a sign of just how much power and influence her family held.

Satsuki and her mother were the only two numbers to ever be granted full Britannian citizenship. Those who grumbled at the idea were swiftly proven wrong when Satsuki established Honnōji Academy, a true embodiment of Britannian ideals. They were utterly silenced when Satsuki was given the viceroyship of Area 11, and she had cleaned out most of the government corruption within a year and had brutally put down all but the most powerful rebel factions.

"Fear is freedom! Subjugation is liberation! Contradiction is truth! Those are the facts of this world! And you will all surrender to them, you pigs in human clothing!" Satsuki declared, her voice echoing throughout the academy.

Most of the students were opportunistic parasites. Satsuki Kiryuin and her Elite Four were different. They were all intelligent, driven, and brutal. Satsuki herself was the most dangerous of them. In addition to the traits she shared with the Elite Four, she was also cold and calculating. Defeating her would be no easy task, but Lelouch knew that he had to do it.

If I am to rise up and crush Britannia, and that man, then I must defeat Satsuki Kiryuin, her Elite Four, and take control of Honnōji Academy,Lelouch thought. He would relish the challenge of overcoming Kiryuin, but he would move cautiously. If I can't beat someone like you, then I have no chance against Britannia.

After the morning's excitement, the Elite Four met Satsuki in her chambers. Though the theft of the Goku uniform had been resolved, there was still an agenda to attend to. Specifically, trying to deal with a certain someone that was fast becoming a thorn in their side.

"Zero struck again, and this time he took out the Cooking Club," a member of the Elite Four noted.

He wore a pair of blue tinted glasses, had short blue hair, was thin and was tall, especially compared to his more athletic compatriots. His uniform was similar to Gamagōri's but less intimidating. It had a high collar, hard drives hanging from the belt and there was light blue wiring connecting his sleeves to his shoulders.

Hōka Inumuta sat at a small bar with a drink. Using his personal laptop, he scrolled through all the data he had collected on Zero over the past six months, all while casually enjoying his drink.

"So what happened? Did he go after them because they wouldn't serve French fries or something?"

The member who had just spoken, a man who was the same age as Hōka and Satsuki, had a far more athletic build that Hōka did. He had messy, brown hair and green eyes. He wore a white coat, open, in style consistent with the other members' uniforms, over a green shirt. The look was completed with white pants and boots to match his coat.

"But seriously what did they do to provoke that guy?" Uzu Sanageyama, the head of the Athletic Committee, asked when no one laughed at his joke.

"Wow! So the monkey hasn't heard!"

The new voice belonged to the only female member of the Elite Four. She was the same age as Satsuki, and had known her since kindergarten, and was the shortest of her peers. She had short pink hair, accented by red eyes. Her three-star Goku uniform was modeled after a marching band outfit, with a large hat to go with it. Scarily, the cap had a monkey skull on the top. Her look was completed with the pink baton she held in her hands. She was lying on a sofa filled with cute stuffed animals, a massive contrast to how brutal she could be when angered.

"I guess the word is that Zero got pissed when he found out that the club president was going to purge two of its members in a giant fryer. Zero went in and saved them, and he took out the entire club in the process," Nonon Jakuzure, the chairwoman of the Non-Athletic Committee, answered.

"She is correct on that account, and that would fit with Zero's MO," Hōka, the Information and Strategy Committee Chair, added before adjusting his glasses. "Frustratingly, we have no idea what Zero looks like. The only fact we have to go on is that those who have encountered him confirm that he is male."

"So, what you're saying, is that none of them managed to get his mask off? Even though they all had one-star uniforms and their president had a two-star?" Uzu Sanageyama asked, lying back on the sofa, feet propped on a coffee table. He shared his fellow members' feelings of frustration regarding Zero.

Satsuki Kiryuin had been sitting the entire time quietly, listening to the exchange with a stoic expression upon her face. She was sitting in her chair, though it could easily be called a throne, one leg folded over the other, sword in one hand and a cup of tea in the other. An elderly gentleman with white hair and dark brown eyes stood by her side.

"All members of the Cooking Club are at this moment demoted to no-star status," Satsuki said calmly, stoic expression unchanging as she sipped her tea. "It's time that we put a bounty on Zero. Any student who brings me proof of his identity will instantly be promoted to two-star status. Those who falsify information for their own benefit will be punished," she ordered strictly. The others, however, didn't flinch at her tone. They knew her goal. "Inumuta will verify any information we receive. Gamagōri will be in charge of apprehending Zero."

The Disciplinary Committee Chairman bowed his head respectfully, responding with, "Yes Lady Satsuki."

"Should Inumuta find the information to be false, I'll leave the punishment to you."

"Of course." Ira Gamagōri replied with a hard look in his eyes.

Satsuki's butler, Mitsuzō Soroi, poured the young woman another cup of tea, who took a sip. After allowing a moment for the bitter liquid to travel down her throat, Satsuki took a look at one of the photos of Zero. He was male judging from previous pictures and reports, but the tattered black cloak he wore covered up most of his body. From what was visible, it seemed that he wore black gloves and boots to match the mask that frustratingly concealed his identity. As the members of the student council continued talking amongst one another, their leader gazed into the picture, the wheels in her head turning.

He can't be an amateur. The fact that he can take out entire clubs before the Disciplinary Committee arrives is proof of that, Satsuki thought. She just couldn't determine the culprit's motivation or the method he used to take down an entire club, including a president equipped with a two-star uniform. Our initial belief that Zero is a club president, possessing a two-star uniform, trying to take out other clubs for his own gain was wrong. The Sewing Club hasn't produced a two-star uniform capable of taking out an entire club.

Putting the picture down, Satsuki closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and continued to sip her tea.

Satsuki stopped sipping her tea, opting to instead swirl it in its cup as she contemplated Zero's actions. Over the six months since Zero's first reported appearance, she ruled out that he was a spy from another school. He never sought to steal uniforms, and he focused more on saving no-stars from execution. There were even reports of him providing humanitarian aid to them using the supplies of the clubs he'd vanquished.

And now Zero has begun acceleratingthe black-haired woman noted sourly. When Zero had started, he only struck once every few weeks. Now he strikes nearly once every week. Zero has been cautious up until now, so what changed? Is he becoming overconfident or is there some unknown factor at work?

An argument had broken out among the Elite Four members, but Satsuki ignored it, focusing on her thoughts.

One of the photos reveals that he wields a blade, which must be similar to my own sword,Satsuki thought, taking a moment to glance down at the blade that lay next to her chair, sitting in its white sheath. It was Bakuzan, her signature weapon since she was young, capable of cutting through almost anything, Goku uniforms included. Judging by the fact that the Goku Uniforms each Club wore had been destroyed, it was logical to assume Zero had a similar weapon, though she wished to believe otherwise. How did he acquire such a sword?No one outside of my family should have the means to produce a blade like that.

The last thing plaguing Satsuki was the fact that no one ever reported injuring Zero. He always defeated the clubs, evaded the Disciplinary committee, and escaped unharmed. All the testimonies stated that nothing was able to hurt him.

If he doesn't have a Goku Uniform of his own…then, he must possess strength and skill equal to my own. Or he has… Satsuki stopped short. There was an explanation for his power, but it was impossible that he'd have one; laughable even. She mentally slapped herself for thinking of something so foolish.

"Instruct the clubs to hold off on any planned purges of the no-stars," Satsuki ordered as an idea came to mind. Her command halted the argument between the other members.

"I see…you want to set a trap," Hōka said, smiling under his high collar.

"He'll recognize it's a trap, but we need to draw him out. That is why if any of you hear of any clubs planning to purge one of their members, they are to await instructions from me before proceeding." Zero's actions indicated that he was highly intelligent. He'd probably be able to see it as a trap. But, if they used a student that was genuinely going to be purged, it would add an extra layer of authenticity, and prove that much more effective at drawing out Zero.

I'll draw you out into the open, Zero, and then we'll see what you are really like, Satsuki swore to herself. Her plan was set. Now all she needed was someone to act as bait.

A/N: yes and you people read right…this time Satsuki Kiryuin isn't only the Student Council President of Honnōji Academy, but also the Viceroy of Area 11 having replaced Clovis for his less than stellar track record. He is still alive though if you guys are wondering and he'll appear later as well. So how is that for a game changer as in some ways Satsuki is more of an effective and dangerous Viceroy than Clovis and to some extent even Cornelia, because unlike the Goddess of Victory the new Viceroy is more than willing to use people like Suzaku to get the job done. So it goes without saying Lelouch has his work cut out for him, but the next chapter will offer some insight into how Lelouch obtained his Kamui. Following chapters will show how Lelouch met Isshin Matoi and became involved in current events.

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