It was once again and unfortunately, another hot day in the Kalos region for our heroes. They were having lunch and while they are eating, Serena comes by with her sugary poke puffs, but there's only 7 crumbs of it left, since chespin ate them all. Pancham has an angry reaction to this and starts fighting with chespin. A few seconds after the fighting session just started, Serena and Clemont try to end it in a peacefully way.

SERENA and CLEMONT: (yelling at the same time) STOP!

They continuing duking it out across the field. They bump into a girl's smoochum and her farfetch'd. The girl then asks what Serena and Clemont are doing to her pokemon and asks if those ill mannered pokemon are theirs'.

SERENA: Well Nini, i guess you don't remember me since my hair cut.

NINI: (yelling and feeling shocked) OH MY GOSH.

NINI: (shocked) Long time no see my gal pal.

SERENA: Long time no see to you too.

SERENA: So you still think that me and Clemont have ill mannered pokemon?

NINI: Just a little bit.

SERENA: I'll ignore that.

CLEMONT: Me too.

ASH: Have you been keeping busy?

NINI: I have been with dancing, training, and performing.

BONNIE: Guess what Nini.

NINI: I'm guessing Serena won her very first performance key.

SERENA: You must've seen my dazzling performance on TV.

NINI: Nope!

NINI: I just knew you were eventually going to win your first performance.

NINI: (winking at Serena) Just think of it as my intuition.


NINI: Now that you have your very first performance key, that makes you a princess performer.

NINI: (bowing her head in front of Serena) You have my respect my princess.

SERENA: (blushing) Thank you so much for that Nini.

NINI: (still bowing her head in front of Serena) You're welcome.

Nini stops bowing her head in front of Serena. Just then, smoochum attacks pancham with a big wet kiss. He does not like it.

PANCHAM: (yelling and freaking out) PA PA PAN PANC PANCHA PANCHAM [translation] NO NO, NINI'S SMOOCHUM AND STOP!

BONNIE: (laughing out loud) HA HA HA HA HA HA!

BONNIE: I wish a woman would do that to you Clemont.

CLEMONT: Put a sock in it Bonnie.

BONNIE: How about you put your tongue into a woman's mouth?

CLEMONT: I ought to wash your mouth out little girl.

ASH: Would you 2 siblings settle down already!

ASH: You're embarrassing yourselves in front of the embarrassed pokemon.


NINI: Now that that awkward conversation is over, Ash, have you been treating Serena like a princess?

ASH: What do you mean?

NINI: Never mind.

ASH: Hey, you asked me in the first place.

NINI: Being the guy that you are, you probably wouldn't understand what exactly i was referring to.

BONNIE: You'll have to forgive him Nini.

BONNIE: Ash is very dense when it comes to the female gender.

NINI: No kidding.

SERENA: Agreed!

ASH: Why do so many females i know call me dense?

NINI, BONNIE, and SERENA: (yelling out of frustration) FIGURE IT OUT YOU STUPID BOY.

ASH: I'll have you know i'm very smart.

BONNIE: Yeah and Clemont makes 100% explosion free inventions.

CLEMONT: I will 1 day.

CLEMONT: Believe it.

Smoochum hands her last poke puff to pancham and he takes it and eats it.

PANCHAM: Pan panc pa pan panch pan [translation] You ain't so bad after all.

SMOOCHUM: Smo smoo smoo um smo smooch [translation] I'll take that as a thanks.

PANCHAM: Pa pancham pa panc pan [translation] I'm starting to like you.

SMOOCHUM: Smo smooch smoo smo smooc [translation] I already like you cutie.

PANCHAM: Panc panc pa [translation] Don't push it.

NINI: Now what could they be talking about?

SERENA: Probably about how much they like each other.

NINI: Just 2 more stages and they'll be in love with each other.

NINI: I know it.

ASH: Pokemon loving each other is a common thing.

ASH: What's the big deal?

SERENA: Oh grow up Ash.

NINI: Yeah!

NINI: Grow up Ash.


BONNIE: Grow up Ash.

ASH: Oh get off my back.

BONNIE: It's time for you to grow up to Clemont.

BONNIE: Get a wife already, will ya?

CLEMONT: Bonnie, i'm still just a teenager.

CLEMONT: I'm too freaking young to think or worry about stuff like that.

CLEMONT: You grow up.


BONNIE: You grow up.


CLEMONT: You grow up.

BONNIE: (yelling) NO, YOU.

ASH: Oh for peet's sake.

NINI: Not this again.

SERENA: Here we go again.

ASH: You 2 remind me of Max and May even though you're the exact opposite of them.

SERENA: You mean the princess of Hoenn and her younger brother.

ASH: The same.

BONNIE: Hopefully i can introduce her to Clemont 1 day.

SERENA: (winking at Bonnie) And Bonnie, may be you and Max could get romantically acquainted, if ya catch my drift.

BONNIE: 2 cool pairs of siblings going out with each other and dating each other.

BONNIE: (blushing) I think i'd like that very much.

CLEMONT: Oh give it a rest Bonnie.

ASH: Oh for peet's sake.

Pancham whispers something into smoochum's ear about how Bonnie and Clemont need to work on their sibling situation pronto and smoochum laughs.

Dang! Talk about a repeat performance. This is almost how Nini and Serena met for the very first time. Although, Serena has grown up quite significantly since then. Bonnie, on the other hand, still seems to be addicted to playing match maker when it comes to her big brother's love life. Ash is still dense which is no surprise here. As for pancham and smoochum, they're getting along a lot better this time then the last time. Please type up your reviews for what you thought about this first chapter!