The debate about love and romance has ended. That turns out to be a big relief to the males. A new serious debate about pancham and smoochum's relationship begins.

ASH: That previous debate was pointless.

CLEMONT: The pokemon laughing at us is proof of that.

BONNIE: So it would seem i guess.

SERENA: We'll change the subject.

CHESPIN: Chespi che ches [translation] Praise the lord.

PANCHAM: Pancham [translation] Alright!

NINI: The pokemon agree.

SMOOCHUM: Smo [translation] Nay!

Smoochum gets a depressed look on her face.

NINI: It's time i confide with you all.

SERENA: About what?

SERENA: (getting impatient) What is it?

NINI: My smoochum has had a heavy heart lately.

ASH: (yelling and panicking) JESUS CHRIST.

ASH: (yelling and panicking) THIS IS FREAKING TERRIBLE.


ASH: (yelling and panicking) WE GOT TO GET TO A POKEMON CENTER.

NINI: Calm down.

SERENA: She just meant that smoochum has been feeling depressed you dummy.

BONNIE: And i think i know why.


BONNIE and SERENA: It's a bad case of lack of romantic love syndrome.

ASH: You may call me a dummy, but even i know that that's made up and it sounds ridiculous.

BONNIE: It's true, right?

NINI: Wrong!

NINI: My poor little smoochum has been feeling depressed lately because she's missed pancham and she wants him to comfort her.

BONNIE: That's as sweet as sugar.

SERENA: It sure is.

NINI: Speaking of sugar, i think smoochum wants to give some to pancham.

SERENA: You're probably right.

PANCHAM: Pa pa panc panc panch panc pancham pancham panch pancham pa [translation] Is it true that you've been feeling depressed about missing me?

SMOOCHUM: Smo smo sm smoo smoo smo sm smoochu mo [tranlastion] Yes and i also want you to comfort me.

PANCHAM: Pan [translation] How?

SMOOCHUM: Smoo smoo mo smo smoo smoo mo [translation] Come with me and stay with me.

PANCHAM: Pa panch panc panc pancha [translation] I didn't hear that coming.

SMOOCHUM: Smoo smoo smoo smo smoo sm smoo smoo [translation] Will this help you make up your mind?

Smoochum grabs pancham's torso and gives him the most biggest passionate kiss she had ever given any one and it wasn't even a french kiss. Unlike the last time, this time pancham was loving it and returned it. They stop after 58 seconds and he's in a state of shock and delight. Nini, Bonnie, and Serena are touched.

NINI: Now that was quite a performance.

BONNIE: Isn't love lovely?

SERENA: It sure is.

PANCHAM: Pancham, pa pa panc panc pan pan pa pancha pa pan [translation] Smoochum, i'm in love with you and my answer is yes.

SMOOCHUM: (yelling with joy) SMO [translation] YAY!

NINI: Something big was just said.

NINI: You boys are just being plain rude and stoic after seeing these 2 kiss.

ASH: It's a sight we'd like to forget.

CLEMONT: Dully noted.

NINI: What ever.

NINI: Serena, would you be willing to give me your pancham?

SERENA: That all depends on my sweet little heart breaker.

SERENA: Pancham, do you want to be Nini's new pokemon and live with smoochum?

PANCHAM: Pan [translation] Yes!

SERENA: Well than, i guess this is see you later then.

PANCHAM: Panc panc panch [translation] We'll meet again.

ASH: We'll never forget you little guy.

PANCHAM: Panch panc pa pan panc [translation] Right back at you Ash.

CLEMONT: Keep on rocking pokemon performances.

PANCHAM: Pan pa panc [translation] I'll do that.

BONNIE: Be nice to smoochum.

PANCHAM: Pa panc [translation] I will.

CHESPIN: (joking around) Ches ch ches ches ches che [translation] Have a nice life pain jam.

PANCHAM: (joking around) Pan pa panch pan [translation] You too trash bin.

PIKACHU: Pika pik pikac pika pi pika pi pik pikachu [translation] Live the train ride of life to the fullest.

PANCHAM: Pa panc pa pa panc [translation] I will on my life.

Serena takes out pancham's poke ball and enlarges it.

SERENA: (handing Nini pancham's poke ball) Here's pancham's poke ball.

NINI: (taking it out of Serena's hand) Thank you.

NINI: (holding a poke ball in each hand) Pancham and smoochum, return.

Pancham and smoochum get sucked into their poke balls. Nini makes them smaller and puts them in her pocket.

NINI: It was nice seeing you all again.

ASH, BONNIE, and CLEMONT: You too.

SERENA: I look forward to the day when you and i perform against each other as friendly rivals.

NINI: As do i.

NINI: (walking away) Good bye.

ASH, BONNIE, SERENA, and CLEMONT: We'll be seeing you.

Ash, Bonnie, Serena, and Clemont return to their camp site when they see a slightly smaller pancham licking their plates. What's more unbelievable is that it too wears sun glasses just like Serena's former pancham. Serena convinces it to become her pokemon with her good lucks and he agrees to perform with her. She captures him with out even having to battle him and she decides to refer to him as pancham 2. She's so very happy for her, for her new pancham, and for her former pancham about the changes.

Pancham and smoochum managed to become more than just friends in only roughly half an hour. They don't waste time. Ash and Clemont are as dumb as door knobs when it comes to love. The latter being the least dumbest by far and the former being the dumbest by far. This story idea suggestion came from the fan fiction author "scooter2". Does this story i typed up inspire the rest of you authors out there to type up pancham and smoochum stories of your very own? Please type up your reviews for what you all thought about this third and last chapter of this 1 of a kind pokemon story that i typed up!