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The unicorn Twilight Sparkle - A magical extinct star.

Chapter One - The Children's Party.

It is a day of sunny summer in the city of Manehattan, but we will focus on the outskirts of town, just before the bridge great Pony Gate, where there is a village with several houses and trees everywhere, with a park very beautiful near these, where you can see there is a lively children's party with many colts and fillies running and laughing everywhere, along with their parents going from side to side, behind their children and others with these at par, eating candy, enjoying different games between them, put the pony tail, catches the apple in the bucket of water, shooting, pony pulls the water and many more games to be very encouraged by the clowns ponies, comes a mare of dark gray coat, his white mane and hair color with a dark pink dress decorated with many flowers of various colors and yells at foals.
- "LISTEN ME CHILDREN, Sit down front of the stage, the show started soon" -
- YAY... ! - They shouted in unison foals all very cheerful and happy.
Once everyone was seated at the mobile theater, the curtain of which an explosion of magical smoke appears with lots of colors and lights, which a pony raised on their hind feet appears and opens the front hooves as holding layer if they were wings and showing a pony that has Cyan coat and white mane and a light blue colored strip alternating every color, on his head is a wizard hat with a blue prints of many multicolored star various sizes, on his body a layer with the same reasons as his hat, to which does the following.
- Mares and Stallions, children are ready for the best act of magic they see here in Manehattan, helmets of the Great and Powerful Trixie - she says aloud to the audience pony.
- YAY... ! - YAY... ! - Children shouted in unison, while doing their pyrotechnic magic acts, which were shown images of various colored lights and children went wild with excitement shouting.
- TRIXIE ... ! - TRIXIE ... ! -
- And now the Great and Powerful Trixie you were to ask children ... Who is powerful enough and who dares to challenge the Great and Powerful Trixie... let's see...? -
She said and looked at the excited audience of children and girls who raised their helmets to be selected by Trixie, select it and came to a unicorn who had his coat of light green and light blue mane with horsehair Pegasus with light brown fur and horsehair mane with red with white lines and a ground Pony with red fur and mane with its green light for his young age all lacked the Cutie Mark, three foals boarded the excited stage and stood in front of Trixie, with forehooves containing his laughter and excitement of being there on stage, seeing all his friends in the audience pony, giving them encouragement and these three foals were very happy and excited they were still part of the magic act.
Trixie begins walking around the foals and stops in front of them and said with a superior smile.
- Mmph... with the three of you have dared to challenge the great and powerful Trixie, have foals, tell me if that's true? - Trixie said with that face of superiority and sure of the words she said to the foals.
-YES, WE ARE... - They answered in unison the three foals unable to avoid being excited and very happy to give this answer to Trixie.
With that we have young foals, now I teach them what the great and powerful Trixie is able to do -
To which Trixie begins to shine his horn and immediately began to emanate smoke beneath the hooves of three foals, these rose above the stage and were guided by Trixie that levitated by passing through several colorful figures, among them the a boater who moved, those of an Ursa Minor and others of which the children laughed as could be to be going dare these into the air, then these Trixie the lower back on stage and approached them foals and they only looked at her with a look of excitement and happiness.
Trixie comes and sees foals with a look of victory and says:
- With that they could not prove that they are more powerful than the Great and Powerful Trixie? - And look at all three colts which only contained his emotion covering her mouth with his hooves.
- No worry small foals someday be big and powerful as me, so I will wait to see them again and I will accept your challenges - Commented Trixie.
Then Trixie did appear three delicious caramel apples against the colts with a balloon for each and levitated to their respective places, while foals were very happy with their gifts and were received by their parents who also were glad to see foals happiness emanating from their faces and taught their little friends with several gestures so excited that they were having taken the stage and being part of this very fun and exciting show.
Once placed foals at their places, Trixie stood to one side of the stage and starts laughing and saying so evil.
- Hahaha, that no one is brave enough to challenge the Great and Powerful Trixie? - While Trixie looked to the public of ponies.
-That just means that all these people will be mine, "mine" and nobody can stop me, ha ha ha ...- To which Trixie stood on their hind feet and the front raised his coat and making behind a lightning fall that brought out to its audience of ponies.
To which all foals were that did not contain his excitement, the hope would happen and then start magic smoke out across the stage and heard a voice saying ...
- TRIXIE ... - To which could see a silhouette of a pony from the magic smoke, which is slowly emerging from this.
- I can not let you take advantage of these little foals and you take that ponies, I will be the win you in this magical duel - said another pony.
While the magic smoke and bright colors dissipated and left show a Unicorn lavender coat, his mane of hair and blue with a purple stripe pink color and another to the side of this to be extended along its mane that reached to the end of its tail, this appeared with a dark blue dress on the edges and light blue on his back with many stars remain the same as used for the Grand Galloping Gala.
Trixie comes and looks across the stage and says ... - With my archenemy has dared to show their faces, the favorite student of Princess Celestia, the very Twilight Sparkle - Trixie said, pointing to his front helmet, giving him a fierce look with an evil smile.
Suddenly all foals shouted excitedly among several - "YAY - YAY" - With great joy in their faces, as Trixie said onstage.
- Do you think you can beat me? - Trixie told him, this with a face of evil and much happiness to his opponent Twilight Sparkle.
- No you will have no chance against me and my amulet alicorn - Trixie and again say that laughing insanely.
- We'll see what - Twilight replied, with great determination in the face.
- You see that with the magic of friendship, there is no power that can overcome the well - Twilight say very determined and with a fixed look to Trixie.
Foals happy and euphoric shouting Twilight telling the following.
- Let show him Princess Twilight Sparkler, you can overcome it, Trixie can not alicorn against your powers, takes flight and attack it with a very powerful magic attack from the air, such as that used against Tirek - They told foals very euphoric and excited, waiting Twilight to do what you were asking much.
Twilight had heard comments foals, but decided to go with the act as it acted with Trixie, suddenly in the Twilight scenario took up his hind feet while accumulating power in his horn which thereupon fell into his front hooves and casting a spell against Trixie, this received the magical impact on your face making you out to Trixie mustache and beard.
To which Trixie, only made it appear both scissors and beard mustache off.
-That perhaps think beat with simple attacks - Trixie said with a face of evil and a psychedelic laughter.
-This is not over - I answered Twilight even with a straight face and a determined look.
But suddenly began to tell foals why not flying, that to the two unicorns start them nervous, Twilight came and went to the foals.
- Let children need your help to beat Trixie and show the magic of friendship overcomes all evil - Said Twilight foals that were in the public pony, thus trying to stay away from the idea of alicorn.
But instead foals began to ask him where were their wings on its back since managed not see evidence of the above.
- Let children need your help and support - Twilight say again, and with a nervous smile and pond in stressed.
But instead the response was immediate foals more and these began to boo Twilight, saying that she was not the Princess Twilight Sparkler and shouting that he was a faker, a fraud and they wanted to see the original Alicorn Princess Twilight Sparkler and not a very bad imitator.
Due to various responses foals Twilight fully devolved and did not know what to do, I had completely forgotten what Trixie acted in trials and could only give a forced smile on his face and sweating nervously with floppy ears.
Trixie noticed the body's response to Twilight, I was petrified and did not react and quickly galloped where Twilight was stopped and approached him and whispered in his ear.
- Twilight teletranport want you after the next trick at the bottom of the park, behind the pony foals and the public - Twilight nodded while maintaining his smile.
And immediately Trixie back into position and said.
- With you're not Princess Twilight Sparkler only are an impostor, now, at this time you will feel my wrath and my most powerful magic attack and I will send to Tartaro, ha ha ha - To which Trixie accumulate magic in his horn and I Twilight was released.
Which appeared an explosion of magical smoke and lights where this was located, to which Twilight had understood the idea of Trixie and teletransport behind all foals in a benches were located at the bottom of the public pony, she stood and he went and then I sit watching the rest of the show and a very sad and disappointed face, as he watched Trixie continue the Magic Show.
- Good children have overcome the impostor, who tried to take the place of Princess Twilight Sparkler and could not, as you discovered it and sent as punishment to Tartaro, have you liked? - Les said Trixie smiling foals.
And these were shouting happy - YAY - YAY - To which comments who said these are not expected.
- It was an evil changeling who try to take the form of Princess Twilight Sparkler, but he could not do well as it had no wings and wanted to beat the Great and Powerful Trixie, but could you! - Shouted the children very happy.
Trixie continued after the Magic Show performing various tricks, after several magic tricks done, she went to the foals.
-Well kids it's time for me to retire, so I hope you had fun much - Said Trixie to the foals.
- Noooo ... - They said foals and put a sad face at these words.
- But before you retire will do my most powerful magic trick I have just for you - Trixie said with a big smile on his face.
To which Trixie begins to accumulate magic in his horn and throw his magical lightning above the public and pony foals watched several magical fireworks which are with each explosion sprouted many sweets that fell them foals, these were very happy collecting all the candy that fell on them.
- Children Well thanks for being our beloved audience and see our show the magical and inviting us to your party -.
- It´s time to says goodbye to the great and powerful Trixie and my partner the Greater Unicorn Twilight Sparkle. -
Then the curtain closes, Trixie addresses the steps that lead off the curtain and begins to steer the benches located at the end of the park where it was Twilight and sits alongside it.
Trixie took one look at Twilight and what he noticed was that it was a very sad face and drooping ears.
- Are you okay, Twilight? - I asked a sad Twilight Trixie.
- Yeah ... I'm fine, it's just ... - He answered still sad Twilight with a break at the end of the sentence which does not end.
- Just that, Twilight? - I ask Trixie with a face of doubt, since Twilight had not finished the sentence.
- Trixie I'm sorry, is that the last shows we have done, has been the same, ask Princess Twilight Sparkler and do not want to continue the foals with our show and hear the boos and complaints foals and that put me off and I disruptive much and really do not want to ruin your magic show – Said Twilight with a look toward the ground, with much sadness and floppy ears.
- Come on, Twilight, do not be discouraged that we have known how to fix it well, so leave those sad faces and glad we had work that day - Trixie said with a happy face and cheerful, trying to convey some optimism Twilight .
Twilight only looks up and gives a very small smile, but still had floppy ears because of their sadness.
- Come eat some cake and drink refreshments, do you think Twilight? - Told her Trixie cheerful.
- Mpht ... Okay - Twilight replied with a small smile, but still somewhat discouraged by what they had just happened with the magic show.
The Two unicorns go to the table where distributed cakes and drinks taking each a foot portion of peaches and orange juice, then headed to a table of those at the end of the party and settled headed and began to taste their food.
-This Is delicious Peach Pie Twilight, you should not only play with him, so I eat it you will love - Said Trixie as only saw that Twilight stung his fork foot, but she did not eat.
But Twilight looked just giving a little sigh and a face of discouragement to Trixie.

Twilight was very listless as the above in the Show had left very discouraged, to which came Trixie to Twilight approached him with innocent face and quickly grabbed the neck and low to his chest, to which the another helmet was strongly rubbing her mane to Twilight.
-Oh! Let's stop this nonsense, rejoice and eat that delicious peach pie or otherwise, will not let you rub the hair - you said Trixie very cheerful and not leaving rub mane Twilight very quickly, making Twilight is tousle the mane and leave a few tears in his eyes because of the pain from the constant rubbing his head and mane.
-Ayy ... Ayy .Trixie please ... that hurts, no longer do please. - I begged Twilight totally bowed to Trixie.
'Do not loose until you happy and will continue to do until you get over the sadness - I told her Trixie very glad faster and rubbing his helmet against Twilight's mane.
-Ayy, Okay, ayy it hurts, okay, you win Trixie, you win - Twilight said with a tear in his eye and a bit of smoke coming out of her hair due to constant rubbing Trixie helmet.
To which Trixie, Twilight released her and got up a little angry, but suddenly smiled.
- Thanks Trixie you're a good friend - Twilight and lively Trixie said.
- And I'm the best, do not you be no doubt that Twilight - He answered quickly Trixie keeping his big smile and good cheer, which gave new joy to Twilight.
That will be about a mare with fur dark gray, his mane and mane of white color with a dark pink dress decorated with many flowers of various colors, was the one who had gathered all the foals and their parents against the show, she was the organizer of the party, she was the Major the village.
- Good afternoon, Miss Trixie Lullamoon and Miss Twilight Sparkle, as I see you finished playing. - To which the mayor gave them a look at two unicorns.
Twilight and Trixie just smiled the mayor and with a slight blush on the cheeks very distressed by the childish act witnessed by the mayor.
- Let's talk about your work, did a very good show, so here's your pay - Said the mayor.
To which I approached the table and leave a bag with many bits in it have on the table, which Trixie hike it with his magic and immediately glanced inside the bag and is surprised and looking at the pony and he tells.
-Wait mayor, this is not what we were promised, here it is only 50 bits and the deal we had done 100 Bits. - Trixie 'I mentioned a little upset.
The mayor comes and stares with a face so be it.
- For me it's just, I'm giving you, I think the show they had promised I would have a magical duel of two unicorns mares and not a disappearing act, where at the end the Sparkle Miss not carried out his hand, or better He said that even acted or work in the magic show, to which I think was only half show which offered me, because only you Miss Lullamoon was what made the whole show. - He told the mayor seriously.
Twilight was just a very sad look at the ground and again with floppy ears, while Trixie was upset and frowning for pay.
- Okay mayor is right not comply with the requirements detailed in the contract, accept pay, we´ll thank - you said Trixie hiding what he was really upset.
Then Trixie gave him a fake smile to the mayor, and this is removed, leaving Twilight and Trixie at your table.
At that time muttering curses Trixie and other words in a very low tone to which the notice Twilight, but did not understand at the very low Trixie he said.
- Trixie I'm sorry, it was my fault for not insisting with the public and foals, so we continue our show, I should have worked more.- To this Twilight just nodded with great sadness and floppy ears and giving a look with a face scolded puppy with a break of failure that resulted.
- Come Twilight, do not grieve for ridiculous, really in the Pie Festival in Appleloosa we go much better with the show - it was the response of Trixie as she gave a very large and equally animated eyes smile with a face He radiating joy.
Twilight optimistic returned a smile to her dear friend, and he saw in it a lot of encouragement and good wishes.
That they were approached by three foals that Trixie had invited her into the show and were amused by his magic act and said -
- Ho! Great and Powerful Trixie can give us his autograph in these photos Television Series MLP - FIM, please where all the actors in the series are? - Making the three foals tender eyes of puppies so that not refuse.
- Of course children are taught to see the autografiare, see for my biggest fans with love The Great and Powerful Trixie - Said Trixie with a big smile.
Then I give you the pictures of the foals.
- Thanks ... - they shouted three very glad foals.
And they began to move in very happy withdrawn by its newly received autographs.
-Wait Children and they will not ask for an autograph to Twilight? - It was the comment of Trixie.
- She's part of the show as well, so they'd have the autograph of the star of the show. - He told Trixie foals, waiting so these will make the Twilight autograph request.
A Twilight's eyes shone and had a great smile and ears very high, very happy by proposing to his best friend Trixie foals.
- "No" - They said in unison the three foals in response to Trixie.
Giving a strong emotional blow to Twilight, this had put a face with a forced smile and which almost out tears from his eyes with his ears drooping again, but it was with great effort that he was not out tears their eyes in front of the foals.
- But why they do not want the student's autograph number one of Princess Celestia? - Would ask Trixie a bit dismayed at the refusal of the foals.
Foals just looked at each other and approached the table again, which showed him the photo of the series and showed him a picture to Trixie and see the Princess Twilight Sparkler.
- She is not Princess alicorn Series, it seems, but it's a unicorn, it is not the real Princess - told him the three foals.
Trixie felt his hedgehog mane, by the response of foals.
- Let children before Twilight Princess in the series, was a unicorn and best magical duels were before Princess alicorn - Lets said Trixie trying to convince a nervous smile.
- No, she did not want it, we want Sparkler Twilight Princess is our favorite pony Princess and Unicorn as it's nothing - they said pointing at Twilight foals.
Hearing parents feedback from their children, they were approached Trixie and Twilight and asked the appropriate apologies as mentioned for their children, they just nodded, but Twilight only continued his great feigned laughter trying not to mourn face foals by what he had heard.
- All right kids, do not worry, I can do nothing to convince them, so we can be removed with their parents - Lets said Trixie.
- Thanks for the autograph Miss Trixie - Said the happy foals.
- Goodbye Children –

Trixie said goodbye to the foals, but took one look at Twilight that still had forced smile, floppy ears, but now his eyes were crying uncontrollably, came and took his head and took her to the chest, which Twilight hugged his waist and began to mourn des-controllably in his chest.
- Come Twilight calm down, calm down, stop telling ridiculous mourn for young foals - Said trying to cheer her Trixie.
But Twilight was not listening because he was immersed in his sadness and crying could be.
Noting that Trixie, I analyze everything that had happened to his dear friend during the day, the booing during the Show, the reprimand that had given them the mayor and to top it the words of the foals with respect to autograph making mention that as Unicorn she was nothing at that time he had realized that his friend was really with the soul completely shattered the morale of Twilight was on the floor, to which Trixie could only do the following and was stroking her hair Twilight and whisper over his head.
- It's okay Pour over my child, let out all that bad and sorrows that you have inside, not do you any good to hold them back, I will always be here to comfort and cheer - I told her Trixie very affectionately.
To which he continued stroking her hair as a loving mother to her little filly.
Continued ...

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