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The unicorn Twilight Sparkle - A magical extinct star.

Chapter # 2 - You're not the only one.

Having spent more than an hour crying, Twilight had already vented their grief and sadness, which came bearing and keeping within himself long ago, in which he knew that sooner or later this would come, but never I think outside the words of a young and innocent foals, who did not know what was said by his innocence, but these simple words spoken by them, Twilight would be the equivalent of a thousand swords piercing her heart, which caused a feeling of emptiness and despair that could not support making them crumble and shatter the utmost.
Twilight was even hugging Trixie, but had unconsciously dropped to her friend's lap while Trixie continued to stroke her hair trying to give her comfort.
-Twilight, Tell me you feel better already? - Trixie asked trying to see the face, but she kept staring.
- ... - Twilight did not answer because he was deep in thought.
After several minutes, Twilight was in the lap of Trixie thinking and remembering that saw just before foals as they retreated, but did not know because he felt a pain in the chest with a feeling of emptiness at the time, but it felt like Trixie pulled her to his chest and held her, that feeling of friendship and comfort made her only her tightly still afraid of losing something very valuable and important, she realized that his friend would not let be alone at this time of sadness.
- Let Twilight, cheer up with these spirits, do not let a few simple words you violate the spirit and you remove your joy - Trixie said with a smile.
Twilight single face looking up Trixie, with a sad puppy eyes and floppy ears, as well begging them to stay a little longer.
Trixie, to see the face of Twilight, just rolled his eyes to the side and a little uncomfortable with the situation and had a good time as well.
- Come on Twilight, we must remove the mini theater and accommodate it on the float, to draw back because it's too late - Said Trixie and forced a small smile at Twilight.
- ... - Again Twilight unresponsive and just hugged stronger Trixie.
The uncomfortable situation and Trixie too, could not spend the night there, they had to withdraw.
Twilight - Agh ... Come, forget behave like a baby and stop this nonsense and I can not believe you, you've fallen apart by comments from some foals - Trixie said something annoying.
Twilight looks from her lap and pouting upset and tells something.
- If you knew how I feel, but as you have not gone through this, why would not understand what I'm going - I told her to Twilight which made a big pot to her friend.
Trixie had not liked her friend's response, to which he looked very upset with the face and with a tic in his eye, looking at Twilight some discomfort.
- You know Twilight, again not tell me I do not understand what you're going! - Trixie said with a high tone from you to your friend and a sharp look with a serious face.
To which Twilight released her from his embrace and stood up from his lap and with his helmet of his remaining few tears in his eyes and Trixie sat opposite her with a defiant gaze off.
- You do not understand what I've been Trixie, come all and me confused with another pony and a damn alicorn and then compare me and throw me in the face the strengths and skills of the other damn pony alicorn and then discard me, because they say I'm a pathetic, I tell me that I am nothing more than a cheap imitation vile and only seek their fame, which accuse me and tell me I should give me shame - very angry Twilight was telling her friend.
Trixie had been stunned by the response of Twilight, to which Trixie only listened but did not respond.
-Said me now, Trixie? , You do not have to worry that you remove your damn VILLAIN PLACE LIKE, YOU REMEMBER ALL DAMN STUPID - She cry very angry Twilight to Trixie.
Trixie just head to leave their state shook, could not believe that his friend was shouting and swearing and just looked very angry at Twilight, still did not answer as he tried to contain his anger.
A Trixie this response was already furious with Twilight, it was very hard to hold but still no answer.
Twilight yell at him again saying Trixie - IF YOU STUPID IGNORANT, ARE NOT THE PONY DISPLAY ... -
Trixie could not bear the last comment and insult said by Twilight, to which only slapped him with his helmet, not letting finish, and making Twilight made her face to one side by the slap received.
Twilight did not believe what had happened, her best friend had slapped her, was taken aback by the physical response of Trixie, all he did was touched with his Twilight Town where he received the slap and slowly returned to his face and looked down his friend in a state of atonic because, and surprised to find Trixie's face very furious and with tears in his eyes.
No tell me again I'm not the pony indicated to know what you're going Twilight Sparkle - You said Trixie not raise his voice and very angry.
- I do not understand! - Said Twilight voice and submissive and doubt.
- You Think you're the one, Twilight Sparkle? - Trixie said angrily.
- I do not understand, Trixie, you please explain? - Said Twilight even baffled.
Do you remember the first time we worked together in the series Twilight Sparkle? – It´s mention Trixie.
-Yes, I remember! - Twilight said still holding her cheek where he had slapped her Trixie.
- After that damn aired the first episode magical duel, all foals booed me at every show he presented, comparing me with you, I said it was pathetic by just doing magic pyrotechnics, that pitiful as magician - Trixie said.
- ... .. - Twilight was surprised by the response, with his mouth wide open, he could not believe what he said Trixie.
- It is more than six months, in which booing me, ridiculed me, I felt I had made a big mistake by agreeing to have worked in the series, when you and Mrs. Twilight Sparkle and Mrs. LF alicorn I proposed it, but the past can not be changed because it had made my decision and can not be changed, but you know what Twilight Sparkle? - I told her Trixie with keen eyes.
-Tell me - Twilight still bewildered said.
-The Foals seek me, asking me for autographs and asked me when would face another magical duel in the series Twilight Sparkle, I cursed myself there because in my mind I knew that I would never be on the show and went to I had an idea and realized what I had to do - already changing their anger at a small smile and looking at the sky.
- Heeeee!? What You understood, Trixie? - He said with much Twilight doubt.
- I could not let a stupid series ruin my life, I had to take advantage of the reputation that had given me for my good, and was where I decided to lie to the foals they would see my show, which I found very well Twilight Sparkle . - He answered Trixie and very happy.
- But as a lie you can help? , And what was that lie? – Very incredulous Twilight said.
- Lying foals at shows telling them I was training to beat you in the next magical duel, they were happy and their eyes sparkled and asked me to show them the magic acts he would use against you Twilight Sparkle - You said Trixie to Twilight happy meeting her eyes.
- But Trixie, how wise it would be another episode where magical duel one second time? - He said very intrigued Twilight.
- You want to know the truth Twilight Sparkle? -
- Yes, please tell me - I said Twilight glitter in her eyes.
- I do not know, Twilight Sparkle, I just prayed to God. -
- Whattttt ... - Cry Twilight with a look of great surprise and opened his mouth to the utmost.
- B-but, b-but ... .. - Twilight not know what to say to Trixie.
To which Trixie, approaches him and tells him to Twilight.
-Okay Twilight Sparkle, I'll tell you two things and I want to put a lot of attention - and looks at him very seriously Twilight.
-Ajap - Says Twilight and swallowing hard and rough and worried.
-First, forget the stupid series Twilight Sparkle, you let this take over your life, this only brings you much suffering, so forget about it once and for all and discard completely, do not ever let this take over for nothing over your life and you get even benefit her, and I did - Said Trixie with a very sharp and domineering look.
-Ajap - Again but now she says Twilight was sweating a lot and very fearful.
-Second, Never in your stupid and miserable life Twilight Sparkle, tell me again I'm not the one pony, she does not understand what has happened, because the next time, you will lose several teeth Twilight Sparkle - To which gave Trixie a malicious look with a psychedelic smile and which he placed his helmet on his cheek Twilight giving a small pat with his helmet.
Twilight, she was terrified giving a forced smile at distressed and sweating cold response to his friend and only managed to say with his head and eyes wide without losing sight of the eyes of Trixie.
Trixie to see the response of Twilight, he got up looking very maliciously and with a psychedelic laugh in his face.
-well Twilight Sparkle, now that damn back up, lazy whiny, we must keep things in the show, because it is very late and lost a lot of time with your stupid whining. - Were the claims and orders that Trixie gave the Twilight very scared.
Twilight strike only military position quickly, gave a salute and galloped towards the mini theater to start saving things.
Trixie just laughed inside and thought, "If I had known that slap and a very good threat was going to lift the spirits, while you would have given Twilight" - already very happy of the results that they got.
It had been several minutes, Twilight was gathering all items Show with Trixie, but I kept thinking in serious conversation he had with his friend and which now understood that Trixie had been through the same thing as her, but this time she did not have anyone to comfort Trixie as she had done, and just imagine the terrible and tough he could be the situation of her friend to spend all this herself, and now Twilight felt the stupidest pony around the world, which he had also noticed that Trixie was upset with her and with good reason, since Twilight had said several rude and very strong words, along with the cries he had given his friend when he lost control how angry he was, and had noticed since Trixie was called by his full name, which was not a good sign.
And upon completion of keeping everything in the carriage, Twilight approached him to Trixie and stood before her with a straight face, to this strange event Trixie saw very serious and disturbing.
- Twilight Sparkle What happens now? - Trixie told very seriously and with a look of annoyance.
Twilight what all she did was sink sitting on the floor with her hair covering her eyes and seeing the floor with floppy ears and say only the following:
-Trixie, I'm sorry. - Mumbled the pony.
Trixie just stared at him and asked very puzzled.
-What do you mean Twilight Sparkle, explain? -
-Trixie sorry for that being stupid pony – It's say again Twilight.
To this Trixie saw him only half-smile appeared on his face and a twinkle in his eyes, but had not realized Twilight by watching the floor.
-Well explain, Twilight Sparkle? - It was the requirement to Twilight Trixie.
-Trixie, That I'm sorry for being a very stupid pony - Twilight answered with a little strength in his voice.
-I Do not believe anything, Twilight Sparkle - Trixie said very seriously.
Twilight This will impact a lot, which is beginning to moisten eyes with tears and all I did was completely sink to the ground and take Trixie forehooves.
- I'm so Sorry Trixie, I was a complete fool, if not was stupid world's largest, forgive me, I never thought what I said, I was angry, not wanting to hurt and did not want to insult you in that way so horrible, sorry forgive me please - currently Twilight had clung to the front hooves of Trixie, looking down and empezándole tears out of his eyes.
Trixie was scared not expecting that Twilight come to that point.
-Twilight ... Twilight and get up, do not do that, you scare me. - Trixie something you said worried.
It's these bothers me and not want to lose you as my friend. - It had been the response of Twilight still clinging to the front hooves of Trixie.
- Come Twilight, of course I forgive you, and I'm sorry, I missed the joke too you just play because I had understood from the second time, but wanted to know how far away insulting yourself, but it happened to me helmet - Twilight see Trixie said with a nervous smile.
Twilight was furious, rising from the ground, snapping teeth of anger and stares at him angrily Trixie, is starting to sweat cold nerves.
-TRIXIE LULLAMOON, you ... you ... .- I said very annoying Twilight Trixie, which just swallowed hard and expected the worst.
To which already Trixie very worried about what would make Twilight to her, just closed his eyes and the next second all she felt was like Twilight hugged and Trixie only have eyes watching her friend kept her in his embrace and apologized after apology and to forgive her, with tears in his eyes, all he did was return Trixie the tender embrace of friendship.
Come Twilight, of course I forgive you, you're my friend so we return to the coach, it's too late and we have to be in it to rest until tomorrow - Twilight replied tenderly.
- All right - I answered Twilight removing his helmet had tears in his eyes.
Only that before returning to coach, I have to go to the bathroom - you said Trixie her friend a little embarrassed and a little smile.
Okay, I'll accompany you, I just gotta go too -
They looked at the two and began to laugh at the ridiculousness of the situation.
And once I finished doing what they had to do, they turned the carriage and entered it, Trixie to a small ice chest and took out two fruit salads made her way, along with two orange soda and placed them on the small table that had in the carriage, then Twilight took a bag containing wheat bread box and took out four slices of toast which made unto jam and mango and served at the table.
The two sat in the longer willing to dine, rang the carriage door discussions, the two were surprised who could knock, Trixie got up and opened the door, there was a Pegasus yellow coat and red hair with white stripes This wore a uniform mail.
Very good night, Miss. - He Said the Pegasus stood before the carriage door.
-I´m have An urgent telegram to Miss Twilight Sparkle Unicorn - Pegasus say again.
-If she's here – It´s answer Trixie.
Okay, please firm received, and have your letter - Said the Pegasus smiling.
Trixie A sign which received the document and received the letter to Twilight, then came and saw the letter, but did not realize that the Pegasus was waiting with helmet extended tip, to which Trixie inadvertently shut him in the face.
- Always is the same - Said the Pegaso something sad, received by the slam in the face.
- Who was? - Twilight asked.
- It was just an urgent telegram – It's answer Trixie sitting on a cushion in front of the table with Twilight.
- Go not know you had an admirer - Trixie said with a sly little smile and Twilight taking a little orange juice.
- As you will know, since the letter is for you - you Trixie responded with a mischievous laugh much.
- Twilight almost choked with orange juice, letting go a little Trixie's face, this just looked sideways rather annoying, but when he saw the Twilight coughing shortness of breath and getting red, approached him with a Hull gave a few strong blows to the back so he could breathe, to which I lie down to Twilight, but as to which she could breathe, thanks to these blows.
Twilight was already recovering from lack of air, and remembered that he had spat the juice into the face Trixie, very distressed and said.
- Trixie thanks for the help and sorry about the juice was not my intention - Twilight very sorry It´s said with a small smile and squinting.
-Do not worry anyone happens - I said cheerfully Trixie.
-Twilight Well, it's time to know who your secret admirer - Trixie said as would the envelope with a mischievous laugh.
-Trixie Wait, you've not, I will do so give me the envelope, please - I said Twilight serious and holding out her friend's helmet that will deliver the telegram.
Trixie gave him a malicious look with a laugh more mischievous than before, and caught Twilight with its magic in a levitated sphere and, just then against Twilight started to open the envelope and pulled out the letter was inside.
Twilight was now locked in the magic sphere Trixie grabbing large pots and crossed the front hooves.
- Okay Twilight - Trixie said with a mischievous face.
And Trixie began to read the letter by sight.
-¡Ohh my Gosh!, It's all a pervert, so want to hear the exciting things you have written, yes you gave an opportunity would make the world happy and pleased mare - Trixie said with a look of malice and a wicked grin, waiting for the response Twilight.
Now, Twilight had turned red with shame, and only did look aside a large pot and face redder than a tomato because of the perverted things that would be written in the telegram and Trixie had read and had It´s commented.
Trixie not take it anymore to see how red it had Twilight and large pot and made to laugh and let go of his magical field Twilight, Twilight then quickly took advantage and took the letter to Trixie.
-Damn nosy, perverted - Twilight It´s answer with very red face and a vein in his temple.
Hearing this Trixie, she broke down and made to laugh louder to the point that I cry with laughter, Twilight now stuck out two veins on each side of the temple, he was furious and just looked at Trixie, hoping that a few rays will fall over.
After that Twilight opened the letter and began to read, I could not believe what is said.

Dear Miss unicorn Twilight Sparkle.
The following letter is to quote a job interview and we have received your Curriculum Vitae from his agent and we want to interview to work as the main star in one of our films, for which we are waiting for Street Ponywood # 90210 on Thursday the current week.
For further details please contact his agent to offer you all the information you need.
Twilight was very excited with a big smile, Trixie was very happy because that day had been hell for Twilight, and he had a story and gave him much joy to both friends.
-I've been called to serve as the main star in a movie - Twilight said very happy and excited.
-Twilight go, look what I get you a very wonderful story fall from heaven - happy Trixie said.
Twilight was very happy, I had a feeling that he could not contain and time on Trixie jumped and hugged great leaps.
- I'm Achieve, I will get the role and act in the film - said Twilight with euphoria.
- I do not doubt, and-since you're the best pony It´s ac-actress who I know. - I told her Trixie to which he could not breathe so hard that you pressed Twilight.
-Twi-Twilight, ple-please I´m- I´m need – air, you could let go, I can not breathing - Trixie said with a little purple face, almost losing what little air was still.
To which Twilight released her immediately and gave her a small smile, which was heard a scream with joy.
Trixie gave a sigh of relief, as by little and he fainted from lack of air and looked at Twilight with a smile and said.
Well Twilight is great news, but there are five days to interview, so we will celebrate Sunday morning – It´s said Trixie very happy.
Yes, tomorrow we celebrate this great reversal of fortune - Twilight extremely excited and said with a smile that did not fit in his face.
- Twilight You know, now that you will go Ponywood, you can take advantage and visit our friends and colleagues of our old work - Trixie said very happy to Twilight.
-I Do not think I can visit them, remember that the study entry forbade me unless I need to double the risk of alicorn Twilight Sparkler - Twilight said getting sad.
- No, not a joke Twilight, not again double risk, the last time in the recording of the explosion of the tree, finished three months in the hospital with a dislocated shoulder, two cracked ribs and a right rear quarter bones and severe burns - told very upset Trixie.
- I knew it was a dangerous scene Trixie, and did well what I said -Twilight said with narrowed eyes and a small smile.
- No Twilight, one thing is that you act in the series and have fun, but another very different is you're about to die for a mistake of them – It´s said bothers Trixie.
If I understand Trixie, do not worry I will not work on something so dangerous – It´s said with a small smile and squinting at Trixie.
- I hope so, because if not what you expected - Trixie said very threatening.
Twilight just looked very scared and gulped, to which I answered with a yes to shake his head up and down.
Okay, let's change the subject, you go on Tuesday to Ponywood, and visit our old friends, do you understand Twilight? - He said very determined Trixie Twilight.
- I answered very gently Twilight to said Trixie.
- I'm sorry not to be able to accompany Twilight, but I have to go to Appleloosa, if not because It´s have provided work, I'd go with you - Tells Trixie something sad.
- But, is that you can do well and get arrive very high, I do not doubt Twilight. - Trixie say again very confident.
Twilight comes and embraces Trixie, which surprises a lot.
- Trixie Thank you, thank you for your support, have been a sister for me - Twilight said very emotionally.
To which the comment Trixie is surprised that Twilight said with a tear of happiness embraces likewise, and says the following:
- Don´t said Twilight, I owe it all to you - the latter said with a sense of joy and brotherhood along with a couple of tears that flowed from his eyes Trixie.
- Well, enough of so many emotions, we finish dinner and tomorrow to celebrate this event and one with a farewell and good luck soon - Trixie said as tears of emotion of the moment were drying to Twilight.
To be continued…

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