Chapter Twenty-Five

Harper, Hermione and Teddy were at the park. He was trying to swing by himself and Hermione couldn't stop the smile that spread across her face as she and Harper watched his attempts. He would scowl at them if they tried to help.

The wind blew a cool breeze through their hair on an otherwise hot day. The sun was shining brightly down upon them, bestowing them one day of peace. Other than the vampire that seemed to be following Hermione around, things were going very well for Hermione and Teddy. Despite all of the bad things that had happened, she was very happy where she was right now.

"He's a very smart boy," Harper said, pulling Hermione from her thoughts.

"Yes he is, too smart for his own good. He figured out how to use puppy dog eyes against Charlie to get whatever he wants. Knows exactly how to press his grandfathers buttons. It's usually for sweets."

"Most children become spoiled but their grandparents. Its our job."

Hermione shared a laugh with Harper before leaning back on the bench. "How have you been, Harper? Charlie said you've been pretty sick recently."

Her grimace only last a second on her face before she covered it up with a smile, but Hermione caught it.

"I'm not as young as I once was. I'm fine though, don't worry your pretty little head. You have other things to focus on than this old ladies health. Perhaps planning a wedding to that fine young man I see at your house all the time."

Hermione couldn't help the smile that crossed her face and she thought about Edward. She twirled the ring on her finger and glanced at Teddy as she thought about what to say. "I don't know if there will be a wedding any time soon. Neither of us are in any rush to get married. Alice has taken over most of the planning anyways, though she has promised to keep it small for me. I have some family overseas that can't be here if we were to do one soon. I don't feel as if that is fair to them."

"Well, it is your wedding and it is up to you when you have it, even if the tiny one seems to be taking over the planning. If you want your family to be there, then wait."

"There is the possibility of two ceremonies."

"You do whatever it is you wish to do. Your family will accept your decision because they love you. Though if you're having reservations about a ceremony without your overseas family then you can wait. But that is up to you."

"I think I know what I want to do."

Harper pat the knee of the young mom next to her, "You're a smart girl. You'll figure it out. I'm sure once it's all over you'll feel silly about whatever stress may arise because of the wedding. But there is another event coming up first, yes?"

Hermione nodded, "Graduation is in two days. I'll worry about weddings once I make it past that."

"I'm proud of you, girl. You're a single mother and you finished high school. Not many can do that, take in a child and raise him as well as that precious boy has been raised. You've done good."

Hermione felt tears prick her eye, "Thank you, Harper."

There was another pat on the knee as Harper stood up, "Now this old lady needs to head home. You and that sweet boy of yours need to stop by more often. I wouldn't mind the company."

"Maybe I can cook us all dinner sometime soon. Teddy loves spending time with you anyways, so it's the perfect reason to invite you over."

"Good, just don't go forgetting little old me."

"We would never forget you. Will you make it home okay?"

"I'm just old, I can still drive myself around. I will see you later then. Goodbye, Bella."

"Goodbye, Harper."

Hermione watched Harper walked away with a smile on her face before looking to where Teddy had been swinging, only to feel her heart stop.

Teddy was gone.

"Teddy?!" Hermione yelled as she jumped up and ran to the swing. Nothing, there was nothing there. She frantically looked around before she saw a speck of blue at the tree line. She gasped and took off running. "Teddy?!"

She broke the tree line and froze as she saw her son. He sat on the forest floor playing with a stuffed toy that had specks of red on it. On either side of his body was feet clad in black boots. Hermione swallowed hard as she looked into the smiling face of VIctoria.