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Chapter Thirty

Hermione sat in the living room bouncing Teddy on her lap, surrounded by the Cullen women. As soon as she and Edward had finished talking three days ago about getting married Rosalie, Esme, and Alice had started planning and Hermione just smiled and let them take the reins.

She was fine just sitting back and watching. Planning a wedding was never something that had really crossed her mind so she was fine letting some of the most important women in her life take over for her.

She and Edward had a long discussion about the wedding, or weddings. They would have one here in Forks to appease the human lives they were living and then once the Bellatrix issue was resolved, they would be heading to England to have one with her family in the wizarding world. A part of her was already upset that Ron and Harry wouldn't be there for the wedding in Forks, but she knew it wasn't safe yet.

She looked around the room and a soft smile appeared on her face, the Cullen's had become a family to her and she was happy and honored that she would have the Cullen name. Though the vampire subject hadn't really been talked about, she knew she had years before they really needed to give it much thought. Thank goodness for how slowly witches and wizards age after maturity.

But as she sat there and listened, she felt prepared for the next step in her life. She was ready for anything.


In a dark basement in Germany, a group of people sat huddled around a table with strange objects littered around it.

"She's been found!"

A messy head of dark curls with streaks of grey shot up from the group of people and a wicked smile spread across her dirty and wrinkled face as madness sparked in her eyes, "Where is the mudblood whore?"

"She has been traced to America. A small town in the state of Washington and just one of the redheaded brats is with her."

Deranged laughter echoed through the room as she twirled her wand and a mad smile seem to make the wrinkles crack more, "She's mine."