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Chapter 1: Finding Family

It was a beautiful island. A single mountain rose and watched over the forests, all the while relaxing against a wall of rock dotted with multiple caves. The peak sat below the clouds, yearning to pierce the barrier. The shoreline cut into a clearing that lay before the trees. It was home.

He wore crimson armor that covered him from head to toe. His helmet completely enveloped his face, allowing his identity to become known to no one. On his arms were two guantlets, the right larger than the left. The latter bore two retractable blades that often put opponents at a disadvantage. The right held the same, but also had extensions that ran over his hand and fingers, ending in claws. While they helped with combat, he found a better use for them as climbing tools.

That was what his current adventure was. His right hand grasped the cliff face, the claws burrowing into the rock. The other hand came up and secured a hold. Then his legs followed. He moved slowly, not wanting to make a mistake. Making sure both feet were pressed into the rock, he leaned back to check his progress.

The waves danced at least 130 feet below him. Looking up, he saw the top of his target. A cave. Bringing his body back to the cliff, he started to climb once again.

He pulled himself over the edge of the opening. Rolling away from the drop, he got up. Midday. He had been here on this island for a week. His home was gorgeous, but its true beauty was revealed from sunset to sunrise. The sun fell, and the mountain reminded its lands that it was lord. The moon broke the dark sihoulette in night. And sunrise... the paradise was bathed in gold.

The man ate his lunch and rested. The dying light would save him some trouble on his spelunking. The sleep rejuvenated him.

The orange beam was crawling on the ground when he awoke. The time was now. He gathered his things and moved in. Sticking to the side, the light was allowed entry unhindered into the cave.

The indentation ended quite a ways into the rock before turning right. The ground lowered at a small angle. Eventually, the light raised off the floor and onto the ceiling, receding back outside.

His advanced helmet switched to low-light conditions, giving him the ability to proceed. The right turn went up at a larger incline than before, but was still passable.

It leveled out sharply after 20 feet. When he brought his head up, he barely ducked back in time. A purple plasma blast whizzed over his head and scorched the angled ceiling behind him. Slowly, he brought his hands up, making sure to retract the claws. His head followed.

Although they couldn't see it beneath his helmet, he smiled at what he saw. Two Night Furies guarding what looked like to be an egg. A family. One was wrapped around the fragile unborn, while the other was ready to pounce on the intruder. He spoke as soothingly as possible, "Don't worry. I'm not here to harm any of you."

The crimson-clad man slowly brought his hands to his helmet. Lifting it off, the figures of the dragons were replaced by two pairs of green eyes, glowing softly in the darkness. He set his helmet onto the ground, still keeping his hands visible. "I am in your realm now."

Dragon POV

The intruder removed his mask and placed it away from him. Judging by how quickly he avoided his warning shot, that thing allowed him to see in the night. And he removed his nightvision. "I am in your realm now," he spoke.

Darn right, you are, he thought. The human's actions let him calm down a little. But only a little. He was ready to kill him if he moved a single step forward.

The inruder was smart. He stayed right where he was. Keeping his hands where he could see them, the man removed the covering around both his arms and set those down. "May I approach?" he asked.

He looked over to his mate. "Should I, Trena?" he asked.

Trena scanned the man. "I think so. He's obviously smart enough not to do something stupid, Greln."

Greln stared at the intruder before nodding his head. The man nodded in return and gestured to his helmet. "Can I put this back on?" Greln thought about it, then gave another nod. The man slowly placed it on his head.

Greln and Trena watched as he cautiously moved towards them, crouching along the way. Greln asked, "Who are you?"

The voice that answered was different, but still the same. "My name is Javelin, and yes, I can understand you."

Both of the dragons retreated a bit in shock. "You can understand us? How?" Trena asked in surprise.

Javelin pointed to his helmet. "Lets me see in the dark and can translate most forms of speech."

Greln asked suspiciously, "You're not like other humans, are you?"

"No, I'm not. Best way to describe me is a warrior who has lost too much." He took a deep breath. "My family, my brothers, were lost in battle. I'm the only one of my group that still lives."

Trena groaned in sympathy, "I'm sorry."

Greln was still skeptical, "For all I know, you could just be a trapper or another hunter."


Javelin immediately diffused the situation. "No, no, I understand. Every dragon I come across has the right to think that of me." He sat down against the wall. "To tell you both the truth, I am a hunter." Greln growled at that. Javelin quickly resumed, "But I do not hunt dragons of any sort."

"Then what do you hunt? Your own kind?" Greln let the hostility rise in his voice.

"Occasionally. But when I do, it is always, always men of evil. I bring forward evidence of that evil and carry out justice."

The egg Trena held started to wobble, gathering everyone's attention. The mother said to her mate, "Greln, if you're going to fish, best hurry up."

"Of course." He started down the incline, then stopped and stared at Javelin. "If you even think about..."

Javelin nodded, "If I move an inch from this spot, you can kill me."

Greln was a bit shocked by the rule the human set for himself, but collected his thoughts and dashed outside.

Javelin's POV

He rested his head back against the cave wall, letting out a smooth exhale. That was a good start, he thought.

"I'm sorry about my mate. He's quite protective," Trena moaned.

"No, I understand. I was the same when..." He sighed, "when I lost my first brother."

"What happened?"

"Ambush. Stealth mission, he was in front. Got hit..." Javelin trailed off.

"If you don't want to talk about the rest, then please don't. For your sake, at least."

"Thank you," his voice solemn. He silently mourned for his brothers.

Several minutes passed by before another conversation began. "Do you have a mate?"


"Why not?"

"Never sought after love. At least, towards a woman. The only love I've felt and given was that between siblings, both by blood and battle."

"Have you ever thought about starting a family?"

"When I was younger, no. My brothers were my family. But now, since I lost them..."

"What's stopped you?"

"Fears. Fear of not living up to standards, fear of... loss." Another long sigh. "That I won't be able to protect them."

"Is there more?"

Javelin nodded. "I don't want others to feel what I have felt."

"Felt what?" Greln startled both of them. The dragon glared at Javelin, making sure he kept his word.

"Loss of a family," he somberly stated before the egg wobbled again.

"Greln, I think it's time," Trena said, picking up the egg with her mouth.

"Then let's go. Are you coming, human?" His hostility was replaced with expectant joy.

Javelin got up, staying out of Trena's way. "I'll get down myself. This is your moment."

"Very well, then." Greln ran off to follow his mate.

The man couldn't help but smile. He picked up his guantlets and put them back on, exiting the cave. The two Night Furies were already at the bottom. He slowly made his way down the cliff, repeatedly seeing Greln dance about with happiness.

Javelin jumped off and onto the thin shoreline when a muffled explosion sounded, followed by splashing water. He turned in time to see a baby dragon pop out of the ocean and swim over to its parents. It cried out along the way, "Mama, papa." Javelin took off his helmet, revealing a tear of happiness sliding down his face.

The two Night Fury parents cuddled with their newborn offspring. The stars overhead brightened at the coming of a new life into this world. He overheard Trena naming her daughter. "Twilight."

I swear to protect you all. I will fight to my last breath to see you all live.