" sir your dinner is ready..." Dawn timidly said shaking Dodge's Pa awake " Huh wot, ok ok I heard ya now git!" Dawn grabbed Dodger's hand making Dodger feel fluttery as she rushed him out of the room " So wot do you do while 'e's eatin' " Dodger asked " I usually get 'is bed prepared " Dodger nodded just then his Pa roared " Dawn!" Dawn grew pale and scurried out of the room Dodger followed nervously.

They found Pa huffing angrily " This is cold!" he spat pointing towards the meat that was on the table " I'm sorry" Dawn whimpered " SORRY DON'T CUT IT NO MORE!" Pa raged knocking the plate to the floor which made an earth shattering break " I said I was sorry" Dawn squeaked " You'll pay there's no dinner tonight and you'll git a beatin' " Dawn begin crying and shaking " Not agin please!". Pa whipped out his belt and strided towards her but Dodger stopped him stepping in front of Dawn " NO!" he said loudly " git outta me way boy" Pa said yelled and threw him into the wall. Dodger was knocked unconcious " ugh" He groaned " Dodger!" Dawn screamed and felt Pa's hand on her throat as she was shoved up against the wall " Ya are nothin' ya little slut always doing it with guys!"" I... only... do...it...with...ya...cause...ya...force...me...ta"Dawn gasped

Pa dropped her to the floor and backed her into a corner then proceeded to whip her legs,arms, and back. Dawn screamed/cried in agony as blow after blow made blood pour "Stop!" she pleaded " It 'urts!". Finally after a good half hour he stopped " night" he said gruffly and left the room. Dawn pushed herself up and flounced over to Dodger "Jack..." she said shaking his shoulder " groggily Dodger came to his senses " Cor I forgot how violent 'e can be at times over the smallest things... are ya ok?" Worry pierced his eyes. Dawn smiled slightly " yeah believe it or not 'e's done worse " She helped him up " let's go to the hut "

Inside Dawn climbed on the pile of hay while Dodger made his own " Cor I'm starvin' " Dodger commented putting one hand to his stomach which rumbled loudly and felt hollow like a black pit of nothingness Dawn grimaced " ya git used ta it " " I was always hungry at Fagin's but that was cause we didn't get much, at least we always ate breakfast and Dinner so it was sorta dull the hunger not like now" he said as a sharp pain of hunger stabbed his sides " me head hurts " he moaned massaging his temples " 'e did slam ya into the wall" Dawn said smiling. Dodger grinned back the settled into his hay " ya know wot I think ya pretty do ya wanna be me girl Dawn?" " Yea I'd love ta " she said blushing.