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The Rose of Self

Chapter Thirty-Four: Epilogue

~One Year Later~

Caroline's POV

It had been a year since Raoul was captured. He was tried for murder and treason and found guilty for his crimes. His punishment for his crimes was to be hung from the gallows. However, even though Erik insisted I do not attend the execution, as I was nine months pregnant at the time, I still went, almost to the detriment of my health. Soon after Raoul was hung, I went into labour, which was long and painful. All I really remember was almost dying, as I lost a lot of blood and energy. Luckily, the doctor managed to stop the bleeding, and we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl, whom we christened Marie Alexis Charles Destler. We named her after our mother, as well as after our fathers. It was funny how both of our mothers had the same name. Sadly, after what happened, I could not have any more children, as my uterus was damaged beyond repair. But Erik tells me how lucky he feels to be a father to the most beautiful girl in existence. He also tells me how lucky he feels being married to me. I just couldn't believe a person like me is now a queen, wife and mother. But being married to Erik has made me learn, that there is someone out there who loves me for who I am, and that even though I am known to some people as 'The Rose of Self', I can be adventurous and live up to my maiden name. And I wouldn't have it any other way...