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Chapter 1: Ominous Forewarnings

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It was finally the Summer Holidays.

The petite brunette, Kana Ienaga thought as she laid on her bed.

'I really can't wait for the trip that Maki-chan and Kiyotsugu-kun had planned, where we all go to the beach resort that Kiyotsugu-kun's uncle owned and had invited us to, for some relaxation. The best part is, Rikuo-Kun is coming too! With Oikawa-san and Kurata-Kun...' A certain brunette pondered, lying on her pink blanket.

"Alright! I've decided, I'm going to let Rikuo-kun know how I feel about him during this trip!" Kana sat up and marveled with confidence.

Then, a pang of doubt hit her. 'But...what if he rejects me... I mean he has Oikawa-san and they seem so close to each other… No! It's not the time for these thoughts! I will confess to Rikuo-Kun, even if he rejects…Well, at least he knows that I have feelings for him.' She thought. "The trip starts tomorrow so I better prepare for what I need to do!" She beamed with a smile. She sat in front of a mirror and rehearsed on what she'd say to him, but shamefully gave up after a few attempts, and went to pack the necessities she would need for the trip, come morning.

-Meanwhile at the Nura Househould-

"Why did I ever accept that invitation to the beach resort… I still have plenty of work to do…" The glasses-wearing youngblood grumbled, scratching his head. "Young Master, you need not worry! You have us to take care of it! So please take some time off. Go enjoy yourself and relax a bit. With the youkai incidents lately, you seem to be stressed out from all those fighting." Kurotabo encouraged, smiling at his leader.

"You're right...but still..." Rikuo added, but then more of his subordinates surrounded and reassured him that 'it's okay, we can handle this' and 'just go enjoy yourselves.' "Alright, alright! I guess I can go there. But if anything happens, you guys immediately have to let me know, got that?" He commanded, they all agreed and went back to their rooms or chores. "Young master, We are starting to pack things for the trip tomorrow. Your mother is going to pack your things so worry not!" Yuki-onna chirped next to him. Rikuo thanked her with a small smile and went back to work.

It wasn't long before he finished his reports and got ready for bed. With the lights out and a clear mind, the thoughts came crashing on him.

'I hope this isn't a bad idea. It's true I need to let loose sometimes, but I just hope all goes well.'

His mind abruptly drifted to his most important 'friend', Kana.

'Whatever happens, I promise I'll keep her safe. Anything that dares to come in my way I'll fight, for her.'

With that, his eyes shut and he fell unconscious.

-Next day-

Walking to the station isn't far for Kana. Her kind mother had prepared breakfast with a side of toast for her as she brought her pink duffel bag down to the dining table to eat with her family. Her father, as usual, was sipping on strong coffee, and reading the daily newspaper.

"Kana, make sure you double-check that you have everything you need for your vacation!" Her mother reminded her, cleaning the dishes.

"Yeah, I will!" She replied, sitting on the chair and digging into her breakfast.

"If anything happens, remember to call me. I'll come as fast as I can to save you." Her father added, smiling at her.

"Dad, you make it sound like I'm going on some crazy adventure! And I'm not, I'm just going to a beach resort with my classmates." Kana giggled, munching on her toast.

"Rikuo! Make sure you eat lots before you travel there! So that you don't go hungry midway!" Wakana chimed, doing the laundry "I know! I will!" He replied, walking to the dining hall to join everyone for breakfast.

He was greeted instantly upon sliding the Shoji door open.

"Good Morning, Young Master!"

"Fine Morning isn't it Young Master!"

"Young Master, good morning to you!"

He sat down and returned their greeting, eating the food that was set down for him.

"Here, these are the things I prepared for you for your vacation. I hope it is enough, make sure you double-check before you leave!" His mother entered the dining hall, holding his navy blue duffle bag. "Thanks, mom, I'll do that after I've finished my breakfast." Rikuo thanked her with a smile.

"Alright, I've got everything I need, I'm going now!" Kana beamed, as she gave her mother a hug.

"Be careful dear, call me or your father if anything happens, alright?" Her mother urged gently, and got a muffled 'I will'.

They broke the hug and Kana began her walk to the station.

"I've got the necessary items, we'll be heading off now!" Rikuo belted, waving goodbye to his comrades before heading to the station, with Aotabo and Yuki-onna trailing behind.

"But it seems like fate had a funny way to connect people."

It wasn't long before she was near the station, so was the certain glasses-wearing brunette she had grown fond of. His voice never ceased to catch her attention as she stopped in her tracks and looked at them in front of her.

Upon seeing a still silhouette upon him, he too stopped in his tracks and looked up.



They called simultaneously, looking at each other.

"What a coincidence, Ienaga-san!" Tsurara spoke, smiling a little.

"Yeah, I didn't expect us to run into each other like this," Kana replied, returning her a smile.

Seeing the tension between them, "Let's hurry to the station if not we're going to be late!" He piped, laughing a little nervously.

They both agreed and resumed their walk to the station.

"There they are! Over here, you guys!" Kiyotsugu hollered, waving his arms to grab their attention.

After gathering everyone and counting if everyone was present, they hopped onto the train and went to their seats. It took them another few minutes of getting comfortable then the train began to move. The journey was at least 3 hours so to kill time, they had immersed themselves with Card Games, talks about Yokai investigations from Kiyotsugu and girl talks from Maki and Natsumi.

Getting bored from the conversation, Kana excused herself from the group and went to her seat alone, planning to take a nap. Leaning her cheek against an arm, she looked at the passing trees and mountains, thoughts drifting into her mysterious yet alluring red-eyed savior. She hadn't gotten over him, in fact she couldn't get over him, he was stuck inside her mind like some ceaseless parasite, oh, how she longed to meet him again. Her eyelids began to droop as she slowly drifted off to sleep, her head leaning against the window.

"Kana-chan?" Rikuo called, a hand touching her shoulder, making the half-conscious girl yelp in surprise.

"Rikuo-kun? Don't scare me like that!" She whisper-yelled, frowning.

"Sorry, I thought you were awake, what are you doing sitting alone?" He asked, taking a seat beside her.

"I-I wanted to take a short nap before we reach." It has come to Kana's attention that everyone else was still in their game and it was just the 2 of them, alone.

"Oh, then it's my bad for scaring you like that, sorry. You can go back to sleep, I'll be here." He smiled at her. Kana's face bloomed into a beautiful red, she nodded and leaned her head against the window again trying not to let her thoughts about him bother her. She closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.

"Young master?" Tsurara whispered, walking over and away from the commotion from the group. Rikuo placed a finger on his lips to signify for her to be silent so as to not disturb his sleeping friend. Tsurara nodded and sat in front of him, looking at her human rival, then to her master, who also looked like he was trying to sleep.

She shrugged it off and looked out the window.

I was tied and kneeled on a tall podium.



"My family suffered because of you!"

The jeers of the small crowd before me rang. I opened my eyes, disdainfully glaring at them.

"What nerve." my sister to my right, growled.

"How pitiful." the left one quipped.

I shut my eyes for a few seconds, then reopened them with my chin held up high. I smirked at their angered looks, chuckling.

"What are you waiting for, executioner? Off with our heads or else you and your people will regret it now." I prompted.

With a look of fury, the man lifted up his axe and dropped it on my sister's head. Then the other one. The crowd cheered loudly, urging to take mine quickly.

"How's that? Demons like you don't deserve to live! Any last words?!" He remarked, laughing.

I shifted my gaze to him, then back to the people, and laughed along with him. I abruptly paused, glaring daggers at them.

"Pathetic. Listen up you peasants," I commanded intensely and could smell the fear starting to emanate from some of them. "My sisters and I willingly turned ourselves in, so there's nothing for you to be proud of. Remember, you didn't catch us."

There was a short silence.

"Before my head touches the ground, I curse thy lands! Thou shalt all suffer as we have! Killing us will be the worst mistake thou people have made! And as for the clan that staged this," I paused yet again, as the axe above my head raised, "We'll be back."

The swing of the falling axe was the last thing I heard.

"Kana-chan!" Rikuo thundered, shaking her awake, her eyes opening within a millisecond as she scanned her surroundings, cold sweat adorning her currently pale flesh. She looked up to see the face of a worried Rikuo.

"R-rikuo-kun? I- What- Was I-" She stuttered, panic settling in.

"Hey, it's alright now, I'm here. No one's going to hurt you." He hushed her gently, bringing her onto his chest, stroking her hair.

With the soothing voice of her crush and soothing caresses, her mind began to clear. She leaned against his shoulder and returned the embrace with a muffled thanks. They soon pulled away and Rikuo gave her an assuring smile."What happened?" She asked as he sat back down."You were pleading in your sleep, begging for someone to stop. Overall, you looked very uncomfortable." He explained. "I was having a bad nightmare I guess, but I can't remember what." She muttered, trying her best to recall.

"It's alright, don't think about that anymore we're almost there."

"Oh, right, where are the others?"

"They are also taking a nap, currently."

"So it's just us, huh?"


They looked at each other and a nice shade of pink bloomed on their cheeks.

"Uh... I'm also here you know?" Tsurara piped up, pouting, after watching what unfolded. Jealousy was evident on her face. The comment she made had caused their faces to turn into an even darker shade of red.

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