So I just found out that there is a continuation to the Gosick Light Novels (Gosick Red and Gosick Blue) wherein Kujo and Victorique travel to New York to work as a private detective and journalist. I haven't been able to read any of them yet, but I was so excited about finding this out that I couldn't help but publish a new Gosick piece. Since the anime seems to end with them in Japan with Kujo's sister, I thought it made the most sense that their arrival in America would be through the west.

"You can see America, Victorique!" Kujo pointed and waved excitedly at the faint outline of a landmass on the horizon.

Victorique sniffed disinterestedly. "We still have much further to go than that Kujo. There's no need to be so excited."

Kujo sighed, his excitement deflating in an instant. He'd forgotten that they were travelling all the way to New York. It had been almost a spur of the moment decision to even come to America, but Victorique had been insistent that if they did they would live in New York. He wondered if it was in some way related to her family that she wanted to travel there, but he hadn't dared ask. He knew that Grevil hadn't intended on staying in Sauville after the almost war, so it seemed possible Victorique had intended to meet up with him, but considering the state of their relationship it didn't seem entirely likely either.

"At least there are trains that travel all the way to New York. Can you imagine how long other forms of travel would be?"

Victorique sniffed again, "You're weak Kujo, you never did have much endurance."

Kujo blushed, he suspected she was remembering when they'd been on the Queen Berry and he'd made her leave most of her luggage behind. It had been a ridiculous amount of items to bring, but on the other hand there had been wisdom in several of the items she had wanted to bring.

She turned away from the railing. "We should make land by morning. See to it that our things are ready." She walked away with a swish of her skirts.

Kujo chuckled at her sudden imperious attitude, some things about Victorique would never change.

Kujo huffed and puffed dragging their luggage towards the waiting cab. He was grateful that this was a short trip and then they'd ride to the train station, but he wished that Victorique hadn't found quite so many things necessary to bring on their departure from Japan. It felt a bit like the adventure with the Queen Berry all over again, except that he actually had to carry Victorique's belongings this time.

Finally everything was loaded and they were able to make their way towards the train station.

Victorique's natural curiosity had overcome her iciness from the other night and she spent the entire ride to the station half out the window examining the sights of the "New World". Kujo wanted to peek around curiously as well, but he sensed it might be better to watch Victorique in case she began to tumble out the window. There would be plenty of new sights along the way that he could participate in.

Victorique flew out of the carriage once they reached the train station. "Hurry Kujo, we need to find sweets. I want to try American candies."

Kujo rolled his eyes and focused on hauling luggage, Victorique had some coins in her pockets and unfortunately their bags were not going to unload themselves. After he'd unloaded several bags Victorique came racing back to him and held out a hand. "I need money Kujo." She demanded.

"I thought you had some." Kujo protested, but already shifted the bag he was carrying around so that he could reach into his pocket. He knew that it was quite usually to fight against Victorique when she became this determined.

"I don't have enough for these American sweets. It's too expensive but I must eat them anyways."

Kujo snorted at the ridiculousness of that statement but handed over some extra coins.

"Now hurry with the bags," Victorique commanded, "You still need to buy our tickets."

"Hai," Kujo responded, unable to resist letting a little bit of his military childhood slip into his tone.