The big "what if" moment that has probably been written a thousand times; that Shihsio did not end their relationship :D My version

He was ready to lie, to end their impossible relationship. Shishio Satsuki was a man that didn't like difficulties, even if it would break both their hearts. But when that girl asked him a question he had prepared himself to lie at, he couldn't find himself able to say it as he locked his eyes with her teary ones. She was still breathtaking when crying. She asked him a simple question, "Do you LOVE me?" and he was supposed to say "no" that he didn't love her, didn't feel the same way. Yet there was something that held his tongue, as he was about to spout another lie at her, but he couldn't. Not when she was looking so desperate for the honest truth, with him feeling the same way as her.

The love of his life was his student. A student. And he was her teacher, 9 years apart.

He didn't like difficulties, and he was usually quick to flee the situation. It was the easiest. Still, the lie did not come out as planned, he closed his eyes; bringing the front of his palm to his forehead, teeth clenched out of frustration. He leaned his weight on a desk, mumbling "idiot" to himself multiple times. A realization came upon him as he thought that maybe for once in his life he would actually fight for something that he wanted, set his pride aside for once. He gazed up at the crying girl, who had slowly sunken to the ground, tears falling like waterfalls.

He didn't want to end this, may it be a selfish act again, because it was clearly not just for her, but also for him. He stood up from the desk, took long steps to where his student sat shaken on the dirtied floor. He carried her up, startling the young girl. He sat her on one of the many desks in the room. Taking a deep breath, he cupped her wet face, making her look with scared eyes at him. He smiled a cheesy grin, producing a flash of light in both their eyes.

"You are truly a daytime shooting star that I am to selfish to let descend back to heaven. Haha, you idiot, of course I love you! I can't believe you thought otherwise after all we've been through."

That's when he leaned in to kiss her. She was confused at what he had just said, but quickly welcomed the slightly chapped lips of her sensei. She too knew it was wrong, yet this kiss, which she shared with him felt utterly unbelievably right. And she realized that even if they would have to struggle to keep this relationship working, she would fight until the very end for it to work.


Mamura and Yuyuka walked to the computer-room, Yuyuka feeling a bit worried that Mamura would find out Yosano's relationship with Shishio-sensei. Just as Mamura was about to open the door Yuyuka raised a hand to stop him

"Maybe we shoul-"

But it was too late, and as he opened the door, both witnessed the truth of a forbidden love. Before the kissing pair could even notice the young teens at the door it was shut. Yuyuka looked warily up to see Mamura's expression, and even though she knew that the boy had feelings for that girl who was kissing another man, she did not expect this.

Mamura was shell-shocked, undeniably so. Without any warning he was met with his worst fear, his first love, kissing another man. Wet strips of tears rolled down the side of each cheek. His face fell down, bangs covering the stained eyes. He could tell that Yuyuka was shocked over his reaction. Before he was absorbed with tears, he turned around, back against Yuyuka

"Sorry, I just need a moment,"

Yuyuka felt her hand tug at his shirt, despite the situation; she could not help but ask him something important

"Please keep this a secret… don't tell anyone what you saw, for Yosano's sake."

Mamura halted for an instant, but quickly started walking again. He was heartbroken, and his tears wouldn't seem to stop! The corridor was silent as he continued down the path of disappointment.

Shishio let go of Yosano's face, a sprinkle of pink covering his cheeks as he averted his gaze to a dust pile on the floor, an awkward smile fending his bold action. He obviously knew that this was wrong, illegal even, the thing he shared with this girl. And he hated his guts for actually taking a leap of fate and telling her the truth. But he was really selfish when it came to his ChunChun and he wanted to keep her to himself. It had always been like that, him going out of his comfort-zone without thinking whenever he was around this beauty. Love truly made him incredibly blind for this girl.

When he dared look back and meet her wonderful blue orbs, he couldn't hold back the toothy grin that spread across his face. He leaned down to peck her round beautiful forehead, leaving a soft kiss to linger there.

"Nice to confirm that we feel the same way, ey?"

He smirked at her, and her whole face turned bright red from embarrassment. Despite herself she mustered a giggle. Happily she met his adoring gaze. She remembered all their moments together, how she first met him, thinking he was a shady guy from Tokyo, to actually being this nice and incredible person everyone loves, always being there to keep her company like the bowling, the aquarium, and all the way back to the fireflies, when she couldn't go out because she had a fever. Making her heart both throb of sadness and making it leap of joy whenever they were together.

Surprising both him and herself, she jumped at him, hugging him while crying in the crook of his warm neck, tears rolling down her face.

"Sensei, I love you so much."

The man was taken aback, but quickly wrapped his lean arms around her, never wanting to let go.

"I love you too Suzume-chan, truly, truly love you."


Today was Friday, and Yosano was going to visit her mom on the countryside. Her mood was sparkling with happiness; despite it already having been a couple days since she confessed her love to Shishio-sensei, where he had returned her feelings! After the last class was over, she turned to look at Mamura, and her good mood fell a little. Lately Mamura had ignored her more and more, not talking to her without looking a bit restrained. She couldn't understand why, maybe it was because she didn't feel the same way he felt for her and he had finally understood it? She wrote a mental note to write a list on how to ask him if there was something she did to him when she came back home from her old house.

After finishing cleaning the classroom she arrived at the school entrance, there she noticed Shishio leaning against the brick wall, a cigarette in between his thin lips. His eyes perked up as he saw hers. Pushing himself into a standing position, he sent her a pearly smile.

"Do you want to walk home together Chunchun?"

The girl's heart skipped a beat. Face flustered she nodded with an "mhm". And they walked together, with a distance a bit closer than what a student and a teacher should have.

Before they arrived at her place, Shishio stopped Yosano. Quickly gazing right to left, notifying that they were alone. Certain that they were alone, he dived in and kissed the dazed girl full on the lips. It was quick, and he let her go right after.

"Sorry, but I think your uncle's got a suspicion of us, so this is as far as I can go."

She nodded in understanding, a dust of pink on her face.

"See you on Monday then."

She didn't get far as Shishio grabbed her hand, pulling her back to face him. Another scanning to indicate that they were still alone as he held her hand firmly. She looked expectantly at him

"Chunchun, do you, uhm, want to hang out next weekend? Anywhere you like."

Her eyes sparkled at the question. An idea sprouted. With a determined, yet not so emotional face, she gave him an answer

"How about an onsen! I've always wanted to go to one."

A mortifying look crossed Shishio's face.

"Chun- eh, ChunChun, don't you have anywhere else you would prefer? I- I mean the onsen of all places… Just you and me, alone,"

He let the last sentence sink in, and Yosano's face flushed bright red at the realization of her wish. Even so, a part of her did want to spend a whole weekend alone with him. Her eyes looked awkwardly to the side, ashamed of her answer. She was about to say that it was a bad idea, but when two hands landed roughly on both her shoulders, stopping her midsentence, she was nothing but startled by his own answer.

"Ok, if that is what you truly want, than I will do as my commander wishes."

He gave her a smug wink before walking the other direction, one hand waving goodbye.

When Shishio was sure Yosano was out of sight, he touched the tip of his mouth, scolding his bold moves. He could still feel the warmth of that girl's soft lips on his. Taking out a cigarette, Shishio lit it as he walked back to his place.

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